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Shadow People by Joyce McDonald (aka super fawesome book!)

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Reading? Is that a word?

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:16 am    Post subject: Shadow People by Joyce McDonald (aka super fawesome book!) Reply with quote

heeeey everyone!

Oh my God! I just got done reading this book called Shadow People and I LOVED it SO much! It had romance complications, vandalism, thrill rides, and teens with super bad parental issues...all of which are totally FAWESOME to read in a book!

Okay, here is a little about what happens (withOUT giving away everything): Gabriel Hart and his family move to the country after his older bro, Ben, was murdered in the city where they used to live by these four thugs (so as you can guess, Gabe is a trouble guy with a sad background and the need for revenge on the thugs). Lydia is the girl down the street from Gabe whose father is a nut-case who believes that the world is gonna end and thinks that if they befriend anyone then when that time comes they will all want some of their survival supplies (so Lydia has no friends because her father won't let her even wave to their neighbors, how GAY is that?). Alec is the loser of the town, a druggie who has done time and had an abusive childhood living with his father (but he is still a jerk so don't bother feeling bad for him). Hollis is this boy genius who has already been accepted to MIT yet hangs out with Alec all the time (but he is a dweeb who has a really demented mind). Gem is the girl that works at her aunt's campground and ignores and hates Alec (even though he has the hots for her bad). The first four pple I mentioned start hanging out and decide to join a group, and vandalis and do all this bad stuff to get back at the pple who have done them wrong (so basically they destroy stuff as a form of revenge to the pple who had caused them such rage and pain in their lives...and sorta just for the heck of it). And then in a series of unfortunate events (not like the book by Snicket) the group-and their lives-start to fall apart.

I would continue on but a) I have to go now and b) it would totally ruin the book for you! I really think you all should read this super fawesome book, totally a teen thriller for anyone interested in what I have just told you about! So go out right now and read it, and then let me know if you liked it as much as I did.

enjoy. Smile
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