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RT.. the new RTV2...
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

They heard the commotion well before they got to the scene. Axsym agents were already dropping back - their presence had diminished by huge numbers over the last few hours. They must've been told to fall back and let people destroy themselves. Only a few were sticking around, looking through the trees for someone.

Syd got a little ping in her ear. "Talk quiet Pete."

"You're real close to Izzy."

"How do you know?"

"It's a long story, but basically, she has a very distinctive heartbeat. Kane reminded me and we found a way to track it. Head west." The ping ended.

Ahead of them was something they never expected to see. An old Rusty car was smashed into a tree, smoke pouring from the open hood. A hand was hanging out of the open window, and it was still moving. Whoever was inside was still alive. They would find Izzy first. She was a priority. Syd signalled to Ammy and Kevin. Ammy went first, Kevin in the middle, Syd bringing up the back. All three of them carefully scanned the area, looking for signs of a human passing by. They couldn't even hear the agents anymore when they picked up the trail, and it was easy to follow.

Someone was limping through the trees. From the back it looked like Izzy, but they couldn't be sure. Ammy went ahead, Syd had a gun aimed at the girl's back and then they had her surrounded. Ammy came out of the trees, which meant it really was Izzy.

Syd kept the gun trained on her anyways. Izzy was a notorious backstabber. "That her?"

Izzy had been staring at Ammy, but whipped around when she heard Syd. There was a sneer on her face. "Mirage! Took you useless people long enough!" Her voice was loud and harsh.

"There were other people to save and you broke your locator."

"Let's go Izzy," Ammy said.

"No! I'm not going anywhere until we get Tanis and Merrin!" Izzy crossed her arms.

"That must be the car. Come on then." Syd grabbed her arm on the side with the hurt leg and started pulling her along. Izzy shoved her off.

"Get off me!"

"If we don't help you right now, you'll slow us down."

Izzy looked at Ammy, glaring, "What do you think?"

Ammy shrugged. "Leave her here then." Syd snickered and Izzy started fuming, again just a little too loud for safety.

"Better idea," Kevin said, "Tie her up. I'll keep an eye on her."

Syd and Ammy exchanged a look and shrugged. "No! What are you-stop!" Izzy's yelling fell to a mumble as Kevin gagged her.

"Sorry Izzy, but right now you're a liability. We'll keep you alive...but that doesn't mean we need to keep you happy," Syd gave her a sad smile before her and Ammy ran back towards the car. Ammy moved a lot faster than her and was already taking out an agent before Syd even got there. By the time she took out one Ammy had taken out the other two. It was hard for Syd not to watch her - she was smooth and efficient. Each blow perfectly enacted to take out her enemy. She never made a mistake. It was frightening and awesome all at once. Syd made a mental note never to get on Ammy's bad side.

Ammy moved the bodies and Syd ran to the car. A girl was sitting in the front, a shallow but bloody wound on her head. Syd slid her out carefully, although it was clear there were no other injuries. The girl made a few noises but didn't wake up. Once she was on the ground Syd did a more thorough injury exam. Nothing.

"Tanis," the girl finally said as she woke up, "in the back." Syd stood up and looked in the back of the car. It was a much more gruesome sight. There was blood more places than she cared to notice, and definitely not caused by the accident. Tanis was laying on his back, eyes open and staring at the roof. There were flat and glassy - not a flicker of life left in them. A small rivulet of blood ran from the corner of his mouth. He hadn't been immune. He'd died from the sun. There was nothing he could have done, there would have been no way to help him. Syd put her hand in the open car window and slid his eyes shut. This was bad.

Ammy came up behind her and glanced in the car. "Burn it."

Syd swallowed and agreed. She slid her lighter out of her pocket and opened the gas tank. Merrin and Ammy were in the clear when she tossed it in and ran. The explosion was loud and some of the surrounding trees caught on fire. It was too wet for the fire to get far but they waited anyways. Tanis's body turned to ash. It would be better like this than to have Axsym study and desecrate his body. They walked back to Izzy and Kevin.

A chill had taken over Syd. She'd known people that had died before - but Tanis was kind of different. Tanis was her superior, a leader, a guide. Zara had just lost something else...it was like balancing an elephant on a house of cards. Now all any of them could do was wait for her to crash.

Izzy was leaning against a tree sleeping. Kevin was sitting on her feet so she couldn't go anywhere.

"Had to knock her out. She was going to hurt herself."

"Didn't know you had it in you," Syd quipped.

He stood up. "Oh I'm just full of surprises."

Syd opened her mouth to respond but Ammy interrupted. "Okay hormone twins let's get out of here." She started walking.

Merrin started limping after her, and Syd moved to hook Merrin's arm over her shoulders. Kevin and had flung Izzy over his. It was at least a few hours walk to get to the entrance to Mirage on this side of the city. That was going to be fun. Syd watched Kevin, surprised that he didn't seem to get tired from carrying Izzy's dead weight. For just a second she pictured him naked, and then punched the image out of her brain. It was just inappropriate timing. Besides, the only way she was ever going to get close to him again was if she had another concussion.


Meli was keeping something from her, Deja could feel it right down to her bones. She'd been spending a lot of time with the other immune, barely looking at the survivors. She would do her work and then seem to disappear for awhile. Day seven of infection would be dawning soon. It had been making their world a hell for a week now. It hurt her. All these people were suffering and afraid. They missed the sunlight. A few of them had been brave enough to go out and see if they were immune. All but two of them were not. A whole group of people had just gone out into the light only to die. The two that had come back had been holed up in their tent and refused to leave. Deja blamed survivor's guilt. They would rather have died with their friends than lived.

Dax was still holding them all together. There was food and shelter. The city had even sent a doctor down to them to patch up the scrapes and bruises they'd all recently acquired. Deja didn't blame Diego for this.

"Mirage is sending a covert invitation to survivors. A haven." Dax was listening to whatever his tiny handheld screen could pick up.

"Can we trust them?" she twirled her hair nervously.

"I don't know. Before all this I would've said no - but there's no way they're capable of creating a virus this destructive. Maybe it really has been Axsym all along. That's who they're blaming."

"Well it's not like they've stepped in with a plan to save us. Maybe they did."

"But why? That's just...sick. Killing all those people just because they could?" Dax shuddered. "And now they want all the immune to come to them for research purposes. I say we stay and make our own way. No Mirage, no Axsym."

"Can we make that decision for everyone?"

Dax smiled at her and put her hair behind her ear. "These people...they're too broken to make the decision for themselves. If they leave, they leave, but right now they can't even think. We'll think for them, until they're well again."

His voice was so calm and reassuring that Deja gave in to it. The idea of thinking for other people still felt wrong to her, but he was right. Most of these people were in no state to make any kind of decision themselves, or make any kind of journey to the supposedly safe Mirage. No. Dax was right, they were much safer on their own.

Meli watched her sister and Dax with nausea growing in her stomach. He was such a manipulative jerk. Deja didn't even see he was using this crisis to take control of the weak. Meli didn't care about the weak, didn't care about controlling anyone. All she wanted was to get out of here, and live life the way she was supposed to.

Everyone else had switched to a nocturnal schedule. They were all preparing to sleep. Not Meli and the Immune. She'd moved out of the tent she shared with her sister. Not that Deja had noticed yet. The Immune had all gathered their shelters around the exit to make it easier to sneak out when they needed to. They sat in a circle eating a breakfast of plain pasta. They would finish preparations today while everyone slept and then leave tomorrow. Meli looked around the circle.

Her and Breen were the brains of the operation - they knew Diego the best, and they knew how to get to where Axsym was waiting for Immune volunteers. Mia and Roc were the muscle - both quick and strong, both always ready to spring. Elza and Jaime were just sort of there for the moment. Elza had been barely out of surgery when the virus had struck - she hadn't had time to make friends; instead she'd lost everyone she used to know. Her only assets were that she was tiny and she was quiet. Good for sneaking around. Jaime...he'd lost his whole family. He was angry. He and Elza had formed a strange father-daughter-like bond; his own had died in the sunshine. Jaime was with them because he wanted someone to pay for what had happened to his family - or maybe he just wanted to cause mayhem and destruction. Either option worked for Meli. Plus, he knew computers. It felt like a well-rounded team to her. Not that she had much experience with that.

Now there was just Demi. She'd hung around them the two days since they'd gone out, but still hadn't said anything about whether or not she was coming with them. Meli had told her when they would be leaving, and the pink-haired wonder had seemed like she was going to go...still...Meli couldn't be sure. She almost considered forcing Demi to come for her own good. It would be such a shame to leave her behind.

Mia's eyes flickered across the now dark room. "Move out." Their last supply run. Then finally...freedom.

Elza went first, scouting down the tunnel for anyone else. A soft whistle meant all clear. Jamie and Roc next, both carrying empty bags that would be stuffed when they returned. Then Breen, then Meli. Mia was last, walking backwards down the tunnel to make sure they weren't followed.
Mia coughed and they all froze - the signal that someone was coming. They waited, standing utterly still in the tunnel. No one heard footsteps except Mia - and then Demi emerged into the semi-light near the exit.

Mia looked at Meli, and she nodded. Mia jerked her head, and Demi scooted around her and up the ladder. Once they were all out in the sunshine Mia snapped.

"Don't do that again, we could've killed you!"

"I wanted to come. I wanted to help," Demi was thoroughly apologetic.

Mia melted. She could be such a softy sometimes. "Alright. But make more noise next time." Demi smiled hesitantly and started down the street with them. Meli walked next to her and gloated inwardly. Demi was coming. Now they were seven.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Everything was blurry when Jace opened her eyes. Still the swirl of green and blue and black. Dimly lit because she was sleeping. She rolled over and held her knees to her stomach. She was hurting all over. But they had her on some kind of numbing agent so that she only felt the pain in waves. It was still unbearable. She let a few tears escape when particularly violent surges of pain swept through her whole nervous system. This was worse than living in a tank as a vegetable. At least like that she didn’t have to feel so utterly useless. A student of Vury’s. The fighter of the Spades. And here she was. Curled up in pain. What a waste. She was useless.

“That’s not true Jace.”

It was a calming voice. She knew it well. She opened her eyes and looked to see Vury sitting there waiting for her to wake up. He was watching her. For how long? It made her tear up. To have him see what all of his training had amounted to. She closed her eyes and the tears fell.

“Go away. I don’t want you to see me like this,” her voice was hoarse and another sweep of pain charged through her body.

“Like what?” Vury stood and came to her side. His expression was statuesque. Like he didn’t know what to feel. Or he knew exactly, but he was just hiding it from her. The latter seemed more likely. Who would want her to see how much pity and disappointment they felt for her?

“I have failed Vury…I have become nothing but a lust-crazed puppet for them,” she didn’t want to speak their name. It hurt too much. She felt his hand stroking her hair. She felt another two sharp stings of pain inside her and she cried out. His fingers stopped and he kneeled down to meet her face.

“You have been nothing for me except exceptional. The fact that they took you…it shows that they know your strength. It shows that they need you on their side because you are such a threat. As for them changing you. Take a note from Tally Youngblood. She overcame everything that was ever done to her simply by her strength. Her will power.”

Jace was relaxing as the numbing agent was upping its dosage. It would help for a little while. Before the pain would come back or she would fall asleep. It was a vicious cycle. All she wanted was death.

“I am not…I can’t…”she couldn’t find the words. She looked away from his face. He seemed to truly believe she could overcome this. But he was in her mind, right? Didn’t he see that all he wanted was to die? That way Axsym couldn’t use her anymore. Chia couldn’t manipulate her any longer. Things would be bad for him. Maybe Syd. But all the rest of the Spades had died. There was nobody else. Nothing else. Death seemed like the only out.

“I’m not doing that Jace,” Vury said – reading her mind nod doubt. She didn’t blame him. He was the only way for Mirage to know what was going on since she wasn’t really able to speak for herself between the sleeping, numbing, and sharp jabs of pain.

“…Please,” she sighed.

Vury stood and Jace felt the comforting coolness of his fingers leave her head. She looked up at him now. He was standing, looking pensive. Thoughtful. Maybe he was considering. Sure, she was suicidal. But not without good reason.

“Jace. I can’t.”

She was suddenly struck with an idea. Her eyes lit up.
“Then make me-“ but he cut her off with a glare in her direction. He knew what she was going to ask. And he didn’t like the idea. She felt a chill down her spine at his glare. He was intimidating with his eyes all black like they were. She had never seen him that angry before. She shivered and closed her eyes. She focused on the pain.

“Never,” he hissed.

She doubled over with another swell of pain sizzling through her nerves.

“Then what? Have me lay like this until I am cured? You heard Maddy. There is no cure. They took out everything that I was and made everything shut down without his hormones. Without his presence I am dead anyway.”

“We can get him and then inject his hormones into your blood-stream.”

“Won’t work. Needs to be…” she was about to say ‘the act’ but Vury held up a hand. He knew. Reading minds had a habit of allowing people to not have to finish their sentences. In this case Jace was grateful. Like she really wanted to utter those words. That meant she was bound to the one person who ruined everything for her.
Ruined the reputation of Mirage that night.
Killed everyone she held dear.
Made her his plaything. His pet.
If there was anyone she wanted to kill in her life it was Chia.

“We have a report of Pix and Chia checking in through the Omega entrance,” came a ping over the rooms com.

“Chia?” Vury breathed aloud.

“Pix?” Jace sighed, looking as if she’d seen a ghost.


Pix came in with the pitiful looking Chia covered in gunk from the tunnels, sweat from the trip, and blood from her various attempts to keep him quiet. Sometimes with more force than needed.
The people of Mirage came and got Pix cleaned up while they took Chia to his own holding cell.
Once Pix was changed and looked decent she came out to see Vury standing there watching Chia inside his holding cell.

Pix beamed and Vury turned to see her with a smile. They shared a hug. But the moment was broken when they heard Chia beating against the unbreakable glass. Vury pulled away slowly and Pix watched as Vury and Chia had a stare-down.

It was chilling. Like they could kill each other just by their eyes. Chia’s were the icy blue that they always were. Crackling with rage looking at Vury behind his prison.
Vury’s had bled to black. They made Pix scared. Even if his rage wasn’t directed towards her. She was about to say something when Vury spoke first.

“Go see Jace.”

She needed no more instruction than that. She asked someone where she would be and raced to her room.


“Wanna try and keep up?” Ammy quipped at Kevin as they wove their way through Diego.

“You know how we cards can be,” Kevin smirked. Izzy was being carried in his arms now, her head on his shoulder. If she even wiggled once he would have to knock her out again. Ammy turned to look at him with a glare.

“Half a deck short?” Syd asked with a taunting smirk. Ammy rolled her eyes and quickened her pace. Annoyed with them both and probably the whole situation. Kevin got closer to Syd as they tried to keep up with Ammy.

“Good thing I’m intelligent then, huh?” he said looking at her collarbone. Trailing his gaze up past her pouty lips and to her firey eyes. She didn’t like him bringing up what she said that night. Even if nobody else could hear them.

She huffed and walked at the same pace as Ammy, trailing only a few steps behind. Kevin watched her get her feathers all ruffled at the mention of that night. He wondered how much she would hate people to know. How much he could use it to his advantage. Looking at her up and down from behind he hoped to himself she wanted to keep it very hidden.

He kept up with them as best he could, Mirage wasn’t too much farther. Maybe half a day.


“His condition isn’t very good. He seems to be suffering the same thing as poor Jace,” Maddy stood beside Vury as they watched Chia doubling over in pain and coughing up blood. Chia was deathly pale. He couldn’t even stand to stare in rage at Vury without wobbling on his knees and screaming out in pain.

“What does that mean? That he is bound to her as well?” Vury asked.

“I believe so. Whatever they did to her they were in the process of doing to him as well. Maybe more so. She was more like an experiment. To see if they could do it. And once they saw that she was a success I assume that they perfected the art. Changing him to be bound to her even more than she is to him.”

Vury took all of this into consideration. Jace wanted to die. But that would mean Chia died too. She would find a kind of poetry in that. Her death being the death of Chia. A revenge that she would take pride in.
But what did this mean for Mirage?
This situation could help him if they used Chia as leverage. Assuming Laryx still wanted him. There was no telling what Laryx’s motives were.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lindsay was keeping count of every person she had slaughtered. She was up to 12. Kail seemed to find it humorous that she wanted to remember each one of them.

"Eventually, there will be so many you can't count," she'd said, "and you won't even mind Lindsay. You're a killer now. Learn to love it."

The truth of that had struck her in a strange way. It had created the shell that was now firmly around her heart, firmly around all feelings for and memories of Vury. Lindsay had disconnected herself from who she had been - that was an old life, a completely different person. She wasn't Lindsay anymore, she had no brothers, no family, no love. All she had was Kail to show her the way. Kail would make her something different. Lindsay had to be believe that.

Thoran, Kail's pet, watched her through slitted eyes. He didn't trust her, she could feel it. He never ate, never slept, and did nothing but watch the carnage or paw at Kail. It was a strange thing to watch - both of them so aware of each other, able to hurt one another in exactly the right way. She heard them sometimes. They would be leave the room and there would be a lot of loud noises and the sound of things breaking, and then back they would come. Thoran always looking so utterly smug, as if Lindsay should be jealous.

If it had been in her power to kill the little nano-freak, she would have. Lindsay wanted his strange green blood pooling on the floor, his unlife draining out of him never to return...she grinned at the thought.

"I'm hungry."

Kail groaned. "Christ emo-Lindsay, you're always hungry."

"It's just...I can smell them. I think they're untainted."

Kail's eyes went to black. "Follow your nose then..."

Lindsay watched Kail kiss Thoran ferociously, and then she was running, Kail alongside her. The heartbeats started to echo in her head, a confused and disjointed sound as they built upon one another endlessly. She could feel the beat in her own chest, even though nothing was moving. It was just so loud! She ripped the door off the room where they were hiding. Three of them. Young. Fresh. Venom flooded her mouth.

"Now I'm going to teach you a lesson in pain, sweetheart," Kail growled. "It tastes better when they scream..."

Lindsay grabbed for the girl trying to run away, pushing her against the wall. Ribs cracked beneath her hand, the crunch both sickening and satisfying. The girl whimpered. Kail had the two boys in a headlock, one under each arm.

"Break her," Kail said simply. "Don't let her bleed." Kail tossed one of the boys against the wall like a rag doll, and then started whispering something to the other. Lindsay watched his face go pale as he struggled against Kail's cold iron grip. She turned her attention back to the girl.

"I don't want to be like this you know," she told her calmly, twisting her hold just below the girls ribs. "I didn't chose this." Lindsay dropped the girl to her knees, her thirst building dangerously. "You're better off dead." Lindsay pulled the girls head back by her hair, hard enough she heard something crack, but her breath was still shallow. Lindsay bent down to her ear. "I promise you won't wake up..." and then she bit into that soft waiting neck and gave in to the excruciating taste.


They were almost to the entrance - maybe an hour's walk, when Merrin collapsed. Syd groaned and rolled her eyes. Kevin flopped Izzy down on the ground and checked her vitals. She was fine. Ammy stood with her arms crossed, looking away.

"You can go on ahead if you want to. I think we can make it back," Syd was giving Merrin water, trying to get her moving again. She wanted to be back in Mirage so things could get sorted and she could get out.

"Right, like you'd make it." Ammy was still scanning the area around them. Kevin was looking at Merrin warily.

"I don't think she's going to make it. We need to rest for a few hours." They had no choice but to agree. Merrin was pale and shaking - probably going into shock after everything that had happened to her in the last couple of days. Syd tossed her a blanket and Merrin buried herself beneath it. They left Izzy next to her.

"You two sleep. I don't need it." Ammy moved off. "We can't really have anyone else collapsing on us."

"We'll be fine," Syd grumbled, leaning against a tree as far from Izzy as she could.

"I'm sure you will," Ammy replied sarcastically. Fine, Syd thought, if she wanted to keep watch alone then that's what she could do. Ammy turned her back on them and stared out into the fading light. Syd moved around the tree so she was in the darkness, and debated about sleeping. Kevin sat down next to her, a strangely sly look on his face. Syd frowned at him warily.

"So you enjoy tying people up?" she asked with a disinterested tone.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" His voice was coy. It sounded like something she would say. Syd opened her eyes and surveyed him.

"Maybe I would."

"Maybe I knew you would say that."

"Oh really."

"Stop kidding yourself Syd," he got up in her face. "You. want. me."

Syd spluttered a few times, too shocked to have an answer to that one. "I knew you were a bubblehead," she finally got out, "desperate for someone to think you're pretty."

"Not exactly Syd, I just know you think so. And we both know I'm intelligent. This can work out to our mutual advantage."

"So what you're really saying, is that you, want ME, and you're just hoping that I want you too." She leaned in closer and ran her thumb across his bottom lip. "Do I turn you on Kev? Is that what this is about?"

He had twined his hand into her hair at the base of her neck. Both of them were resisting now, pulling away from each other while the other tried to pull them in. It was a battle of wills. Who would give in and kiss the other? They were too stubborn to give in. She was gripping and collar of his jacket into her fist, subtly yanking him forward. It was true, she did want to kiss him, but more because she wanted to feel nothing afterwards - to be able to tell him there was nothing between them and that he was hopelessly attracted to her.

"I saved your life," he said through slightly gritted teeth. "I think you owe me."

"Oh, well in that case," Syd replied sarcastically. She moved just a tiny bit closer. "You better come and get it if you want it."

Kevin harshly pulled her forward. Syd dug into him like a drug. His lips were soft and easily parted her own. The taste of him was incredible. It was like a rush of something hot and cold at the same time. Goosebumps sprouted up along her arms and she dug her nails into the back of his neck, forcing him impossibly closer.

She didn't want to like this. She didn't want to be attracted to him. Mind over matter. If she didn't want to be, she wouldn't be.

They pulled apart, breathing hard.

"Everything else about you might be able to lie Syd," Kevin whispered, "but your lips don't." He looked cocky.

She punched him in the chest and he flinched back. Glaring at him again, she moved a few inches away and settled back against the tree to get some rest, although it would probably never come when all she could think about was...No! she wouldn't think about it. He wasn't worth thinking about.

Still...after that kiss...he kind of was.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 7:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As Kevin tried to lay there he felt his skin itching. Itching with the desire that he felt running through him. Ever since all this tension with Syd she was all he could think about. Which was ridiculous. She cut him down every chance she got, didn’t want to have any attachments either sexual or platonic, and she and he were battling about Jace still.

Everything pointed to them not being anything, much less whatever they were morphing into now.
To him she was something of a fascination. He didn’t know why but he was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. And yet at the same time she was exactly what he was to her. A toy. Nothing more.

He looked over to her. Her back was to him so he couldn’t tell if she was really asleep. He kept his view to her backside for a while. Pete was right, he hated to admit it. She was easy on the eyes. And with her kissing him before he woke up, it made him sure that she wanted the game that he wanted with her. They wanted the friction. The cat and mouse. He smirked and rolled over to stare up into the sky.


It had been too long for the team to be gone. Kane pinged Ammy to see what was going on.
Apparently Syd and Kevin were in a complicated thing with each other. Izzy was tied and coming with them. But Tanis wasn’t. Something deep in Kane’s stomach twisted and he looked over to the sleeping figure of Zara.

This was either going to crush her or send her on the war-path.


Pix sat there Indian-style in a chair beside Jace. They were silent since all of the talking was over with. Pix told her about the run through the city and getting all the people of Diego. Jace told her about how much she felt trapped with Chia, and all the stuff that Axsym was up to. Instead of treating Jace’s info like a document and taking notes for future reference, Pix just let all the inside information fall to the ground. It wasn’t worth it. There were bigger fish to fry right now.

“I want it to end…” Jace said softly breaking the silence. It was still hard for Pix to see Jace groan and twitch in pain. She was such a strong person, seeing her this weak was like staring one’s own mortality in the face. Maybe not Vury, but still.

“We will find a way,” Pix said, “We can make it end when we figure out how to fix it.”

“Vury won’t do it Pix…please,” Jace said tearing up.

Pix sat up straight. Jace wasn’t talking about ending the pain. She was talking about ending her life. This made her furious. She uncrossed her legs and stood up.

“What? All of this and you are willing to give up that easily?”

Jace stared at her wide-eyed, confused.

“You are the strongest person I know. You can’t just give up the fight Jace. We thought you were dead! And here you are, a second chance. You thought we were dead, and yet Kevin and I are still here. This is another chance for the Spades and you just wanna have Vury kill you? Have ME kill you?”

Jace kept opening her mouth to say something, but ultimately she didn’t know what to say. So she didn’t say anything.

“No Jace. A thousand times no,” Pix said and stormed out. She was seeing red as she walked down the halls. People saw her and peeled themselves to the wall, out of her way. If they didn’t get out of her way she bumped into them.

For a while the ringing in her ears was numbing her senses. Then she was struck with a sound as clear as a bell. The voice of Chia in pain. Groaning and screaming in his cell. Pix growled under her breath.
She walked around to the back of the cell where the door was and she opened it as it could only be opened from the outside.

His eyes met hers and for a moment he looked hopeful, confused. Then he saw it was her and glared. But then his eyes were to the ground as Pix kicked him in the stomach. She saw him cough up blood and she sank to her knees and began pounding on him. Fist in the jaw, bloody knuckles bashing his nose, and another forceful punch to his chest. She fancied to herself that she thought she heard a rib crack.

But Chia was growling so loudly now with fury. He tried to pin her down to the ground, but she had her hands around his throat. She squeezed and dug her nails into his warm flesh. All but one spot that was considerably colder. She dug her nails and wanted to rip out his windpipe. He sent one punch along her face until he collapsed on the ground because of the pain again.

She rolled him over and sent another kick into his back. He arched and yelled out in pain as she was dragged away with a set of cold arms. She spit the blood from when he hit her. She spit it on the ground beside him and she hissed.

“That was because Jace couldn’t.”


It was about time to go. Ammy was making sure the course that they were going to take was safe enough, waking up Merrin and jostling Izzy awake – only to knock her out before Kevin could.

Which meant that Kevin could wake up Syd.
He sauntered over to her and kneeled down beside her. She was so peaceful. Her features so defined in the lighting that was hitting her. Shadows chiseling her like a statue.
He ran a hand through her hair gently, letting his hand sweep past her brunette locks and to her creamy neck. He watched her skin get goosebumps as his fingertips went past her shoulder and down her arm. He kept going and his hand took a turn and lead his fingers down across her breast. To her stomach. Just above. Along her clothing.

He heard her stir and she moved, making his hand lay in a precarious position above the zipper to her pants. He dipped his head in lower to her ear, his other hand moving the hair so that his lips could taste her skin. He bit her neck, licking it as she stirred more into her waking state, becoming aware of what was going on. His hand on her zipper ran along her lap and around her hips, up her side, and just before it could get under her shirt he bit her again on the neck and she cried out.

Before her hands could react he pulled away, smirking at her half-dazed, half-shocked face.

“Wake up call,” he said and stood to leave, going to help Ammy with Izzy and Merrin.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Izzy woke up in a grumpy, annoyed and disoriented mood. The girl Syd – proof that Diego’s surgery quality has dropped big time – had one of the biggest egos she had ever come across, only losing to Zara and Whisler. Ammy seemed to be having fun playing her typical “boisterous bitch” routine, for some reason she enjoyed skulking around like a complete skeleton with no expression on her face, who was she sleeping with to have such a top spot in Mirage, anyway? And as for Kevin – rusty name, rusty face, Izzy still couldn’t believe that the blandest looking person she had ever seen in her entire seventeen years had knocked her out twice, what a gentleman.

As she woke up again, with a splitting headache – because she had been knocked out twice – Izzy groaned and pulled away sharply, only narrowly missing Kevin’s seemingly accurate blow. Struggling to her feet, she blinked furiously to get her groggy glance into focus again. Kevin was advancing towards her like he was Kane or something, staring at Syd every now and again – how professional – “One step…” Izzy cleared her throat quietly and tried again, stepping back a few times. It would only be her luck if the freak Ammy turned up, luckily she was walking away with Merrin. Syd was glaring at her as if she had the right to look her. “Don’t touch me, or…” Izzy groaned inwardly at her inability to come up with words, “touch me and there won’t be enough surge in this entire, freaking city to fix-up that… thing… you call a face.”

Kevin’s IQ seemed to be in the depths of the depths because he just smirked one of those irritatingly Vury smirks. Syd did a bad job of mock surprise and came across looking like Chanel. Izzy was furious – mainly because all these people she hadn’t seen in ages were suddenly coming back into her mind, she didn’t want them there. “Come on Izzy,” Syd said in what seemed to be a considerate voice, but there seemed to be an edge to it. Oh, and the fact that she was baring her teeth like a hungry hyena didn’t make her seem any more compassionate, “we’re so close to Diego now – not long at all.”

“Like I care,” Izzy snorted, “besides – I’m not letting you knock me out again, I’m not stupid. I know about brain damage and stuff,” Izzy raised an eyebrow, “I did a Rusty extension course on it.”

“It won’t take so long— ”

“Oh, don’t trust me, do you?” Izzy sneered, “anyway, I’m sure you’re probably new to this whole “saving-the-world” business, so I’ll let you know right now, it’s Zara-based propaganda, someone like you – please,” Izzy addressed Kevin, “how are you immune, you are the weakest, most pathetic— ”

“We’ll just leave you here,” Syd said, though she sounded worried. Ammy was waiting for them in the distance, Izzy was worried – it wouldn’t be long before the Special decided to come and knock her out herself, she didn’t want Ammy interfering with her negotiations. It would be all to easy to knock her out.

“Knock her out, Kevin,” Syd sounded bored.

Kevin gave another smirk before running towards her, but Izzy – even tied up – swung out with her legs angrily, before he could get any closer. Nothing connected, but he kept his distance. “We gave you an offer,” he said in a typical Mirage-ian voice.

“What kind of offer was that?” Izzy spat and kicked at him again, viciously. “Maybe when you learn how to construct a proper, decent proposal… or you could just get a haircut.” He grabbed her leg and pushed her back, she toppled and fell. He rushed up to her, and hoisted her onto her knees, so she was sort of leaning forward, she bit into his arm viciously and he let out a cry of pain.

Izzy struggled to get to her feet and rushed forward, straight into Syd. Syd readied herself for the blow, but Izzy spun out of the way, Syd grabbed at her furiously and Izzy fell once again – she couldn’t run with her hands tied to her sides. “Can’t do anything can you Kevin, you flimsy—,” Syd said through gritted teeth as she tried to gather some control over Izzy.

In one last attempt at consciousness, Izzy grabbed at Syd’s hair aggressively. Syd screeched as Izzy tugged onto it harder, her grip on Izzy tightening so that she was struggling for breath. Izzy knew it was Kevin who finally knocked her out, but she didn’t see where he was, when she felt the sudden impact against her head. The cheap, little, Zara-worshipping, pathetic, needy… did she say little…?
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Zara woke up and Kane wasn't next to her. That was strange. She always woke up before him. Her mind was hazy, but she still felt like a weight was gone from her. With Vury around she didn't feel like everything was her choice anymore. Maybe it was time she did something...frivolous. Something silly. Something that would just make her relax. Something to make everyone relax. That felt like a good idea. All the survivors were settling in to a routine faster than she would have expected, but then again people wanted someone to tell them what to do, to tell them how to move on. That's what they were there for.

Kane was sitting on the chair in their room, watching her. She sat up and smiled, wincing slightly as her scar puckered and shifted. It felt like it was growing or something.

"I have to tell you something," he said, running a nervous hand through the stubble on his chin.

"Okay..." Already she didn't like this.

"The rescue team is on their way back. They've got Izzy."

At least Tanis had survived being stuck with Izzy then. She wouldn't put it past the girl to talk or insult someone right to death. "Well that's a relief. I've had double the stuff to do without Tanis." Automatically Zara started twisting her hair up and pinning it in place.

"Tanis isn't coming back," Kane's voice was soft and quiet.

"Of course he is. Why would he stay out there when we're all here?" She poured herself a glass of water.

"He's dead, Zara. The sun...I'm so sorry..." Kane stood up but didn't move towards her. He knew better than that. He was waiting to see how she could react. How did anyone react when they find out that their best friend is dead, and that it's their fault? She had sent him out...

The cup slipped from her hand as time slowed down. She heard it thud on the ground, heard it bounce, felt the chilled water splash all over her feet. The room around her went kind of hazy. The nanos started to screech a nervous little song reminding her to breath. Zara sucked in a narrow jagged breath.

Stage One: Denial
"That's not true. They just got seperated, they lost him."

"No baby," Kane took a step closer and she took a step back. "They saw him."

"Then he was just sleeping! Knocked out! Tanis is not dead."


"Don't you 'Z' me all sad and mopey. There is NOTHING to be sad about because he's fine. I would never, I would never..." her voice was hitching horribly, "I would never send him on a mission I didn't think he would make it through."

"This wasn't your choice."

"It was. It is. It always is. I don't believe it."

"Ammy saw the body herself, and she wouldn't lie."

Zara couldn't deny that.

Stage Two: Anger
"This is all her fault."

"Whose? Ammy's?"

"No! Izzy! That worthless waste of oxygen! He probably went after her when she got herself into some sort of stupid situation like she always does and it got him trapped out there! It made him have to brave the sun when he could've just come back!"

"You can't blame Izzy for this - either way he wasn't immune. It could've gone any way."

"I don't believe that! She would do anything she could to hurt me, to weaken Mirage. Taking away Tanis is just the beginning." Zara was fuming, it felt like her skin was on fire, like she was surrounded by her own brisk and angry storm. "She's not welcome here anymore."

Kane watched her as she glowered. "That's not entirely your decision."

"Actually, it is. I'm in charge of membership."

"Zara, you're not thinking clearly. Izzy had nothing to do with this."

"Look at you defending her! Still hung up on her Kane?! Still waiting for Cable junior to love you back?" Zara actually stopped and felt the oxygen whoosh out of her chest. "I'm sorry, I didn't meant that."

"I know," Kane replied hollowly. "You don't mean any of it."

"Yes, yes I do. Somehow, she is responsible for how things ended up. I hope she dies out there."

"Zara..." Kane started.

"Because if she doesn't, I'm going to kill her myself." Zara didn't wait for him to say anything, just slammed out of her room, not caring that she was still in her pajamas and wasn't wearing any shoes. People were looking at her with fear in their eyes, and she liked it. Zara didn't want to move past her anger. It was easier to be angry than to do or feel anything else. Tanis...

She'd gotten her old best friend killed and turned into a nano-zombie, and now her best friend and gone and gotten himself killed just for being a good person, a good team member. Someone who looked after others. Zara's breath strangled in her throat again. No, not Tanis. Anyone but Tanis...

"I should've killed her when I had the chance..." Zara whispered. She locked herself inside the combat room and grabbed her sword down from the wall. Rooftops and rain, rain to hide her tears, were exactly what she needed.

Zara sobbed and screamed with each jab and slash of the sword, channelling pain and anger into each turn, energy into every step and run. Her body felt nothing because her heart was carrying it all.

Step Three: Bargaining

The last body lay virtually dead, but she kept the image up, kept herself on that rooftop in the rain.

"Why not me? Why him and not me?" Zara leaned her head against the pommel of her sword. "If I had made him stay and gone myself, he would be alive right now."

"Let it be not true, and if it's not true I promise I'll never do anything like it again - I'll never send anyone else into a situation I can't take care of myself. I'll never put anyone at risk ever again, just let it not be true."

Zara cried in the rain until the image melted away around her. It took with it her feelings, her tears, all her energy. She sat in the empty combat room, sword in hand, and stared into nothingness. Ice gripped her heart - what was she doing? She was killing people. She was sending them off when she should be keeping them safe.

Someone entered the room. From the silent walk she knew it was Vury.

Stage Four: Depression

"It's their choice Zara, you don't make them do anything. Everyone who went out there was a volunteer."

"I killed them. I killed him."

"No, no you didn't. Everyone who is here, who does work here, does it because they want to. They know the risk, and they accept it. If they can't, they leave."

"It doesn't matter. There's too much blood on my hands Vury. It's just too much." Zara stood up on wobbly legs. Methodically, she polished her sword, put it back in the sheath, and set it gently on its holder on the wall. Zara could barely feel her heart beating, barely feel the blood in her body. She was dizzy and tired. She wanted to die.

"Don't think like that," Vury growled angrily. "Don't you dare."

Zara thought of the cooing comforting voice of the nanos and saw Vury flinch. She quickly covered the thought with something else. Whatever that was, his brain didn't like it. Still, it was hard not to. It was hard not to fall into the peacefully controlling voices, the ones that told her what to do, how to be. She almost smiled to herself - a smile that would've made a murderous lunatic scared.

Vury's eyes widened at whatever he was seeing in her head. She wasn't even sure what was there. "What aren't you telling me?" He asked her, seeming more worried now than he had before.

"Nothing," it was a lie. "I'm going back to sleep." And maybe I won't wake up...

Vury seemed slightly distracted. "I think that's a good idea."

She was so dizzy. The world was so blurry and everything was moving around in a circle. Sometimes it was blurry from her tears and sometimes it was blurry just because it wanted to be. She felt Vury watching her as she walked away from the comabt room. Around the corner she saw Kane coming in her direction, and felt a stab of sadness for what this was probably putting him through. For everything that she had been putting him through. Zara took one step and saw the ground coming up at her really fast. She lay on the cold ground and felt Kane's footsteps coming fast. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to their room.

"You're always here to do that - when I fall down."

He kissed her forehead. "I always will be."

"I love you," she murmured. "Don't ever forget that." Zara drifted into the weird sleeping unawareness that came with the nano voices.

Come to me precious, my darling, the voice said, I'll be waiting. I'll be waiting.

It echoed in her head over and over and over...

I'll be waiting...

There would be no stage five, there would be no acceptance. Zara would go.

I'll be waiting...
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 9:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

When they finally reached the door to Mirage, Syd thought she might weep with joy. Izzy had gone on what seemed her usual tirade, but now she was no longer their problem. Even Kevin seemed at the edge of snapping - she kind of liked the tension-vibe it had going in him. Syd grinned to herself as they passed Izzy and Merrin off to med staff.

Ammy shot them both a look that could kill and stalked off into Mirage.

Syd cringed only slightly. They did sort of deserve it after everything that had happened on this supposedly simple rescue mission. Even in the tunnels they had sniped at each other until Ammy had literally growled. Both had fallen fearfully silent after that.

Kane was waiting in the computer center, and a rock formed in Syd's stomach. He looked haggard and tired. She probably didn't look much better. Kane eyed them up stood up with arms crossed, raising an eyebrow as he looked between the two of them.

"How is she?" Syd asked quietly. Kane's face shifted.

"Not good."

"I'm sorry."

"We all are. We couldn't have done anything." They all nodded. "Since you'll be staying here awhile we tried to find both of you quarters closer to the center but..." he got a strangely amused look on his face, "there wasn't much left."

"Whatever we get is fine," Kevin interjected.

"I'm glad you feel that way, because you're going to have to share a room."

"What?!" Kevin and Syd balked simultaneously, then eyed each other with mounting dislike. Putting up with one another in the short time, playing their twisted little game when they knew it wasn't long term was just fine. Living together was something else entirely.

"There's a screen down the middle of the room. One side for each of you. End of the third hallway. Get some sleep."

Syd could swear Kane was trying not to laugh. She glared up at Kevin. "You better not snore."

"You either, or I'll find ways to keep you up." That shouldn't make her feel all shivery, but it did. It was annoying that he was suddenly finding ways to get under her skin and make her feel like she should be touching him instead of punching him. The need to punch him won.

"I never suspected you were a softy under that hard espionage shell," he poked at her.

"What are you talking about?"

"Asking Kane about Zara."

"So?" she shifted uncomfortably, not liking to get into emotional waste. "I know what it's like to lose people. She's got enough to deal with."

"Right, right...you might think you're fooling everyone, but maybe that's because no one looks closer. Face it Syd, you're a marshmallow."

Okay, now she was seriously uncomfortable. She didn't want anyone, particularly Kevin, taking a closer look at her. It was easier to be who she was and do what she did if no one was around enough to look close, if no one even cared to try and see past her aliases and illusions. What was his problem?

They stood at the door to their room, both of them looking bleakly at the separated space.

Syd dropped her stuff, took out her hair, and unzipped her sneaksuit. She pulled it off her shoulders to reveal naked back.

"Keep looking close Kev, and I'll find lots of ways to keep you up at night." She winked at him before sliding the curtain abruptly closed. Part of her hoped that made him want in agony, and another part hoped it made him disgusted with her lack of propriety. He seemed like the type that would be interested in propriety and all that nonsense.

There was a message waiting telling her that Jace was awake and taking visitors...but she couldn't see her. Not yet. It still hurt too much. She couldn't see Jace until she was strong enough to make herself a stone in the presence of her once friend.

And if she couldn't, then maybe she'd take some time kicking that dog Chia around.
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As Kevin scanned the wall of weapons in the weapons room that night, his mind raced. Coming back to Mirage was like a dream. He loved working with the Spades, but this place was home for him. The Spades were family. But Mirage was home. And this combat room was really his room. Not that divided space that he had to share with Syd. That room was full of tension, enough to make it hard for him to breathe.

Seeing Syd wink at him, her sneak suit half off. Well. It was enough to have Kevin’s nerves a little on end. Part of him wanted to hate it. And part of him wanted to tear down the dividing wall and ravage her like he knew she wanted. But he couldn’t be her puppet. And now that they were going to be living side by side he would have to behave himself.

But his mind kept going back to that kiss. That itch kept coming back. He wanted her. And he didn’t know why. As he looked at the wall of weapons he ended up deciding on a laser-rimmed blade. All the way around the metal ends was a bright blue. Maybe a fighting simulation would take Syd off his mind. Her sexy shoulder blades. The way her hair swept past her neck and down the middle of her back. Her glossy lips parted as she turned to look at him.

“Damnit,” he muttered and went over to the pad to begin the fighting simulator. She had him right where she wanted him. Teasing him and his not being able to do anything about it. He growled and channeled his lust for her into anger against this new opponent. It was the computer, but still. He would pretend this guy with spikey red hair was really staring him down. Was really stepping out from behind the trees with his orange glowing sword, matching the one Kevin had chosen almost exactly.

Kevin focused on the guy and tightened his grip on the hilt of his weapon.

“Begin,” said the automated voice of the Combat Room.


Jace sat up and felt her head swirling in a million different direction. Then she laid back down as she almost wretched from the dizziness and the pain. This was pathetic. She couldn’t even sit up. This had to end. Now.

“Maddy!” she screamed. Someone outside came in and pinged Maddy to come in. Maddy was on call, fixing up two new entries from Diego. Jace said it was an emergency. The person pinged Maddy with a red overture. Emergency.

It wasn’t long before Maddy was beside Jace, catching her breath.
“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Can I see him?” Jace coughed and two more pulses of pain ran through her nerves like electricity. Maddy looked at her confused.


“Chia,” she said weakly.

“What! Why?” Maddy said with an angry tone.

“To be better again,” Jace looked desperate, “If only for a little while.”

“…You won’t be you Jace. You will be Axsym’s creation. And you might hurt us. Hurt yourself. It’s too risky. Besides, whatever they did to you they did to him. He is in much worse shape than you. Partly because you have all our medicine to help with the pain. But partly because whatever you got, he got it ten-fold. They must have perfected the connective-operation once they got the results from you. And then they used that and did it better. To him. Connecting him to you….He is miserable Jace. He might die within the next few days the rate he is now.”

This made Jace worried. If he was dead then so was she. She might only last as long as these machines decided. But if he was dead then there was no escape. The machines would pump pain-killer in her body until she wasted away. No more will to hold on.

“No…if he dies…I die. We need to connect.”
Jace erupted into a fit of coughs and Maddy and a helping hand tried to get her comfortable again. Blood was in her cough. Jace was looking sicker by the day. It was cutting close. She looked at Maddy now that she was well enough again. As a pain raced through her, Maddy opened her mouth to speak.

“What do you mean…connect?” she sounded scared.


Five fighting simulations later Kevin was in dire need of a shower. He was sweating buckets. And as he walked to the room all he could think about was how much he wanted Syd to be in the shower when he got there.

But she wasn’t. She was asleep. But he looked to her right. He smirked. The shower was on her side of the room. Perfect.

He turned on the light from the bathroom, keeping the door open. She stirred awake just was Kevin was removing his sweaty shirt, and as he was unbuckling his pants he saw her sit up to see what was going on. He looked over to her with a face that said ‘Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize.’

But as he saw her eyes roam over his body, still only partially covered, he felt his body sweat more. He felt his chest pounding. Part of him wanted to ask her to come in and join him. She hadn’t showered yet, right? They could conserve water.
That was the same part of him watching her grab the covers in fistfuls. Either in anger or desire. He couldn’t tell. The same part of him that ran his eyes over her body as well. In her scant night-clothes. The lighting from the bathroom illuminating her, flattering her in a way he had never seen. Catching the stray hairs of her messy bed-hair.

But that part of him had to be pushed aside. For a million different reasons. And he opted for the other part of him. The one that told him to smirk and drop his pants before closing the door and turning on the water.

However, both parts agreed on not locking the door.


Vury sat there with Maddy. He had just heard the proposal that Jace had presented Maddy with. Letting Jace and Chia connect was risky. But there was the fact that Jace would feel better. And seeing them together might help Maddy understand what was going on. It was too bad Cable was gone. Cable and Maddy could help each other. Figure out what was done and try to reverse it.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. We have no idea what could happen,” Maddy did sound genuinely worried. Vury could even feel her brain going over all of the bad things, all the means of escape, all the little threads of Mirage that Jace and Chia could snap and unravel.

“I think…if the environment is controlled enough then it won’t be that bad. If we put them together for even a few hours it could help her. And if we gas them and pull them apart again then there won’t be any problems. It could work out.”

“Don’t make me be the voice of reason,” Maddy pleaded, “It’s a horrible idea.”

“It’s all we’ve got left,” Vury said with a pain.
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Zara snapped awake. Images had been playing through her mind, things she didn't understand, and it felt like she'd barely gotten anything out of sleeping. She was wasting time. Things needed to be done. Zara's mind still blocked off anything remotely painful. She checked notes and messages, and realized they had a problem. It was up to her to take care of it.

Chia was spasming on the ground, whimpering like a baby when she walked into the room. Zara crouched down beside him, staring like a curious monkey.

"Does that hurt?"

His response was to spit at her. She delicately wiped the blood and saliva off, leaving a faint red streak on her cheek. Then she rubbed the goo off on his clothes.

"Who are you more afraid of Chia, him...or us?"

He knew which him. Chia said nothing, just stared at her with slight curiosity. The thoughts in her head didn't feel like her own.

"He's going to kill you. Once he's messed with what's inside you, you're his - and eventually he'll see you fall. I'll make a deal with you..." she leaned closer, "you can stay here until the danger passes, we'll even let you see Jace, as long as you don't hurt us."

"How do I know I can trust you?"

"What do you want?"

"An act of...faith." Chia had a disbelieving smirk on his face. Whatever he was about to ask for, he didn't think she was going to do it. She'd show him.


"Kiss me."

"Why?" Zara was only mildly surprised.

"A physical act of surrender, a physical act to seal the deal," he grinned at her with bloody teeth. Zara stared at him for a long time, weighing her choices. The most important thing was for Jace to live, and for that to happen - they needed his cooperation. Zara straddled Chia and viciously pulled his head up by the hair.

"You don't hurt us, we won't let him hurt you - and what hurts us is based solely on my judgment." She forced her lips to his, feeling repulsed and powerful at the same time. Chia was hot and his mouth tasted like blood, but she let him kiss her until she couldn't take it anymore. Zara pulled back harshly. With a glare, she stormed out of the room and down the hall to where Jace was.

All three of them looked at her strangely when she entered. Zara wiped her mouth and saw she had blood on her lips. Vury's eyes widened.

"You did what?!" He came towards her, eyes blackening. She stepped forward to meet him, fire in her eyes.

"The most important thing is for Jace to survive. Now she can, and we have more time to find a way to fix all this."

"I don't like it."

"You don't have to." She looked away from him at Maddy. "Put them together, but just long enough." Zara looked warily at Vury before leaving the room. Now she just needed to go find some mouthwash - and then she had to go. She had to go to the place in her dreams. The nanos were conspicuously silent - it made her feel lonely. She had to get out of here.
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Syd could've ripped out his eyeballs. Seriously, what was his problem? He acted like he thought she was scum and then blatantly offered an invitation. The door hadn't locked. She would have heard it. Most of the time she liked games, but this was almost too twisted even for her. He clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into. What he started, she was more than armed to finish.

Kevin came out of the bathroom, barely glancing at her. And then he did a double take.

She was sprawled across the bed in as close to nothing as she could get, fanning herself as she scanned a print out of data that was not even remotely entering her head. Instead she waited for him to catch himself and let his mouth close. Syd sat up and stretched, her tiny shirt riding up. Then she stood and walked up to him, not even trying to be subtle as she looked him over. He was standing in just a towel, still looking slightly slack-jawed.

"Are you finished?" she smiled, letting her dimples show. They made her look all sweet and innocent.

"Yes," Kevin nodded and stared at her just as greedily. They were close to each other now - she could feel the heat of the shower coming off of him.

"Great. We have a meeting in an hour - talking about what we're going to do."


Syd started to move past him towards the bathroom, but he turned with her and grabbed her wrist. They stared at each other, heat searing between their eyes, and the touch of his skin on hers. Syd actually mentally congratulated both of them at the level of control they were exercising, the painful restraint as they tried not to cut the sexual tension and attack one another.

Instead, Syd slipped her hand out of his grip and said, "Can I borrow this?" and she casually slipped his towel right off him before sauntering into the bathroom without even a backward glance. She made sure to lock the door.

Syd gripped the sink and tried to tell herself to take a deep breath. The look in her eyes reflected by the mirror was a familiar one. The one she had before she did something really crazy.

She unlocked the door, and opened it slowly. Kevin was just zipping up his pants. Oh crap, was all she thought before she walked determinedly to him and jumped.

Her legs wrapped around his hips and his arms automatically circled her waist. She trapped her hands around his neck and gave in. Kissing him made her feel like she could breathe again - releasing all that tension and energy into him, and feeling the power of everything he gave back. They matched each other, mouths moving in a strange harmony that would have made her nervous if she had actually been able to think. He was good. She had to give him that.

Syd pulled back and looked at the predatory darkness in his eyes. Compulsion made her kiss him again, this one strangely soft. If she let herself, she could learn to like the warmth and strength of his arms. But she wasn't going to.

"That's better," she said before disentangling herself from him and walking back to the bathroom. Still, no matter what she did, she couldn't get the butterflies out of her stomach, or the image of his face out of her head.


Day eight. The Immune had carefully and subtly packed all of their things during the course of the last night, silence being the imperative. Breen had gone ahead to pick up the things they'd asked for, and was going to meet all of them at the rendezvous point. They weren't going to go in a group, it was too suspicious. Jaime, Elza, and Roc had left - the last group would be Meli, Demi and Mia. And hopefully Deja. Meli's faith in her sister coming had started to falter slightly. She was so wrapped up in all of this...

It was time. An hour before sunset. They needed to go. Mia stared at Meli.

"Can you do this?"

"What do you mean?" Meli knew what she meant, and chewed her nail nervously.

"Can you let her go if she doesn't want to come? It's her life Meli."

"I don't know if I can stand by and watch her waste it."

Mia put a hand on her shoulder and waited for Meli to meet her eyes. "To each their own."

Meli nodded and headed towards where Deja was sleeping. What would life be like for Deja without Meli there to protect her? Who would stop Meli from going to far, from being too mean? They weren't whole people without each other - at least it had felt that way before all this. Had this taken her twin away from her?

No. Meli could still feel Deja, and that wouldn't change no matter what they did or how far apart they were. They were connected, and they always would be.

And Meli could feel in her heart and her mind that Deja wouldn't come.

Deja's eyes opened instinctively at Meli's approach, and her heart sank. They were leaving now. She stood up and went towards her twin, the face she knew better than her own.

"Come with us."

"I can't," Deja looked straight into her eyes. They had the same eyes.

"Why would you want to stay here? Trapped as a servant for the rest of your life?"

"I want to help people Meli. You want to fight it, I want to protect people from it. I can't," she repeated, closing her eyes against tears.

"When you get tired of this, I'll find you." Meli wanted to believe Deja would get tired of this, and that her sister would come to her senses and join the revolution that had just begun. Only the strong can stand in the light - literally now.

"I won't get tired of it Meli, but thanks for the offer." Knowing she wouldn't do it, Deja closed the space between them and hugged her sister. They held each other tight, both feeling their own pain as well as that of the other. Both fought back the threatening tears.

"I love you sis," Meli whispered as quietly as she could.

"I love you too," Deja gave an extra squeeze. "Be safe."

Meli pulled out of the embrace and wiped beneath her eyes to help stop the tears. "You too. Don't let him sweet talk you into anything you don't want to do."

Deja almost smiled, her heart breaking just a little as Meli started taking small steps backwards and away from her. "I won't."

They stared at each other again, and then Meli turned and ran to the mouth of the tunnel. She felt safe in the darkness. Mia and Demi were waiting.

"Are you alright?" Mia asked soothingly.

"I will be." Mia nodded and headed towards the ladder. Meli looked at Demi.

"Ready to start something new?"

She watched as Demi stared back at the camp for a long moment. Her face was set with grim determination, but Meli could see the loss in her eyes. "I'm ready."

"Then let's go." She grabbed Demi's hand and they ran the rest of the way down the tunnel and into the sunlight. They were free.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kevin couldn’t breathe. He stumbled over to his side of the room and lay down on his bed staring at the ceiling. He felt like a fire had just gone through his veins and left them ashen and shriveled, making it hard for the blood to flow to his heart. Which just felt like it was sucker-punched. Or kicked. With the kicker wearing sharp heels. His hand made its way to his chest and he tried not to hyperventilate.

He sat up and coughed and tried a few breathing exercises. Soon his breathing was normal again. For a moment Kevin was scared. Was he dying? Somehow was he not immune anymore to the UV rays he was exposed to? Was it just a delayed reaction? He would get himself checked out by Maddy later. After the meeting that Syd menti-
He stopped his train of thought, and realized that his breathing calmed down more when he thought of her. Which was not only ironic but made him very fucking confused. She was the one attacking him and making it hard to breathe in the first place with her intense, fiery kissing. And now thinking of her made it easy to breathe? He stood up and began to walk in one direction. Then another. Both times stopping just short of taking more than one step.

What was happening to him? Easy to breathe? Hard to breathe? Syd was dangerous to his health.

He finally got more than one step out the door and made a brisk walk down the hall. He would go to Kane and demand another room. This thing with Syd was too confusing. The tension was enough to kill him. And it clouded his head. He would ask them if he could just live in the tech room that he used to work in just next door to the weapons room and the Combat room. Maybe they would understand. Or maybe he was overreacting. He was kind of egging Syd on. Maybe if he stopped then she would to. Right?

He sighed. Probably not. He realized he was cold, and he took note of all the faces watching him, snickering or just whispering to the person beside them. He looked down at himself. Oh. Right.
He was in nothing but his pants. Barefoot and shirtless, he walked back to his room. Their room. He cringed as he walked in and sauntered over to his side of the room.

Syd’s shower was still going. He could hear the water and smell her shampoo in the air. He sat over at a table and asked the wall for some gadgets that he would try to remodel. A hovercam. A skintenna neutralizer. And something that people used to heat certain types of fruit. He didn’t know what it was called – but if he rewired the circuit-board and took off the plastic panel that covered the heating mechanism then he could make the heating unit create sparks.

He asked for a few more things and was fiddling when his mind wandered. As he gingerly took the tiny wires in his fingers he asked himself why he calmed down his breathing thinking of Syd. Sure the attack of a kiss was more than wonderful and he had every reason to hyperventilate – but why did his thinking of Syd calm all of that down? As he got the skintenna neutralizer to glow a little yellow light in a pulsing type manner – letting him know that it was sending little signals to all skintenna’s in a mile radius a type of endorphin based electronic pulse – he realized something about Syd.

He remembered the sweet, soft kiss after the attacking fire of kisses. The gentle kiss that made his whole body sigh with a kind of relief. Syd and her deep doe-like eyes. Her brunette waves cascading down her shoulders. Her pale pink lips, pouty and innocent when they weren’t in a smirk. That Syd that he thought was beautiful – not hot, not sexy, not the Syd that he wanted to attack – had kissed him.

The Syd that he found gorgeous in all her stunning features had taken over and let him in. If only for a moment. And he found himself scared because of it. He wanted to let her in too. And they couldn’t do that. It was too foreign for him. He was used to one night stands when he was a bubblehead in NPT. And nothing at all while he was a Spade. This was a whole other ballgame.

He would have to tell Kane or Zara that he needed another room. ASAP.


Pix was still fuming about the fact that Jace wanted to give herself up. And she found herself wandering around Mirage seemingly aimlessly. Memories of the Spades that had fallen due to Chia came to her mind. Ren. Sweet Ren, the ‘Syd’ of their group. She was always on the bright side of things. Always spending the night away from the base because she had to seduce many people in order to get what she wanted. What the team needed. It always irked Pix a little. But she was the distant one. Getting close to someone, for personal gain, team gain, or not – well it just seemed a little ridiculous.

She thought about Vling and all the times that Jace and she would get him miffed about something stupid. Thinking about Jace again got her sad. She needed to see Kevin. He was the only other person that might understand. Other than Vury, who was supposedly trying to figure out a way to help Jace.

As Pix made her way to Kevin’s room she wondered if Kevin had even seen Jace yet. As she opened the door and looked at the dividing wall she raised a confused brow. What was this? She looked to the right and Syd was getting dressed behind a screen. Pix’s other eyebrow raised to join the other one.


Kevin, who was sitting at a desk working on something, turned to see Pix in the open doorway.

“Pix?” he asked.

Pix closed the door behind her as Syd peeked from behind the screen. They shared a look. One of those territorial, weird looks. Pix didn’t like this situation. She had heard all about Syd from Jace. Jace would try to cover up her hurt about Syd, and reassure Pix that Syd ‘wasn’t that bad’ – but Pix saw right through it. Syd had hurt Jace. There was no denying that. And now Syd was sharing a room with Kevin. Pix let the look she was giving Syd linger for one more moment before she walked over to Kevin’s side of the room.

She looked at Kevin’s desk. Already she could see he was just surging together random things with no real idea what the outcome would be. To the frank: he wasn’t making much of anything. He was just going through the motions to keep his brain occupied.

Her look must have been skeptical as she looked at what he was doing, because he stopped and looked at her with a confused expression.

“What?” he asked.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked, a little anger at the feet of her words.

“Huh?” Kevin asked, blanching and blushing at the same time. It was odd and Pix didn’t like it. Kevin was usually always the calm one. She was stoic and quiet when she wasn’t with Jace, but Kevin was always calm and even. Something had gotten to him. He only made things for no reason when something was bothering him. Like when a mission was getting pinched or someone was injured.

Pix cocked her head and picked up the sleek metal design that Kevin was sculpting. It was beautiful. But it held no purpose. She looked at it and him in turn with an expression that asked “What the hell?”

Kevin sank in his seat and sighed. He knew she had made her point. Pix laid the thing back on the table by all the discarding scraps and little tangles of wires. Pix looked over to the screen.

“Is it her?” she didn’t even care if Syd heard her.

“What? No,” Kevin said diving back into his work.

“Bullshit,” Pix said. Kevin’s head snapped up and he glared at Pix.

“You don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“I know something wrong. And I know that some people have a history of messing things up,” she said these a little lower so that Syd might have only heard muffles of words. If she was even listening. Pix hated her yes, but she didn’t want to come to blows with her at this juncture.

“It’s not even like that,” Kevin said, getting angry.

Pix glared at him right back, “Why are you even defending her?”

“Because you are accusing her,” Kevin said standing up from the desk. Pix just sat there and watched her friend getting angrier and angrier by the minute. Now she wouldn’t even give the benefit of whispering.

“You do realize that she is a snake right? The one that left Jace, her best friend, all alone because of her own selfishness?”

When Kevin said nothing Pix kept going, getting louder and louder.

“Or have you forgotten about Jace, Kev? Have you even gone to see her?”

Kevin stood there, breathing hard from anger – but his look softened. She was hitting him where he was weak. Well. He deserved it. Jace was dying and he was playing house with the bitch that left Jace hanging without a reason. As far as Pix was concerned he was just as bad as Syd right now.

“Well,” she said softer “You might want to break away from this sick little game and try to say goodbye to her while you can…she’s giving up.”

Pix didn’t need to say any more. Kevin knew. She was sure if Syd was listening she knew as well.
It seemed like a good exit line. So Pix made her way out. She didn’t even look over to Syd. She didn’t know if she listened, if she ignored, if she was even there.

And the best part?
Pix didn’t even care.
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And that was exactly why Syd wasn't on teams. People got stupidly territorial and talked about things that they didn't know. Pix had no idea what Syd had gone through when she went to the city alone, and Pix had no idea what she and Jace had been like before the Spades. Pix didn't know Jace, not like she thought she did. What Jace had become...there was some sort of darkness inside everyone, they just found a way to manipulate Jace's.

Syd opened Jace's door and shut it quietly. Jace's eyes snapped open and looked conflicted when Syd walked over, leaning casually against the wall next to Jace's bed.

"I hear they're going to let you see the boy toy."

"Faster would be better." Jace gurgled in pain.

"Sorry." Syd chewed her lip, "I'm sorry for a lot of things Jace. That I left. I'm not a team player you know that."

"I do. But you didn't have to just break contact and disappear Syd. It was like you died. My best friend...died Syd. You were dead to me."

"I was dead to me too. I still kind of am." There were so many secrets. So many bad and questionable things that she had done, things she would probably do.

"Well what the hell Syd."

"Do you remember when I left, because I wanted the job? Months before the Spades?"

"Yea...everything was fine for like a month and then...nothing."

"The way I work is that Mirage has a handler for me, someone who gives me my cases and information and stuff. I don't know their name, what clique they fit in with in the city, I know next to nothing. But it wasn't always like that." More secrets she never planned to tell anyone...but if she was going to tell this one to someone, it could only be Jace. "My first handler was named Ames. He was two years older than us...he just knew...everything. And we...ya know."

"Syd. After all this time you still can't talk about sex?"

"Shut up."

"Say it. Say sex." Jace pierced her with a gaze that was slightly less terrifying due to the paleness and the shaking.

"Fine! SEX! We had sex. And we were supposed to be disconnected and professional and we weren't. And then this job went really wrong, and these guys...these guys I stole a drug from caught up to me, and caught up to him. I watched him die right in front of my eyes and I couldn't do anything. It was my fault. If we hadn't gotten involved he wouldn't have been caught. If it had been professional. I killed myself and cut all ties to everyone, even you. Knowing me only gets the people I care about killed. I'm not that person."

"You are a moron. Do you know that?" Jace shook her head. "None of us are who we were then. In training you're naive and innocent and believe that we're going to save the world and not damage ourselves in the process. That we're going to be these strange triumphant superheroes that can't be hurt or scarred. Do you think I'm the same person I was? Really?"

Syd said nothing, just stared with a slight glaze of shame in her eyes.

"You got me away from Axsym, you...well you got me to stop having SEX," Jace glared, "and thank you for that. But some things...can't be undone. We're not who we were." Jace closed her eyes and turned as much as she could so her back was to Syd. She considered herself dismissed, and walked quietly out of the room, feeling like she'd finally hit a wall.

Syd didn't even care where Kevin was or what he was doing, she just collapsed onto her bed, burying her face in her pillow and crying as quietly as possible. It felt weirdly good to cry. Syd let it all go, trying to get to the point of feeling strong again. Of being frozen again.
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Kevin waited outside Jace’s room. Syd was having her moment to talk to Jace. For once, Jace was coherent since they brought her into Mirage. For so long the pain and painkillers had been pulling a double whammy on her body. Making her able to get out only a few words at a time.

As Kevin let Syd and Jace have their moment, he sat away from the door. He looked over at the door. It had a little slit down the middle. Big enough to see in if you got close enough. He looked away from the glass. Too tempted to go near it, he stood up and tried to walk to the door leading out. Across the room, away from them both. Away from the little piece of glass that he was completely tempted to walk across and peek into. Just to see what was going on.

As Kevin stood there, biting his lower lip hard to stop the itch to look, he felt his foot take a step toward the door. Then another. He could see brunette hair. But who? They both had brown hair. He was about to take another step when he was startled by a cold hand on his shoulder.

“They are having a pretty personal talk Seven.”

Kevin turned around, his heart in his throat. Vury. Of course. He let out a relieved sigh.

“Yeah…I didn’t even know they had a history. I just figured Syd was always the way she was. And, well, Jace never mentioned her. So…”

Vury looked to the door and back to Kevin, who was nervously scratching the back of his head.

“She might surprise you.”

Kevin didn’t know who he was talking about. Jace. Or Syd. But he could tell from Vury’s smirk that perhaps that was the confusion that his statement was supposed to strike. Kevin smiled himself. It had been far too long since he had seen his teacher. Who read everyone like a book. It was nice to not have to spell everything out all the time.

“Its too bad you can’t tell the future,” Kevin sighed and sat back down. Vury crossed his arms and looked to Kevin with an even expression.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because. It would be nice to know if Pix is going to forgive me in this lifetime or the next.”

Vury furrowed his eyebrows. Kevin slumped in his seat. Then Vury walked closer and held out a hand, raising his eyebrows in a sort of face expression of a question mark.

“May I?”

Vury could go into your head and get a piece of your memory if he wanted to. It was quick and painless way of having a conversation about feelings. Getting Vury’s advice after he carefully picked into your brain and got the full story. It was still from one point of view, but at least he got the gist of the situation. Kevin nodded in an answer. Vury closed his eyes and stood there for a moment or so.

“Hmm…It depends,” he said in his flat, even tone.

“On?” Kevin asked, leaning forward in his chair. Vury stood there looking at him with his dark eyes. In this new dimly lit Mirage he looked even more menacing.

“What is going on with you and Syd?” he said it quietly. Not really out of privacy. There was nobody but them, and Syd couldn’t hear them from behind the door. But more out of courtesy to Kevin. Down-playing the situation that was causing so many problems.

Kevin was struck dumb for a moment. Then he sighed and his gaze sank to the floor. He twiddled his thumbs and his silence was a kind of confirmation. Well, to someone who could read minds it didn’t matter. But the answer that anyone could tell was…

I don’t know.

“It’s just really…charged between us. And I wish there was something…something I could do. To either detatch her completely.”

After a moment Kevin looked back up and Vury stood there, waiting. Waiting for Kevin to finish the second part of the ‘either’ bit. But he never did. Vury knew. Kevin smiled. It really was great to have Vury back to pick his mind when he didn’t want to spill everything.

“It’s good to have you back too. Now go in there and see Jace.,” Vury walked towards the door out and Kevin went towards the door with the glass slit. Syd was gone. She must have left out the exit for the doctors and staff.

Jace’s head lifted ever so slightly to see Kevin as he walked in the little green-lit room.


“Hey Jace.”

Kevin’s voice was the same. The same calm tone that it always was. That was strangely comforting. But also completely enraging. Where was that voice earlier? Now that she was being thrown into hell again with that dog Chia. The puppetmaster. Well, not so much master. She had her own leash on him as well. The owner had become another addition to the doghouse. Poetical.

“Where have you been?” Jace could feel the snap in her voice even with all the medicine making her drowsy and seemingly like a vegetable. Kevin’s sad puppy-dog eyes looked at her. He stood behind the chair at her side. Jace’s eyes stayed on him.

“I…I just – I don’t know,” his hands gripped onto the back of the chair and Jace watched his body tense, “I guess I just didn’t want to see you like this.”

Jace narrowed her eyes at him, probing him for a little more of an explanation. He caught this look and he sat down in the chair with a heaving sigh.

“It’s just that I was never a really big part of our team Jace. You and Vling were the dynamic power duo. You and Pix were the closest two in the team. And Ren and Vline – they were always helping with the assignments so much. What was I?”

“It saddens me Kev, really it does. But none of this really tells me why you waited so damn long to get your ass in here to see me.”

Kevin took a deep breath, “It’s just that I can’t see you as anything but the smiling, sarcastic Jace that would threaten to kick my ass if I touched your Phish Food.”

Jace smiled softly at the memory.

“I am having a really hard time with the idea of seeing you like that. I don’t want you to change on me Ace,” he said looking intently at her – the nickname ‘Ace’ softening Jace a little
“I have had too many people change on me in the past. And I left them behind. I don’t want to leave you behind too.”

Kevin reached for her pale, weak hand.
“I’m sorry,” it was almost a whisper. But even as low as it was Jace could feel the sincerity.
She nodded her head as a confirmation that she forgave him.

“I can still kick your ass,” she said taking her hand away and rolling over to get some sleep before tomorrow. That was when things would get really interesting. Chia was supposed to be getting updated on what was going on at the moment. Jace knew it would like it too much. But she needed this too. She needed to see him, even if she wouldn’t be herself.

At least she would be.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

More and more lately Zara felt like she was watching her life rather than living it. Sometimes she would be doing something, and not even realize she was doing it until afterwards. She was staring at one of the wall screens in the command center, observing footage from Diego. The city was already rebuilding itself, people were already going back to cheerful ignorance - those that were immune were trying to get life back to normal. An endless party. It made her feel ill. Only Axsym could've done this.

At the thought of the corporation the nanos started twittering happy little songs, and a strange thought struck her. Zara went into one of the side rooms where they kept the servers and began searching through the computer files. Everything had been better organized before the move to the Diego tunnels. It didn't take her long to find what she wanted. It surprised her it had taken this long to figure it out. Zara left the computer and entered the main area. Izzy was standing with her back to Zara, talking to Pete about something.

A little but powerful monster reared. Quietly, she stepped to the side and backwards down the hallway, making sure Izzy didn't see her. Then Zara ran to her room. From under her bed she pulled the weapon. It was lethal. Syd had reccommended it as a "just in case" tool. Carefully she put the pieces together and loaded the cartridge with four bullets. It shouldn't take more than that. Zara aimed at her reflection in the mirror, and then turned off the safety. Calmly, she started back down the hallway.

No one even looked twice. Izzy's back was still to her. Zara raised the gun. Pete stopped midsentence, his eyes as big as saucers and full of panic and confusion. Zara cocked the gun and Izzy stopped in the middle of asking Pete what was wrong. Thank god the girl had finally shut up. Pete was calling Vury on the intercom.

She waited for Izzy to turn around. It took far too long and she was so tempted to put a bullet right in her temple.

Izzy stared at the gun that was now pressing against her nose.

"I want you to look me in the eyes when I kill you," Zara said in a low raspy voice that was not her own.

"Kill me for what?" Izzy's voice was betrayed by a slight shake. "I've done nothing to you or your precious Mirage."

"We gave you a home and you killed one of us." Zara's voice, still strange, cracked a little.

"I didn't kill Tanis."

Zara grabbed Izzy's throat and pressed the gun in harder, "Don't you say his name. He died trying to help YOU, and if YOU had just done what you were supposed to instead of being a heartless spineless bitch, he would have been safer. We are weaker without him. Nothing changes without you."

Vury entered the room and Zara put up every mental defense she had...but the only thing that came to mind was Tanis's face.

She took the gun away from Izzy's face and uncocked it. Her hand was looser on her throat. The hunk of metal hung limp and heavy at her side. Zara made Izzy look at her again.

"My last act as a Mirage officer is to tell you to get the hell out of here." She looked past Izzy to Vury, and let him see that she was leaving. "I'm sorry," her voice was soft. Then she turned back to Izzy, "As a human being - if you ever hurt me or mine ever again," she was right in Izzy's face now, "I will kill you."

Zara dropped the gun, shoved Izzy at Pete and Vury, and ran as fast as she could. Luckily everything she needed was ready, and she knew the ins and outs of this Mirage better than anybody. By the time they realized what was going on, she would already be gone. The note she'd already written for Kane was ready. She threw it on their bed after kissing it softly. He would understand, and maybe he could make them understand too. She would be back. Now that she had what she needed, now that she knew where to go...everything would be fine. That's what she had to keep telling herself.

Zara was going to Axsym, and she was going to get answers.


Syd felt weirdly better. It was as if...as if it would've been harder if Jace had just forgiven her for everything and wanted to be friends again. They weren't the same people who had been best friends before and during Mirage training. They had always been different people, but now the divide between them was so large there was no chance of building a bridge. They would be alright with one another, but they would never be like they had been. Not unless Jace got a chastity belt and Syd got a heart. Now Pix just needed an attitude adjustment and Kevin needed a new brain, and they were off to see the bloody wizard!

She sat up in bed in the near darkness. She must have fallen asleep. Her eyes burned from falling asleep crying and she was sure she looked like an absolute mess. Getting up to go to the bathroom, she noticed Kevin was hunched over his work area, little sparks flying from all over the place. It was kind of fun to watch the way he melted things together. Suddenly he stopped, sensing her watching. He turned around - his eyes huge beneath magnifying goggles.

"I guess we don't need to see the wizard, you've already got a brain."

"What?" His eyes blinked hugely beneath the goggles.

"Never mind." She turned into the bathroom and ran cold water, rinsing her face over and over until it felt like an ice cube. Syd stared in the mirror. This was the longest stretch of time she'd gone wearing only her own face in over a year.

"Are you...okay?" Kevin asked when she came out of the bathroom.

Syd was too drained and tired to be surly with him. "Yes. Strangely."

"What did you talk about?"

Syd snapped her head in his direction. "How did you know I went to see her?"

"I went to see her and you were already in there."

"You didn't hear anything did you?" She sat on the edge of the bed, tense and ready to rip his brains out if she needed to.

"No." Kevin raised his hands in surrender. "I was just...curious. What's the deal with you two?"

"We came here together, we trained together, and then we both got twisted around in un-fun and disturbing ways. The end." Syd opened the curtain a little so she could still see him when she laid down. His arms were bare and covered in sweat from concentrating. It was a nice image.

"I think you have to be a little twisted to work here."

"Probably," Syd was blinking sleepily, barely able to keep her eyes open anymore. Fatigue was pulling her into sleep like a hell hound. "I'd rather be here than there," she mumbled. Kevin said somethin back but she didn't hear it, just disappeared into unconsciousness.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

After Kevin had gotten out of talking with Jace he felt a lot better. Even if seeing her like that hurt him, at least she knew that he cared enough to put that feeling aside just to be there for her. And it was even weirder because they weren’t that great of friends when they were team-members. There were a few missions where they had to work together. He would make weapons for her, that was about it. But it was mostly his mind cooking things up, and her admiring them. It was a very business-like relationship. And now it was morphing into friendship because they were a dying breed. The Spades had dwindled.

As Kevin thought about this he looked over to Syd. She was now fast asleep. He caught himself looking for a moment too long and then went back to focusing on his work. He was sculpting an arm piece that would act as an inhibiter of any skintenna pulses. It would cut off everything if shot in someone’s direction. It would even melt their sneak suit’s disguise. Basically any form of technology was instantly cut off. Until it was rebooted, of course.

But it would help immensely in battle. And a tiny part of his brain was thinking ‘This could really help Syd in Diego’ – but that part was squashed by Kevin’s anger. She wasn’t going to just go back to Diego. She couldn’t. Not after what had happened and how everyone went back to normal, only under Axsym’s thumb now.

But a sadness washed over him. He realized that Syd would love the challenge. And now Diego needed her more than ever. Mirage might keep tabs on her still. But there was so much more to do. And there was the matter of the Diego people that came to Mirage. There had to be a cure, an unveiling, and then the Diego people going back. Possibly a revolution of sorts as Axsym was blamed for what happened. Rightfully blamed.

Kevin pulled off his googles and scooted his chair back from the desk. He had finished the frame work with metal. A lightweight metal that was industrial strength. Nobody could hurt the arm underneath. And if the wearer had on a sneak-suit on as well then they were untouchable.
Tomorrow Kevin would add the finishing design touches with a new material that Mirage had discovered while he was away. He would talk to Pete first thing in the morning about getting his hands on some.

Apparently it was as malleable as clay when it was freezing cold, and you could design it with your hands or tools generally used for sculpting. Then, when it reached room temperature the mixture hardened and was as hard as the metal, only it was much more aesthetically pleasing.
Just thinking about it got Kevin excited. But right now his mind was on overdrive and Syd peacefully sleeping where she was made him want to do the same.

He stood up and stretched his muscles. So many nights when the Spades were in Diego he would see the sun rise over his desk. No sleep whatsoever. Sometimes just his brain pondering the use of electromagnetic pulse ammo in a pressure-locked twin gage rifle for Pix was sustenance enough. His drooping eyelids disagreed though. And he felt the soft sheets on the bed beneath him as he fell into a deep dreamless sleep.


Vury watched Zara leaving. It had been so long since he had been in Mirage. And they changed it so much. The only thing that kept him on her heels was reading her mind. But after he just nearly missed a sharp corner, literally, he heard her realization that she was being followed. Once she looked to see that it was him a couple of things happened.

She was sad.
She was angry.
Then she blocked her mind.

And Vury stayed there watching her go. She would be back. Or he would die trying to get her back. He had no idea where she was going. But he sighed.

“Be careful,” was all he said in her direction. The people all hustled behind him, finally catching up. But he held out a hand and turned to them with a serious look plastered on his face. At any moment it could break and all of his emotions could shatter. Staying statuesque was a task that he tried hard at each day in Mirage. But the thing that kept him going was knowing that it wasn’t all for nothing. Mirage was here for a reason. And he was helping keep it running for a purpose.

“Where is Kane?” Vury asked in an even tone.

“Currently helping with some domestic issues in one of the Diego wings,” said something locking onto their skintenna communicator. Vury nodded in thanks.

“Alert him to come to the meeting room right away,” Vury said, dreading telling Kane exactly what happened. But that was the price of filling Zara’s shoes. The hard parts couldn’t be skimmed over.


Kevin’s eyes fluttered open and his eyes stung. It was a bright white. What the hell? Where was he? A harsh light cascading over his nerves and coming through his lungs was a deep, painful dosage of medicine. He tried to move, tried to speak. Nothing.
His movements were sending deep surges of pain in his bones, stilts of metal pinning him through his muscles to the bed. Blood seeped down his skin. He tried to cry out but only jabs of coughs came out. A long plastic tube was all the way down his throat and to his lungs.

He writhed in pain and more blood came from the long silver rods that were nailing him to the uncomfortable light plastic operating table. He looked down at his chest. Little blue tubes were randomly dispersed throughout his torso into veins just under the skin. So all he could see were little veins of blue branching and pulsing inhumanly with just a film of flesh between them.

He tried to cry out again and ended up choking on the tube. Blood sputtered from his trachea and he heard the beeping machine by his head get louder. Deafening him. He was dying.

In one final attempt to stop whatever was happening to him he tried his hardest to sit up. He jerked himself up and the metal rods through his skin tore at his limbs. Cracks of shattered bone and layers of bloody, pulpy muscle came through the flayed skin. His eyes were blinded, feeling like they were on fire, when he finally sat up and the tube came ripping painfully from his throat. He could feel every inch of the pipe come lurching out of his stomach, throat, and finally his mouth.

But when he shut his eyes hard and opened them again, it was dark. Did someone shut off the lights? He cried out and he felt hands on his face. He tried to pull away from his attacker. What the fuck was this place? He felt his butchered arms rising and the hands pulled him closer to whoever it was.

Then he noticed. His arms. They were fine. He squinted in the darkness and froze, looking at his arms. They weren’t torn open. The bones were still intact. And no red hunks of meat that were supposed to be muscles were laying on the bed beside him. The hands on his face made him look over at a different angle.

This angle made him see what was supposed to be a face. He blinked a few times, feeling his chest heaving in harsh gulps of air. Finally the face came into view.


“Kevin what the hell?” she sounded worried and angry at the same time, her voice broke slightly in a pang of what Kevin could guess was an attempt at covering up sadness as she said “I thought you were dying.”

Her expression evened out and Kevin’s breathing calmed. But Syd’s eyes were still wide and Kevin’s hands were still shaking. This time when she spoke she was completely collected, moving her hands from his face slowly.

“I woke up and you were groaning and…coughing. I looked over and you were convulsing.”
She opened her mouth to say something else and stopped herself. Kevin focused on her, his arms and throat still tingling from their phantom pain. He focused on her looking away from him. He leaned in, their foreheads touching.

For a while they stayed like this. His eyes closed and he felt his hands meeting up to her hair, running his fingers through her chocolate brown waves gently. She let out a breath. He whispered into her lips.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you worry Syd…I’m sorry.”

He wanted to stay like this forever. He wanted so badly to kiss her. But he wouldn’t force her into anything if she wanted to stay away from him. He would let her pull away from him if she wanted to. But his fingers stayed there in her tussled hair. He would allow himself to get upset about wanting her here on the edge of his bed later. Right now he just enjoyed her warmth, the smell of her shampoo, grounding him to reality. If only for a moment.
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Day nine of the Cleaning. That's what people in the city were calling it. Meli felt so good to be out in the air, breathing from the sky and the trees, not whatever made it's way down to the sewers. She felt surprisingly good without Deja. Like they were both on the path they were supposed to be taking, it just happened to go in different directions.

They had taken over the top floor of a building near the city center, smart, still working, and in perfect view of everything. They had all decided to relax in splendor for a few days, to have real freedom, before they went and volunteered themselves to Axsym. They sat around a holographic fire that projected real hit, smiling and talking like nothing in the world had ever gone wrong, like none of them had ever lost. Those were their old lives. This was who they were now. The Immune. Special. Meli felt wonderfully smug.

She and Roc were discussing the lost art of reading body language, Mia and Jaime were swapping hoverboard scar stories, and Demi and Elza were listening to Breen talk about the Diego Underground. The Underground was somewhere Meli had never gone to, mostly because she didn't want to go alone and Deja was too afraid to go with her. Everyone was gradually sucked into the conversation. The Underground was full of illegal and legal ways to party...drugs, music, off books surges, fight clubs, Rusty lessons in writing and weapons and history. It wasn't as edgy as it sounded - the city knew it went on and had people all over the place to stop things before they got too far and someone got hurt. It was like a lot of things in the city - an illusion. It was the illusion of being rebellious, of straying from the norm. But it sure sounded like fun.

"I don't know how to fight," Elza said, looking shocked as Breen had all the rest of them stunned when he said he was in a fight club, and won the showdown two years in a row.

"What?!" Breen ruffled her hair, "How are we going to turn you into a warrior if you can't even throw a punch? Not even as a littlie?"

"No..." she blushed profusely. Meli only knew how to fight from a class she'd signed up for - and she'd never actually used any of it against an actual person. It kept her body in shape; before that was all she needed. Breen pulled Elza off her feet.

"Come on, hit my hand, lets see what you've got."

Elza made a fist and punched weakly. "Come on Elza. You're not going to hurt me unless you miss and hit south." Elza blushed even darker, but her face grew hard and she punched again, this time with earnest power. Breen started to work with her, and they all watched with a strange kind of pride as she hit harder and better. When she actually made Breen's hand move back, they all cheered.

"That's my girl," Breen hugged her. She was inches below his shoulder and almost disappeared inside his big solid frame. Elza twinkled up at him with complete adoration. Meli made a note to keep an eye on that. Elza ran to Jaime and hugged him.

"That was great," she smiled, more energetic than Meli had seen her. Elza was no longer afraid, and that felt good. All of them needed to feel strong. There was a revolution beginning, and they were going to make sure it kept going.


Lindsay was up to 17. Five kills in three days. It was gluttony. She didn't need to feed, she just wanted to. She couldn't fight the instinct to kill and harm and maim and drain and take away everything that she wanted from them. It was like revenge on the wrong person, she wanted what they had and if she couldn't, then neither could they. Even if she couldn't be human, Lindsay was having a really hard time finding her humanity. She was gone. Dead dead dead.

Lindsay's hair was a scraggly mess around her shoulders, wild and full of random leaves. Kail would appear every now and then, or lead Lindsay to a new hunting ground, whispering awful things that made complete sense to her. Awful things about humans and Vury and just...life. It made the inside of her mind feel black. Her existence was nothing but black and blood. Kail made her feel like someone else. Someone who could kill and not care. She didn't want to care at all.

"You can bathe you know," Thoran sniped at her, coming out of the bathroom. "It might make you less...cheerful." His sarcasm irritated her.

"This is primitive. That's the kind of fear I want."

He readjusted his towel and looked at her with amusement, "Suit yourself."

Lindsay lay back on the floor and stared at the ceiling, waiting for the next bout of mayhem to begin.


Zara followed the path she'd figured out on her portascreen, hoping everything was labelled correctly. She'd taken one of the hoverboards stashed for emergencies out of the tunnels. All the metal piping and abandoned rails made it easy to cruise through the tunnels and not exhaust herself walking. The only problem would be recharging it...but if she made it across the city and out of the tunnels tonight, it would only be another day, maybe a half. Axsym kept Diego close to the belt - it's own little playground, hunting ground, whatever. The tunnels would take her smoothly underneath the city to where she needed to be.

Then she'd just have to brave the sun.

Zara almost hoped it would kill her too. Then maybe there would be justice for Tanis in the world. Then again, if she didn't go then there would never be answers, there would only be a million questions. Questions no one would ever be able to get the answers to because they didn't know where to look. They didn't have little nanos inside them telling them what they needed to do. Telling them they were the only one.

There weren't a lot of people out there without fear.

Zara re-checked the portascreen. She was on track. Leaning into the board, she edged it forward faster. Life used to just rush at her, and she was rushing at it. It felt good to be in control.


Syd woke up groggily, junk crowding around her eyes, which always meant she'd had very stressful sleep. Something heavy was across her side. She wiped her eyes free of junk and opened them blurrily. Blinking a few times she looked down at her midsection. An arm. A nice arm. Syd tried to remember the night before and how she ended in the bed of the person the arm belonged to. It came back like a punch to the gut. That was most definitely Kevin's arm, which meant she'd just spent the night sleeping in Kevin's bed. Syd had never literally slept with anyone, ever in her life. It was a strangely intimate act for how inactive it really was.

Carefully, she tried to peel herself out from beneath him without waking him up. Kevin shifted in his sleep and only clamped his arm around her tighter, pulling her against him. The clock told her she still had an hour before she needed to get up. It would be so easy to just lay back down and...

Nope. Not happening. Syd was free and unattached and unable to be hurt by anyone. That would be the start of the path to hurt.

Her hand gripped his wrist and she lifted his arm backwards, gently using the momentum to shift him away. They were too big for one small bed and when he rolled over, she fell off, landing with a thump and a surprised "Oh!" on the ground. Kevin sat up quickly and looked around, trying to figure out what was going on.

Syd cringed. "Go back to sleep."

"Okay," Kevin replied, probably still mostly asleep.

Crisis averted. Syd crawled back to her own bed quietly. It was cold and felt strangely large. It was lonely. Syd hoped that feeling was just her libido and not anything else. It would be too hard for it to be anything else.

She hadn't kissed Kevin in a day.

Annoyed with herself she flopped over on her side and closed her eyes with fierce determination. Nothing mattered but sleep...and eventually, she fell back into it.
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Thoran fell asleep tightly holding onto Kail, he didn’t need much sleep as four hours was plenty of time for the nanos to regenerate in his body. Kail couldn’t sleep but she would much rather be in his unconscious company than be out in the main room where Lindsay (the glutton/walking oxymoron) and Logan were.

His light breathing tickled across Kail’s bare shoulder and collarbone, Kail wondered what he was dreaming about as Thoran didn’t stir and there was a slight grin on his face. This grin only showed itself when he was in a deep sleep when he wasn’t thinking for himself or lusting after Kail.

Kail desperately wanted to know what he was thinking. Did he love her or was he just a horny bastard? Maybe the nano’s effected the way he thought and somehow he was programmed to care. Why did this matter to Kail? Thoran was hot, good in bed and would do anything for her. For some reason she just wanted to know why. And the way Thoran was he would never tell her, he would just fill her head with lust and cloud her judgment. Maybe she should take this as a sign.. maybe he just was a horny bastard.

No. Kail needed to find out what he was thinking.. she just needed to know and the only person who could do that was Vury. It shouldn’t be hard to find him as the last time she looked upon his ugly mug was back at Axsym. But accoding to Kail’s knowledge Lindsay was being held at Axsym too. How the hell did she get out? Was vury out too?

Kail ripped herself from Thoran’s grip and threw on a sneak suit before bursting out of the room.

“Where the hell is Vury?” Kail snapped and glared at the now shocked Lindsay.

“How the hell would I know?” Lindsay shot back.

“Who turned you?!” Kail’s voice was like razors, she needed to know if Vury was out.

“Why do I need to tell you?” Lindsay mimicked Kail’s tone very well.

“Well I have two theory’s. One involves a bastard that should be in a yellow tube being tested until the fucking cows come home, and the other is that tasty little brother of yours, who I doubt has the will power to turn you and not suck you dry”

“Don’t you dare talk about my brother like that!” Lindsay stood up and let her eyes turn black “you have no right to ever talk about him!”

“Oh.... did I hit a soft spot?” Kail chucled and rounded the room “Maybe little brother did do the deed... no. He woudlnt’ do that.. he is so sigusted with himself that he won’t eat. There is no way in hell he would turn you... no no it has to be Vury. “ Kail was more talking to herself than Lindsay. “He’s the only one that’s selfish enough to not let people he cares for die. I remember the werebitch, he had a hardon for her..” Kail looked at Lindsay with a crooked smile and tilted head. “You two have something going on don’t you?”

“Don’t you dare talk about him! I never want to hear his name again”

“Vury loves Lindsay... and apparently Lindsay isn’t happy with his gift of afterlife”

“I swear I will kill you” Lindsay was in Kail’s face. All Kail could do was laugh at her. Did she seriously think she could kill her. Kail ignored Lindsay’s threat and continued to figure out her theory.

“Ok.. so by your reaction I have figured out that you and vury have some disgusting the hunter loves the hunted thing going on... and then he turned you”

“Stop it Kail”

“No No No.. I am going to figure this out.” She pushed Lindsay into the chair and started pacing the room. “He would have only tuned you if you were dying... because that’s how weak he is.. he can’t lose the people he loves..”

“He’s not weak Kail! Just because he doesn’t want to say good bye doesn’t make him weak!”

“Oh whatever! People are meant to die! Nobody has the right to keep them from a natural death! “ Kail shouted at the top of her lungs.. sure she was mean and some may say even evil but she never once stopped someone from dyeing their natural death.

“Having your body destroy itself because of nanos isn’t a natural death!!”

Kail started laughing hysterically “You were supposed to die because of those?” her laughter continued “I almost got rid of you because those damn things, and he kept you from dying!?” This explained why Lindsay was extra sensitive to the infected, she was one herself. “That selfish bastard needs to die”

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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He was really starting to get damn sick of this. Dark. Pain. Awake. Convulsion. Dark. Pain. Awake. Getting butt kicked. There was only so much one man could take. Chia came around after one of the more painful convulsions to find a face looking down at him. Staring down. Laughing. Fucking loser. Whoever the fuck it was. The bright lights seared Chia’s eyes as he tried to work out who the hell was laughing at him. Before he got the chance to, he felt something bubbling up inside of him.

Uh oh.

Not good.

Suddenly it ripped up through his throat and came out his mouth. Blood, pus and other shit that just shouldn’t come from inside a body. Chia hacked his lungs up, or close to it anyway, trying to find a way to breathe again. His pulse had quickened to a pace that meant he was surely about to explode; sweat was pouring all over him. His insides were wrenching and twisting with every hacking cough. And he thought he had been dying before? All that was nothing compared to this.

What a fucking way to go. On all fours, like a fucking dog, coughing up blood and guts, being held prisoner by Mirage after being fucked over by Axsym.

Nup. Not gonna happen. He had to hold on. He couldn’t go like this. He wouldn’t.

Chia calmed down his mind and tried to think clearly. First thing first; he had to fucking breathe. The nose was probably his best bet. Through all the pain and spasms, he felt the cool pleasing feeling of air in his lungs before another bout of coughing. Slowly he managed more and more ragged breaths, less and less convulsing. He was still on all fours, crouching with his forehead nearly touching the ground, but he was still fucking alive.

Plop. Plop. Plop.

Sweat was falling off him in great blobs, hitting the floor and mixing in with the huge pile of blood and… Guts? Pus? Vomit? Whatever the hell it was. An awful stench filled Chia’s nose. He realised it was himself. Disgusting. Nothing could stop him. Absolutely nothing. Not the fucking sun. Not the fucking mute. And definitely not. Fucking. Mirage.

After their little “chat” the day before, Chia still wasn’t entirely convinced that the purple-eyed freak would keep to her word. Still, at the moment, as much as it tortured him to admit it, he needed Mirage to live. He needed Jace to live. He needed to fucking live so he could hunt down and personally watch the life drain out of Laryx’s eyes. Nobody made Chia dependent on someone else. Nobody.

“NOBODY!” Chia screamed the last part out loud, scaring away the medic who was hiding away in the corner of the room.

Then the little pixels of black started filling his mind. Peace. Dark. Sleep. And for the first time in days, maybe even weeks, Chia could feel no pain. Only the constant feelings of hate and revenge filling his body like a drug. Possibly the worst of all the sins, but right now it was his oxygen. It would keep him going. Keep him going ‘til the Mute was at his feet, pleading for mercy and forgiveness. Oh, wait, scrap that last bit. Can’t plead if you’re mute, after all.

Chia woke to the sounds of voices in the room next to his, obviously looking in at him through the glass that separated the two rooms.

“She said she needed it. We can’t let him die until we figure out a way to save her.”

“And what makes her so important to us? We can’t trust anyone from Axsym. What if they run amuck?”

“She’s one of the Spades. Jace is one of the best recruits we have. We need her.”

“Yeah, because Mirage doesn’t have enough soldiers already.”

“It’s not up to us. Look, he’s awake. C’mon, we got to get Maddy.”

Chia heard the faint sound of footsteps and a door creaking. Maddy. Great; another loon to watch him like he was some fucking animal in a Rusty zoo. From what Chia could grasp, Maddy was the resident Doctor. Nearly as mad as Cable herself. Chia added that last bit on himself. To him, everyone in Mirage was mad.

The lights flickered on overhead and, as usual, Chia was blinded. He cringed and attempted to squeeze his eyes shut even tighter. Yeah; didn’t make any difference. Pulling the blanket over his head, Chia couldn’t help but think that something was missing. Something wasn’t right…

“Good afternoon, Chia,” said a professional sounding voice from the door.

“It may have slipped your attention, but we are actually in some form of underground hideout. All Batman-cave like,” Chia said, referring to a long forgotten Rusty superhero.

There had been a great rise of Rusty superheroes a few decades ago when their popularity sky rocketed. It was brought about by the huge debate of whether these ‘superheroes’ actually existed or not, like the preRusty and Rusty gods, seeing as there was evidence pointing both ways. Chia didn’t give a fuck. He just wanted their powers. And a Batcave.

“We can’t actually see the sun, so how the hell would we know if its afternoon?” Chia continued in a mocking, harsh voice. The last thing he needed right now was to be prodded and poked by some loony pretending to be a doctor.

“It’s called a skintenna. Or, if you prefer Rusty inventions and terms, a clock.” Maddy pulled the blankets off Chia and stood looking stern and disapproving above his bed.

“For fucks sake, just leave me be.” Anger was beginning to surface. Chia welcomed it.

“Here I was hoping you would be civil and thankful.” Maddy started fumbling around her pockets, as though looking for something.

“And why would I be thankful to a Mirage mutt like yourself?” Chia replied in a polite tone, although his words suggested anything but politeness. Maddy raised her eyebrows in response.

“Don’t feel any different? Less pain than usual?” She tapped the syringe she was now holding.

Then it hit Chia like a ton of hoverboards being slammed into his chest. There was no pain! That’s what was missing. He took a long hard moment to actually pay attention to his body. No, there was still pain. But he could hardly feel it. It felt like nothing compared to what he had been going through these past weeks. Had he really become so fucking accustomed to the pain that it was part of his life now? What the fuck had Axsym done to him? He couldn’t even think the institution’s name without a fresh wave of resentment and revenge swelling through his body, taking the place of the pain that used to course through him every moment of every day.

“You’re welcome,” Maddy said coldly. “And I have some… news. Good for you, horrible for us.”

“I’m really Superman here to be the world’s saviour? Or better yet, the world’s downfall?” Chia asked in mock hope. Because the Mirage freaks couldn’t just come out and say things to the point, could they?

“If you aren’t going to cooperate then I’ll more than happily arrange for this meeting to be done with Vury instead of myself. From what I’ve heard, you two have quite a history.” A smirk spread across Maddy’s face as Chia took on a pained expression.

Instinctively, Chia raised his hand to a cold spot on his neck. He felt a slight bump where he knew lived one of his newest scars. Where the fucking blood-sucking nut had bit him, not so long ago. And so close to his face, too. Nobody touched Chia’s face and got away with it. Or… More to the point, near his face. Well, well… Wouldn’t that be a pleasant reunion? If he ever saw that thing again, Chia knew he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself, even if he had a fucking ‘deal’ with Mirage. Besides, wasn’t that what he was best for? Screwing people over and being a double agent?

“We’re making the arrangements now for you and Jace to… Connect, is the word we’re using.”

Chia couldn’t help but laugh. The Doctor looked as though she was being forced to watch beheaded animals mate or something, by the look on her face. ‘Connect’? What the fuck was that mean to mean?

“You mean sex?” Chia replied smugly, a grin spreading across his face for the first time in a week or so. Maddy visibly shuddered.

“You will know that we will not tolerate any… misbehaviour. This is for Jace and Jace alone. If there were another way…” She looked off into the distance, a pained expression on her face now.

“Oh, I’ll be a good little boy. I pwomise,” Chia replied.

He batted his eyelashes before bursting into a fresh fit of laughter. This was just way too perfect. This is exactly what everyone in Mirage would hate. The sniper, the vampire, the purple-eyed freak, Jace herself… The best part? Chia knew they would have to do it again as well. Maddy glared daggers into Chia’s eyes. Not that he minded, really. What could she do about it? His smile got even wider.

“You’ll be drugged before we take you there. You will be there for the shortest time necessary. We will drug you again and bring you back here. Any acting up and your time will be cut short. We will drug you and bring you back here without any form of painkillers. Do you understand?” Maddy’s expression and pose were both menacing, cold and full of anger.

“Babe, I don’t even need painkillers, I’m so manly.”

Chia winked at Maddy before laughing manically yet again. The last thing he saw before the tears in his eyes blocked his vision was another glare from Maddy as she called in a medic. Suddenly, he felt his skin tear as a needle went through into his veins. Then it all went dark. Again. At least this time it wasn't from the pain.

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It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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Kane sat in the empty meeting room waiting for Vury to come in. Usually Vury would just come to him wherever he was and tell him whatever piece of news. But maybe this was bigger. The vast openness of the room was eerie with nobody there but him. He sat back and tried to ping Zara. But somehow the connection didn’t go through. He ruffled his brow in confusion – since when did pings not work? He was about to ping her again when he heard a calm, even voice from across the table.

“Hello Kane.”

Kane nearly jumped out of his skin. He looked up and caught his breath. He didn’t even hear Vury come in. Of course not. Vury was a vampire and he always walked soft. Kane sat back in his chair, caught his composure, and nodded a hello.

“What is all this about?” Kane asked.


Kane looked genuinely confused. Vury looked down at the shining silver of the table. He wasn’t sure how to break it to him. Either he could present it to Kane in a very business-like way. Like it was any other bit of news given in this room.
‘Zara threatened to kill Izzy. She is on the warpath for Tanis’s death. Now she has left Mirage. Disconnected her skintenna. We don’t know where she is. But I am confident she will return.’

Or. He could play the sympathy card and ride it out. Instead of quick and painless he could uncover the wound slowly. Adding a little sugar coating because it was such a delicate situation.
‘Look, Kane, I am sorry to be the one to have to tell you this. Really I am. The thing is, just a while ago Izzy was threatened. Zara held a gun to her head, probably for the episode with Tanis and his…you know…death. For reasons unknown, she left Mirage. And it’s not like we can ask her why or where she is going because…well, she kind of disconnected her skintenna. Don’t panic. I’m sure she will be fine. She can take care of herself. I have every hope that she will come back soon.’

But as Vury looked back up to Kane’s eyes. He could see a sense of both sides in Kane himself. A side that was worried about the news. The sympathetic side. And a side that was determined to fix whatever this was. As a member of Mirage and a fearless person to his core.

Vury sat up, took a deep breath, and opted for a combination of the two.
“Look Kane, I have some bad news…”


Kevin had to squeeze in an appointment with one of the doctors of the Medical Wing. Maddy was doing something important. Probably the ‘connection’ of Jace and Chia. Kevin tried not to get angry at the idea. But it overwhelmed him. Everyone in Mirage wanted him dead. He was a sick bastard and there was no end to his selfishness.

To Chia, Jace wasn’t a person. She was a thing. His thing. And Kevin wouldn’t stand for it. As Kevin waited for the woman to come back with her analysis of his nightmare, he thought about her expression while he told her the details.

When he told her about the tube down his throat she squinted and took a note on her board. When he told her about the nails through his arms and the blood coming out when he moved, he could see her cringe a little. But she kept her hand scribbling on the notepad. As he went into detail about the blue veins and the ripping out of the tube, and what his arms looked like after he ripped out of the metal nails – she was staring at him horrified.

Kevin sat on the edge of the examination table when he heard footsteps come in. He looked up, expecting the doctor, but seeing someone else instead.

“Seven,” she said with a smirk and a cross of her arms.

“Six,” he said just as even as she did.

Pix sat beside him and they were silent for a while. Then she spoke.

“Night terrors huh?”

Kevin looked at her, “How did you know?”

“I read the file that Dia made out. That was some dream.”
Pix was acting really normal about all of this. Like nothing had happened between them. The fight. The yelling. The storming out. Like none of it had even occurred.

“I don’t know what it was. Do you really think it was a night terror?”

“I think that’s what Dia is going to tell you. I think it’s a combination of what happened to Diego, hating what they did to Jace, and all of this anxiety and stress that you are getting with this weird thing with Syd.”

Kevin thought about this. All of it seemed to fit. But why was Pix analyzing him?

“Did Vury and Dia ask you to tell me this?” Kevin looked at her. She just smirked the slightest bit and then looked over at him.

“You think I would come in here willingly and not kick your ass?”


Vury had just gotten done telling Kane everything that happened. To Kane it was a huge punch in the gut. Zara had left and not even told him. Not even told him why. He knew Tanis was important to her. But he couldn’t help but feel slighted. Forgotten. He sighed and opened the door to their room. How long until it was theirs again? How long until she would come back? He looked to the bed.

For so many nights lately he would worry about her. She would keep him awake with her mutterings about the nanos. Telling her things. He would calm her down. Tell her that she was far stronger than them. He told her that he wouldn’t let her do anything. She would smile a sad little smile and tell him ‘Like you could stop me Kane’

“I’ll surprise you,” he whispered to the empty room. That’s what he would say to her every time. And now it was she that surprised him. The gun aimed at Izzy, that made him smile a little. As bad as it was, she almost killed someone to settle the death of another, it made him painfully aware of just how fiery and headstrong Zara was. His Zara.

And now she was gone.

He sat on the bed and lay back. While he was thinking about the lingering scent of her shampoo that was in the sheets, he felt something under his neck. He sat up and looked down. A letter. He picked it up.

“Zara,” he whispered. It was a letter to him as a goodbye, a final explanation.


Vury was debriefing some Mirage members on the particulars of the ‘Connection’ protocol between Chia and Jace.

“We will place them in a room with an opaque glass. This room will have a wide center area for them to connect in. Anything outside that wide center will have a sensor. If either of them step outside the center that sensor will first alert us outside that they are getting too close to the outside. Then, we will have another layer of sensors closer to the glass that will electrocute them I they get too close. Electrocute them enough to make them pass out.

“If they somehow still get out, you are the only ones who can stop them from reaching the outside and into Mirage. Guns at the ready, everyone has their own vantage point. This should take no time at all and Maddy and I will have to watch from the top of the setup to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

When he was done he saw Kane waiting at the back of the room. He excused himself and the weapons experts, Pix included, dispersed guns to all of those that would protect the chamber from the outside.

“Vury, I have to go follow her.”

Vury looked confused and saw the letter in Kane’s hand, “She told you to?”

“No. Not really. But it’s an understanding we have,” Kane stood there less broken up than when Vury told him everything. He was sure of himself. And there was nothing Vury could do to stop him from going to find Zara.

“You aren’t going to try to bring her back are you?”

“No, no. I am just going to watch her and make sure nothing happens. As best I can. I will just watch her. Make sure she is alright.”

This got Vury thinking about Lindsay. He could have gone to watch her. Protect her. Make sure nothing happened. But instead he came to Mirage. To command puppets to shoot two sick experiments that Axsym cooked up. He was playing house to an army and Kane had all the right in the world to go help Zara.

Vury, however, was trapped by responsibility.

He nodded and gave Kane his blessing, but his mind was racing with worry.
Was Lindsay alright? How many had she killed? Was she even alive? Had she not been able to find anyone to feed on? Was she holed up in the tunnels, lost and scared?

Had Axsym gotten her?

He paced the ground and Pix came over, concerned. Kevin was behind her, helping suit up the people ready to shoot Chia and Jace if necessary.

“Hey…what’s going on?” Pix asked.

Vury didn’t even know what to say. Guilt was plaguing him. Worry was consuming him. And Kane was doing the right thing by going to find the girl he loved and make sure she was alright. Vury’s head felt like it was about to explode. He felt his eyes bleed to black.

“I need a drink,” he said and went off to the Medical Wing where they kept large animals caged for him. What he really wanted was to hunt. Feel the dirt under his feet, the grass in his palms, the heartbeat of his prey beating wildly in fear.

But again…he was trapped. Responsibility.
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Izzy glared herself out of the room once Zara had left. All-in-all, the girl just didn’t get it – perhaps she never would get it. Mirage was a mirage. End of story. It was so utterly, pointlessly simple, it seemed that all of them – Zara, Kane, Ammy, Vury, Pete, Syd, Kevin and even the late Tanis – were wasting their time, like little kids playing dress-up, because in the real world their fantasy-based organization was nothing. Literally.

She felt like breaking down in tears, but she didn’t. It wouldn’t help – not here. Not anywhere. To everybody she was interpreted as a damsel-in-distress. Always needing to be saved; Kane, Tanis, Pete… there would probably be more if there were any other people in Mirage willing to even touch her. Luckily for her, there weren’t. Of course, this didn’t include Kevin mindlessly knocking her out.

She felt another furiously powerful surge of anger shoot through her and for a painful second she felt weak and flighty, but soon the hate was back in her – filing down her body, making her feel more alive than she had felt in a long time. “As a human being, if you ever hurt me – or mine – ever again. I will kill you.” Izzy shuddered. She could still feel the coldness of the gun pressing against her nose. She shuddered again.

The halls of Mirage were as usual, boring and plain. She averted her gaze from a few workers skirting through the corridors laughing and chatting with each other as they sipped their coffees, as to not meet their eyes. Obviously soon everybody would know about Zara’s scandalous disappearance, minus her attempt at murder of course. Glory for the hero – of course stupid, lying, smirking, conniving, “I’m-not-a-murderer”, bloodthirsty Vury wouldn’t be informing anyone about Zara’s near-crime. Mainly – probably – because he knew how she felt.

But she didn’t have to think about where Zara had herded off, she didn’t want to think about it – now all in her mind was her tarnishing Zara’s reputation. What worse than the great leader being downgraded to a murderess? And Zara was probably dancing her way through New New Diego.

The thing about Zara, was that in an infuriating way she knew all the statistics; she knew all the facts… but she hadn’t been out there – she barely knew what it was like! To blame Tanis’ death on her, it just showed how ignorant Zara was. Where was Zara when Dr. Cable had killed hundreds of littlies? Where was she when Kane had been most vulnerable; a brooding skeleton of what he was now? Where the hell had she been when Tanis had died?!

In the end it didn’t really matter what Zara thought, or what she did: she hadn’t been out there. Years of bossing people around dorms didn’t make people good leaders! Being able to slash someone’s head off with a sword – and with absolutely no remorse – did not make them good leaders! All Zara did was strut around, pointing her sword at people.

And as for her colleagues, Izzy sneered at the very thought of them. Of course Vury had to be some supernormal, god-like statue who could do no wrong. Of course Ammy had to be some feisty, ninja-esque wannabe who was becoming more like Dr. Cable as each day passes. Syd was no better and as far as Izzy was concerned, Kevin’s personality hit below non-existent. And as for Tanis…

It was then the tears began to come. Brushing away at the streams of salt water furiously, Izzy stumbled through the corridors blindly. She continued shuffling through the halls in a similar fashion and ended up running into someone. The impact startled her backwards, but she kept her face downwards and kept striving ahead – only the person she had knocked into, grabbed at her gently. “Izzy?” he inquired, sounding concerned.

She knew who it was – Kane, but she shook his hand away angrily and sucked in a deep, angry breath before flinging around to meet his gaze. “You think you’re such a big shot, don’t you Kane?” she snapped angrily, she tried to glare at him, but it was hard when her vision was immersed by tears. “Well—well—well… well, guess what? I’ve had enough of this; you trolling around with your girlfriend, who’s just a teeter off sadistic, thinking you’re ruling the world—you’re a bunch of freaks!”

Kane look sadly across at her. “What happen to you Izzy?” he asked, sounding disgusted at first, but when he spoke again, he sounded upset. “What’s wrong with you?”

“What the—freaking—what’s freaking wrong with me?” Izzy spat. “Well, let’s see,” she said through gritted teeth, “I’ve been put in prison here—twice, your girlfriend has tried to kill me—twice, I’ve been played for someone’s death—twice—”

Kane’s brow creased slightly. “I know,” he said in a surprisingly even voice. Izzy cocked her head to a side and glared at him evenly. “I’m sorry,” this time there was a slight choke detectable.

“Who cares about that?” Izzy snarled, then wincing when she realised how harsh her voice sounded. She continued in a sweeter tone, “she tried to kill me, she just went up to me and held a gun to my face! Animalistic, huh?” When Kane didn’t answer, slowly her expression turned into a sneer, “oh, yeah the girl that you promised you were over it… ‘she’s of the past Izzy’” Izzy mocked him in a high-pitched voice, “‘I love you now’. Love me? Love me? Who the hell loves me!?”

Kane looked so upset now, she felt a rush of unearthed affection rise within her, but she pushed the emotions down in contempt. “You left me Izzy,” he said in a slow, tolerant voice, but Izzy hinted an edge in his words, “You—left—me,” he said, his voice hard, “and you got shot…and I—why do I have to explain anything to you?”

Izzy felt like he had shot her. Startled by the hurt in his voice, she took a step back slightly. “Well…” she trailed off, biting at her tongue impatiently to cut-off any harsh comments she had to say about his voice. She waited for the little flicker of affection to wane away, and it did—partly. Some of it still stayed there, nagging at her.

She then noticed Kane’s gear. He wasn’t dressed in normal clothing—this was more combat sort of stuff. Of course, Mirage members couldn’t go outside without some form of protective gear. They had to have guns, they had to have anti-bullet suits, they had to have ultra-expensive night goggles that burned away at the minerals in the heated soil. It was slightly disgusting. Kane confirmed the vague suspicion for her, “I’m leaving. I’m going after Zara.”

Izzy narrowed her eyes, “…Okay,” she said after a deep breath. She turned away from Kane and walked away. In the last moment she lost control, turning around she spat, “how can you go after her!”

“You know why.”

“Actually, I don’t! You’re such a lapdog Kane, you don’t have to go after her!” Izzy’s throat was began to hurt from all the yelling, “you just don’t—and yet you do. Why?”

“Because I have to. I love her. I—need her.”

“Yeah, you need her Kane, just like you needed her back when you guys were thirteen years old and she ditched you for some—some—some guy,” Izzy didn’t care how selfish she sounded; it was time Kane realised the truth.

“Because—what she’s a better person than you?” Kane’s voice was bitter.

The words stung. Sure, she sometimes detested Kane. Sure, she sometimes like him. A point in her life she had really liked him—maybe even loved him. But she couldn’t lash out at him. Because it was true. She stumbled away from him before regaining her poise and walking elegantly. Kane walloped after her, “Izzy, I’m sorry, Izzy—”

“It doesn’t matter,” Izzy snarled, spinning around, “because guess what? It’s true—maybe she is better than me. I may not be perfect and yes I’m not good—but at least I’m a person. What about you Kane? Yeah, what about you?” Izzy felt the tears stinging through her eyes, “what has Mirage turned you into? A zombie.”

“Izzy—Izzy don’t cry…”

“I’m not crying!” she spat viciously and before he had time to answer she hurtled herself down the corridor… and away from him. Two corridors past she pushed herself against a wall, breathing heavily. Kane had walked out of her life—maybe forever. What would happen to him out there? What if he wasn’t immune?

Eventually everybody would walk out of her life.
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"Killing him would set him free Kail," Lindsay said in a defeated tone. "Wouldn't you rather see him suffer?" A strange idea was forming in her head. A way for her to come to terms with her existence in some strange way. A way for her to feel freedom.

"He needs to pay," Kail growled.

"Then make me like you. It'll be better than killing him or hurting him physically. He'll blame himself for what I become." Her voice was even and without feeling, even though she felt a rush of something beating through her brain, mixed with fear and determination. Maybe part of her wanted him to pay too. "Don't take away what he loves, corrupt it instead."

"So he did love you..." Kail's face seemed to even out, as if she was accepting the plan based on that one small admittance Lindsay let slip.

"Yes." Lindsay's throat burned not from thirst, but from pain. From letting all-consuming misery rule her for just that time. He loved her. He loved her enough to do something he would hate himself for, just to keep her in his life. He loved her enough to let her hate him. And by knowing that he would let her hate him, she loved him more. Could he make her feel anymore confused?

"First step," Kail smirked, "shower."

Lindsay watched her walk into the bedroom and slam the door. She stared at it for a long time before slowly making her way into the bathroom. She hoped she'd made the right decision. Stepping away from everything she had been to become something her old self would despise. Lindsay wanted to forget her soul and her family and anything that had ever meant anything to her. The only thing she would never quite be able to let go of was him...and that would keep her going.


Thoran woke up when Kail came back into the bedroom, snapped away from dreams about tunnels and fields. He'd felt like he was hoverboarding. Sleep was so infrequent that he sort of forgot what dreaming was like, but he was pretty sure this wasn't entirely a dream. Something felt strange, and whatever it was he would know soon. It made him edgy and nervous. Kail came in bristled like an angry dog, and it only rubbed against his own energy.

He rolled over and opened his arms to her, hoping to diffuse them both. Her icy body curled up next to him but she was entirely stiff. It made him afraid that she was going to try to leave him again. Instinctively he pulled her closer and tighter, not liking the idea. He didn't like it when they were seperated. It was boring and colorless. There was shine and mayhem whenever she was around.

Strange and soft, he kissed her bared shoulder and then pressed his semi-warm skin against the frost of hers, inhaling the strange scent that came from her, marking what he could catch with his senses into his memory. He didn't want to lose her.

Now if they could just ditch the vamp-in-denial blonde and the Axsym stooge and go back to normal, everything would be fine. They could be on their own without control or orders...just freedom...

Thoran fell asleep.


Zara was almost out. The last couple of tunnels and twists and turns were practically burned into her brain. After that, it was a short and careful ride through the city, and an hour on hoverboard. Maybe three walking and boarding. Axsym had kept itself nice and close to its playground this time. They had to keep an eye on their grand experiments. She didn't even know what they place looked like, she just hoped that when she saw it she would know.

Everything was strapped safely to her when she climbed out of the sewers. Her board was buoyed even more by the grid instead of just metal piping, and she rose steadily into the air. Next to no one was around, and those who were wore stealth black like her, zooming quickly on hoverboards not talking to anyone and keeping to themselves. She followed the trend and flew out of the city, leaning hard on her board to go faster and be more aerodynamic.

Suddenly the city was behind her, past the wall, and there was nothing, not even metal. Zara carried the heavy board for almost an hour before picking up enough magnetism to let her fly. Then it was fast through the trees, over fields and overgrowth. She only had to walk twice more and the time was short. Zara stashed her board when the coordinates were close enough for walking to be her best option.

The hill was clearly man-made, the lines in the grass still easily seen. Zara slunk up it, watching for sensors, and lay flat at the top surveying what was in front of her.

There were three buildings, one big and two small ones on either side. The one to the left was the smallest and definitely the security building. That was not where she wanted to go. Then again, she had no idea what she was even looking for. It's not like there was a room hiding in Axsym where you could go and ask a question and expect an answer. And getting into their files wouldn't be easy either.

Zara looked at the other small building. There were labcoats coming in and out of it. Easy to sneak into, low security. It got bright suddenly, the sun appearing from behind the clouds, and Zara looked down at herself in shock. She was in the sun and she was fine. She hadn't even thought about it. Zara had survived when Tanis had not. She took a moment to try and breathe, letting her heart stop hurting. He was gone now. This was her path now.

The building was open unguarded from the back, even the sensors and mines were easy to spot and get around. Having ground radar helped, but it was almost unecessary. The ventilation shaft pulled away almost too easily, and she began to climb through the metal tubed maze, looking for some sort of answer. It seemed every room she peeked in only gave her more questions. It was some kind of hospital...people were getting shots and then they'd yell and scream and it was entirely unintelligible. Two labcoats were sitting in one room drinking something and talking. Zara eavesdropped.

"It would be better to kill them," said the first one.

"He might need them. Then he'll give them a cure to the drug addiction, get it from them, and put them back. They're more valuable alive."

"It's such a pathetic existence. Wandering around her unable to do much. Just try and remember what they used to know..." Zara realized they were talking about the patients, the people in blue. They were forcefully addicted to a drug to stop them from sharing information. It was exactly the kind of thing Axsym would do.

"We don't even surveil them. That's how pathetic they are," the second one said, sipping something from a cup. "They're useless."

Zara climbed on, slowly but with more purpose now. Every patient could be someone she knew or could save. They could all be someone with answers to the questions she wasn't even sure of. One room halted her entirely. The harshly blonde woman rocking on the bed below looked familiar. She'd just seen her so recently. Dr. Cable.

The vent swung open and she dropped to the ground. It was short, the room was barely 6.5ft tall. Very short. The door was locked from the outside. Dr. Cable looked up at her desperately, and then balked in what was almost fear, and then a greedy sense of excitement and expectation.

"Had to tell you, knew you'd come," her voice sounded the same as always, only her words were strange. "I knew about you right away."

"What?" Zara was taken aback.

"I know," Cable said significantly, "that's why I wanted you. You were already what I needed. Built built built," she stared off into space for a long time. This felt like the answers she wanted, only coming from someone she didn't trust or really understand. Did Cable even know what she was talking about, or was it just the drugs?

"Got me back because I knew, useless useless. But I knew I'd be taken so I did this," Cable clawed her hands and buried them in her mattress, pulling out stuff and digging around until a small chip came up. "Everything, everything," Cable nodded and put it in Zara's hand. "I have to tell you, and then you have to see it, and then you'll do it." Cable was nodding emphatically.

"Do what?" Zara was so confused but her whole body was expectant. This was proof of some kind, these were answers. Answers to unknown questions. The nanos were silent but she could feel them quivering, like this was good but unexpected. They weren't sure whether or not to be happy.

Cable ignored Zara's questions and began telling her things, in her strange new way, that Zara didn't believe. Before Cable finished she was crawling into the shaft and out of the building. Let the crazy doctor rot in jail! Her addiction was probably keeping her alive. Nothing a woman in her condition said could be trusted. Lies and delusions, that was all she had. Zara ran back into the woods to her gear, wanting to suddenly put distance between herself and Axsym.

The portascreen could play the chip. It leered at her, begging her to do it. Begging her to find out the truth.

Zara slid the chip in and waited impatiently for it to load. Data began pouring across the screen and her heart jumped into her throat. It was all true.

The ground thumped hard beneath her as she began to pour through it. It took hours. Darkness had fallen and she didn't even notice. Zara replayed certain data images over and over again, memorizing them. Understanding and realizing what had happened and what had been done. She knew where to go.

As soon as it clicked in her mind, the nanos started singing, screeching ecstatically, almost dangerously, telling her to go go go go over and over again. Now now now they said. Zara got on her board and went, fear and exhiliration battling inside of her.
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It was always times like this when Vury wished he could just go back into the woods. But now things were changed. Since he showed himself and Cable had sent Ammy and he had met Kail and then they ran into Zara. It was all of the people that he knew that kept him where he was. He could leave, but his mind would always wonder about them. Always care about them.
It was always times like this when Vury wished he was Kail.
Then he could just as easily not give a shit.

As he set down the second deer carcass, he stood. He stood still for a while. His mind was thinking about Lindsay. He couldn’t help it. Even with the imminent doom of Mirage in the hands of Jace and Chia as they came together for the first time a time far too long apart…even now she was in his mind.

Part of him wished they never got out of Axsym. At least there they were together. As morbid as it was. He needed a way out. He needed a way to her. After Chia and Jace connected. After Zara was back. After Kane was back. Too many ‘after’s for his liking. He growled and looked over to an opaque glass cabinet filled with little clear vials of medicine.

There was one in there that acted as a calming agent. In a little glass bottle that fit neatly in the palm of his hand. He turned to see a syringe on the wall. Lined up with various others just like it, only some of them slightly different in size and purpose. He walked over to it. The vial in his hand. He could take it. Forget about Lindsay and his pain and his desire to run away. If only for a little while.

The cold glass clinked on the table by the syringes and he walked out the door.
He needed the pain.
He would still want to run away.
And Lindsay.
There was no getting rid of her. She was part of him and the idea of forgetting about her for even a second hurt more than the guilt gnawing at his insides.


Kane had always been good at tracking. Cable had personally shown him certain things to watch for. But Kevin had made a prototype that helped with tracking back when he was stilling rising through the ranks in Mirage, before the Spades. It was only helpful when tracking in the woods, but it sure did help.

The contacts that Kevin had made allowed Kane to see a slightly out of focus blur on whatever had been moved in the last 24 hours. Because this was the woods and animals were abounds, there were a lot of blurry spots. But luckily most of the animals were deer or rabbits or foxes. So all of their blurred spots were short and horizontal.

The trail that Zara made was tall and vertical. Sometimes it got tricky to follow with cross-sections of animals and wind rustling bushes in gusts a few hours ago trying to mess him up. But since he knew a few tracking things himself he just as easily took off the goggles and figured it out for himself. After he was out of the rough-patch he would slip them back on and continue.

Soon the trail was getting blurrier. He was getting closer. He came to a pronounced hill. The trail was blurry leading inside an opening, and even more blurry and unfocused leading out. Zara had been in there at some point. He took off the goggles and went over to the opening. He saw a metal tube resembling a ventilation system.
What did Zara find?


“This should be interesting…are you worried?” Maddy seemed tense. Vury could tell even without the mind chatter from her brain that she was worried herself. But how could the two do any damage? Chia would gloat for many days to come. Jace would probably try to work with one of the specialists in Mirage. Find a way to achieve a mind over matter way so that her brain could rewire even if her body couldn’t help being attracted to Chia.

“I always worry,” Vury said evenly. He sat up above the room with Maddy. They would have to watch them ‘connect’ for two reasons. Maddy was watching because she needed to see how the whole process worked. And Vury was watching just in case he needed to get in there quick enough to stop something. And with his vampire speed and mind reading he was sure he could stop them.

But the likelihood was that nothing was going to happen. The likelihood was that Jace and Chia were going to beat each other up and have an animalistic romp session. They would have to allow it. Just because all the time they were together was all the better that Jace would be. Then they could ween her off of Chia. Undo some of the damage. They might even ask Chia if he wanted the same. But that was unlikely.

Everyone was now waiting for their signal. Jace and Chia were ready and put in the middle of the room, unconscious. Maddy looked to Vury. Vury was the leader of this sick sharade. Great. Outstanding. Vury groaned in agitation.

“Commence,” he muttered and the electric shock woke them both up.


Jace’s eyes popped open. It took her only a moment to figure out what was going on. There was a feeling rushing over her. She was in a cold sweat. Her veins were hot. Her skin felt goosebumps all over. She sat up. There. Across the way. Only a few feet away from her. Chia.

She couldn’t help herself from shaking as she stood, he was getting to his feet. He was smirking. Jace was steadily feeling a change in her body. It was growing strong. It was filling up. The feeling was unlike anything she knew how to describe. Like a glass filled to the top. Threatening to tip over with excess, but still in it’s even line with the rim. Just enough.

Her body started reacting to Chia. Her mind tried to stay clear. Stay away from him. But she knew what needed to happen. She knew what they needed to do for her to get better. But she felt so great right now. Why not just leave? Leave now and never see him again.

But he was walking closer to her. And she picked up his scent. His hands were shaking too. He needed her just as much as she needed him. And if she didn’t willingly give him what he needed, she was sure he would take it. Rat bastard.

She walked towards him as well. That was when all clarity went out the door. The dried blood on his chin made her bite her bottom lip in anticipation. His body under his clothes moving as he walked made her blush and grip her hands into fists. Then his eyes. She growled and jumped on him. His eyes pulled her in and she wanted him so bad she could taste it. Literally. She had bitten her tongue to stop herself from moaning out in desire too much. And the blood swelled on her tastebuds.

“Hello lover,” she hissed as she swallowed his mouth and nearly ripped his hair out by sheer force. She could feel his arms wrap around her like a vice and rip the back of her shirt. The spitting noise made her arch her back up and howl in laughter. Yes. This was it. This was what her entire existence was about. This was what Axsym had amounted her whole being to.

And she loved it.


Kane was sweating with nervousness as he silently went through the cold metal. He could smell Zara if he really concentrated. Or maybe it was just his mind projecting the scent. Which was more likely.

Room after room was filled with patients. They were broken. Some silent. Some raving. Some shivering in their sleep. He felt pain for all of them. He wanted to help. But he couldn’t get anyone out without compromising his position. And Zara’s for that matter.

Then Zara’s trail stopped above one patients room. Kane focused down into the room. A woman with short blonde hair. She was screaming at the top of her lungs about something.

“I told her! She knows now! It will all end! She is built enough! Built! Her! Yes! All because of what happened,” she was muttering now – someone’s name on her lips over and over. Sadness in her crazy eyes. Kane strained to hear more. But now two agents came in and knocked Cable out. She was given a dose of medicine to make her sink into sleep. But an agent in a white labcoat punched her hard across the face anyway. Cable was quiet after that.

They turned off of the lights on the way out. The room was pitch black now. Kane stayed where he was and listened to the agents on their way out. There were two of them. He stayed in the vents a little longer, but he knew he had to go. Zara. She was his priority.

As far as he could hear there were about five agents checking in on their crazy patients. One was talking to a younger woman with long red hair. Two more were whispering about doses as they stood in the window of an older man that was balding, he was scratching at imaginary bugs on his wrist. The other two that had knocked out Cable were shutting off the lights of those that were sleeping or knocked out much like Cable was.

It was the dead of night. So it made sense. But Kane was so used to Mirage where darkness was permanent. Sleep was just an abstract thing at an abstract time. The light did nothing to define it for Mirage.

Then came the tricky part. Kane lowered himself into Cable’s room.
What was he doing?
Stupid Kane, just leave. Leave Cable there. She isn’t worth it.

Only thing was, she completely was worth it.
She could help, once she was in her right mind that was.

His steps were soft. His hearbeat was off the charts. And his hands grabbed for Cable in the darkness of the room.
Kane was crazy, he knew it. If he survived this Zara and he were taking a vacation.


The display between them was horrible. Vury just looked away and tried to sift his mind in and out of theirs. But even their minds were sick and twisted. In the past half an hour they had gotten to do a few things to each others bodies so that the only thing Vury caught in their minds was lust. But now Jace was sending punches in Chia’s face while they did it. That made Vury perk up if only for a little bit.

Maybe she was coming back to them? Maybe she was in her right mind after all.
But then Chia scratched down her arms and Jace licked the blood coming from Chia’s lips.

They were insane. They were manic. Vury wanted to cut this thing off now. This was too much.

“Turn the gas on,” Vury growled, his eyes black with anger. On top of everything this was just too fucking much.

Maddy looked at him, horrified. She shook her head in defiance.
“We can’t. They haven’t conne-“

“Connected?” he roared and pushed the chair into the wall behind him, “If I’m not mistaken they have ‘connected’ at least six times already!”

Maddy blushed, “I didn’t mean that. I mean…we need to let them get it out of their system. Wait til their done. I have already told the people on the outside to stand down. They are on alert though. If you want to leave you can Vury…I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in their heads.”

Pity was in her voice. So was worry. And a healthy dose of fear. Vury was a monster after all. Just a tamed one. He tried to calm himself down. Maybe Maddy was right. They seemed content in their little violent, sex-crazed world. They weren’t going to try to escape.

He sighed and took one more look down at them. Jace was a completely different person. Chia was the same as always, only stronger. He ripped at Jace’s hair and she cried out in pain. Then she tried to strangle him and his grip on her hair fell short. Jace’s grip tightened and Chia’s hands tried to wring around her wrists. But they were only playing some macbre game were pain was pleasure and pleasure was pain.

“Yeah…I think a break will do me some good,” Vury walked out. He would apologize to Maddy later. Right now he went to see Pete. He wanted a visual on Lindsay. Pete had ties with all of the cameras in Diego. If Vury showed Pete what she looked like and had him look for her then maybe –

“Sir! It’s an urgent note from Kane!” a breathless student of his came running up with a portascreen.


Pix was sitting outside the room with the soldiers. They had to adjust the listening board three times already. Each time Chia and Jace would get louder and louder. It was sick. Pix was really going to beat the shit out of Chia after this. Even if he was strong. She didn’t care.

“Pix,” Vury rounded the corner and zeroed his view on her. She stood.

“Yes?” she asked, he looked worried and intense. Something was wrong.

“Kane has Cable. He left her in a Diego building. You and Syd need to go get her.”

A few things were wrong with that statement, the first of which,
“Me and Syd?”

“Yes. You are great at hiding and seeing enemies closing in. She is great at sneaking undetected through Diego. She knows it like the back of her hand. Put aside your differences and just do this for me. Please.”

Pix stood there. For Vury she would do just about anything. But Cable? She was the one that made him what he was. She was the anti-christ. Well…Laryx was. Cable was a demon then. Either way.

“Fine,” she said with a tense jaw, “But does Syd know about this little field trip yet?”

“Not yet. But suit up anyway. This mission could help Jace,” Vury said before he turned to tell someone to go get Syd and bring her to him. The person rushed off towards Syd and Kevin’s room.

“Wait, it could?” Pix’s eyes widened. Suddenly the mission meant that much more.

“Yes. Cable know’s the in’s and out’s of tricky, twisted experiments. She could be able to help if we get her. Kane has given us that chance. But you and Syd need to work together, get her back here, and not leave a trace. And there might be someone pursuing you from where Kane got her from. There is no telling. But you two are some of the best agents we have. I trust you both.”

Pix smiled at Vury’s little speech that was supposed to motivate her. But as he was reading her mind now, he knew that the minute the prospect of Jace being better was into play, she was in either way. She didn’t tote Chia across Diego for nothing.

Vury smirked, catching all of that. And as he walked away to go talk to Syd, he yelled back to her,
“Just don’t make me regret trusting you two together.”
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So much metal. So much buried in the ground. So many secrets.

Zara wasn't sure what was going on with her mind. Her body was moving, it was going where she was supposed to, but what did it mean? Did this change who she was? Or was it just...something that happened to involve her? It was the ultimate question of nature versus nurture - would biology make her mind up, or would her life do it?

She pulled her brain back to the present, pulling herself towards the nano voices. The trees were gliding past her at a leisurely pace. She wasn't in a rush. It was just something she needed to see, needed to understand. The last place where she was wholly herself. The last place Eva was alive. Abandoned. Lost.

Zara saw the ruins of the structure across an empty field. They were charred and blackened by fire, curling in on itself like a wave. The nano voices were suddenly silenced, cut off like a record needle being pulled from the turntable. It made her lose her balance and crash off the board, the lack of crash bracelets causing her to smack painfully into the ground. Zara lay staring up at the sky as her board hovered loyally next to her. Slowly she sat up and turned it off, dropping the rest of her gear in the middle of the field. No one was there, she wouldn't need it.

The lab was bigger than she thought it would be. There was so much left. The source of the fire was definitely from the center outwards. She started inside, stepping over fallen supports and crushed and charred concrete. It was hard to believe it had ever been a building Axsym used. It was smaller and more old-fashioned than they usually went for. And so close to their location now. That didn't exactly seem like a good choice, to come back somewhere they had already been.

The rooms opened up before her, telling her nothing, except that everything Cable had told her and everything she had seen was true. This was where everything happened. Where everything that should have been good in Zara's life went wrong.

Did she regret that though? She never would have met Thoran, even if that would have made his life better, but she also never would have met Kane or Vury, and maybe Mirage never would have happened. Maybe without all of this, Axsym would have won. Could she live with that idea? Could she believe that by having life twisted away from what it should have been, the rest of the world benefitted? Yes. She could.

Zara walked into a room that was less burned. It looked familiar. She had seen it in the video footage. There was a turned over table. There were burned counters. In the next room...in the next room...Eva died. Her mother died. Zara swallowed and stared at the burned and warped door. Even though she could climb out of the building and back into the next room, it felt somehow significant that she should walk through the real door into that room.

Her hands wrapped around the handle, expecting it to still be hot from the fire, but it was cold. It took a couple of harsh tugs, but the hinges came right out of the wall, and she jumped aside as the door crashed to the ground. There was barely one wall left in the other room. And someone was in it.

Zara took a few slow and extremely cautious steps inside, suddenly feeling like an idiot for not bringing her sword in with her. All she had was a small knife.

It was a man. Zara had her hand cautiously over the hilt. He turned around. His face had been haunting her dreams, and had been haunting her waking mind since watching the video feed Cable had given her. Zara's throat got tight and painful. Her grip tightened on the hilt and she took another step forward. He was looking at her with a mixture of fury and greed. She thought her face must have the same look. She probably got it from him.

Her mind broke at that thought, and a tear strangled down her face. This room was where everything had changed once, and where everything would change now.

"Daddy?" Zara had never spoken the word before in her life. It came out with no sob, no strangled voice. It was like her tears were coming with nothing else. The tightness had gone away with that one word.

Laryx said nothing.

Zara took another step forward, hand loosening slightly. She could see small parts of her in him, and it made her feel sick. How much had she wanted this, and how far was she willing to go to make it right? He needed to pay. He needed to pay for her mother. Her hand tightened again on the hilt. If she would just give in for a little bit, then she could make everything better.

Zara wasn't far away from him now. Laryx lifted his arms slightly, in a strange welcoming gesture. It broke her heart. She moved forward and put her arm around his neck, hugging her father for the one and only time. "Father," she said quietly, and then went to move her knife.

A hand came down on top of hers, wrapping around her fist and pulling out the knife.

Faster than she could have expected, she felt her own arm move and a sharp pain in her back that had her paralyzed. His hand let go of hers, and her arm fell slackly at her side. Zara looked up at him, rage and confusion building. The nanos had started again, panicking. He moved his face close to hers.

"Goodbye," he whispered. His arms let go of her, and Zara fell on her side. She stared at his feet as they walked away, taking the light with them. Darkness came. Zara saw her whole life again, heard the nanos singing, and heard a sound that made her want to cry. Kane's voice. She was glad it would be the last thing she would ever hear.


Thoran woke up screaming. Pain in his head, in his chest, thumping across his heart. The nanos in his body were working over time, trying to fix the problem, only there wasn't really one. It was all in his head.

Stabbed. Stabbed in the back. The mute. Screaming. Blackness.

Thoran touched his own back, still feeling the pain, still feeling the nanos rushing around inside of him trying to fix an area that wasn't hurt. There wasn't even a mark. Nothing. Nothing had happened to him.

Kail was staring at him like he was insane.

He shook his head at her and closed his eyes, trying to see what had been in his mind more clearly. The voice had said..."Father" and then the pain had come. Laryx, the mute, had caused the pain. But why would it be hurting him? Thoran's confusion and the pain was clogging his mind. It wouldn't stop. It was a harsh throbbing now, right next to his spine. Images he had seen suddenly clicked in his mind. He knew that hand, and he knew that knife. Zara.

"Zara's been stabbed."

"How do you know?" Kail's voice was full of jealous and suspicion.

"The nanos. We're connected by nanos...I just never really realized it until now. Laryx stabbed her." He looked at Kail with eyes huge and round, "she called him father..."

Kail grinned, "No way. That's just too...Star Wars."

"Star what?" Thoran was confused, rubbing the now very slightly dimming pain in his back.

"Never mind. I just think it's delicious that little miss goody two shoes is the daughter of the big bad wolf." Kail laughed with cruel mirth, and it made him forget the pain slightly. She was so...beautiful when she got like that. Thoran shifted over closer to her.

"I can be bad," he said, putting his hand up to cradle her neck, "really really bad," he started to bite her neck, channeling the pain into pleasure, hoping that would stop it. Kail was his painkiller. Kail was his bleeding soul.

"I bet you can," she growled in the way he loved. They fell back onto the bed. Zara was dying. Thoran could feel it. Finally getting what she deserved.
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So.. This is a tad M+ rated. Right near the end, anyway. Oh god I've missed this rating. Hehe, thats a tad sick, huh?

Seeing the Pet stand there on the opposite side of the room made Chia feel something he never thought he would. Revolt. The mere sight of her standing opposite him, in Mirage’s pathetic excuse for a contained room, disgusted him. Jace. The name sent a jolt down his spine and all the way through his body. This was the thing he was connected to. This was the thing that his life depended on. Chia could hardly stand it.

How dare they? Chia gritted his teeth in anger as hate ebbed through his body. How dare they make him dependent on some sex crazed loony from Mirage? Of all fucking places.

Then came the feeling. The brilliantly disgusting feeling of being… well. It soared through his veins and muscles like some crazed Pretty maniac on a hoverboard. Chia felt it well up inside him and send waves of euphoria to his brain. He could breathe without feeling like he was about to hack up a lung. He could move without feeling like he was about to fall apart. He felt fucking healthy.

And how fucking much he hated it. Just being in the same room as her affected his body this much? Chia didn’t want to face it. He glared into those fierce eyes staring daggers into his own. She was fighting the exact same battle. Well, nearly. It’s not like the Pet killed half of his team (not that he was stupid enough to have one) and then make he, Chia, be her slave. No, Chia thought as a smirk spread across his face. Only he was superior and fucking awesome enough to do that.

Suddenly a different feeling rippled through his body, originating from his groin region and spreading through his entire body. He knew this feeling only too well. Lust. Chia cursed audibly. This was the first time he didn’t want lust. He wanted to reject it. What the FUCK had Axsym done to him?

Trying to contain himself, Chia noticed the Pet walking over to him slowly. A hunger was burning in her eyes. It was lust, no doubt about that. Chia could spot that emotion one hundred hoverboards away. But was it lust for his body? Or his blood?

The same internal battle raged within Chia’s body and mind. The hate and anger burned deep within him at Axsym, Mirage and, most of all, Jace. If she wasn’t such a fucking successful experiment, this would never have happened to him. Then there was the desire. The need. The hunger. For her body, her pain; for relief. He fucking needed her so much. He fucking hated it. He fucking yearned for it.

Then it became too much for him to handle. The desire burning within, the male inside himself, took over principles and anger. She was on him and fuck did he want her so bad. He needed this. He. Fucking. Needed this. At least he didn’t have to rape a Nanodog or something. [err.. I made that up. What do you reckon they’d call a pet robot dog? Nano made it sound cool. Heh, sorry!]

Just like old times, they were all over each other. The pain, the kissing, the sex. It felt so fucking good. What the hell had he been thinking? Chia pulled at Jace’s hair as she pushed him roughly against a wall, their bodies slamming with a force that would crush small animals. He heard her groan in either pain or satisfaction; Chia didn’t know nor did he care.

The need and lust for her body drove all thoughts of Axsym and revenge from his mind. The hate ebbed away as the lust and hunger seeped in, coursing through his veins and, Chia was certain, Jace’s.

Flipping their bodies around, Chia pushed Jace violently onto the wall, squeezing her arms to the point of bursting nerves. Her nails dug in and ripped down his bare back. Her teeth tore at his lips with such a force that blood splattered on her own face. Jace screamed in ecstasy. Chia knew exactly what she meant. The strength was returning. It flowed through his body with every twinge of pain and groan of satisfaction. After days of unbearable pain, they were connected again.

And fuck, it felt so good.

Ammy wrote:
It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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Things were twisted all around Mirage in the last day. It didn't even make sense to Syd that everyone should be getting so out of control, and she seemed to be settling down. Kevin had disappeared off to R and D, working on some new device or whatever. It still surprised her that a face like that was actually smart.

She was attempting to meditate. People kept telling her it would calm down her temper and help her stay in control. That was something she really needed. Her attention focused on what she heard, Syd knew someone was coming just before they knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Vury entered, looking slightly amused at her position. "Working on vampire-like senses?"

She opened one eye at him and then closed it again. "Possibly."

"You two really need to get this over with."

"What?" Syd jilted and opened both of her eyes. "Nothing to get over with, when there's nothing there in the first place. What do you want?" Syd snapped.

"You and Pix are going to Diego to recapture Dr. Cable."

"Lovely," Syd smiled with a sort of cruel glee and clapped her hands together softly. "I love adventures with people who despise me. Seriously, what is her problem?"

"Ask her yourself. He left Cable in Metamorphica."

As soon as he said the name, the large blue dome-shaped building appeared in front of her eyes. It was one of her favorite clubs, not just for the music and the usual crowd, but because of all of its little mazes, passageways and crazy hidden rooms that meant it was good for trading secrets and stealing them when necessary. Even if the Cleaning had left it empty, it would take a long time to find her.

"Did he say anything else?"

"Just that he left her in a room on the side towards the ocean, and that there was a lot of green around." Syd hoped she was thinking of the right place, or this was going to be a very very long trip.

"Got it. We'll both get back alive, promise," she held up her right hand. "Solemnly swear."

Vury rolled his eyes. Kevin came in just as Vury went to go out. They exchanged looks that Syd didn't understand and that actually rather annoyed her. She wished she could read minds, because knowing what Kevin was thinking would be so helpful. Was it just about the physical, or was this going to get complicated? Syd couldn't deal with complicated. Nothing else would or should happen, because they were bad for each other. They were complete opposites. Right?

Syd started gathering the things she would need, and slid behind the curtain to change into her sneaksuit. When she pulled the curtain back, Kevin was buried at his worktable again. He hadn't even looked at her for more than a second, or even said anything. That shouldn't bother her, should it? That was how she wanted it. Nothing. No contact, just whatever.

"I'll be gone a day or two, rescuing Cable."

"Mmm." Little sparks flew from Kevin's metal hunks.

"In Diego. With Pix." That had him pausing for a second and she thought she saw his cheek twitch into a smile. It was getting under her skin.

"We'll both come back alive."


Now this was REALLY getting to her. It was not okay that he could just completely ignore her. SHE was the one who was supposed to just...ignore him, while he pined for her. She would make him pine.

"Kevin," her voice was low and seductive. A voice that usually got her what she wanted. It did. Kevin stopped and turned around on his little stool. He was sweaty from working with whatever was making the sparks. She liked it when he was sweaty. Kevin watched her as she walked over and looked down at him. In one swift movement she swung herself down on top of him, and pulled him into a kiss. Kevin reacted exactly as she wanted him to, moving his arms around her and holding her where she was. It wasn't a crazy kiss like their usual ones, it was somewhere in between that and strangely soft. He was such a delightful kisser.

Syd slid off of him. "Just in case I don't come back."

They were staring at each other with confusion. "Right," Kevin replied.

Her stuff sitting on her bed was staring at her with accusation. She grabbed it and got out as quick as she could, never looking back at Kevin again to see what he was doing. She was flustered and upset and that never happened. Not like this.

What she needed was someone to talk to, someone to help her sort through her own brain and figure out what the hell was going on. Vury could do that so easily, but there was no way in HELL she would ever go to him. What she needed was Jace.
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He looked down at her on the ground. His daughter. Eva’s daughter. It should never have happened. He should never have done what he did. But there was no going back now. He had no choice but to become what he was now. The bridge behind him was burned. Only death and regret and Zara was there. And Zara needed to die. Then that chapter of his life could be gone. He would never have to deal with it ever again.

He looked at her lying there on the floor, accepting what had happened. Their reunion being her downfall. Her blonde hair thrashed about, over her face and forming a makeshift halo around her head. A fallen angel. His little girl. He glared at her.
She deserved worse.

He turned his heel and walked out. The coldness of this room. The prickling sensation as he looked at the table. Eva. She was here. Was she still here? Only the faint impression of memories from a place in his mind that he never ventured. It was all flooding back now.

There was a time he was happy. He was an up and coming scientist in a new chain called Axsym. He had a beautiful wife. Eva. He smiled. Her smiles always glowed. She was his sunshine. And he talked too, he wasn’t always a mute. They would go on and on about his theories, things he did that day at work, all the reasons she was the love of his life.

Then one day he came in. A girl was laying on the table in the basement where they stored equipment. A few men standing around this pale brunette girl in a dimly lit room, everyone antsy because it was a secret.

“We are on to something here guys…this is huge, colossal, it could change things for us. Big time,” those were the words from the President of the company. The leader so to speak. Apparently there were tons of companies that heard rumors of something big happening, but nobody knew what.

And as Laryx stared at the supposedly dead girl laying on the table, he realized that he had no idea either. No clue that this girl was indeed a vampire. Kail, to be exact.

That was when things took a weird turn. The men all formed a bond in their secret. They found another base, away from the main company. Close enough to go back if they needed to make face at the company. Axsym was all about helping people. But they were growing then. In baby stages. Now that they had a live vampire nobody could touch them. Perfect strains of DNA. Possibilities of immortality and agelessness. And that was without even thinking about her skills and abilities.

For weeks, months, half a year, Laryx was consumed by this. Eva and he were growing distant. He would stay at the second chain away from the company. This cold empty building was once feverous with men tinkering with blood and DNA and trying to unlock capabilities. Eva was always so pouty when Laryx would come home.

Now there was no talking about what happened at work. He would tell her to leave him alone and then keep his mouth shut. The beginning stages of his being mute. Hold it in. Hold in the secrets. No telling. Eva can’t know. It’s a secret. Our secret. The secret.

Just when the company had come up with a way to have the DNA replicate itself in humans when Eva told Laryx her big news. They were pregnant. Two colossal things at once. It was horrible. Wonderful.

When Laryx didn’t give Eva the reaction that she wanted and instead seemed depressed where she was completely excited, they were torn even farther away. She would cry and tell him that what he was doing was not that important. That it wasn’t worth it. It made Laryx angry. She just didn’t understand. And all the time that she would scream this at him it made him angry at her. A few times he almost hit her.

She didn’t know what she was talking about. This was bigger than her. Bigger than him. It was more important than her or the child growing inside her. Everyone was a pawn and the potential that the DNA held was the key to winning the game.

So then came the fatal day. Test subjects where the DNA tried to replicate were dropping like flies. All of the men’s morals were now dropping into the gray area where wrong wasn’t clearly defined. The deaths of test subjects were no longer losses of life. Only one more failed attempt until they got to the success.

“We might need to try it on a human that doesn’t have fully developed genes,” one of the man said looking off into space. Not thinking about what he was saying.
“That way the DNA wouldn’t be rejected.”

Those words lingered in the air for a while until Laryx looked up from where he was at the edge of the table.
“…Like a baby?”

Laryx shook himself from the memories and he turned away from the table and walked out. He set a bomb in the doorframe so that the whole thing would explode and Zara would be trapped inside. Dead. Her tomb. Her mother’s tomb. Poetic and macabre.

As the thing ticked away and the little blue light blinked he got on his hoverboard, went up to the tops of the trees to watch. Sure enough the explosion came. He hovered there and watched the ruble settle. Heard the animals around them scatter from the noise. Sure. Scatter. Death will only find you as well.

Laryx thought about the remaining memories. The ones that were like little droplets left over from the empty glass of his mind.
How he volunteered his wife and their child, getting him a promotion.
Telling Eva and her crying and struggling to get away.
Drugging her and bringing her in against her will.
A few men backed out then, seeing the pregnant woman strapped to the table.
But the ones that stayed were given more power than ever.
The ones that stayed would be immortalized if they got what they wanted.
But after doing all they did to Eva, testing her in as many ways as they could with her surplus of stem cells and possibilities – nothing came out of it.
She looked horrible with all of the tubes and viles stuck into her body, her hair thinning and her skin ashen, her breathing raspy and her eyes red where blood vessels burst.
She was pitiful and dying from the stress of the experiments they did to her body.
They were going to lose the baby unless they ripped it from her pre-maturely and let the DNA work into the baby’s body.
One of the men told the officials back at Axsym and they tried to close the thing down.
Laryx did the thing that went against the company and against the allegiance of men working with him.
He saved the baby. He named it what Eva had planned for a girl. Zara.
She was the only bit of his old life that he could salvage before Kail’s DNA came in and turned everything upside down.

That was when Laryx went mute. The trauma from having to operate on his own wife while the other men steadily stole power from Axsym officials. They promoted him after they saw that he cut into his dying wife, crying out in pain – all to get the golden ticket they had been counting on. The bloody baby in his hands, his wife’s pulse going to a steady line. He had sacrificed Eva for Zara. His old life for his new ambition.

A fair trade. The blood of both was now on his hands.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

When Izzy had finished crying, she slinked herself out of the members dormitory, avoiding all the looks she got as she passed by as she made her way back to the Command Centre. Pain struck her as she coughed and as the bitter-sweet taste of the coffee slithered down her throat, she felt strangely tired yet alert.

At the same time, her mind was buzzing and inside her feelings were all meshed together—she felt raw and hardened at the same time—no matter how hard she tried to drop the feelings, they wouldn’t go and eventually she gave up altogether, sipping at her coffee from trembling hands as she pushed through the zinging metal doors and into the Command Centre.

“Hey what’s the difference between stars and—” Pete began as she entered the Command Centre.

“Yeah, let’s just stop with your stupid Star Wars obsession around…” Izzy waited a few seconds, hovering at the end of the room, “now.” She glared at her surroundings and took her seat behind him, still sipping her coffee.

“Uh—you okay?” Pete frowned fiddling with his computer and turning around to face her. Izzy glared him into turning back.

“Yeah, my eyes are all puffy because I’ve just been crying because I’m okay,” Izzy said through gritted teeth tossing the papers on her desk onto the floor. She wondered if she could stare at them long enough—would they burst into flames? Of course not.

“What—uh—happened?” Pete asked nervously.

“Oh, nothing,” Izzy said through her teeth, fiddling with her newly mended communication device. “Any news on Kane?” she asked hopefully.

Kane?” Pete sounded genuinely puzzled… which he probably was. “You’re crying about Kane?” Realisation flooded his face. “You’re crying about Kane.”

“No, I am not crying about Kane,” Izzy snapped, “he just left today—this morning—and he’s falling Zara after she tried to kill me, hopefully both of them get themselves killed,” she growled, clicking on the screen nearest to her. It displayed a certain section of the refugee area in Mirage.

Recently refugees had begun going into the desperate phase. They were homeless, their friends were gone, their families were gone—all sorts of problems had arisen and it was taking strains on the majority of Mirage members involved in the refugee project. At the moment—from what Izzy could see through the vivid screen—one of the refugees was pacing around the room muttering to himself while another one was making her bed.

Boredom rung through Izzy. She was so bored. It was the same boring jobs and tasks everyday—she stared through screens, she took every chance she could to insult Pete—especially after what had happened in Diego.

Just then someone tapped at the automatic doors. The person obviously had strong hands—his hands tapped at the metal furiously and left ringing glints of sound behind.

“I’ll answer it,” Izzy snapped harshly. Because of the increasingly crazy refugees—there was a rumour they were partly infected, however Maddy was taking care of that—there had to be even more security back-ups. Apparently an ex-Diegan had been racing through Mirage. If he had got into the control centre, he could have ruined all the equipment.

Of course Mirage would spend more time thinking about the equipment rather than the actual people. Izzy partly slid the metal doors across, her sensitive fingertips burning slightly against the sharp, new metal.

It was Vury. He looked worried, yet firm. So nothing had changed. Izzy didn’t opened the door any further. “What?” she asked, adamantly. Usually Vury strut around like he was the master of the place. It was like freaking Queen Elizabeth—who in this case was obviously Zara—and Robert Dudley. Or maybe Robert Dudley could be Kane… Izzy wasn’t sure.

“I need to speak to Pete,” Vury said, his hands in his pockets. When Izzy didn’t move, the sides of his mouth flicked up impatiently. “I need to speak to Pete,” he said, an edge in his voice.

“Pete’s busy,” Izzy whispered, mockingly, nodding her head a few times.

“Actually I’m not,” Pete called from further back in the Command Centre. “Come in.”

“Actually…” Izzy grinned, gritting her teeth at the same time, “he is.” She nestled against the jutting side of the metallic door. “So… why are you here?”

“Why do you put so much time in being annoying?”

Izzy was taken aback. “Why do you try so hard to be witty?”

“Izzy, I really need to see Pete. It’s about uh—people getting hurt.”

Hurting people?” Izzy laughed dryly. “Isn’t that more your sort of thing to do Vury? Innocent uglies, innocent pretties, you’ve drained specials as well?”

Vury made a step forward but when Izzy didn’t budge he tossed his head slightly in annoyance and straightened up. “So what do you want Izzy?” he asked.

“Okay, first of all, we’re busy.”

“That’s not what Pete says,” Vury said in a bored voice. “Look, Izzy. Whether you like it or not, I’m going to come in—okay? I’m sorry, this won’t hurt.”

“What the—” Izzy snapped, but almost instantly the door she was holding onto zapped open.

“Emergency button,” Pete explained to Vury as he bustled inside.

“Well thanks Pete,” Izzy spat, “you only just wasted about the three minutes I bothered to waste on this—uh—legendary beast,” she shot Vury a disgusted look. Of course nobody took any notice of her.

“Pete, I need to ask you a favour. Please. Um… Lindsay—my girl—”

“Lindsay as in “stupid-Lindsay-who-got-brainwashed-by-Zara”? She’s your girlfriend?” Izzy laughed mirthlessly. “She got cheap.” Nobody paid her any attention. “She’s too good for you,” Izzy said as an afterthought, after all Lindsay had been nice to her, which in this world was very rare.

“Basically…” Vury seemed to be struggling how to tell them everything as shortly as possible. He sighed, “she wasn’t immune. So I… I turned her—”

“What?” Pete asked, confused.

“I turned her into a vampire,” Vury explained.

“Oh,” blurted Pete too quickly. Izzy opened her mouth to say something but Pete just shook his head and strangely enough she relented.

“I haven’t seen her in ages. I’m really worried about her—I want to know she’s okay, she’s safe—”

“She’s safe as long as she’s not around you,” Izzy commented, “you don’t know anything about Rusty human rights—mainly because you’re not human. But there’s this whole section on… uh, stuff relating to choices and you didn’t give her any options. So in the end it all—”

“So what was I mean to do, Izzy? Let her die?” Vury asked bleakly.

Izzy snorted. “Basically.”

Vury ignored her completely, but Pete just raised an eyebrow at her. “What?” Izzy snapped. “It’s his fault, he can spend the rest of his long life blaming himself for all I care.”

“You want us to check out where she might be?” Pete asked. When Vury nodded, Pete nodded himself. “No problem. Izzy, start the cameras working all over the city.”

“Have they been fixed?” Izzy asked, “some of the cameras got damaged,” she explained when Pete shot her a quizzical look. “Axysm destroyed some of them—accidents I guess.”

“Oh yeah,” Pete nodded, “they’re all up-and-working.”

Izzy flicked on the cameras in the city and almost at once a bare wall on the side of the room lit up with dazzling windows of the city. Currently the immune who had begun to redo their lives in the city were trawling around the still empty roads. It looked almost peaceful.

“You want us to keep track on her—as in all the cameras in the city?” Izzy asked, incredulously.

“Please,” Vury nodded.

Okay,” Izzy breathed in, “how pointless is this exactly? You want us to check on your girlfriend—who we aren’t going to be able to find. We don’t have cameras in any dark places, like the sewers or inside houses. We are never going to find her. The unlucky girl is a vampire and it’s going to be the hardest job to find her.”

“We’ll look out for her. Izzy, find a picture of her.”

“I know what she looks like,” Izzy muttered, but nonetheless she scrolled through the database, clicked in the name “L”— it took her some time to find Lindsay’s name, but finally she found it. She printed two copies.

“We’ll look out for her. Promise.” Pete smiled at Vury.

“Thanks,” Vury somehow managed to bow his shoulders gracefully and gratefully at the same time.

“You’re never going to find your girlfriend again,” Izzy remarked. “Keep this picture of her as a distant memory,” she taunted Vury, waving the extra picture of Lindsay at him. At first he made no grab for it, but in the last moment—just as he had got to the door—he wheeled around, grabbed the picture from her and left the centre within a second.

Pete whistled through his teeth.

“So we’ve got to find one blonde girl in a city full of blonde girls,” Izzy groaned, “yeah—let’s give up now.”

“The city isn’t really full though,” Pete murmured, “and she’s sort of prettier than the average pretty—her nose is cute.”

“I really care about what you find attractive about her,” Izzy sneered. Pete ignored her and began testing cameras via his own computer. He flicked on several feeds. The entire room smelled of burning electricity—the camera screens flickering gently on the walls. Suddenly an idea popped out of here, “let’s get out of here,” she told Pete suddenly.

Pete gave her an incomprehensible look. “Uh, what?”

“You know,” Izzy murmured, “let’s leave Mirage—come on Pete.” For one second she envisioned his face as Kane’s but the image suddenly dropped. “Come on,” she repeated blatantly, but there was a girlish whine in her voice.

“Uh, Izzy, I really don’t know—I don’t know…” he murmured.

“Come on,” Izzy said lightly, getting up and walking towards him. He swiveled around in his seat a few times and she leaned closer towards him. He didn’t move but instead stayed still, his breathing slightly quickening. Delighted she leant forward until her mouth was directly opposite his ear, “it’ll be fun,” she whispered in her most seductive voice.

Pete looked slightly entranced and she ran a hand through his brown hair, disheveling it. She held out a hand to him and he got up, “where are we going?” he asked.

“I don’t know—Diego.”

“Izzy, we can’t go to Diego,” Pete looked so firm she resigned to his brainwashing and nodded.

“Fine,” she said, perking up with a new solution, “let’s run around here—I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff to do here than hanging around in this stinking room,” she eyed the Command Centre in distaste.

“Uh—” Pete still looked unsure.

“Come on,” Izzy playfully dragged him out of the Command Centre. The different in the air was shocking. The electricity of the air disappeared, the vibrations of sound were smothered immediately. Izzy smiled.

The halls stretched towards them; she had a rough sketch of what Mirage was like in her mind but she had barely walked around the place. It would be fun to check out the other rooms in Mirage… maybe. A weird fluttering of exhilaration went through her, she felt pumped-up. “Let’s race,” she whispered suddenly to Pete.

“What?” Pete asked, still confused and looking boyishly out-of-place with his now-messy hair.

“Race. Run. Compete.” Izzy rolled her eyes and rushed through the long, looming hall. It took Pete a few more seconds before he rushed after her.
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Syd knew this was stupid. All of this was a mistake. She could handle this by herself, she didn't need to go to anyone for help. Matters like this were best handled privately, weren't they? She kept stopping herself on the way to medical, trying to talk her body out of taking her to it. Knowing her luck, they wouldn't be done anyways. "Connection" like that probably took a long time, and took a lot out of a person. It had been a few hours though...maybe...

Door was closed, Jace was inside. Syd knocked, feeling stupid. She opened the door.

Jace looked a lot better, color had come back to her and there was no coughing or blood. In fact, she looked rather cocky and smug, a look Syd hadn't seen on her in a very very long time. Jace's eyes narrowed when she entered the room, the mood becoming immediately threatening.

"What do you want?" Jace stretched and didn't really look at Syd.

"I need you to pretend like you still know me and tell me what to do."

"Riiight," Jace rolled her eyes and flopped back on the bed. "Have sex. Seriously. Get laid. You need more than anyone in this place, now that I finally got mine."

Syd winced slightly, once again feeling immature and stupid, like she only did around Jace in private. "What if...what if it becomes something more than sex?"

Jace sat up with a nosy gleam in her eye and a smirk on her face. "So you've had tons of anonymous SEX," Syd winced again, "in the city, and you come back to base and start discovering you actually have feelings? That's rich."

"So should I just...anyways?"

"Hell yes. Who is it?"

"Kevin," Syd mumbled really quietly. Jace's eyebrows flew up and she smiled slightly.

"What did you say? Who?" She put her head forward ear first, like she was deaf.

"I said Kevin!" Syd whined. "We're playing this twisted game of getting each other all hot and bothered and then leave the other hanging, except that...it's more than that now. I don't know why, it just is."

Jace seemed to ponder that for a second. "The old you would have been his type. But then again, I don't know who the hell you are, so I can't be a fair judge. Just keep playing games Syd. That's what judgmental people like you do."

"Right," Syd didn't want to feel hurt, but she kind of did.

"Or stop being an asshole to the rest of the world, and join it." Jace waved a hand at her like she was dismissed and said nothing else. She was turning into quite the little queen.

Syd left, wondering what she was going to do. And now she was going to spend every moment away from Mirage thinking about Kevin, while in the presence of someone who was avidly against them. Great. Fan-effing-tastic. Syd went to the Alpha entrance to meet Pix. They made a great pair - the Ice Queen and the Bitch. Like a messed up fairytale.


Breathe. "Breathe Zara!" Breeeaaathhhheee. Breathe. Breathe. That seemed like a good idea. The voices made everything seem like a good idea. The pain in her back was so much less. Her body didn't feel anything at all. Whatever the nanos had been up to was changing her. Someone was talking. A voice outside her head was telling her to breathe. Okay, she was breathing, now what?

Zara mentally felt around. She was on grass, it was cold and dark wherever they were, and her body felt like it was made of glass. One little bump and it would completely shatter. She was also sure she wasn't wearing very much clothing and she was laying on her side. Slowly, like moving through water, Zara touched her back where she ahd been stabbed by her...father. There was a familiar feeling ridged scar, just like the ones on her face and her chest. It was probably black too, just like the others.

The voice sounded relieved. "Wake up Zara, wake up. Open your eyes." Open your eyes, the nanos said. Zara opened them. Kane. He jumped back a little bit.

"Your eyes..."

She sat up and reached a hand as if to touch them, but that wouldn't tell her what they looked like. Both of them looked around for a reflective surface, and she settled on her sword. Her eyes were still purple only...they glowed almost, a bright bright purple, entirely unnatural. It was kind of creepy, even to her. Zara felt so strange. She looked at Kane and felt the same love as always, but her peace was gone. He wasn't supposed to come after her.

"You were supposed to stay in Mirage." Her voice even sounded strange to her.

"I had to come after you. I had to make sure you were okay. What happened?"

She looked around confused, realizing how far they were from the lab. "What happened to the building? Why am I dirty?"

"It was blown up, I pulled you out." She felt love for him again, always saving her. "I thought you were dead. A piece of the building must have punctured your back...but then it just started healing on its own..."

She wanted him to believe that. She couldn't live with him knowing the truth. This was her secret, and no one would ever know. Especially not Kane. Not because it would make him love her less or see her differently, but because it put him in danger. Laryx killed his own daughter to keep that secret. He would have no qualms about killing the man that she loved. It was safer for everyone, now that she had lived, to get away from them all.

"Axsym started in that lab. I thought it would give me answers." Kane accepted this explanation. "I thought if I understood how it all started I could take it down. Take them all down. How did you find me?" She felt robotic. Everything she had been doing with herself...she could never do again. Rebellion would only get people killed. She would not be the leader of those only doomed to die.

Kane started to explain how he'd found her, tracking her, finding Cable, letting Cable out, the explosion.

Zara stared at Kane for a long time, memorizing his face - his dark eyes, the permanent five o'clock shadow on his chin, his soft inviting lips and the firm set of his jaw. No matter what happened now, loving him would never change. Wanting to keep him safe would never change.

"I need you to go back. Leave me here."

"What? Why? No."

She took his face in her hands. "I would do anything I have to, to protect you. I'm asking you to do let me do that. Either you let me, or I'll make you." Her voice was fierce and honest. Kane gulped.

"I can't."

"Fine." Zara kissed him a long time, relishing the moment. "Goodbye," she whispered, then cracked his vertebrae in just the right spot. It wouldn't hurt, but it knocked him out flat. She grabbed what she could. It wouldn't last long. Carefully, she opened his eyes and slipped out the contacts he'd been wearing that helped him track her in the first place. She kissed his cheeks, his eyelids, his forehead, and his hands, wanting some part of her all over him. "Don't come looking for me lover. Please do what I'm asking."

She ran towards Diego, a strange plan forming in her mind as she went. No more rebellion, no more fighting the power, but wouldn't it be so much fun...just to make trouble for the hell of it? A smile crossed her practically perfect features as she ran with her board into the trees.
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Kevin sat there staring at the bunches of bullets left over from the ones that he gave to Pix. It was probably the only decent thing had made in the whole time that he was in this room. With Syd. He pushed his chair back from the table and sat for a moment. A blank stare at the piles on his desk. Scraps of sharp metal cut at angles with jagged edges. Sleek pieces wrapped around the armband that held the electro-pulse inhibitor bullets. But Pix had taken a look at them and said that there was a gun designed that she could try using them with. Now she was off to Diego.

“With Syd?” he asked himself outloud. Who thought up that mission? Then he remembered Vury standing in the doorway when he came in. Damnit Vury. They are going to kill each other. And Cable will never get to Mirage.

Or. At the very least. Pix would tell Syd to never be around him again. Or convince her. Both were horrible thoughts. What if that did happen? What if, when Syd came back to Mirage, she never spoke to him again. Kevin’s lips burned. No. They were only playing with each other. It was a game. A fun game at that. And if she left then he…he would miss it.

Yeah. That’s it. The game. He would miss the game. Not her eyes that said so much more than her witty remarks would allow. Not the worried expression on her face when he woke up to her from the nightmare. Not the sweet lingering feel of her lips on his when they were both trying so hard to keep their lust on the front and their inklings of feelings behind it.

Kevin stood up, he was losing his mind. Inklings of feelings? Where the hell did that come from?

“Hey Kevin,” came a voice from the door. Kevin looked up, jumping at the sudden intrusion in his thoughts. It was Pete with his hands up in defense to Kevin’s reaction, “Whoa. Calm down Darth Kev, you look like I just caught you killing someone.”

Part of Kevin wished that was the case, and not that he was losing his mind over Syd – who probably felt nothing at all for him.

“Look, I just came to ask if you could pilot the Control Room for me a little while,” Pete said, “I would leave it on autopilot. But with my luck Zara would come back, find out, and skin me alive. Maybe slice and dice with me a red saber that you have yet to dream up.”
He had a genuine smile, but Kevin sensed something underneath it. A nervousness? What did Pete have to be nervous about?
Kevin chalked it up to missing Zara after mentioning her.

“Sure,” Kevin said catching his breath. Anything to keep his mind occupied.


Pix held the new gun gingerly in her hands. It felt alien to her. Something that she wasn’t used to. This was for close range. She preferred to stay a long reach away from anyone she fired at. Safer. Sneakier. Better all around.

“Well if it isn’t my BFF Pix,” Syd said coming to the Alpha entrance. Pix narrowed her eyes and cocked the gun. Syd paused only for a second at the sound.

“Let’s just get this bitch over with,” Pix growled. Then they emerged in the basement of a Diego building.


Pete had just gotten done telling Kevin a few things to watch out for. Waves sent from friends to save in certain files and defenses to keep up when the notification came up on screen – to keep the electronic signals from Mirage covered and all the connections that Pete had in the hovercams from being tracked. Now that Kevin knew a little more about what Pete did all day, he was kind of antsy to have that power. If only for a little while.

“Where are you going anyway?” Kevin asked. Pete stopped in mid-sentence about the false beacons that circulated every now and then so that anyone trying to track their signal got sent some place else completely different. He looked over to Kevin. Who was eagerly awaiting his answer.

“I just…need a break, you know?”

Kevin was unconvinced. Then he heard someone walking in. Kevin turned to see Izzy looking at Pete first, then Kevin in turn. Pete got antsy when she walked in and scratched his head nervously. A tell-tale sign. Kevin understood now.

“Oh. Alright,” Kevin said evenly. A look passed between the two and the Izzy made her way to Pete’s side. She glared at Kevin and crossed her arms.

"Didn't you knock me out over the head because you are too much of a coward to actually deal with me when I'm awake?" she said angrily. Kevin just looked at her and smiled.

"A couple times."


Pix and Syd were fighting to front the mission. It was a tame power of control, but a control for power nonetheless. Pix would lead with the gun scope letting her see ahead. She knew where to look for enemies staking out, hiding for means of attack, people posted at advantage points to keep watch. Ironically these were always the best and most defensible places to make a course towards a certain location. Right where they wanted to be.

But Syd would decide that she could lead just as easily. She had walked through Diego undetected plenty of times. With enemies in close proximity to her. She could just as easily tell if someone was a pedestrian or a goon for Axsym posing as one. Which was something Pix had no gift for. But Syd did all of this with her disguises, never as herself. Or a gun-wielding partner at her back. So Pix would inch her away around a vantage point and make herself lead.

Of course each of them had too much pride to let the other have too much lead-time for long.

The two were quiet for most of the course. But then when Syd made her way in front of Pix for the seventh time Pix had to make a snide remark. Her dislike for Syd and her pride became one and came out in a snide quip.

“I guess it’s easy to pretend to be leader when you have no regard for those following, huh?”

Syd stopped at a corner, light flooding onto one side of her face while the other hid in shadow, the one closest to Pix’s view. Syd turned to look at Pix. Pix stared back at her.

“I guess it’s easy to expect others to care for you when you are so used to holding hands in a team, huh?”

Pix fumed. This was why she didn’t want the mission. With her. Anyone else would have been fine. Not her.

“Careful what you say about the Spades. You are pretending to care about two of us remember?”

Syd narrowed her eyes. Pix was talking about Jace. And Kevin. Both of which were sore spots for the icy Syd that loved to hail herself as a heartless no-ties Diego independent. Syd just stood there with the glare for a moment more before she turned the corner and they made their way closer to the club.


They were nearing the blue building. A few more alleyways. A few more corners. No more signs of anyone watching for them so far. Nobody on their tail. Pix knew this was too lucky. They needed more trouble. When they neared the warehouse and club districts they would head into more trouble. Not much foot traffic, so much more places to hide in plain sight.

Pix had fought for the front again when she crouched under a set of stairs to scope out people on rooftops looking down for them. Sure enough. Three people. Two on the left. One on the far right a little farther than Pix would prefer.

She aimed the gun the best she could. Finger on the trigger she tried a shot at the first person on the roof of a hoverboard brand company. She squinted and shut one eye. She pulled the trigger, zeroing in.
Sure enough the figure fell. They would wake up in an hour or so after the electric shock to their nervous system wore off. Reboot their skintenna. Communicate and tell everyone they had been compromised.

She did the same to the person a building or so back. Waiting for the last one, the farthest one, for a while longer. As the second figure fell Pix heard Syd.

“How aren’t you killing them?” she was looking at a portascreen that tracked skintenna signals. She could see that Pix was only disabling their skintennas and that their vitals were fine. Pix reaimed her gun and spoke softly.

“This is a different kind of bullet,” Pix got a handle on the figure, “It knocks out all electrical signals on a person,” she closed one eye to zero in a little more even if it was a hard shot, “Like a skintenna, or a signal used for communication or tracking” she pulled the trigger and the figure fell. They could be ducking. Or they could have fallen. Pix looked to the screen to see.

The little red dot flickered out. She got him. Pix smiled and looked up to Syd.

“Courtesy of Kevin.”
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“It’s people like Kevin – who think they’re funny – that really annoy me. ‘A couple times’, sorry I forgot to laugh,” Izzy spat. Pete just strolled by her side, his hands in his pockets. “But that doesn’t matter,” Izzy laughed suddenly, “catch me if you can,” she whispered to Pete before rushing through the corridor, giggling as exhilaration and excitement pulsed through her. She could hear from the sound of thudding feet near her that Pete was right at her tail.

One of the very few great things about Mirage was that it was so full of corridors. Or maybe it was because members were always associating themselves with work and hadn’t learned the meaning of the word ‘life’ yet. Suddenly the sound of Pete’s jogging sped up and Izzy found him running side-by-side. They skidded another corner and as they were about to round another, Izzy halted to a stop. It took a few more minutes for Pete to realise what she had done and reciprocate.

Izzy took a few breaths in and out. Her ears were ringing and she could feel the smile over her teeth – it felt strange smiling like that, after so much frowning and glaring. Pete had the makings of a smile splayed over his own features, but he also looked nervous and worried. He tucked his hands back in his pockets. “What are we doing—this is pointless, running like this, come on let’s go back—”

“No, come on—” Izzy whined but was cut-off by Pete.

“Seriously, Izzy. Running around Mirage?”

“Yeah, seriously Pete. What’s so great about the Command Centre—we’ve only been stuck in there for three thousand years!” Izzy felt the glare fall back in place on her face.

“I’ve got work to do—”

“How glued-up to Mirage are you? We’re still in the building, I stuck to your ‘no-going-to-Diego’ rule. Can’t you smell the different out here? Inside there is torture!”

“I said, I’ve got work to do,” Pete tugged at his pockets again. “You’re acting all weird again.”

“What is this?” Izzy spluttered angrily, “your pathetic way of ditching me? And anyway, Mr. Bland Blonde is back in there—what are you going to do?”

Pete looked on the verge of another excuse. “Come on,” Izzy whispered, pushing Pete gently and then even harder against the wall. He choked lightly when his head flung back and Izzy giggled, pressing her mouth hard against his and following that up with lighter kisses.

Pete mumbled something and pushed away, holding onto Izzy’s arm. “Why are you doing this? Geez Izzy, you’ve been acting really weird lately, you know that? And also-”
Izzy rolled her eyes, “Pete, you need to lighten up. Mirage is not the world; neither is what you do. After all…” she trailed her voice off and began nibbling on his ears.

“Stop—stop doing that” Pete stuttered, but didn’t pushed him away.

“Why?” Izzy asked, a laugh in her voice. She stopped the ear-nibbling and begun to kiss gently on Pete’s throat as an experiment. His skin was warm and she buried her face in his shoulder.

“It’s distracting,” this time Pete did push her away, “what are you doing? Why are you doing this?” his tone sounded unintentionally whiny and Izzy had to control herself from lashing out at his moodiness. He was Pete; he wasn’t meant to be moody. Plus, he was meant to be a push-over.

“It’s distracting in a good way?” Izzy asked, her mouth a few centimeters away from his. She placed another kiss on his mouth, following it up with five quick-ones. Pete’s mouth went limp and he groaned.

Pushing him even harder against the wall, Izzy began to kiss him conventionally and passionately. For a few seconds, to her annoyance, he just stood there, too dazed to react, before joining in with the kissing. His lips were firm and his mouth was warm, Izzy shuddered as she felt his moist breath mingle with her own.


They walked-kissed their way to the cafeteria, until Izzy’s – and probably Pete’s from appearance – senses were burning. Izzy felt a strange exhilaration each time she kissed him and desperately clung onto him. Pete wrapped his arms around her waist and pushed her against one of the tables, clambering on top of her. Luckily there was no one else in the cafeteria – Mirage members had no lives, remember?

It had come to a point where Izzy was too delirious to do anything, to realise what was going on. Electricity seemed to swindle between their kisses and every time she opened her eyes, her vision was blurry yet strangely sharp. She forgot everything; from the conversation with Kane, Zara’s attempt to kill her. Her memories washed away under the sheer pleasure.

Annoyingly enough, it was then Pete pulled away. “What are we doing?” he laughed, still on top of Izzy. She glanced up at him breathless. “What are we doing?” he asked again, scrambling on top of her.

“Uhm—what?” Izzy asked, unaware that her voice sounded affected and groggy.

“We’re… we’re friends.” Pete pulled further away from her.

“I wouldn’t say friends, we were more like associates,” Izzy mumbled, feeling all dazed and worn-out. She held out her hands for Pete, pleadingly, but he wouldn’t come – he was too far away from her reach anyway.

“Whatever. We’re just not supposed to do this. Especially here,” Pete said, his voice sounding increasingly frantic across the three sentences.

“Um… we don’t have to be friends,” Izzy said, getting up and walking towards Pete. He looked at her, a confliction of curiosity and horror set in his pupils. She grabbed onto him, too dizzy to be shocked at her own neediness and too unaware to see what was going on with him.

He held her gently but pulled away slightly. “Really?” he asked, surprised.

“Yes,” Izzy muttered, kissing him repeatedly on the cheek. She had no idea what he had asked and only wanted him to shut-up so they could start kissing again.

“You’re not doing this to get your back on Mirage or something, are you?” he muttered drowsily as Izzy ran a hand through his brunette hair. “Are you?” he asked again, when she didn’t answer.

She didn’t have time to answer anyway, they had just begun to kiss and even more desperately than before. They walked in the way of a table, falling down onto the chairs below. The chairs cluttered noisily to the ground and then a voice sounded from across the room, “we have bedrooms for this sort of thing, you know?”

Izzy got up, quickly. To her annoyance, Kevin was planted on the other side of the room. She jolted awake and the dizzy, dazed feeling was slightly drawn away. “Yeah, aren’t you meant to be working?” she snapped.

Kevin just smiled, held his coffee and mouthed the word ‘bedroom’ before taking his stupid smirk into the next tunnel.

“Yeah, I heard you the first time!” Izzy yelled rashly. Pete clambered up, all nervous again. Desperate to get back to what she was feeling before – and feeling extremely annoyed at Kevin for ruining it – Izzy began running her hands up and down his t-shirt again, locking mouths with him.

“Want—my—bedroom?” Pete asked between bouts of kisses.

Izzy, still free of the amazing feeling she had felt earlier, muttered, “well we aren’t going to go to mine.”

Pete chuckled. He stopped kissing and shushed her when she began to complain. “Come on,” he laughed, holding onto her hand as he ran out of the cafeteria. Mirage members shot them weird looks as they ran through the corridors, Izzy felt laughs rack up in her lungs and adrenaline pulse through every cell in her body as they neared Pete’s aparmtent. It wasn’t long before they were in Pete’s bedroom.

She’d never done anything nearly as intimate with someone before – and even with Kane it had been intense kissing – but everything came surprisingly naturally. The kissing started the moment they were inside and she only caught glimpses of a conventional Mirage bedroom – almost identical to her own minus the gadgets layering the floor.

But as they continued the strange kissing, Izzy felt strangely, excitedly happy and from the quick thuds of Pete’s heart, she could tell that he was as well. Eventually she found herself pulling of Pete’s shirt and dropping it to the floor, the kissing continued a bit more, her hands running up and down his chest before she found herself on Pete’s bed.

She laughed freely. Pete smiled down at her, his eyes twinkling as he hovered at the edge of the bed. She dragged him down on top of her.


Five hours later, Izzy woke up. The first thing she noticed, was that in the bed. She felt weirdly comfortable and a few seconds realised that was because strong warm hands were wrapped around her. “You awake?” a voice asked and Izzy swiveled around as best as she could in someone else’s grasp and came to Pete’s face. She smiled fuzzily as he kissed her simply and stroked his hands up and down her back.

One second she was smiling and whimpering in Pete’s embrace and the next she was startlingly awake, her vision cleared and the same edgy clearness of her mind returned. Almost instinctively as Pete intertwined his fingers in her own, she pushed away as if his touch burned. The happenings of the past hours replayed in her head and her heard began to beat faster until it was actually painful.

“Izzy, you okay?” Pete asked as she pulled away from him. “Izzy?” he asked, confused at first as she began searching for her clothes on the floor and then in a more hurt voice, “Izzy?”

Izzy didn’t answer him at first. “What time is it?” she asked.

“It’s… half past eight,” he groaned as he turned over to check his clock. “Why? You have to be somewhere?”

“Yes. Out of here,” Izzy snapped.

“What—why?” Pete asked, sounding hurt.

“Let’s see,” Izzy sneered, trying to feel like her old self. Yet she didn’t, things were different now—and it was all Pete’s fault. “You used me, took advantage of me, stole my freaking virginity—”
“It was my first time as well, but I’m not the one acting like an immature idiot about it,” Pete snapped, sounding irritated.

“Yeah, well I didn’t force you did I?” Izzy snapped.

“Don’t you—Izzy we both know I didn’t rape you.”

Izzy didn’t answer at first, “fine—maybe you didn’t. But you used me, you took advantage of me. You don’t get it do you?” Izzy asked nastily. “It wasn’t yours to take—this makes you a thief.”

“I hate it how you make everything so fucking complicated!”

“Yeah? Well I hate it that you took my virginity, but what can I do, huh?” Izzy spat.

“You took mine!”

“Like that’s a fair trade.” Izzy strapped on her boots and got off from the floor.

“This is about Mirage isn’t it?” Pete asked, sounding weary all of a sudden. “You used me, Izzy! What’s this; something to get at Zara?”

“I used you? Don’t you dare freaking judge me, Pete!” Izzy yelled, kicking the wall of his apartment.

“Why? Because you judged me in the first place?” he snapped back, getting caught in the argument. Izzy didn’t answer, but continued kicking the wall, her heel slamming into the white-coated metal, getting loud dings as answers. “You’re just putting mental barriers up against the world, Izzy. It’ll be your downfall.”

"Yeah, you know what? I'll ask you for your pathetic therapy when I need it," Izzy sniped.

"You know I'm right," Pete shrugged.

“I don’t think I need people,” Izzy whispered somewhat sharply. “I really don’t think I do—and you know what Pete? I really don’t need you.”

“You’re just scared.”

“And you’re just an institutionalized geek.”


Izzy laughed as she strolled through the strongly-lit corridors of Mirage. The hurt look on Pete’s face made her laugh. The fact that she had laughed after saying that had hurt him even more, she had left shortly after that. Izzy stepped into the Command Centre which was self-operating, she didn’t know where Kevin was and she quite frankly didn’t care.

Hurriedly she placed one coffee cup down on a bench and gathered the other one to the computer that controlled the overall system of the room. She dropped the coffee cup on top of it, enjoying the mean satisfaction as the brown, sweet liquid lathered over the screen and machine. That was more like it, she was trying to make herself feel like herself. After what had happened with Pete – she felt different.

But she didn’t want to feel that way, Izzy laughed again as more coffee sloshed over the computer that controlled the hover-cams patrolling the city. The wall of little, flickering screens flickered suddenly on-and-off. She tried to picture Pete’s face as he realised what she had done—but nothing would come. Had this entire war left her completely devoid of imagination?

The next thing she did was drag the wire-cutter out of a cabinet and pierced at the connection wire that had screens continuously reporting the going-ons of Diego city. She could cut it all the way – she didn’t have time, but the screens began to flicker and a few blacked-out.

That was more like it. Izzy smiled, satisfied, but something didn’t feel right. Nonetheless she trudged out of the room, leaving the empty coffee cups standing up in the middle of the room as some sort of symbol. It took her a while to find the exit out of Mirage, but when she finally did, she felt a strange form of excitement inside her.

This was the proper excitement, not the creepy lusty excitement she had felt with Pete the previous day. This was the real thing. As Izzy stepped out of Mirage, she laughed drily – more like her old self as every second passed. As far as she was concerned, whatever had happened between her and Pete, had never happened.

She was sick of this mirage.

And there was Diego city, Izzy surveyed the city as she walked out of Mirage. It was shrouded by the approaching darkness; by the night.
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Thoran tossed and turned, then got up and paced a lot. Kail was out further corrupting Lindsay. He had no purpose right now, nothing to fight for. He was restless, just drifting along with Kail while she enacted a delightfully twisted plan to break Vury. Thoran only vaguely remembered Vury from his pre-nano days. The vampire had made him edgy, and he had never enjoyed the idea of other people reading his thoughts. He'd only communicated with Zara. Until he decided to leave.

And then he'd died. Right now he knew exactly where she was. She was betrayed, damaged, and vulnerable. How could he not think about taking advantage of the situation? She'd left her precious Mirage, that much he could tell, and was striking out on her own. Oh the games he could play...

The sound of Kail returning made him freeze. He heard them talking in the other room, and waited for Kail to come in. When she did, he would make his decision.

After what seemed like a long time, she entered, and stared at his strange statue pose.

"I need to leave for a little while," he blurted stupidly.

Kail narrowed her eyes. "Why?"

"You're busy twisting Lindsay, and I have my own revenge to carry out." He hoped she would understand when he put it like that.

"Zara?" Kail hissed. "You're leaving to go find her?"

"Not like that," Thoran came towards her, holding her even when she resisted. "I just want to see her fall. Crumble into something less human. She'll hate herself forever."

Kail's only response was silence.

"Don't worry," he nipped her bottom lip. "only you do this to me. No one else. Ever." Suddenly the idea of leaving her made him nervous. What if she found someone else? What if in his absence she realized she didn't want or need him? What if he could never find her? A little flutter of panic made its way to his mind and obviously across his face. "If you really don't want me to I won't. I won't leave you." He could hear the pathetic near-begging in his voice.

A small smirk crept across Kail's features, almost as if she had read his thoughts. She kissed him viciously, the strange taste of his nano blood flooding his mouth and her own. The venom that passed across his lips was burning hot and made him shiver.

"You can go. I understand." She pushed him away gently. "I have my own destruction to do."


Zara was perched on a comfortable sofa on the top floor of a building she had just talked some guy out of. She owned it. Her name was on the papers. It wasn't residential...it was five floors of pristine glass and it was just begging her to do something with it. The top floor was a glass dome, the glass with a strangely golden tint that made her feel like she was in the perfect kind of sunshine that only happened in pictures. Yes, this would be the perfect place. It would draw the survivors like moths to a flame. Finally a place they could go to in order to forget.

Footsteps were coming up the stairs. It had to be someone inquiring abou the building. No one knew she was here, and no one would guess it.

She was wrong. Her eyes narrowed and her hand went nonchalantly to the hilt of her sword. "You."

"Me," Thoran answered jovially, and sat down carelessly across from her. "Nice place. Yours?"

"Mine," Zara said possessively, her voice like a hiss.

"Daddy buy it as blackmail?" Thoran's smile was perfect in its cruelty, perfect in its understanding that she would be torn between fury and panic at his knowledge of her darkest secret.

Zara jumped across the table, her hands wrapping around Thoran's throat. Any inhibitions towards murder she may have had before finding out the truth about herself had disappeared. It was in her blood to be cold hearted, and she had given in. Nothing was happening as she used her legs to damage his body. Thoran laughed at her beneath his crushed windpipe.

"I can't die," he choked out slowly. "You did this to me." Zara shoved him away sickened.

"And you did this to me," she retorted, gesturing her scars.

"Sure sweetheart, it was all me." He crawled up close to her so nothing but his eyes and face filled her vision. "It's always been all me," his voice was husky and his eyes flickered.

Zara felt a strange mix of familiar attraction and new and vivid nausea. She pushed Thoran away. "Get out of here."

"Make me."

"You are so childish, just like always. Always immature, never growing with the rest of us. Once an ugly, always an ugly."

Thoran tried hard to cover the wince he had at the fact that he hadn't been able to become Pretty. That they'd told him it would never be possible. Would it be possible in his nano-body? Disgusted with himself he shoved the thought aside.

"I think I'll stick around," he stretched back on the sofa and stared up through the gold glass ceiling.

Zara flicked her eyes at him suspiciously, wondering what he was up to. But she had a building to decorate, and didn't have time for his pointless existence. "Go ahead. See if I care." She walked out of the room and down the stairs.

Thoran grinned to himself. "Don't worry, you will..."


The door of Metamorphica slammed behind her, and Syd was plunged into blue-black darkness. The light from outside the dome was minimal, and none of the usual blacklights and red bulbs were present to illuminate the paths that lay before her. All of it depended on memory. If she walked along the outside edge, it wouldn't take her where she needed to go. The building was divided in half. No matter which way she went, eventually she would have to enter the labyrinth, and trust that Pix was keeping her safe on the outside.

Syd turned on the small light on the functional recon collar around her neck. It only showed what was in front of her, and not very far. Her best chance was the center path, that would end right where she needed to be. If she could remember how to get there.

She wished she'd asked for some kind of gadget to see in the dark. For some reason that made her think of Kevin, and her mind backed away from the thought of him like it had been burned. Syd took a deep breath and stepped into the darkness.

Two staircases and a left. There she entered a circular room that contained a bar and lounging chairs. She needed to leave through the door directly right of the bar itself. Syd kept her right hand along the wall. It helped with her sense of direction and made her surroundings feel real. It didn't help fight the insane fear that was bubbling to overtake her. Along in the dark. Alone in the dark.

There was a sound like a whisper behind her, and she turned around instinctively, only to curse. Now in the darkness her sense of place was utterly lost. She stuck out her right hand and turned on the spot until she thought she was facing the right direction. She felt vulnerable. Syd would be almost entirely unaware of any attacker. Whatever happened, Syd was pretty sure that she would never go back to Metamorphica again unless she absolutely had to.

She switched lights to see what color the walls were. Blue fading to green. She was close. Even with the collar light, she could tell as the walls got greener, fading to lightness. Now it was time for gadgetry.

Though it wouldn't help much in terms of navigation, Syd turned on the little device that picked up heat signatures. It would get her to Cable, and then she'd be on her own to find a way out. The body shaped thing on the screen was hot and breathing, pacing and feeling the walls, apparently. Syd followed the twists and turns as the heat signature got bigger and bigger. Eventually she heard the shuffling footsteps, and stepped around a wall.

Dr. Cable screamed, "Get away!" And scratched at her skin.

"You're not going back, I'm here to help." Syd held up her hands to show they were empty.

"Help? Help? Only she can help. Only she can bring them down." Syd had no idea who this 'she' was, but she also didn't really care to know. Syd dealt in secrets because it was dangerous, not because she was nosy.

"Come with me, and we'll find a way to helper."

Cable's glance became shrewd. "Are you with...them?"

"Yes?" The question hadn't been an accusation.

"Good. Take me back to Kane then. Him I can trust." With that, Dr. Cable straightened herself up and looked at Syd expectantly. Somehow, the presence of a clearly insane mad doctor didn't make her feel any more safe, or any less alone. Syd started their way through the labyrinth.
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Kail watched Thoran leave. She sat silently in her chair and stared at the last spot she had seen him and wondered what she had done wrong. There is always someone to blame for the things that happen. Was this her fault? Did he leave because she did something? Was she not good enough for him? Would she ever see him again? Why didn’t he want her to come with him? Sure she was working on her own little vendetta but both Lindsay and Vury were immortal so anything involving them didn’t have to be completed immediately.

As much as Kail didn’t want to admit to it she would have to say that Nikolas was right. She let herself feel love, and what did she get in return? Pain. The only kind of pain Kail approved of was that of which she put other people through. She hated feeling like this, she hated the empty feeling that emerged when Thoran left.

Not even a week ago he clung to her so tightly as if he was never going to let her go. If she knew he was going to do this she wouldn’t have taken their time together for granted, she would of held on tighter.

Her heart was cold, her skin like cement, and her conscious numb to all that was right or wrong. Kail learned long ago not to let things bother her, not to linger on the past but just to keep going and live for the day. So why the hell did this hurt so much?

“I am thiristy” Lindsay broke Kail’s concentration.

“Then go fucking eat” Kail continued to stare at the door. She knew that he wasn’t coming back but she couldn’t let go of the last moment she had seen him.

“Where should I go?” Lindsay had taken to Kail as if she was a teacher. For Kail the eager to please student wasn’t her cup of tea, she was only keeping Lindsay around to piss off Vury. She would go through her own personal hell just to give Vury one ounce of pain.

“I really don’t care” She still stared at the door.

“hahah! No way!” Logan obnoxiously laughed in the background.

“Wait” Kail ordered and Lindsay stopped dead in her tracks just outside the door and looked at her eager for orders. It made Kail smile to know that Lindsay was so involved in the destruction of Vury. But there was still so much that she needed to learn. “One thing you still haven’t seemed to grasp is the concept of blurring the lines between right and wrong. “

Lindsay gave her full attention to Kail. Her eyes widened as she was eager to learn a new lesson. Kail half expected Lindsay to sit on the floor cross-legged and stare up at her like she was telling a story to a five year old.

“You’re still too good” Kail declared “I bet you were going to go eat an animal or something”

Lindsay didn’t reply but Kail got her answer with the way she fidgeted.

There was a long silence between the two of them. The only thing from keeping the room from being entirely soundless was Logan laughing.

“What do you want me to do Kail?” Lindsay was eager for instruction. Her eyes went black as her body shifted to full hunting mode.

“What do you hear?” Kail snapped.

More silence... “Logan”

Kail twitched her eyebrow and smirked. Lindsay was horrorstruck as the realization of what Kail wanted her to do set in.

“I.. I can’t do that”

Kail glared “You will do it. It’s not your fault he’s food. Survival of the fittest. Remember?”Kail mocked Logan’s favorite line. He used it whenever talking about the tests that Axsym was putting Diego through.

“I won’t. He’s our friend”

“Do it or get out”

Lindsay stood up and walked behind Kail over to Logan. Kail closed her eyes an just listened.

Twelve soft footsteps, the squeak of the chair turning around and not even half a second later teeth ripped through the mortals soft skin. Kail listened to Lindsay’s rhythmic swallowing and recognized the smell of gluttony and pride in the air. Lindsay was enjoying the kill.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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[Okay, Ash, I decided to skip the meeting part and go right into the plot… okay]

“So this is your place?” Izzy sniffed distastefully, glaring at a wall. To be absolutely honest – the building looked amazing, decorated with flashing lights, dazzling walls and a pool in the top level. But she wasn’t going to let Zara know that.

“Yeah,” Zara rolled her eyes, “not that you could have done much better and please realise – you chose to come here, besides this is going to be fun.”

“You asked me to come here actually, well you asked me, ‘what are you going to do’, so basically – you asked me here.”

“Can we just get past conversational details and get ready to screw up people’s lives?” Zara hissed in a very un-Zara like way.

Izzy raised an eyebrow, “yeah, sure, Zara.” She wanted to say more, but she was still slightly shocked by Zara’s… new… personality. The girl had gone from strong leader to some weird psycho and was plotting to ‘screw up people’s lives’. Izzy wasn’t sure whether she liked the old Zara or the new Zara better – only time would tell.

They clambered to the upper floor of the building. The top level was amazing – it seemed like a coven of light surrounding a city of darkness, maybe like the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Izzy remembered studying the ancient Egyptian city in Advanced History courses.

A golden glass ceiling shimmered from above and for a few seconds, Izzy got lost in its beauty. “Yeah, nice ceiling,” she spat at Zara before taking in another glimpse of it. Then she noticed the man stretched out on the sofa, a weird smile splayed over his face. “Uh—who’s that?” Izzy snapped, “you brought an ugly here?”

“I brought myself here,” the man said, a laugh hidden in his attractively husky voice. He looked over at Izzy through dark, lush eyes, framed by long, golden lashes.

“Oh, that’s Thoran,” Zara said dismissively as she busied herself in a corner of the room, “don’t pay him too much attention – it makes him happy.”

“Wouldn’t want to do that, now, would I?” Izzy simpered. “And you haven’t taken the Pretty Surgery because…” she pondered over the unanswered question for a few seconds, when the realisation came to her, she broke out laughing, “oh you sad, sad little guy…” she spat at Thoran, laughing silently.

“Funny isn’t it?” Zara asked rhetorically, a cold smile covering her teeth.

“Now, now – what is it like being a… failure?” Izzy mocked Thoran. The man – but as she looked at him longer, she realised he wasn’t any older than she was – cocked his head to a side, his brilliant eyes shimmering with an emotion she couldn’t quite place and didn’t say anything.

“And you are?” Thoran asked, maliciously.

“Izzy. Shouldn’t you run off back to Uglyville?”

“He has a girlfriend,” Zara sniped from the other side of the room, “this is probably hard to believe; but she’s even more of a freak than him.”

Izzy laughed again, eyeing Thoran in disdain as he clenched his hands against the sofa, the same grin on his face.

“So, what’s the problem with you?” Thoran asked, snapping his teeth together when he had finished the sentence. He leant further back against the couch, “period pains?” he asked innocently.

Izzy raised an eyebrow, “I think I’m going to hate you.”

“Feelings reciprocated.” The same, creepy grin.

“It’s better to just not give him the attention he wants,” Zara hissed, her lightly-coloured eyes glinting angrily.

“So is there going to be a party tonight?” Izzy asked, toeing Thoran lightly, prodding him to his side of the sofa. She sat down next to him.

“I’m inclined to think not,” Thoran lilted somberly. His dropped his gaze to the floor mockingly as Izzy turned to glare at him.

“Oh, how freaking archaic. I’m inclined to think you should get out of here now, but that’s not going to happen, is it?” Izzy spat.

Zara nodded. “Yes, there will,” she said, “it starts in a few hours, I still need to do the touch-up decorations.”

“And we’re going to drag all these survivors into this building – how?”

“They’ll come,” Zara laughed and for a second Izzy envisioned her as a young version of Dr. Cable. “They’ll come likes moths to light.”
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Kevin stood there with Pete staring at what Izzy had done. All of the tech support was behind them. Kevin looked to his side at Pete. Pete’s jaw was dropped and he was looking incredulously at the damage.

No use asking him what happened. Kevin honestly didn’t care. Right now there was no communication to Pix or Syd. Kane as well, but he was going after Zara so it wouldn’t communicating with them for a while.
Kevin went for the communication board and everyone else under the wings of technology branches in Mirage were working around him. Together they would try to repair things. Kevin was replacing some sound chips and checking for back-up when Pete sat beside him.


“Don’t Pete. It’s really not necessary. Let’s fix this first,” he said and looked from the dimly lit screen keeping itself in powersave mode over to the distraught looking Pete, “After it’s fixed then I can kick your ass, alright?” Kevin smiled in good humor as best he could. Pete tried to smile back but he looked to the back of the main screen where all the connection wires were. They controlled the hovercams in Diego. Even though a girl with deep red hair pulled back in a ponytail was working on them, Pete would probably take over.

Kevin focused back on the codes scrawled on the screen in front of him. A few hits of the keyboard and he could pick up signals from skintennas within short range. It would take a few hours to get this thing back to normal. He ran a hand over his face.

The next time he saw Izzy he was going to knock her out again. Harder than before.


Pix was on the roof of the club. These Axsym soldiers really weren’t that bright. Some rushed in wearing a uniform. Once she got those taken care of they tried to ambush her by going simultaneously to her left and right. But her heat-targetting bullets took care of them pretty fast. And then air units came. All of this happening pretty fast, Pix had to give Axsym kudos for doing it so fast. But as she smirked she found herself having fun.

She aimed her gun to the hovercopter and used her one huge ammo that she brought for air – units. She aimed under the copter where the hover-unit was. The ammo was like a magnet that messed with the hover-unit and immobilized it. Another creation of Kevin when they were out as Spades and needed the hovercams out of their way.

The hovercopter fell to the ground with a crash. Now was a good time to get inside. Pix went to the door and kept to the top of the club watching the door. She was waiting for the signal from Syd to meet up and get Cable into the woods.

After picking off a few more soldiers bold enough to mess with some entrances, Pix got the signal. Standing in the rafters of the club she lowered herself and her gun gingerly and met Syd at the side entrance where the managers and owners of the club stayed. There were only two people and Syd managed to knock them out with Cable in tow. Pix was impressed.

They managed to weasel their way through the backstreets of Diego until they got to the edge. There they saw a Diego official in the tower watching for them. Pix held back Cable and Syd. She thought about all the ways they could do this. Then she realized Syd was a surge-monkey like Ren. She could make herself look like a Diego official and they could fortify the tower.

She turned to Syd. This might be the easiest thing they would do together.


Kevin had finally gotten a communicator to work. Only one. And it was only done manually through connections wired together. Basically he would have to go through every available grounded line in Diego until he could reach any wireless ones. Not a good chance of finding them. But it was enough.

His mind was going crazy ever since a guy with silver eyes had gotten the screen displaying Diego news up and running. They couldn’t file anything because a girl with pink streaks was working on that still. But Kevin could see on the screen that the club that they hid Cable in was crawling with Axsym and Diego officials. Diego was on alert for two armed civilians with an older woman hostage.

This was bad and Kevin’s nerves were shot. He was hitting the wrong keys and cursing silently because he was so overwhelmed. Was Pix alright? What about Syd…

He would have to try the ground lines. It would be a code that only Pix would know. If she heard it and she noticed it then she might send a signal back. It was hopeless. But he needed to know if they were alright. Pix kept her distance. But Syd. She was the one that would have to go in and get Cable, right?

He had to make sure Syd was alright. Even if she could hold her own. He had to make sure.


Pix was tying up the knocked out man. Cable was chattering away in the corner. And Syd was standing pretending to be look out in her new surges. The guys coat would cover up her outfit and her new blonde hair and hazel eyes and pale skin would make those combing the border for them look away from the tower. It was a good cover.

They could hear the chatter from the Diego and Axsym soldiers on the communicator in the tower. It was chatter from this person to the next about not seeing anything. Thinking they saw something. A civilian lying about seeing someone, asking for a reward. It would die down soon. But for right now they would fortify and Pix and Cable would stay out of view from where Syd was. Keeping watch. Pretending to be a Diego official. Saving them all, pretty much.

It was quiet and the chattering soldiers played in their little field called Diego, their voices dancing over the communication board. But then something caught Pix’s ear.

A code. A string of static that someone else wouldn’t understand unless they knew what to listen for. Then it came. A man’s voice sounding like it was clipped short of a word. More static. Then two more clips. Just one more beep until it ended and the static fizzled out. There! Pix knew it. Somehow Jace or Kevin was sending a request of position signal. Given Jace’s state it was probably Kevin.

Pix was kicked in the side and thrown under the table at Syd’s feet. She didn’t realize why until she heard the copter pass the glass. Syd nodded to the copter, followed it with her eyes and then glared down at Pix.

“What is wrong with you?” she asked.

Pix connected the dots, she must have walked closer to the communication desk and within view of those outside when she was listening for the detail’s in the signal. She blushed in embarrassment, but the shadow under the desk made it so Syd couldn’t see.

“Sorry,” she hissed “But that static means that Kevin wants to know our status.”

Syd looked confused, “What?”

“Spade thing,” Pix said a little too meanly, “You wouldn’t care.”

Syd’s lips pursed into a fine line. Pix told Syd to hit three buttons all at once. When someone asked what Syd was doing she reported that she accidently hit them. The man asking growled in annoyance, but left them alone thankfully.


Kevin about died with relief when he got the three beeps in reply. That meant three lives. Pix. Cable. Syd. Kevin’s nerves relaxed and he allowed himself a deep exhale.

Syd was fine. Well, alive anyway.

Then he looked around at everyone feverously working to get Mirage back online. He was too busy worrying about team members to get everything else fixed. What was wrong with him? He get ashamed and got angry. Angry at himself. At Syd.

Damn her for making him worry about her. He shouldn’t. She was in his head too much. Kevin let someone else take over and he stood. Vury was watching over it all as best he could, but he couldn’t help cause he knew nothing about technology. He was the weapons and combat teacher. Not much to know there except the Combat Room itself.

Kevin went up to him, Syd plaguing his mind even though he tried to hide it from the mind-reader. Vury looked at him with concern knit in his expression.

“What is it?” he asked Kevin.

Kevin sighed in distress, there was no other choice.
“I want another room.”

It would be a nice surprise for Syd once she got back.


It was quiet between Syd and Pix after that. But instead of welcoming the silence Pix felt bad. Syd was saving their asses and Pix was just being an ass about it. She sighed and leaned as far as she could out of the shadows without being seen.


Syd didn’t turn to see her. She kept her eyes out into the steadily darkening view of Diego. Her voice was tight and angry, holding back something Pix couldn’t pin down.

Pix recoiled a little from the bit in her voice, “I’m sorry about the Spade comment…it’s just that I don’t understand why you want to be so close to Jace. Or Kevin.”

Syd took a deep breath and exhaled as she spoke as calmly as she could manage.
“I am close to Jace because I choose to be.”

“And Kevin?” Pix asked.

“We share a room together. That’s it,” her answers were short and cut with daggers of anger at being questioned.

“Come on Syd…don’t play dumb.”

To this Syd slowly turned. Her expression was walled up and Pix felt pain for seeing how much Syd kept herself locked up. There was no telling what she was feeling right now as she turned to look at Pix. And that kind of control was probably result of years of locking herself in from others.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Syd said. It was scary, even to Pix. She was so wound up with anger and sadness and locking them both in. The result was like looking at an ice queen. A robot. Pix spoke softly.

“I just don’t want you to hurt him…he is really soft. Not one to keep his distance. That is where you and I are the same. I keep my distance in combat. You keep your distance with everyone. It’s the same thing. But Kevin. He. He is weak on both counts. I just don’t think you two work together Syd. That’s all I’m saying.”
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

(Okay - here it goes... Wasn't entirely sure how to write her. Tell me if you have any problems with this, Ash.)

Ever since I can remember – my life has been this one huge secret. Closed doors, hushed voices, strange glances – all concerning me, of course. Secrets are meant to be exciting, they’re meant to be mysterious and even romance sometimes… but I don’t know about this. Who I am. Where I am. Sometimes I feel more people know more about me than I know about myself – I want answers… answers that just aren’t coming.

Eve cringed as the doctor pressed his sinisterly gloved hand against her forehead. It felt cold and unwelcome – just as it always had. She had had weekly check-ups ever since she was a littlie. Back then, she hadn’t minded the doctors, in fact, she had chattered feverishly to them, completely undisturbed by their silence.

“She’s grown,” the female doctor commented, her voice was sharp and cold. “She’s grown a lot,” the flickering of a cruel smile played upon the woman’s mouth.

“Her heart beat’s normally high,” the male doctor added, nodding as if he was a sage. But Eve knew he was anything but. She could detect sinister thoughts sweeping through his mind.

For a few seconds both doctors began writing down on identical looking pads. A photo was taken of her and she scrutinized her image as it suddenly shone up on a previously blank screen. When a few minutes passed with the doctors exchanging notes, she precariously decided to speak. “Can I go now?” she asked, hopefully.

The female doctor raised an eyebrow and opened the door for her, but didn’t say anything. That wasn’t anything new – she never spoke. Eve hopped off the bed, trying to smile, but she found she couldn’t. Their presence was too austere, too threatening and too cruel. She didn’t feel comfortable around them.

“Bye,” she finally mustered before walking outside. Waves of the female doctor’s thoughts were processed into her mind as she passed through the door. Not even bothering to register them, Eve stood still for a second, with her eyes closed and her breath slow and steady until the thoughts slowly drifted away.

It was agonizing for her senses to play up the way they did – everything to her was magnified to an extent. Looking at a single light was agony, mainly because not only did she get the image of the light, but she felt the heat, the electricity and all other chemical and elemental compounds impact her. Some days it even hurt opening her eyes becauses her senses were too roar and the environment way too dazzling.

She just wanted it gone, she didn’t hate Axysm—she barely knew anything about Axysm—she didn’t like them either. She just didn’t want to be part of it. She didn’t want to be the way she was… but she couldn’t help it. Her life was like one neatly-written schedule, each day passed identical to the last—a weekly check-up, fitness tests, meal-times and sleep. The only variety was Max.

The thought of Max brought a slight smile to her face. Max was sort of like… her older brother. Their conversations were the only things that changed; the only things that made each day different. As a littlie, she had followed Max around, taunting him with her accumulating vocabulary, but as she had grown older she had begun to find herself thinking of him as something more than just a person to talk to.

It was time for her to meet Max. As she passed through the glass doors into the training room, she was glad there was no Axysm agent or guard outside the glass—she had tried speaking to them long ago, but their silence and monotonous emotions (which got through to her, no matter how hard she tried to block them out) astounded her.

As for thoughts—she couldn’t really read them… but she could sense and tell things about people. Like whether they were happy or sad, little inklings about their past, how they felt about her (though she had gotten used to blocking that particular part out, it hurt too much) and many other things.

The training room was just perfect. Nothing glimmered out to her, there weren’t enough people to dazzle her, her senses were at perfect ease. “I’m here,” she called out to the sad, blonde man in the glass casket watching over the room. He turned to look at her, to acknowledge her presence, but didn’t say anything.

Sighing, Eve slumped down on one of the benches. Her eyes were already feeling bleary from the bright light in the check-up room and her body was getting the same tingles that told her that, physically, this day was not going to be good. Her head hurt slightly and she was really thirsty; not good signs.

It was a few minutes later when Max came in. “Catch,” he muttered under his breath, tossing the ball over to her. Looking up at just the right moment, she managed to clasp her hands around the ball as it zoomed towards her. Her palms tingled from the impact, her eyes hurting slightly as she took in its musky, yellow tone.

“Great,” she attempted a sardonic voice as she tossed the ball back to him, “this is an unusual activity.”

Max held out his hands lightly, catching the ball with a fingertip. He threw it back to her, this time harder. “Hey, I remember when you used to find this sort of thing fun,” he caught the ball as she hurled it back at him, “and I taught you sarcasm – you can’t use it on me.”

“Really? Why not?” Eve caught the ball and held it still for a second. Mannerisms amused her. She knew heaps of words; her vocabulary was enormous, but when it came to using words in different ways; she was at lost. Why did people say ‘sorry’ to each other over things that weren’t their fault? That sort of stuff always amused her.

Max held out his hands for the ball, she rolled it over to him. “I was joking,” he said finally as he picked up the ball, “you can use it on whoever you want.” He shrugged as the ball became airborne once again.

Eve rolled her eyes as she caught the ball. Max was about to speak, but she interjected, “yes, Max, yes I know you taught me how to roll my eyes,” she smiled.

“A good thirty minutes it took too,” Max grumbled. “Hey!” he exclaimed sharply when Eve rolled her eyes again.

Eve giggled, catching the ball again and tossing it to the ground. “I’m bored—”

“I know,” Max smiled bitterly, “you know I know. But it’s not like we have a choice.”

Max! I wasn’t reading your thoughts!”

Max looked surprised, “you… you weren’t?” he asked, confused. “You actually managed to…?” for a second he sounded faintly bewildered, but the assured normal tone of his voice took hold yet again when he spoke, “how did you manage to do that?”

Eve thought for a few seconds. “It wasn’t easy,” she admitted, “I still can’t do it completely—it’s an on-and-off sort of thing…”

“Sure it is.” Max smiled, “so what are we going to do now?” Then suddenly his cheerful expression shattered completely. Suddenly he looked jumpy and alert. “Out,” he said, his voice strangely frightened.

“What?” Eve shouted back, confused, but she allowed Max to push her out of the training room. Outside, the atmosphere was a bit too bright for her liking, but she held on by gritting her teeth – ignoring her painful eyes. “Max, what’s going on?”

Max pushed her down the corridor, just as she caught the sudden flash of someone sprinting down the corridor and into the training room. She could feel dizzy, problematic thoughts waft around her, but she warded them off mulishly. “Max, what are you doing?”

For a few seconds Max was silent and one of the few remaining waves from the mystery newcomer came towards her, instead of evading it as usual, she painfully accepted it. A sudden rage of anger from the thought took over her she felt her body convulse silently. Shuddering, she tried to regain her breaths, painfully taking in the last few drops of thought.

Then Max pulled away, “sorry”, he muttered, guiltily. Without looking back at her, he began walking back to the training room. Eve followed him.

Part of her screamed to ask him what was going on—who was that person? How did he/she affect her? What truly was Axysm? What did they do? Who was she? But she didn’t ask any of them. She was smart enough to know that asking questions wouldn’t end up with answers, but instead even more questions.

Emotionally, that was even more painful than the angriest thought.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vury stood in the doorway as Kevin stepped into his new room. It was in a whole other wing from the room that he and Syd had shared. Vury watched as Kevin looked out over the empty space. Vury blocked out Kevin’s mind. But still he caught glimpses of his former students face. Syd. Kevin was separating himself from her. Not because Kevin couldn’t stand her. Just the opposite. He could stand her too well.

“You’re sure this is alright?” Vury asked, talking about the room but meaning the separation. Kevin just turned to Vury with those tortured eyes. The minute they looked over to Vury they put up their steely cover so that Vury would think it was nothing.

“Perfect,” Kevin said.


Vury was directing some people that were helping move Kevin’s things into his new room when he got an urgent ping. His mind had a jolt of anticipation when he realized who it was from.


He rushed with his vampire speed out of Mirage. Kane was a mess. He lifted his friend from the ground and held him up so that they could walk in side, Kane slumped around Vury’s shoulders. Kane’s walking seemed to be pained.

“What happened? Where is Zara?” Vury said, rushing the questioning that should come after they were sure Kane was alright. But Vury’s mind was feverous. He needed to know.

“She…Laryx…I tried-“ and then Vury realized that nothing would make sense until they got him in a clearer mental state. Vury would just try to pick his brain. Without Kane’s permission. It was an important matter, Kane would have to forgive him later.

As others rushed around to gather Kane on the stretcher and to the medical wing, Vury dove into Kane’s memories.

Tracking Zara. Fining Cable. Hiding Cable in Metamorphica. Finding the grey building. Watching from afar as Laryx swooped in. Then the muffled voices that Kane couldn’t make out as Zara spoke. And a deeper octave…Laryx?! Laryx spoke? Vury had a hard time jumping over that hurdle but went into Kane’s memories still deeper.

Laryx coming out, watching from the trees. The explosion. The one that made Kane sick with worry. Laryx zooming away and Kane picking through the rubble to get to Zara. Then once Zara woke up the bitter good-bye that they shared.

Vury watched Kane’s face as the team around him was working on his health. Vury’s eyes narrowed. He sent a ping to Kevin and Pete to keep going with the communication for Mirage. He left Maddy in charge and told her to keep a lookout for Chia.

He was going to find Zara.
Kane may have promised to stay back, but Vury sure as hell never did.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The party was thumping. Music and lights flashed everywhere as the sunset blazed golden-pink in the domed glass ceiling. Izzy was holding court on one side of the room, ignoring a throng of males who stared at her adoringly. Zara wasn't sure how exactly that happened, but it was fun watching Izzy blow them off. She was definitely out of their league, in more ways than those stupid guys would ever know. Izzy was taking Zara's plan seriously though, convincing the guys to steal things, break things, jump out of buildings in bungee jackets, just to impress her.

Zara stood on a platform, surveying the party around her and changing the music to suit her mood. Thoran was there, staring across the room at her - the shadows making him look dark and mysterious. Attractive. She licked her lips and tasted the fire red cherry gloss she was wearing. People didn't approach her often. It was strange that Izzy would be the more 'human,' the one that people could approach, while Zara scared them off.

She grinned like a cheshire cat and moved to the dance floor.

As much as he loved Kail, he wanted her. He'd always wanted her. Maybe it was closure. The sort of thing where you just need to do it in order to get past it. He took a sip of his drink, the nanos immediately digesting the alcohol. Her eyes reflected the light like a cats - their neon purple dangerous and alluring. He had done that to her, just like she had done this to him. Without her betraying him, he would never have been injected with nanos - but without that, she would be dead now. He wanted to tear her apart.

Zara moved to the dance floor, moving in a black dress that draped off her like a goddess, her dark brown hair flooding to the small of her back, made into stick straight smoothness. She looked like a rusty vampire vixen - all black and bloody lips.

Thoran entertained an image of sinking his teeth into them.



Zara locked eyes with Thoran, and her movements changed. He took another drink, and she watched him set it down on the table without moving his eyes from her. He moved with cat-like tension, weaving between people.

Her eyes were defiant as he approached her, and she looked up at him with a blank look on her face. Thoran put his hands on her hips possessively, pulling her to him forcefully. Their bodies pressed together and they moved to the beat of the music, but all the communication and movement was going on in their eyes.

Something was happening that made no sense.

"You did this to me," he whispered to her, putting his cheek to hers in order to fight the urge to bite her. She probably couldn't handle it. "You broke me."

"Then break me back," she grazed his neck with her teeth. "Break me like only you can."

Maybe it was the liquor they'd both been drinking - the nanos couldn't stop either of them from feeling the effects, it just processed it faster. Thoran held her upper arm tightly as she moved them through the crowd to a door only Zara could find. The room inside was red and cushioned, lit with more red, making it seem like you were in hell. She was in hell. Absolute hell.

Thoran shoved her up against the padded wall, her legs wrapping around him. Their lips kept getting close, and then pulling away like polarized magnets. Finally he reached out and caught her bottom lip between his teeth.

Oh no...she thought before she began absorbing the way that the taste of him had changed. Zara dragged her nails along the back of his neck, sliding them up into his messy hair and gripping tight. They dissolved into a mess of hot and wet.

Kane. Kail.

Both of them stiffened, their thoughts going other places simultaneously. His shirt was off, his jeans unbuttoned - her dress was falling off. They shoved apart and fixed themselves, and then stared again for a long time.

"I still want you dead," Thoran hissed, "but I'll accept this for now. Don't forget that I know you're deep dark secret Z."

"I'll still kill you," she said calmly, adjusting her sleeve. "The only way two people can keep a secret is if one of them is dead." Zara said the last part, getting closer and closer to him, her mouth snapping in his face before she turned sharply and went back into her party. All of this was going to work out nicely. No more Mirage, no more reminders. A completely different Zara.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 7:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kail sat in her chair and didn’t move, she hadn’t kept track of the amount of time that she had spent in the chair, and frankly it didn’t matter to her. Lindsay was away disposing of Logan’s body and for Kail’s sake she hoped was looking for a midnight snack. Kail forgot what it was like to be around a newborn, they were never satisfied and always needed to feed. This fact alone drove her to be even more edgy and bitchy. Combine that and the lack of Thoran, Kail was downright the last person you ever wanted to mess with. If you even blinked at her the wrong way your head would be detached so fast that your body would still have a few moments before the shock of its beheading set in.

Lindsay’s soft footsteps came into earshot. Not too long after the door to their loft - Thoran’s loft (That thought sent a shot to her chest).

“Pitch the body?” Kail unenthusiastically asked, really she didn’t give a rat’s ass what Lindsay did. The question was just something to fill the void.

“Yeah” her voice rang almost melodically. It was quite sickening for Kail to listen to her speak. “It’s getting tough though, almost all of the mass graves are covered now. I will have to start getting creative” she sang and flopped down on the couch beside Kail’s chair.

“Welcome to reality Princess” Kail mumbled before turning to the wall screen. Maybe there was a feed or two that would occupy her mind enough to get Thoran out of her head. She just needed to convince herself if he was speaking the truth he would come back. But then. This was Thoran and for as often as he spoke the truth the odds are he wasn’t coming back.

“I am hungry” Lindsay broke the silence.

“No. You’re a glutton” Kail spat.

“Hungry, Glutton, whatever. I need to eat” Lindsay shot up and waited at the door. “Come with me please” She flashed a tooth filled grin. “I enjoy it more when you are there”

“Oh and you think just because of your benefit I will come skipping along? Fat Chance” Kail really couldn’t stand Lindsay and right now didn’t know if corrupting her for the sake of Vury’s pain was even worth it. “You know what. You’re fee. Leave. I have nothing more to teach you”

“But what about Vury”? Blondie let out a growl.

“Go find him, and then ping me a picture of his face”

“No, come.” She pleaded. “I saw this huge bash and know that only the clean are there. Come! We can take in a few humans and have a blast too!”

A party? A fricken party?! What the hell was Kail going to do at a party aka breeding ground for the sins? Let them just take over, intoxicate her with everyone else’s slurred sinful thoughts? Well it was probably the closest thing she was going get to being drunk. And drinking always made her forget a broken heart.

“What the hell. Let’s go Blondie”

“Stop calling me that”


Lindsay was right, it was huge. The multi story, glass roofed building was filled with tasty party goers. The music was thumping, the crowd was jumping and the sins were in high gear. Kail held them at bay as much as she could. She didn’t want to let go completely until she got a lay of the land.

Lindsay was gone the instant they hit the top floor. Gluttony was practically leaking from her pores when they waited for the elevator to stop. It made Kail wonder if she was this bad when she was first turned or maybe it had something to do with the virus that ran through her veins alongside the venom.

Everything was going smoothly until she saw him. Them. She saw Thoran forcefully pull that tramp Zara into him. The way they moved was practically sex on the dance floor. Just watching it made Kail’s chest tighten but at the same time she was frozen in place. She couldn’t take her eyes off of them. The music was too loud to hear what they were whispering to each other but soon after that they whisked away to the back of the building and out of her sight.

Kail didn’t know what to do. Her feet firmly attached to the ground, her muscles frozen in time. She stood still and was mistaken for a statue a few times by some random drunk kids. It didn’t matter. Nothing Mattered. How could it? How could he? How could she believe him?! If she could cry she would be sobbing, if her heart could break it would be in pieces on the floor. She had given it to Thoran and what did he do? Go and fuck the girl that used to give him a hard on back in his teenage years.

Kail didn’t know how much time had passed before Zara came back into view. The tramp marched out with a look of “fuck off” sprawled across her face. Who the hell did she think she is?

Thoran came out a few moments later. His hair ravaged and shirt on backwards, it was obvious that they did something.

Kail’s body was frozen until their eyes met. Instantly every part of her body was saying the same thing. Run. He didn’t want her following him and she now knew exactly why. Normally Kail would call him on this but she couldn’t, everything about Thoran made her weak and now that he knew she didn’t listen to him it hurt even more.

The expression on his face made everything else hurt so much more. The look of guilt confirmed her assumptions and Kail ran. She couldn’t deal with this. He wouldn’t come after her anyways.

Her running only lasted for a few seconds before she hit something hard and almost fell to the ground. It was a strange sensation to be stopped dead in her tracks by something hard, nothing was hard to Kail and if she’d hit a wall she would have just plowed right through.. but the wall was still five feet away.

Kail looked up to see Vury staring down at her.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Ronix—” the young man paused for a second, a stupid smirk on his face before he reached out for his champagne glass and took a deep gulp of the intoxicating liquid before landing it back down, sharply, on the bench. “Well?” he drawled questioningly, reaching out for the glass again.

Izzy ignored him—just the same way she had ignored the majority of the people who had dared speaking to her throughout the party. Overall, the party was boring her; as usual, the stupid depressed people of Diego had absorbed sympathy from each other before getting completely wasted over some weird-tasting alcohol she had only dared a sip of.

“You’re shy…” Ronix spoke again, flashing her a smile and letting the sentence end abruptly; he spoke as if it was more of a statement than a question—a judgmental observation. It stood out clear amongst the undistinguishable, muted buzzing of the party around her. For a second she considered her options, but dropped them almost instantly.

Instead she gazed around the room—the golden ceiling shimmered above the room like a fiery, golden dome—like the sun, Izzy looked at it ponderingly and for a moment considered it as a sort of shield. But, she knew, from past events, that no inanimate object could keep you safe for long. They lasted for short periods of time, betraying you only when you were most vulnerable, they were irritatingly—

“—so am I going to do all the talking?” he asked, his obvious feelings of superiority evident in his tone. His voice was rich and silky. Izzy nodded absentmindedly. She reached out for her drink, which sat on a low table and took a long sip of the velvety substance. Strangely enough it made her throat tickle even more with thirst as she drank, but it was a rich, colourful taste.

“Well, I noticed what you’ve been doing all evening. Oh come on, you know,” his coaxed, “it wasn’t very nice you know,” he teased her, a tinge of nastiness in his voice now, “you and that other girl…” he drifted off.

Daring a glance in the direction of Ronix, who had just been speaking to her she felt annoyance surge through her. She had dressed as plainly as possible—a white, satiny shirt and a pair of pants—yet all the stupid, drooling guys had turned up on her doorstep, which was surprising considering Zara had decided to make herself up like the devil’s slut.

Just from that slight glance, she got an overall picture of Ronix: dark hair, russet-coloured skin and… were his eyes green… or brown? She thought over it for a second, but already that second of an image in her mind was already beginning to blur out. She reached out for her drink, feeling her usual bad mood.

Sure: the party was a huge success. Somehow Zara had managed to lure a whole bunch of losers into her new building and it hadn’t taken long for the no-hopers to get completely drunk. Izzy had spent the whole night doing what Zara had planned—persuading people to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

For example, she had started off by getting a few gullible guys to go around pick-pocketing; when their antics had been noticed by the majority of the crowd, a major fight began in the second level of the building… mainly arguments, but according to a few black eyes and bloodied noses, things had started to get physical as well.

She had got three guys to bungee jump right of the golden dome; they hadn’t been too eager at first, but it hadn’t taken long to coax them into doing it. When the first two had bungeed their way towards the high, cold pavement, screaming with exhilaration, Izzy had turned to the third guy and asked him if he would prefer jumping off the building without a bungee jacket.

He had looked terrified and just through the fear she had caught inset in his pupils, Izzy felt a fume of power evoke within her. In the end, she had of course told him that she was only kidding and then had to put up with five minutes of his relieved laughing as well as his recounting of the Diego Crisis—apparently his girlfriend hadn’t been immune and had crumpled before his eyes, etc. but in the end he bungee jumped off the building as well and Izzy had returned downstairs, feeling both bored, depressed and slightly scared, though for what reason she couldn’t tell.

She glared at the sensuous dancing couples that were beginning to heat up the dance floor. There was something passionate and emotional and needy about the way they held onto each other, as if they were to let go they would burst into flames. They were obviously still traumatised from their experiences. The music thumped in long, low, raw waves which had the crowds jumping, mindless with ecstasy.

That was when she caught sight of Zara floundering her way across the dance floor—her eerie new eyes dancing as reflections of bright light splattered their way across the dance floor. When darkness suddenly swooped, eclipsing over the dance floor in completely suddenness, Izzy made out a shady figure following her out of the room she had come out from.

It was Thoran and when she pieced the two of them together—as well as the fact that Thoran was wearing his shirt the wrong way around—Izzy felt a weird mix of disgust and jealousy. Not that she was jealous that Zara had got her own way with Thoran of course—currently Thoran was sauntering across the dance floor with his savage, wolfish grin taking up his whole face and his hair stupidly messed-up and ravaged. She would have liked to think of the whole incident as completely normal for someone like Zara, but she couldn’t; a pretty sleeping with an ugly was completely atypical.

She glared at them warily for a second before getting up. She grabbed her glass and consumed the last few remaining drops of the liquid, she began to make her way to the dance-floor, feeling slightly uncertain as the dance floor was throbbing with magnificent lights and over-excited people, when Ronix spoke up again: “Why? You don’t enjoy my company?”

“Something like that,” Izzy let slip, biting her tongue painfully the moment it had left her mouth. She glanced towards the party, in a relatively good mood, she had only glared about twice throughout the entire party—granted she had to look like she was in a good mood in order to allure people to do things for her.

“You talk?” he asked, sarcasm dripping from him, raising an eyebrow and Izzy began to feel the tolerance that she had forced herself to feel all night—an emotion she had over-used and was beginning to go out of proportion—slowly slip away. How was it possible to get people to do bad things for you if you snapped at them constantly? “…can you even dance?” he asked her skeptically.

Izzy sighed. “Look, Ronix, if I wanted you to come, I would have asked you to… which is sort of why I didn’t ask you.”

“You think I wanted to dance with you?” Ronix got up, walking towards her, scoffing. “I’d much rather ask someone like… her,” he nodded over to some pretty Asian girl who was rolled up in a ball on the floor.

“She doesn’t,” Izzy observed sarcastically, “well she looks drunk enough, go for it,” she snapped, no longer bothered.

“I’ve got ideas about… I don’t know, stirring things up,” he said suddenly, his voice all quiet and confidential. It was that tone of confidentiality which piqued Izzy’s curiosity and had her turning around to face him. “You interested?” he asked.

Izzy glanced at him warily, “I don’t think I can trust you—I don’t trust men,” she said simply, then, noticing the feministic culture of her words—but how could you not when your virginity had been stolen by some stupid geek?—something she completely hated, she elaborated, “I’m sort of against people as a race—humanity, I guess,” she shrugged, “or maybe not. Saying ‘humanity’ makes it sound way more extreme than it actually is.”

And she was. Izzy didn’t know when it was, but she had realised long ago, that people couldn’t be trusted. They were too busy with their materialistic worlds around them—their groups, their armies, their cities, their lovers… they were so…

“I know the feeling,” Ronix grinned.

“I’m not interested in hearing some stupid witticism of yours,” Izzy spat, “believe me—I don’t think I know one person on this planet whoisn’t obsessed with spitting out stupid one-liners… except me, of course.”

Ronix grinned, “interested or not?”

“Come by later,” Izzy said, thinking it over, “as in—next party. I’m busy now,” she turned away from him, expecting more smooth-talk from his direction. She was surprised when she got none. Despite herself, she turned around and just caught sight of him disappearing into the crowd, in the direction of the Asian girl.

The lights on the dance floor dipped suddenly and Izzy stepped onto the burning dance-floor. Her feet, clad in high-heeled boots tapped awkwardly over the smooth surface and she glanced around at the other partiers. A moody, longing, tangled web of emotions knit them together and they stuck together, glued to each other as if being separated would tear them into pieces.

A lot of them were survivors of Diego—almost all of them the last few remaining of their friends. When they had first arrived, a lot of them had been moody and silent, the rapid dancing and crazy antics on the dance-floor would obviously wear-off by morning… in which the entire building would be in a more demure mood.

Then, taking in a deep breath, she sunk herself into the mass of sweaty, panting bodies, searching for familiar faces.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vury was following the minds of masses of peoples minds. All clustered together in one area. He wasn’t sure why just yet, but his vampire senses caught the pulse from the music as it drifted towards him on the air. He was looking down at a crumpled looking Kail. She was like a stone statue of intimidation and sorrow behind a beautiful immortal face. But his mind was catching something as she looked at him and realization dawned on her as to who he was. Lindsay’s immortal vampire face flashed through Kail’s thoughts.

When Vury dug deeper, pulling on the strain of thought where Kail kept Lindsay, he saw scenes of Lindsay’s carnage. His stomach churned in disgust. What? More scenes. More bodies. The more he saw the sadder he got. His Lindsay. Beautiful human golden smile Lindsay. She was a monster now all thanks to him. His knees wavered and his hand reached to his stomach and he choked out a lack of vomit. He hadn’t eaten anything in a while so it was just heaving air. He felt a prickling pain behind his eyes where tears would be if he could produce them.

Kail was standing now, she was catching her breath from being knocked down so forcefully. Vury growled and glared at her. His eyes were bled to black.

“You. Bitch!” and he went straight to her and held her up by her throat. His fingers grasped onto her neck made of white marble and his nails dug into her skin like cracked ice.

Kail was hissing in retort but part of her had given up. As Vury was pressing his fingers into her skin further he caught traces of Thoran racing through Kail’s mind. Tugging at that string of thought led Vury to a stinging memory of Zara and Thoran dancing, kissing, all over each other.

With the distraction of Thoran being on Kail’s mind and Vury trying to collect the idea of what this new Zara looked like from Kail’s mind – he didn’t even sense Thoran’s mind behind him. He didn’t hear him come up behind him. He wasn’t prepared for the slash across his back.

Vury growled and dropped Kail to the ground. He whipped around to see Thoran with a blade shining in the dim light of the night. Vury snarled and tackled Thoran as he took a look at Kail to see if she was fine.
He sent Thoran into a wall and Vury heard the bones shatter. Thoran groaned under Vury’s hold on his shirt.

“Where is she?”

Confusion flashed across Thoran’s mind.
Or Lindsay?

Vury considered. He came out for Zara. Because Kane needed her. But he needed Lindsay. He needed to find her at all costs.

“Lindsay! Where is she!” He spat. Thoran sent a powerful kick atop Vury’s knee now that his bones had healed. Vury faltered enough for Thoran to reach and elbow up and hit Vury in the temporal lobe. It sent his mind spinning and his vision was blurred.

When Vury’s mind cleared he felt the sharp blade from before at his neck. He glared at Thoran. Thoran glared back.

“Last I knew she was with Kail, killing tons of people simply because she could.”

Vury tried to zero in on Kail’s mind behind him. But she wasn’t there. Thoran’s eyes glanced behind Vury and then all around. He was looking for her. But she was running.

“She’s gone Thoran. That little episode with Zara wasn’t really smart of you.”

Thoran winced and the blade pressed into Vury’s skin. Vury’s hand reached up and he broke the blade in two. Then he caught Thoran and threw him to the ground. Thoran coughed as the breath was knocked out of him again.

Vury held an arm against Thoran’s neck, a knee against his stomach, and his free hand went for an edge of the broken blade.

“My fight is not with you. I just want…” he wanted to say that he wanted to kill Kail, but that wouldn’t help but make Thoran want to fight him more, “I just want Lindsay.”

“You’ll find her. Just follow the trial of dead bodies,” Thoran smirked.

Vury gripped onto the blade tightly and ran it across Thoran’s face. He gargled out a moan against Vury’s knee against his throat and then the scar healed itself before Vury’s eyes.

“Good luck finding your ex,” Vury said and got up. He would find Lindsay himself. She didn’t seem to be attached to Kail now. And with the betrayal of Thoran, Kail would push anyone away anyway. Vury didn’t sense her anyway. But he could find her. He would just have to reach inside where his hunger lingered in the back of his mind. He would have to pull it out to the surface and follow it to where she might go.

As he walked down the street to the farther side of the city towards the tunnels he sensed eyes on him. He looked up. Zara’s hair was catching on the wind. Her eyes were blood red and watching from afar. She looked like a wraith. A gargoyle. An angel of death.

Vury recoiled internally at the sight. This was not Zara. This was something else. Something not ‘her’ at all. He glared at the phantom taking over his Zara. His eyes were still black with rage and anger. Thoran got up behind him. Vury stood between them. Thoran and Zara. Two great lights suffocated and shadowed by forces completely out of their control.

His glare stayed like ice upon her. He snarled under his breath.
I’ll deal with you later.

And he disappeared into a blur as he ran faster than any untrained eye could detect.
He would find Lindsay even if he had to kill innocents to follow the hunger right to her.
Nothing else mattered.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lindsay stared into the darkness, seeing shapes and strange colors. For once, she actually felt kind of full. So many bodies later...finally full. Her mind was darting in a hundred different directions, thousands and thousands of memories and scents and tastes. Flashes of eyes...his eyes. The dim feeling of the chill of his skin against her, of his lips on her once warm flesh. The pain of being sick, of dying. Of loving him.

A thought came to her that never had before. A thought that had never been able to make it's way past her selfishness and anger: what would he have become if he had let her die? Would it be Vury sitting here now, torn apart by loss and malice?

There was a sound from far away, a tearing noise...a killing noise. Lindsay ignored it.

By killing her...did he save himself from becoming something so much worse? Was this some sort of twisted penance for all the deaths she had caused, for all the killing she'd been raised to do? Lindsay had never been a big believer in fate, but maybe that's what this was. Sacrifice one to save another...to save someone so much more important. Lindsay stood up in a daze, another part of her mind wanted to follow the noise she was hearing. One of her victims lay gasping on the ground until Lindsay foot nonchalantly crushed her windpipe into dust with her foot.

Her steps were delicate along the tunnels, the noise getting louder. There was screaming. The scent of freshly spilled blood hit her nostrils. Lindsay let herself enjoy the aroma, not feeling the drive to feed that had been her constant companion the last two weeks. She stepped out of the shadows into the light of an open tunnel. Carnage on the walls barely registered to her now jaded mind. Two bodies on the ground. They were connected to the four she had killed back in her own tunnel. They were obviously related - their blood smelled similar. Probably out to seek vengeance, but something else got to them first.

Slowly, her mind still somewhere else, Lindsay let her eyes travel to the other side of the room. A female body was laying on the ground, in pain, on the brink of death. Lindsay followed a pair of feet up to a pair of legs, up along a body that she knew well. Blood was splattered on the crisp white shirt, up to the open collar and the smooth familiar lines of a neck she had once buried her face in. Her eyes couldn't move from the place where his neck and his collarbones came together...it was a place she remembered smelling better than any other place. It was almost warm there. Her eyes raked his jaw, the pout of his tinted lips, the sharp peaks of his cheekbones, up into those eyes that burned her from the inside. Oh god this was exquisitely painful. Lindsay felt her body freeze.

How did she look?

At least Kail had made her shower.

"Vury..." she whispered, hating the fact that her voice sounded different...that it wasn't her saying his name, but the remnant of her.

He said nothing, and she couldn't read the expression on his face. Linday continued to stare into his eyes, the moment a winding ball of explosive tension. It grew tighter and tighter inside of her, ripping her to pieces, until it snapped. Lindsay felt herself sway slightly. Something like a sob escaped her lips, more like a moan.

"I can't stop," she whispered, sinking to her knees before she even thought about it.

"It's a choice." His voice was...beautiful. Soft, but there was a definite edge. His anger bit into her. She stood up, moving in front of him, face to face. So close...so close...Lindsay rang her tongue along the inside of her bottom lip, wondering what it would be like to be with him like this. It might be there only chance...No. She shouldn't think that way.

"One I didn't make," her voice was a wire in reply. Lindsay moved closer to him, millimeters dividing them. She just needed to breathe on him, needed to make sure that he was real. "I miss you," she just barely breathed it, just barely let it out. It was more like an indeterminate sigh. She did miss him. Half her heart was missing without him. Screw her heart, just half of her.

She said it again, barely a decibel louder..."I miss you."
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kail ran. She didn’t know what to do or where to go. She just went along with wherever her legs were taking her.

It’s not like she mattered or had a purpose even. In the beginning it was Lex, live for Lex, the to follow and do whatever Nikolas wanted her to do. When she ran away and hid from the fires the brought down the rusty world –Her world- she hid for survival, she needed to live. Cable became her purpose after that, she was too malnourished and weak to fight so she just went along with everything. Even when cable sold her to Axysm. It was a small event and Kail barley even noticed the change, she was so drugged up and delusional from lack of blood that her now memory was just as fuzzy as her reality then. Then along came Vury, the self righteous wannabe vamp that needed to save the world. She taught him a thing or two (like what it was like to be a real vamp), hell she even helped him bring down Cable. But Vury used her, read her mind and found out things about her that Kail wanted to forget. Add on the fact that he chose to save Ammy over her, letting her be captured by Axsym . After that and for that he was marked for death in Kail’s books.

With no possibilities of being freed from Axsym Kail never gave up the rage, Killing Vury was her purpose. That’s when Thoran came into the picture and gave her something she hadn’t felt in centuries. Love.

Now it was gone. Without that. Without Thoran she didn’t care if Vury killed her. Despite the fact that Kail only did what Lindsay asked her to do if Vury wanted to kill her she would let him.

When she stopped running Kail found herself in front of their building. She numbly made her way up to the penthouse loft that her and Thoran had shared for months on end. His scent was still everywhere and it was so hard not to collapse, so hard not to feel the pain, not to play flashbacks of what she saw only a hour before. The flashbacks were only a reminder that maybe Thoran was never hers.

When she walked into the loft everything looked the same but felt so different. This place wasn’t home anymore. It would never be.

Kail walked over to Logan’s computer. The files that he was reading only moments before Lindsay killed him were still open. Just looking at the pages made her wonder what made him laugh so hard before Kail told Lindsay to bite him. She sat down and started to read the files.

After a few moments Kail found herself laughing out loud. As she continued to read the laughter sounded like it was coming from someone who had lost their mind. Maybe she had lost her mind. Maybe she finally had gone crazy because there was no way what she was reading could be true. As she scrolled down page, there were formulas and proven tests. It was all real so very real. Maybe Axysm did actually know what they were doing. They had to, especially if they had found a cure.

It wasn’t a cure for everyone, only people in certain situations would survive. Like if their body was frozen in time… It looked like they had been using Kail’s vampire genes to not only make other vampires but to find a cure for their own virus. Apparently an individual infected with the two could be cured. Now Kail was no scientist and didn’t know how to comprehend the advanced formulas that were required to create this cure so even if Vury spared her life long enough to read her mind he would only see the files from her comprehension level and he too wouldn’t know what to do with them.

Before going completely crazy Kail saved all the files onto a memory ring ( a ring that was a memory card) and wore it as if it was a piece of treasured jewelry. She then had the need to get rid of the computer, the evidence… the room. With all that was important wrapped around her little finger Kail destroyed the computer only leaving dust when she was done then lit the entire loft on fire.

She watched as each section of her old home burned down. When the flames became too hot she calmly walked out of the building and towards no general direction.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vury’s eyes closed as she spoke the words again. She missed him. And even though she was barely letting her lack of breath escape her now lifeless lips, it sounded to him like she was screaming. His senses were the strongest they had ever been. His ears picked up her voice, his conciousness reached for the sound waves, ate them up.
He missed her too.

“Lindsay…” he sighed as he crouched there, the blood running through his veins. Making him full of fire. His body aching for her warm skin. Only she wasn’t warm was she? She was just like him. Marble. Stone. Empty.

His black eyes looked up to her pained expression. She was like a monument that he could place on the grave where the human Lindsay now was. She was a sorrowful statue weeping at her lost humanity.

But she wasn’t. A pale hand reached for him and his mind listened to her thoughts. She wasn’t pained from her lack of life. Her faded smile wasn’t her problem. The milky skin wasn’t her concern. She instead only had one thing she missed. And that was him. She was done being bitter about what he had done. She thought he didn’t need any more punishment. And that they could be together forever now that she was what she was.

But as her hand reached for him, he jerked away and stood. He stared down at her with a glare. The virus had killed his Lindsay. And what he had done could never be undone. He hissed at himself. His bones were contorting. He wanted to stay. To hold her. To be with her after all of these eons apart.

But his inner demons whispered at him and licked their forked tongues like fire to his ears.
“You killed her Vury, Lindsay is dead.”


He looked at the scattered bodies around him, his veins feeling like they were soaring from the high. The rush. The adrenaline. He felt like he understood Kail so much more than he ever did. No wonder she reveled in this. This feeling was worth throwing everything and everyone away for. This pure exsistence of indulging in the worst and knowing that its what you were meant to do. Made to do. Have to do.

“Lindsay,” Vury said as he knelt down and grabbed her face. He gave her a fiery kiss unlike any kiss they had shared. It was always careful and calculated. But not this one. This one was intense and he breathed in her new scent. His stomach ached as he grabbed her hair in his hands and pushed her into him.

He lay her down and figured that if he was going to be a monster, he might as well gorge himself on indulgence.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 5:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"I'm going to drink your blood," she whispered.

Her victim shrieked as best as he could with his lips taped together.

"Yes, Precious. And then I'll cut you up and feed you to my family and friends."

"Mm mmm mhh!" he said, which roughly translated to "Who are you?"

The girl smiled and lifted the feathered mask from her head. "They call me Ammy."

"Mmm muhh mm mmhmm mm muhh mm mmm mm mmm mm muhh mm muhh mmhmm mmm." Which, again, roughly translated to "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."

"That's right. Maybe you shouldn't have left the door unlocked, John. And maybe you shouldn't have insulted me."

"Mm muhh mm muhhmuhh." (I see dead people.)

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn," Ammy snapped.

"Mmm mmm muhmuh mm muhhh!" (I'm the king of the world.)

"What we've got here is a failure to communicate... my precious."

"Mm mm muhmuh mmhm!" (Hasta la vista, baby.) With that, John threw himself at his captor, although his hands were tied to his feet, which made the sudden movement not quite as sudden as he'd hoped, due to his having to roll back andforth in order to gain momentum for the leap.

Ammy calmly pressed a knife to his throat and turned to face her audience of 200. "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."

John stopped rocking into the knife as he was bleeding now. He was glad his mouth was taped up so nobody could hear his voice. Ever since pretending to be a jockey with the mop his mother loved, his voice had never broken. And despite all his attempts to alter his voice digitally before releasing tapes of his TV show to the public, nothing could be done to save it. Now the entire world knew what his voice really sounded like. It was mortifying, as he'd once told his teddy bear while pretending to give an interview.

"Where the devil are my slippers?" Ammy yelled into John's face. In fact, there were no slippers at all, and she was playing a joke on John. She thought it was funny.

"Mm mummmhh muhmuh!" (You impudent hussy!)

"Damn, damn, damn, damn! Alright, let's just kill this guy and get the fuck out of here." And with that, Ammy stabbed John several times in the chest, and once in his head for good measure. It was hard to reach his chest because he was curled up in a ball due to his feet and hands being bound together, but Ammy was flexible and she succeeded in this. After having killed John, she threw him to her followers and they quickly finished him off. He was delicious, they said.

Ammy turned around and quickly stuffed a piece of John's finger into her mouth. She had discreetly cut it off earlier in order to try a bit of the food herself. He truly was delicious. Yum. Ammy turned back around and shouted, "JOHN SAFRAN IS NO MORE!"

The crowd roared in delight.


They laughed.


They cheered.


Silence. Then half-hearted cheers.

Ammy was lying. She smiled to herself secretly. "And now, for the evening prayer!"

The crowd quickly moved into rows of 10, and began chanting the prayer.

Ammy liked it when they prayed.

"Wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh
Wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh
Wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh
Wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh."

She bopped her head to it.

"In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
In the jungle, the quiet jungle
The lion sleeps tonight..."
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Something else was going on in Diego - something bigger than Syd and Pix because suddenly everything disappeared. They had been sitting in silence for a long time, hearing no footsteps or gunshots. Syd suspected it had something to do with the music she could hear pounding from blocks and blocks away, and she thanked whoever it was that had decided to throw such a massive party.

"We can go," she whispered to Pix.


They hefted Cable between them and began walking. Syd was glad Pix was strong or this would end up being a lot longer of a trip. As it was, she would give anything for some stolen hoverboards. Those would get them back to Mirage tonight, rather than later tomorrow. All that luscious metal they just weren't utilizing...she frowned to herself. Somehow the thoughts of Mirage and metal had overlapped into a vision of Kevin. Pix was right; all she would do was hurt him.

"I'm going to leave Mirage. Come back to the city."

Pix's only response was a nod and a solemn, "Oh."

"So you don't have to worry about Kevin anymore. There won't be any situation to worry about." Her voice was firmer than her resolve. It had been nice having the stability of Mirage, of even having a roommate. She would miss that. She would miss him. Which was totally stupid. What reason did she have to miss Kevin? There was nothing between them, not really. Just the normal friction caused by living in close proximity to someone of the opposite sex. Hormones had their own demands, and she and Kevin were just attempting to silence them. It wasn't about each other - that was for sure.

Cable bobbed between them as Pix halted, staring at something ahead of her. Syd followed her gaze and it rested on two very nice looking hoverboards. Pix grinned slightly. They both dropped Cable. Pix began examining the boards and Syd started looking for something to make a sling out of. It didn't take long - she found a net that wasn't ripped to shreds, probably from some crazy theme party Metamorphosis had thrown. She wrapped Cable up in it, face up, and grabbed the board that Pix handed her. Finding the boards renewed their energy and they got to the mouth of the tunnels quickly. Soon they were zooming through the muck, Cable swinging between them.

Elena, the guard on duty that night, opened the door for them. "We didn't expect you back..." she said meekly, looking at Syd and Pix with fear. Syd looked down at her clothes. There was some blood and a lot of dirt. Whatever. They once again had Cable safely in their custody. Syd started towards the command center, hoping to find someone who she could notify that she wanted to leave.

All she found was Kevin, Pete, and some destroyed computer equipment. Pix also stopped short behind her.

Kevin looked up, and relief washed his face. Part of her wished he felt that way because he was glad she was okay, but his eyes were on Pix.

"What the hell happened?"

"Uh...Izzy attempted to destroy the command center, apparently Zara left, and both Kane and Vury went after her," Pete rattled off.

Syd met eyes with Kevin. "I guess that means you're in charge."

"Now that you're back, technically you are."

"And we all know what a mistake that would be," she sniped. "However, for the sake of my misplaced authority...I think you guys should get some sleep." Syd whipped around and started for her room. She heard Kevin call after her but she ignored it. That shower was singing her name with the voice of an opera Viking.

Her room seemed strangely empty, but maybe Kevin had just cleaned up. She stripped off her clothes without even thinking, diving into the shower like she'd never had one before. The dirt swirled down the drain with a slight pink tint. She had a few scratches that were going to scab and crack painfully over the next few days. It'd give her an excuse to set up in the city. With some remorse she turned off the shower and brushed her hair before leaving the bathroom.

Syd stopped and looked around. It wasn't just that Kevin had cleaned...Kevin was gone. None of his stuff was anywhere. Even the work desk was completely clean, as if he had never been there at all. Mechanically, she checked the drawers just to make sure. Syd returned to her own half of the room and got dressed in a slightly haphazard fashion. She wasn't sure what she was feeling, but it was painful and she definitely didn't like it. She was pretty sure it would be easier to be annoyed and angry right now, but she just couldn't bring herself to it.

She messaged Pete on the wallscreen, asking where Kevin had been moved to. Pete gulped multiple times, meaning that he was afraid to tell her, meaning Kevin had asked to be moved - it hadn't just happened. When Pete finally broke down and told her she thanked him and shut off the connection.

Syd's feet carried her towards Kevin's new room all on their own. She wasn't even thinking. The wet of her hair was making her cold. Inside his new room she could hear him pacing, then randomly the sound of his machines doing whatever they did. Her hand raised itself and knocked softly. A swear came from within. Kevin opened the door.

Syd looked up into his face and felt as if she was going to crash. The tension on Kevin's face melted to hidden concern. She must have looked more devastated than she thought. Kevin stepped aside so that she could come in, and closed the door behind her. They stood their awkwardly, neither one saying anything.

"Did you want something?" he finally asked, his voice strained.

Syd looked around the room. It was small - smaller than the half he had with her. She took a step forward hesitantly, then stopped, moved back a little, and then sort of stepped forward again, not sure what she even wanted to say. Finally she looked up at him, her eyes watery and her voice cracking.

"You left me..."

And then Kevin was kissing her, and she wasn't fighting it or stopping it or thinking of a way to make it a part of their twisted game. She was taking it for what it was - a kiss, an expression of feelings they were both doing so well at suppressing. Heat flew from her toes to the roots of her hair, and she entwined herself around him. She'd missed him...she would miss him...
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It was dark. The room had an offending smell of formaldehyde and Kail was strapped down to a small steel table. This was not the place the expected to wake up in, this was not how she thought it would feel to wake up. Kail half expected to be in her small room stretching out as far as she could coming to from a long sleep. No this was not how she thought it would be like at all.

The table was cold to the touch and sent shivers up her spine. She didn’t like this cold feeling and tried to get away from it. Kail flexed her arm and pulled away from the straps that held her wrists into place. With all her might the buckle didn’t bend nor the fabric tear, she was stuck here. Weak, powerless, human.

Was this was she really wanted? It felt like only yesterday that she had told Lindsay to kill Logan and read the little file that he left open. Sure at first she thought of the poor Lindsay and Vury. The star-crossed couple that now lives the life that Kail once only knew. Kail had to laugh at the irony. She loved being a vampire and everything that came with it. Immortality, strength, placing fear in the eyes of humans and best of all, not feeling pain. Her heart froze over long ago, and the sins distracted her from caring about anything other than herself. But with control of the sins and Thoran melting the ice that incased her heart the pain made a comeback when he left.

Kail thought she was everything he wanted. Hell, she even believed him when he said that she was the only one. His lie was soon to be discovered when Kail saw him with that blond (well used to be blond) purple eyed bitch. That was the most painful experience Kail could recall. Thoran didn’t want her anymore she had nothing to live for, nobody wanted her so why not get back the only thing left to have. Life.

Breathing was hard. Kail had to take labored breaths through her swollen throat, she wondered how exactly they had “Returned” her as they were calling it. At the time all Kail was looking for was a quick way out, she didn’t care how or what happened to her as long as she wasn’t this thing, this monster, this being that Thoran once loved. Maybe if Kail was human. Maybe if she was warm to the touch like Zara he could love her again. What did Zara have that Kail didn’t? Was it the beating heart? Because if so the monitors all around the room told her that she indeed had one now.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[[The Syd/Kev scene is a little risque, but clean enough. PG-13 maybe?]]
[ps. sorry if this is crap, I am way outta practice, just flexing those writing muscles again x.x]

Kevin’s heartbeat was beating faster now that Syd was in his arms. But as her lips slowly melded with his, the rapid beating slowed down to normal. Again with this effect that Syd had on him. Fast. Slow. Hot. Cold. He pulled her into him deeper and he felt her hands wrap around him into his hair. Not pulling it. Just holding it, keeping a grasp on him. This wasn’t the time for rough kissing, the animal instincts were tucked away. Something else was taking over. A gentle kind of yearning calculating itself and letting their bodies take a deep breath. A sigh. Into each other.

He felt the covers of his bed on his hands beneath Syd’s body, and Syd’s hair was around her face, framing it. She was like apple pie a la mode with the vanilla creaminess melting in the pie heat. Like chocolate when you haven't eaten chocolate in a year. Like the swollen sea spilling tears all over your legs. The rush of the salt water as it retreats, leaving the now damp sand to envelope you.
“Syd…” was all his voice could muster. What do you say to someone that has that kind of effect on you? What could he possibly say?
He just let his face hover over hers for a moment. They were diving into deep waters, headfirst into a current going into a new direction. But for once. Kevin was willing to. For her.

Then their pulses met again in a unison. A echoing beat that let them know that they each needed this. And he touched her gently, sliding his hand under her clothes, discarding them carefully. If he moved too fast, did this all too quick, it might not last. He might wake up and realize it was all a dream. He would lose her. He couldn’t have that. He dipped his face onto her neck as her nightgown fell to the side of the bed.

Touching her skin was like a wind from the desert, a wind that knocks over candles so that flowers catch fire. A sunset filled with deep purples and rich oranges. The tiny and thick web of tree limbs creating veins in the sky that steadily turns to night. She was warm. Her breath was on his ear. Her hands taking his clothes off as well. For this moment she was his. He was hers. If she had told him to do anything at this point he was not in the state of mind to deny her.

He had fallen. He was hers. And all he wanted to think about was tonight. With Syd. His Syd.


Vury woke up without Lindsay next to him in the corpse-ridden, mildew-reeking tunnels below Diego. It smelled like sterile needles and not the iron-stink of dead blood. When he tried to sit up he found that he was unable to even move. Then a familiar face entered his line of vision. One that gave him flashbacks to days before everything. Before following Chanel and the uglies. Before meeting Ammy. Kail. Before the first Mirage. The second Diego. Zara. Kane. The Spades….Lindsay.
And she was staring him in the face now with somewhat smug eyes.

“Hello Vury…you’ve been quite busy while not in my care.”

If he could speak he would have said her name. But he couldn’t do anything but swallow. A memory came to him. Telling Syd and Pix to go get her. But now that he was unable to move and she was towering above him, he felt less in control. Like she was the puppetmaster again.

“Tell me what I’m thinking now Vury,” she smirked.

He dived into her head. A memory of getting taken out of Metamorphica. Then talking with Maddy, getting a dosage of something so that there was no more rambling. She was now in her right mind. Then after a while Pix’s face came into view.
‘We are going to get him. You created him, and now you’re going to help contain him.’
Then there was the search and gathering. Vury and Lindsay’s naked bodies covered, contained, and put onto the tables they were on now. She was here to help them.

“You’ve left me quite a mess to clean up. Jace and Chia. Now you and Lindsay. And I’m sure once Zara gets in I will have to do some work on her as well.”

Vury looked up at his former nightmare. What was she playing at? With Mirage so damaged, she was in a powerful spot now that Vury was lying on this table. She held the lives of so many valuable assets in her hands. It was dangerous. Vury only hoped that Pix and Kevin and Syd, even Maddy, they could handle things and keep her in line right? And Kane, would she send him away to get Zara? In his frantic state seeing Vury come back without Zara in hand would he go himself without any persuading? Vury knew the power of love. It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

“Dr.Cable, you’re needed in Jace’s room.”

She looked to the voice that called her and nodded. She looked back to Vury and grinned. She dipped her head to his ear and whispered, “Sleep well Vury…I would hate it if you didn’t get your strength back.”

That sent unwelcome chills down his spine. And now she stood and walked away. Heels clicking with each step she took.
Knowing that woman was going to have the lives of those that he cared about in his hands made his stomach turn. They were weak and she would take over if she could. Please. Pleasepleaseplease…someone, keep her in line. Take the responsibility. Lead Mirage away from her greedy hands.

He closed his eyes as a sleeping agent was given. He wanted so badly for this to be a nightmare. Wake up now. Wake up. But only the black sands of sleep welcomed him.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Syd's eyes snapped open. Her body ached in places she wasn't used to it aching...unfamiliar and frightening. Sore and heavy-hearted, she wrapped her arm more tightly around Kevin, realizing what had happened. Realizing his ability to completely destroy her. She didn't believe in fate or soulmates, but damn did this feel close. Everything he was balanced out everything she was. It was too perfect. It was time to go.

"Kevin?" she murmured. He shifted in his sleep, slightly awake. "I love you," she said quietly. She vowed it would be the only time she ever said it out loud.

"I love you too Syd," he said sleepily, rolling over to wrap her tighter to him. This could not continue. This could not stretch out her heart and make her into an actual human being. Syd couldn't function if she wasn't detached, if she wasn't able to process things from the outside. This was too far inside, crossing too far over all her lines and walls and traps. Syd waited for him to fall alseep again before she slipped carefully out from beneath his arms.

The cold air hit more than her skin, chilling her all the way through. Syd let the emotion and attachment freeze inside her heart, fall out of her mind. The door closed soundlessly behind her. She packed on automatic pilot, grabbed weapons, everything she needed. The city was her home, she couldn't stay here. She needed the wild swirling chaos of espionage and parties, even with a depleted population. If Axsym was really trying to take over New Diego, Mirage needed her to be there more than ever.

Kevin would understand.

She hoped.

Syd talked to Pete, vaguely and not entirely realizing that he was scared or upset about something. Whatever. He seemed to agree that they needed trustworthy eyes in New Diego. She left a letter for Jace, asking again for forgiveness, and telling her to find Syd if she could, when she could, and maybe they could start something new. It was all empty. Syd would have to be empty, because Kevin had shown her what it was like to be full. Everything was empty.

Pix met her at the door, which surprised her a little. "You're doing the right thing."

"Yea," Syd nodded as she swallowed the pills that would change her hair and eyes. She felt the strange contraction as her pupils turned yellow, and watched her hair melt into a deep turquoise. Syd closed the door behind her without a glance back.


Lindsay woke up screaming. Was it possible to hurt a vampire? This was all wrong. So wrong. It was like the dreams all over again.

A woman she didn't know was staring at her. No expression except for the minute glimmer of mirth in her cold dark eyes.

She smelled delicious.

Venom flooded into Lindsay's mouth, nearly dripping out of the corner. She fought against her restraints, animal instincts taking over entirely. Snarls ripped out of her mouth and she fought to get closer to that thumping heart, that perfect taste that teased her tongue on the air. Something like rain damp earth and a slight hint of decay. It was driving her nearly out of her mind.

"Behave yourself young lady. Someone as special as you shouldn't be so unruly."

Lindsay sat back on her haunches, panting heavily, trying to taste that smell with her mouth. Blood blood blood. So hungry. So hungry for that blood. This woman needed to die.

"Does your head hurt? That damn trigger even carried over into the afterlife it seems."

Lindsay was confused. "They removed the trigger. I was with Kail and nothing happened."

"It's just a trigger without a direction now...and I can prod it..." the woman flicked a switch and Lindsay's brain seized. "Any. Way. I. Want." The first real smile crossed her face. "Let's see how far I can push you."

Lindsay screamed. Where was Vury?
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kevin's eyes opened to his new room. This would be the second morning that he woke up in this room. And it was entirely different than the first time. The bed was comfortable enough. The decor was the same as his last room. His shared room with Syd. And all of his stuff was littered around him.

But this time when he woke up he came to two realizations.
One. Last night he was with Syd. And it was perfect.
And the second thing. She wasn't there anymore.

He sat up and looked around in the darkness of this stranger of a room. Part of him was hot with anger and knew that she wasn't going to be there anymore. But there was a cold lurching feeling as well, trying to lace its way through the bubbling disappointment.

Maybe she's still here. She is just in her room. Don't worry about it. You will see her at breakfast. She loves you remember?

It hit him like an unwelcome wave that pulls you down with the undertoe.
She had told him that she loved him. And he half-remembered saying it back. It was all so concrete then. She was here not but a few hours ago. In his arms. But now...now she was probably making plans in Diego.

As Kevin got dressed silently, briskly, his mind plagued him.

She is going to get all dressed up in a slinky black dress. She is going to dance at the hottest club in Diego. Guys will gravitate to her like flies, and you will have lost her. She will wake up in the arms of some other guy. She is supposed to seduce them. You just fell into her trap you dumbass.

Kevin stood in the darkness of the room for a while. His mind turning this way and that way. It was all just an act. She didn't really care about him. Those three words this morning were just to punch him in the gut before she made her grand exit.

"I just wanted to see if you would say it back," she would say with a smirk, a laugh would be held back at his expense.

Kevin looked down to the ground.
Fine. If she could close herself off, so could he.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 10:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kail wasn’t sure as to how much time had passed since she woke up. How ever long it had been she was ready to get unstrapped and begin her life as a human.

“Hello? She yelled out in the slight hope that someone would hear her.

Did they just forget about her? Before the procedure was done Kail was told that she was top priority to this project, how could they just complete it and then leave her to die? This was ridiculous!

Though her head was strapped down and she was unable to move it, Kail could see by using her peripheral vision that there was a tall figure standing in the shadows by the door. The room lights were off and without her perfect vamparic vision she couldn’t make out the face, Kail assumed that the person standing there was male.

Thoran maybe? Kail hoped to some random deity that it would be him, they had never been separated for so long. She missed him, loved him, needed him. The figure started walking closer, her heart beating faster with anticipation.

“Thoran?” her scratchy voice let out.

“Heh, no.” The guy stopped a few feet from her bed “but you should know me” he said with a slightly amused tone of voice.

“Who are you then? Show your face”

“What no curse words? No ‘who the hell are you?’ or ‘show your fucking face’? “ the guy mocked her. “Did you lose your passion and fire when the venom was sucked out of you”

Ok. Well obviously she had pissed this guy off at some point in time. Never the less that doesn’t lessen the list of people whom this person could be, it was practically Kail’s ethos to piss humanity off, and she reveled in every minute of it.

“You done yelling at me yet? Or do you want to continue verbally taking out your anger on a practically helpless human attached to a slab of metal?”

“You want to know who I am?” the guy growled “does this look fimilar?” he took a reading lamp and shone it on his neck. The healed skin was mangled and twisted into a disgusting mound of skin a few inches below his ear. Kail raised a eyebrow at the sight. Apparently she did know this guy, her dirty work plastered on his neck.

“I don’t let my victims live” she spoke as if she could still do that to a human.

“You didn’t let me live, you turned me” he growled through his teeth before commanding the room lights to come on.

Kail looked at him and instantly knew who he was. The hair, the eyes, and that nose, it was Lindsay’s brother.


The guy laughed “You do remember me.”

“You’re eyes are blue, you’re not a vampire anymore”

“Good job at stating the obvious.” Max began tightening the straps holding Kail down “You think with this procedure available that I would stay one of those things? You don’t know what it’s like to be turned into something that you are designed to kill” his voice still bitter.

“I am living it right now”

“Whatever! You were first a human!”

“I was only a human for 18 of the 300 years I have spent walking this earth. I know how to be a vampire. Not a human”

“Well you’re in luck” Max spoke with venom in his tone “I was assigned to be your guide to becoming a human” Max unlocked the wheels of Kail’s bed and pushed her out into the hallway.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Phase two of the procedure. Your internal organs are generally useless after being burned by the venom. You are going to get new ones and they will also replace your bones with the ones used in Specials. No need for bulky human bones anymore.”

“Why you?”

“Because until you came around I was the most successful return to human yet, and since you are my progenitor and we have history they thought it would be amusing to stick me with you”


Kail wondered if she should tell him of Lindsay. What would Max do? Should she wait and gain his trust before telling him or just blurt it out?

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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