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RT.. the new RTV2...
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Joined: 24 Feb 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Streaming digital pixels of the chaotic music pulsed across the dance floor sending shards of explosive pain up the Ravers' spine. It was a new clique, members flocking from across the city of Deigo, ready for the next big thing.

Generally speaking the music killed Demiter's ears at first sound, the beat was essentially a mind numbing drug, filtered through every skintenna in the room and blasted a full volume it had the key to release endorphins in the brain and cause a momentary high.

Struck by this, Demi could no longer feel her flesh. Caught by the rhythm, the essential mind chaos of patterns and interweaving designs filtering through every skintenna in the room she sat twitching, her body litlessly moving with the motion. She swayed slightly, fingers outstretched.

The feeling of someone's lips on her neck aroused her to the point of uttering a blink. The man seemingly ignored her, letting his fingers carress her soft skin, slowly moving upwards, skirting underneath her clothing.

He worked mercilessly, his lips pressing violently against her own, Demi grappled for breath as his tongue needlessly swapped the inside of her mouth, unable to move, trapped by the drug of motion.

This was her first rave, her first time trapped by the interlacing notes, the others were experienced as the glided around, dancing, their perfect bodies writhing in effortless motion. But Demi was not, she was awestruck.

A second of consciousness allowed her to push him away, her lipstick smeared heavily she desperately worked to disconnect her skinntenna and leave. He glared, a growl seemingly arose in his throat.

Demi, not full recovered could barely stand, she leaned on the end of a table, her knuckles white as she grasped for support. He leaned in trying to grap hold of her arm, distracted Demi was forced into his chest.

She met his eyes, his steely gray eyes. He was not essentially good looking, a regular god-forsaken Pretty. His general looks and unhealthy demeanour made him more vehemently detestable.

Tears streaked her face as she fought his grasp, but he was stronger. No one seemed able to help, their minds still altered by the music, the pictures and the streaming pixel videos that were constantly being shared across the room. She screamed, unheard.

Barely recovered still, she tried to wrench his hand from her neck, but was aimlessly pulled across the room. Across the room seemingly got chillier. Demi started, before glancing at the night sky, lost she stared into his bleak his. Into his soulless empty depths.

He carried her into some darkened ally, the light of a party never reached. She felt her death upon her, her last cry into the night. She felt his lips brace her soft clavicle bone and senselessly she tried screaming as a sweaty hand was cupped across her mouth. He pulled of her shirt, exposing her underwear beneath, and roughly began.

She pulled away, trying desperately to free herself. A match of grappling and genuine acrobatics began as he wrenched he backwards swinging her into a 360' angle before turning she launched her softened down Pretty teeth into his arm.

A cry of pain echoed across the bare walls and the darkness was shattered by his scream. She ran as she was free, stumbling off into the darkness, trying desperately to escape.

Demi made it to the edge of the forest where she settled daftly into a pile of rotted leaves. Staring blankly at the sky she waited for the sun to rise, then maybe she would return home.

Fear angrily tore at her veins leaving her breathless as she sat on the ground, it pressed into ever cell of her body and exhausted her. Shivering she pullled the mold over herself before settling into the leaves once again and waiting for sunrise.
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Asset Patient 001

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Location: drowning in piles of books! x.x

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

WARNING: harsh language (and a LONG speech, lol)

“We need you to answer the question Vury,” said the woman sitting coolly behind the table. The table was lit from the top and lit her features in an eerie way. Vury looked up to her with hard eyes. He had been in this interrogation room for hours. He was giving them nothing. But the less he gave, the more they pressed.

“I have told you a thousand times…I don’t know about my past.”
His voice was hard and his veins were shaking with the urge to feed again. After Raven’s blood, his body wanted more. Vury would resist. He wouldn’t do it again. Not unless it meant they were definitely getting out.

The woman clicked her pen and sighed. She smiled a little and stayed watching him for an answer. Vury hissed in his throat.
“How long will you keep me here? I know nothing,” he spoke like it was a curse he was putting on her. They were trying to mentally brake him. Something. They couldn’t really want answers. They probably knew more about him than he did.

“Vury. Please. Try to remember.”
She spoke without any kind of sensitively. It was more like a command. He sank back in his chair and sighed. He lifted his head, the light in the surface of the table casting shadows on his throat.

He closed his eyes. He was thinking about escaping. The wild. The woods. Hunting animals. Before all of the Chanel stuff, the Diego library, the explosion of Cable’s DNA lab in New Pretty Town, before Kane, before Kail, before Zara, before Ammy, before Mirage. The simplicity of life. How much he yearned for it. Only plus a perk. A blonde perk named Lindsay who was his little personal sun in this hell of a place.

He heard two more minds enter. They were seething. They were lusting. They were brooding. He furrowed his brow and heard the clicks of the other woman’s heels as she left. When he looked back up Jace and Chia were grinning at him.

He stared at Jace. His prodigy. His best student. Now she had a snarky grin. She smelled completely different. The air around her wasn’t anything like it was before. The fire within of the bright young woman, strong and able…that was gone. The Ace of the Spades was playing in another deck now. The deck that laid her beside the cocky little shit beside her. Chia. Basically the son of the Devil named Laryx.

“Hello Vury,” Jace cooed. Vury was dumbstruck. His whole mind felt like it was unraveling. As his eyes stayed on Jace and her completely different self, Chia had made his way to Vury’s side.

“You should say hello back,” Chia said with a smile. Vury glared at Chia. How much did he want to pound this little shit into the wall until he was nothing but a pulpy mess? As Chia’s mind chuckled inwardly Vury arrived at his answer. A whole hell of a lot. He glanced back at Jace but she was on his other side.

Vury’s skin was prickly like he was between two repellant magnets and he had nowhere to go. He opted to stare at the table as they did whatever the fuck they wanted to do. Which turned out to be a lot of talking.

“I guess you have other things on your mind,” Jace’s voice was not her own.

“I wish we were the mind readers, don’t you pet?” Chia’s words were like a cigarette butt singeing into Vury’s skin. A minor annoyance. But an annoyance none the less.

“Mmm,” Jace sighed, “Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“But I think we know what he is thinking about.”

“Either that little blonde tramp,” Jace laughed out. Vury felt his fingers twitch in response to her words.

“Or,” Chia leaned in closer to Vury’s ear, “Escaping to that pitiful excuse of a place called Mirage.”

“Too bad it did nothing for me,” Jace said walking around to sit back down where the previous woman was. Chia backed off and leaned on a wall behind Vury. Vury watched Jace. She was reveling this. Destroying his vision of her and what all of his training could do. He had to give Axsym credit in one department. They did a great job of fucking people over.

“You want to know why it did nothing for me Vury?”

Vury was still as stone. This wasn’t Jace. This was what Axsym wanted Jace to be. To say.

“It did nothing for me because deep down you only taught me the fighting skills that I needed to know out of protection. You wanted to make sure all of the little trainees knew how to pack a punch for people like Chia,” Jace’s eyes flickered over to Chia. They stayed there a brief moment and the stench of lust filled the room. It made Vury’s nostrils inflame and he looked away from her and off to another corner of the room. She spoke more.

“But you know what I learned? Nothing packs a punch like pure power. Mirage doesn’t want power. It wasn’t oppression of power. To stop the bad guys. But we all know the adrenaline. The desire. The need. For power. That’s what really gets the blood going. Makes the defensive fighting look like…well shit really.”

Vury sighed and tried to zone out, but his ears were Asset ears. His mind was picking up everything anyway. There was no way to block it. He cringed as she went on.

“If you escaped what would you do? Teach your trainees at Mirage some more? What if you do perfect it. Everything goes your way. What will happen when you send them out into the world? Will they make elite teams like we did? The Spades? They are all dead Vury,” she spoke these words like she lost all her amusement in taunting him. Her voice was constrained. The idea of the Spades all being dead pained her. Vury had to look back. Her face reflected it. She hated that they were gone. But she hated Vury. Somehow she put the blame on him.

“They are dead because they were weak. They are dead because they didn’t accept fate the way that I did. All of this rage inside me. It feels great. So you can make all of your little trainees as prepared as you want. Little superheroes to save the world. Protect the fucking human race. But you will lose them. You will fail. Because the human spirit always falls into its basic instinct. We will always feel rage. Lust. Desire. Anger. Hate. No matter how you try to train them they will all end up like me.”

“Do I smell blood on your lips Vury?” her face twisted into a smile again. A pained smile. A smile not her own. Vury’s muscles twitched again. She was getting under his skin now.

“How did it taste? Does your body want more? I bet it does. I bet it kills you. You know you could just fall into it. The desire. You could be what you really are. Why fight it? You are just going to feel it again. In a lot of ways Kail is far more sane than you are. She is all on her own. She is feeding her desires. At least she knows who she is. And who are you? Some washed up teacher of a dead corporation that sends out kids into the world that will end up to be Axsym’s favorite toys like me? That’s one hell of a future,” Vury was drowning in her words. She was getting up. Chia was leaving with her.

Vury's mind was racing. Confused. Muddled. He sighed. He wasn't sure what was right and wrong anymore.

Had they finally broken him?
Had they finally succeeded?
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 3:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Lindsay, Lindsay come on, wake up!" A voice was speaking over her. She sat up without opening her eyes, feeling pain in the back of her head.

"Ouch." she muttered.

"That's what you get for all that tequila," a voice said with amusement. It was familiar, but it seemed softer than the voice she knew. Beneath her fingers Lindsay felt soft cotton covering her legs, and the room smelled like sunshine and cut grass. Her eyes opened to the bright light inside of her bedroom. The walls bright white, swishy white curtains tied to the side - the door to her balcony open onto the yard. Posters on her walls for bands and the usual clutter of make-up across her dresser. She could even see her trignometry book waiting on the old mahogany desk. Lindsay looked to the voice.

Kail was perched on the edge of her bed, legs crossed Indian style. She was wearing more bracelets than most people, dark blue jeans and a violently orange shirt. She was smiling. Lindsay smiled back, although something made her hesitate. Something she couldn't quite reach. A frightening flash of blood coming from Kail's mouth came to her, but disappeared just as fast. Feeling disconcerted, she slid out from under the covers, pink and white striped pajama pants and a pink tank top fitting her loosely. The white carpet was soft and squishy beneath her bare feet.

"Did I really drink that much? I don't remember."

She heard Kail flop back on her bed. "You might want to keep it that way."

They both laughed, and Lindsay looked back at her, holding eye contact. "Okay, I trust you." They smiled. "What are we doing today?"


"Cookies!" Lindsay slid on her favorite jeans, broken in and faded just for her, super soft to the touch. The bottoms were shredded and one of the back pockets was missing. A bright green t-shirt for a marathon went on after that.

She and Kail made their way to the kitchen. Her mom was already gone, a message on the fridge reminding them not to make a mess. With the ingredients ready, they got to work...flour, milk, eggs, sugar, chocolate and butterscotch flavored chips. The mess was inevitable. Lindsay watched Kail out of the corner of her eye. Before she could stop her impulses, a cloud of flour was blooming in the air and Kail was covered. Kail sneezed violently and then looked at her with disdain.

"Grr! I'm the flour monster!" She made her face into a snarl and came at Lindsay.

Lindsay saw blood covering Kail, her eyes pitch black and her fingernails like claws. Screaming, Lindsay backed away from her, slamming into the refridgerator. Her vision cleared and Lindsay saw a very confused flour-covered Kail staring at her.

"Geeze Linds, you should try out for the play this year. For a second there I thought you were actually afraid."

"For a second there I actually was. I just had a really weird dream last night. It was so...real. I dunno." She shook her head and grabbed the broom from the closet, starting to sweep up the flour. Kail went back to the cookies.

"You know how weird you are about your dreams. Remember the time you thought Tommy had broken up with you?"

Lindsay laughed, remembering. Tommy...beautiful, blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Completely calm and gentle. Not necessarily the brightest crayon, but a good guy. So different from Vury. Lindsay's thoughts stopped - Vury? Who was Vury?

"Hey Kail, do we know anybody named Vury?"

She thought she saw Kail shift, but brushed it off as nothing. "I don't think so. Weird name."

Lindsay put the broom away, running the name through her head, hoping it would spark something. For just a moment she could've sworn she'd seen a face attached to that name. A face that made her feel...different. Happy and sad at the same time. Making a note to think about it later, Lindsay went back to the cookies. Life was good, why should she mess with it?


Zara sat at the table with her head in her hands. The rest of the people assembled were in similar states of depression.

"Why can't we try and break them out?"

"We just don't have the manpower. Three of us is barely one of Vury - we don't have the strength to take on Axsym, or even the surveillance necessary. We have a vague location, and no inside details. It would be suicide."

"Vury would do it."

"Yea well, Vury's immortal, isn't he?" Zara snapped, losing her patience. They didn't have the manpower, or simply just the men, to do much of anything at the moment. Their reputation in Diego was pretty much decimated, and no new recruits had run away in almost a week. Not since Axsym made that stupid announcement. She knew they still had people in hiding, but until they could figure out the message and get home, there was going to be no quick solution to any of their problems. At least they could still get all the supplies they needed.

"Alright, this is what we need to do, now. We have to fix our reputation in Diego. We need to find proof of something IN the CITY that Axsym is doing that we can expose. It might not make us look good again, but it can make them look really bad. She eyed up the three undercover team leaders. Kit - watch the hospitals, Gage - the treatment plants. Sage...start looking for the others. Don't make contact, just make sure they haven't turned. Everybody else...keep doing what you're doing."

People started leaving, and Zara remained in her seat. Kane, Ammy, and Pete remained behind. They sat in angry silence, frustrated with their inability to do anything.

"I'm heading to New Pretty Town," Kane said quietly, the voice that meant there would be no argument, "I'll grab who I can. We need people. We need to look good there."

She nodded. "It doesn't matter. We need to save the people we've got right now. Outside Diego...really doesn't matter to me right now." Her face and chest still burned from the tattoos, but it was masking the almost regular twinges of her scars. It was getting worse every day, but there really wasn't anything she could do about it - or anything she wanted to. She deserved this pain.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 5:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Vury. Please stop.”

The monotone voice was trying to calm him down. It only made him more angry. He twisted the skin on the man under his grip. All of his other men were on the ground knocked out, some had bloody noses. Most all of them had a broken limb. They were threatening to call in Laryx. Vury didn’t care. For a moment they had him second guessing his loyalty to Mirage. To everything he had worked so hard for. For a moment they were winning. All by using a simple form of a weapon named Jace. He was tired. He wanted out. He wanted Lindsay and him and Jace to be free. Back where they belonged.

“Vury. Release him.”

“Bite me!” Vury spat and the man’s heart beat rapid fire. It could have burned a hole clean through his insides with the intensity. It was almost humming and the lines between the beats were blurred. Vury reveled in the fear. This man was twisted and sick. Reading his mind was proof alone. But he worked at Axsym. So he was already screwed.

“Funny,” said the snide voice behind him. Vury clipped the man’s neck in a place that had him pass out and would make his breathing irregular. He turned with black steely eyes to meet the owner of that voice. Chia. The grinning jackal.

They weren’t going to talk. They weren’t going to exchange witty banter and lash out for emotional pulls. Vury wasn’t going to take it. Chia wasn’t going to dish it. Insteady Chia’s crooked smile stayed on his face as he made his way towards Vury.

It was all really quite fast. No matter how good Laryx saw Chia, he was still not as good as Vury. Chia tried a few tricky maneuvers to try and immobilize Vury. But the rage and determination to get out of Axsym had Vury knocking the wind out of Chia left and right. He would always regain himself right before Vury sent another shattering punch to Chia’s little skull.

The blood was boiling in his veins. Vury was face to face with the little shit that had been the catalyst to Jace’s demise. He was sure that Jace wasn’t willingly his slave. He was sure Chia wasn’t opposed to the idea. And he was sure that beating this maggot until he was a grease stain on a bloody floor would satisfy him greatly.

They fought hard and intense, nearly crumbling the walls as they threw one another against the hard white concrete. Little red smears like cave paintings. The men on the floor groaning as they were stepped over like articles of trash. The smell of sweat and determination was all Vury could smell. The blind blackness of rage was all he could feel. And then he got an idea and smirked.

Chia dove in for a jab in the gut. Vury grabbed him by the hair and he yanked it back so that Chia’s neck was being teased with the tips of Vury’s fangs. Chia froze. The voice came back on babbling about something. Stop. Or something just as ridiculous. Vury scrapped Chia’s skin and let a bead of blood drop before he heard someone else enter.

The impact of Jace’s foot on the back of his head made Vury’s fangs dig deep into Chia’s neck for the slightest moment. Chia groaned and held his neck. No doubt it burned. No doubt it would heal over. No doubt he would have a cold spot for the rest of his life. To this Vury grinned. The little shit deserved more.

His happiness was short lived as Jace started pummeling him. Did they think he wouldn’t attack her to? She wasn’t Jace, she was the Jace they wanted her to be. She was a ghost now. A phantom. A fake.

She smelled of lust, rage, confusion, determination. It was mixed. Vury was sure she was trying to battle all of this chemical crap internally. One mention of something would set her off in the opposite direction. Vury just didn’t know what it was. And as she sent sharp punches into his weak spots that he remembered showing her back in Mirage he couldn’t help but hate himself for being such a good teacher.

Her attacks were like a wall. He had no way to defend himself. And she had an edge now that she didn’t have before. Probably from the having to watch Chia fail to get Vury down. Probably territorial of Chia and his stupid little neck. Either way Vury’s sides and nose were not happy about this edge in the least. He felt pain back to back until she had him on the ground. She was going to get on top of him and slug him left and right like he told her. But she must have remembered the one way of defense.

He tried to trip her. She jumped. Good. That gave him way to kick her. She had a sharp intake of breath and fell backwards. Vury began rounding on her. Giving her the same dosage of the same beat down she was giving him. All the while Chia was trying to interject. Vury kept kicking him in the face. He seemed to hate that. Every time he got faster as he got back up.

Then came the voice.

“Proceeding with numbing gas, all personal leave the area.”

Vury growled. Of course.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 11:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lindsay was just pulling the third tray of cookies out of the oven when the kitchen door burst open. Kail jumped off the counter and they stared at the boy standing there, staring at them wild-eyed. He was slightly pale, his hair looked recently cut, and he seemed exhausted. His eyes were strangely dark in such a pale face. He looked familiar to her. She knew his name, but it was stuck on the tip of her tongue.

"Who are you?!" Kail had grabbed a knife from the block on the counter and was holding it in front of her. Lindsay had never heard her sound so scared.

He gave Kail a strange look, like he knew her and she was acting strange. "Kail, what are you doing here?"

"Get out!" was all Kail said in response, like she didn't even register what he'd said. The guy looked around, studying his surroundings. Something seemed to dawn on him. He ignored Kail and focused on Lindsay.

"Come on Lindsay, we need to get out of here."

He knew her name. "What are you talking about Vury?" Vury. That was his name. The face that she had seen earlier that made her feel weird. For some reason she knew him, but couldn't remember how. He was intense.

Kail ran at him, swinging the knife in front of her. Vury stepped forward with a growl and she screamed, running back through the house. Lindsay heard the front door slam. He came towards her, his eyes pitch black. Lindsay backed up, burning her hand on the pan. She hissed and pulled it back to look at it. Vury grabbed her wrist to check on it, but there was no burn there. Sparks flew along her skin where his cold hand touched her.

"We need to go." This all should have seemed a lot weirder, but it didn't.

"I don't think I should," she replied hesitantly, trying not to look at him. His eyes had returned to normal.

"It wasn't a request." He held on to her wrist and gently pulled her towards the back door. Lindsay saw her yard, but stepped into a bright white hallway. This wasn't what he backyard looked like!

"What is going on?!" she felt panicked. The lighting made Vury seem even paler. "Who are you?! What's happening?!" Fear was starting to make a ball form in her throat and tears spring to her eyes. She stopped and pulled away from him, curling up into the wall. "What's happening?"

Vury seemed angry, but came to her and put his hands on either side of her head, forcing her to hold his gaze. "This isn't the Lindsay I know," he said softly, "the Lindsay I know is strong and brave. The Lindsay I know never stops fighting. She's in there somewhere."

"How do you know me?" she swallowed, calming a little. "How do I know you?"

She wasn't sure, but it might've been hurt that crossed his face. "You'll remember. But if you want to stay alive, we need to leave." Her only response was a nod. They started running down the hall - hopefully to whatever freedom he thought was outside these walls. Flashes of it seemed familiar to her, just like he did. Maybe he was right, maybe it would come back.

Two men came around the corner, and Vury immediately went for the first one. She'd never seen anyone move that fast. The second one came for her, fist raised to punch. As Lindsay braced herself for the hit, it never came. Her arm blocked instinctively as her foot crushed his instep. The heel of her hand smashed into his nose and he collapsed. Lindsay stared at the unconscious man on the ground.

"How did I do that!" Vury shook his head and they kept running. It was like she was in her body but someone else was controlling it. And she wasn't scared to admit - she liked it.


"Z!" Izzy yelled.

Zara turned around angrily. "Don't call me that."

"Whatever," Izzy rolled her eyes, "we just got this. Pete forwarded it on."

Zara's eyes scanned the page, picking out the letters and numbers of the codes that were ingrained in her mind. Pete and Thoran had developed most of them. She'd have to pull all of Thoran's codes now. He would be able to translate them for Axsym. The message gave her hope though - Pix and Kevin were out there, and they were alive. The last of the Spades were coming home.

"Tell Pete to send out the watch alert to the tunnel guards. Thanks Izzy." Zara started making a mental list of all the things they would need to talk about. The Spades had been disconnected from Mirage - trusted to be out on their own. They were the best.

"Your welcome...Z." Izzy stalked back down the hallway and Zara glared at her retreating form. It wasn't worth the fight.

Now that the Spades were coming back with vital information, other assets in the city could be put into play - people who had been waiting for the right time to start their missions. They could rebuild Mirage's reputation now - and damage Axsym at the same time. Kevin and Pix were exactly the kind of boost and motivation she had needed to feel good about all of this again.

Now they needed a plan to get Vury and Lindsay out of Axsym. It sounded like a job only one person could handle - Ammy.
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Asset Patient 001

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 6:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As Vury was leading Lindsay out, he felt a stinging in his temporal lobe. He knew what that meant. Laryx. It was a numbing twinge, but it was still pronounced enough. They were already past the gates, bodies trailing behind them and snipers on the roof trying to get them. But lucky for them both Vury was faster than they could comprehend. A pale blur with a blonde firm in his arms. The twinge was stinging and he looked back. Laryx was staring them down. His eyes intense enough to send knots in Vury’s stomach. His mind echoed that he wasn’t afraid of the chase. He rather enjoyed it. Vury’s body numbed and his vision blurred for only a second.

“Vury!” he heard the worried voice by his ear.

He came to just in time not to run into a tree. He moved and her hair whipped him on the arm. He kept bolting even after they were long gone from the bullets. After they were safe behind on the outer walls of Diego he set Lindsay down to catch her breath. She seemed mixed with emotions, and she kept blinking and looking around like she was still in her delusion but it might be melting away. He hoped so.

Vury sank down to the ground, his back against the wall. They were out. They were finally out. It all seemed too simple. But sometimes that was all it took. He remembered the gas filling the room. He remembered holding his breath and waiting long after the even heard the door click open.

They were going to take him, contain him again. But as he listened for their footsteps, the waves that gave him an idea of distance – he got a mental visual of where they were. Before one of them could even lean over to grab him, Vury had broken his nose. The others were given similar fates.

The door was about to lock again from the outside, but Vury raced out just in time, his heel almost getting caught between the sliding metal. But he got out. Alarms went off. Lights flashed all over the white hallways. People came rushing out. You would think it was some kind of celebration. He fought with a rage that not even Axsym could tame. He was a cage animal. And he wanted out so bad he could taste the desire on his tongue.

More gas came, the men had their masks on. But Laryx had kept Vury in a tank for the better part of his stay at Axsym. Vury’s lungs weren’t really being used and they were used to low intake of breath. After many groans and popping of limbs, Vury’s mind was less overwhelmed with mind-chatter. The numbers were dwindling. Then he smelled cookies as he went looking for Lindsay.

That was odd. Her mind was projecting everything that she thought was going on. He thought he even knew what an iron was for a minute before he came to his senses. Seeing her all confused like that made Vury even more determined to get out. It was by the grace of some unknown force that they got out.

He guessed with the alarms to come and get him, a few of the men forgot to lock down their posts. They probably thought it would be under control. A mistake that Vury was sure would cost them a thumb. Maybe more. Losing two prisoners at once? He didn’t even want to think about what kind of sick torture Laryx would cook up.

He closed his eyes and simply took in the smells. The sounds. The feel of earth beneath his hands. He took a deep breath and sighed. It was wonderful. Real. Nothing artificial. But his dark eyes looked over to Lindsay. Her mind was still wigged out. Once that passed they would come up with a plan together. But for right now they needed to get around to the other end of the city wall where the back entrance was. Less security and more houses to duck behind.

They couldn’t risk going to Mirage. And more importantly Vury had no idea where they had relocated. They had so many protocols for when something like this happened and there were a million places they could be. But just to be safe Vury would stay in Diego. Since he was still with Axsym when they were forced to move, he thought they might not move far. Diego was a beacon of information. He would alert them somehow from inside.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 12:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thoran walked home in the rain, trying to let it clean more than just his skin. It wasn't even cold, although he was still shirtless. Apparently, this was considered strange in a city that prided itself on being unique. People just weren't supposed to go around with too much skin showing - at least not if you were a guy. He went in to the building the back way, running up the stairs to avoid anymore penetrating gazes.

The scent inside his room stopped him short. She was everywhere. Spicy and cold at the same time. He followed the trail she'd left behind, and could still see the shape of her on the sheets. Thoran buried himself in them, breathing her in. If he could have, he would have been crying. The ache in his chest throbbed at being without her. Had she come back to torture him? Or just come back for him?

Suddenly he wasn't so tired anymore - he needed to find her immediately. Kail...Thoran's head started to swim a bit with exhaustion and need. He paused for a second and grabbed a shirt. Outside the door the scent got colder, but he wasn't far behind her. The sun had risen already onto a dark day full of storm and rain. He knew how much she loved the rain - it wouldn't be too hard to find her somewhere outside.

Eager to face her, he ran through the streets, straining his senses. If she didn't have something to say, she wouldn't have come back.

Losing it a little, he yelled, "KAIL!!!!" Knowing her she would hear it. Thoran wracked his brain for open spaces within the city; spaces that would let the rain in. There was a park on top of a building a couple blocks away. It was worth a try.

Once again he went up the back way, getting chilled in the cold air inside the building. Emerging onto the heat and rain of the roof was a relief. Thoran caught her scent immediately. She was across the roof staring out, absolutely drenched in the rain. The sight of it sent a bolt of lighting from his heart down through the rest of his body. A mixture of lust and anger had his jaw clenching. Thoran moved quietly towards her, but he knew she would sense him there. When she didn't move, he came closer.

The anger was uncontrollable. Thoran seized her arms from behind and yanked her against his chest. He buried his face in her neck, nibbling less gently than he could have. Her skin tasted like the rain water she was covered in. If she wanted to, she could probably kill him now, but she had barely moved at all. Thoran couldn't bring himself to step away from her; the feeling of her against him was driving him crazy. It had been only days that they had been apart and it felt like months.

"Not that I'm not pleased," he kissed her neck possessively, "but why did you come back?" It came out with a choked sound. He wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer.

"What happened here?" Lindsay asked in a quiet voice. The subtle shapes of ruined building were covered in foliage just outside the wall. The city they were looking at seemed familiar.

"A plague. A fire. Death."

"Oh," her voice was hushed, "where are we?"

"Diego." He wasn't really looking at anything from what she could tell, but his eyes were scanning quickly in front of him as if he was figuring something out. She enjoyed looking at him - especially his lips. Lindsay smiled to herself, but stopped when she realized he was looking at her and that he was smiling too. The laughter in the smile made her feel as if he had known exactly what she was thinking about. A blush crept up along her cheeks.

"What do you need to do here? and can we eat? I feel like I barely ate any of those cookies."

He laughed again. She was starting to get frustrated. "I need to find a way to get in touch with...Mirage."

Mirage. Images flashed through her mind, faces and things that had happened. She saw a dead girl on the floor and a building falling down around her; a girl with too much blonde hair and determined purple eyes; underground tunnels and wall screens; a padded room that she liked to sleep in; a perfect forest...and a kiss...
Lindsay stared for a moment.

"Zara. The blonde girl with purple eyes. And a bad temper." Lindsay brought a hand to her neck, as if remembering some pain the girl had caused there. Other things were coming back to her. She was falling back into the memories she had first had. "My brothers! Oh my god we left them there!" Lindsay stood up and looked back in the direction they had come from.

Her two memories were fighting with each other for dominance in her head. It made tears of effort spill out of her eyes. What was real?

Lindsay turned to look at Vury for help answering that question - and then she knew. He was the answer to that question. He was real. Somehow he was in both sets of memories like a bridge between them. Now she knew other things about him too - he was a vampire. It didn't scare her like she thought it would, but memory told her she'd killed vampires before and that he was different.

"Are the things I remember...the Kail that made cookies with me and my house and my life - was that real?"

He sighed. "No. It was...based on reality, but none of it was yours."

"So the other things I remember, that's real?" The more she looked at him, straight at him, the more she remembered.


"Everything?" She took a step closer to him, and he stood up from his crouching position. Lindsay remembered them standing in a room, the tension so strong it could literally explode something.

"Everything," his voice was much quieter as he looked evenly into her eyes.

Lindsay moved closer to him, barely a breath seperating them. One at a time she put her hands on his chest. That same tension she remembered was there again. Quickly, she took a step back, breaking it. They both let out the breath they'd been holding.

"I just had to see...if that was real too." She felt ashamed of herself for doing that to him.

"Well it was." He was angry.

"Oh hell," Lindsay grumbled before slamming herself into him, throwing her arms around his neck. Her lips grabbed his in a fierce kiss. It was the kind of kiss that was worth waiting for. The last of the puzzle pieces seemed to fall into place then. Everything was how it had been before only better. They weren't just in their heads anymore.

The kiss ended, but the embrace didn't. Vury buried his face in her hair.

"Finally," she breathed, laughing to herself.
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The rain felt amazing as each drop hit her cold skin. The water trickled down and tickled her nerve endings the way his touch did when he oh so softly ran his fingers down her arm.

She heard him shout her name. After only a few days without him the sound of his voice calmed her nerves. He was looking for her, he was alive… and well able to shout. The one thing she couldn’t tell is if he was angry or what emotion he was feeling. Kail stood still on top of the building letting the rain hit her, still soothing her. If she had a pulse her heart would be beating fast with the anticipation of Thoran in near. He would find her, he knew her.

The door to the roof opened and immediately she could sense wrath. This scared her, what was Thoran thinking? What was he going to do. Kail remained still with her back to him, looking to the west watching the sun move from behind the mountains to the thick mass of clouds that loomed over Diego.

He was getting closer, her eyes went dark while lust set in, she craved him, his touch, his kiss and his warmth.

A hand took a tight grip around her arm before she was pulled against his chest. She took a deep breath and inhaled his scent. She lifted her head as Thoran nibbled down her neck, it was hard to belive that he was here and that he wasn’t fit with wrath trying to kill her. His hands wondered her body holding her close and never letting go, they stopped with her face in them. He looked right into her eyes. He was in pain, she could tell and that for once in her very long afterlife she felt bad, she felt terrible that she had left him.

” Not that I'm not pleased,” A firm kiss was pressed against her lips while his hands moved from her face to wandering through her hair. There was both tension and passion in his kiss and Kail tried her hardest not to let the sweet smell of lust take over and she kissed him back. ” but why did you come back?”

Kail buried her face into his neck and inhaled the scent once more. “I had to” she said between planting kisses on his collar bone.


“I realized something” she moved up his neck softly inhaling his scent. Thoran’s hand trailed down her back making her shiver at the sensation. Kail kissed him passionately. She missed him and never wanted to let go ever again. Thoran pulled away and waited in silence for a full answer. “Right here.” She patted where her heart would be if she had one. “When I think of you I feel something right here, as if it was going to bust. It feels like I have a heart. Because of you I know I can love. Despite the lies I have been told, you make me more human than I have ever been, even when I was alive” Kail looked right into his eyes when she spoke. “I love you, I don’t want to be without you ever again”

Thoran pulled her into a kiss again. Kail wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed back with passion, with love. For once she felt something else other than lust when she kissed him.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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Demi headed back into Deigo shivering vehemently. Every cell in her body felt chilled to core, and the rain wasn't exactly helping. She grimmaced as she passed an overpass and sheets of run-off blanketed her icy skin.

Angry she reached out to kick ungracefully at a puddle of the satanic water that fell satirically from the slate colored sky. She paused to glare at the heavens wondering if some unknown deity might smite her.

It was definitely soaking the color from her hair.

Reached into the mass of tangled dreads, to feel of a tightly wound purple pinacle, ending in a chaotic blue, and changing to a violent orange/pink gradient with her heartbeat.

She wasn't exceptionally different in any way of speaking, Deigo seemed to have recently gone crazy. It was almost as if, some internal struggle was forcing the city, strangling it to death, but that was beyond her. Demi's job wasn't to worry about her city fallling apart.

As of recently, cliques had been springing up, running wild with crazy surges and proclaiming their individuality , their rebellion. That was how the ravers sprang up, Demi assumed, and she had instantly drifted into that, wild, eccentric and rather colorful group along with most of her friends.

It required nothing more than a skintenna, an insane surgery and a knack for being able to survive the new age intoxications. Alcohol was so overated. They were basically New, Nu Rave.

Unfortunately, Demi could do all but one. Her brain felt as if a light bulb had been shoved into her skull and then turned on, every neuron in her brain felt as if it was seething with firey hot metal.

It wasn't pleasant.

She glanced up, rainbow flashing eyes meeting an eyescreen that quickly read her retina, greeting her politely and offering to call a doctor to check her cough. It was really pouring now.

Demi managed to stumble into her apartment, into the elevator and the hallway to her room. Although, that was as far as she made. The soft, warm lighting tones caught her offgaurd and she was suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling of her soft, silk sheets sliding against bare, perfect skin.

She went inside, undressing and throwing her clothes in a pile on the floor. Naked, her skin felt icer, every touch almost to much, stinging.

"Room, please turn the shower on," she croked, barely a whisper. It obeyed, and soon she heard the sound of, steamy water pressing against tile.

She wandered effortlessly across her floor, glancing at her somber expression before stepping into the steam.

After Demi showered and dressed she sat on her bed staring blankly at the wall. Her hairstyle was falling apart, the dreads becoming mangled and painful to wear. Her eyes were going out of style as well, and Demi was thinking about a trip to the surge clinic when someone pmed her.

"DEMI-WA? Where have you been girl? We missed you last night at the party! I hope it wasn't to overwhelming, it was your first mind chaos right?"

Demi quickly replied with a whispered aknowledgement, feeling generally out of her body.

"Hmm.. I think you need breakfast Dem-wa." The girl was Ashlyn, one of Demi's friends before they joined Rave. She was in the obligaton of not saying no, so Demi listened quietly as direction were sent through the skintenna and replied quietly.

She made her way outside into the cold again, although the rain has stopped a little. The faux fur of her jacket was warmer than the thin material she was wearing earlier, and her army boots protected her feet from the puddles.

Demi made her way in the general direction of Ashlyn's order, and soon found herself lost in an uncertain part of Deigo. This was a seemingly older part, awful looking people stood around, glancing her way and smiling berserkly.

She looked away shyly at the memory of last night and shivered. "Ashlyn where are you?" She coaxed lightly into her skintenna before sending the pm. Ash didn't reply.

Frightened Demi slid onto a nearby bench, uncertain of what to do while waiting.
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Syd did not like this part of town - but of course that would be why Axsym would set up shop there. No one suspected anything, because everyone was up to something. Earlier that day she'd accidentally busted into a drug lab and had to pretend to be a manic junky to talk her way out. Looking the part helped - fashionably torn clothes and an in depth disguise - magenta hair cropped below her ears, magenta eyes, even her eyelashes were the same shade. She called the alias 'Justice.' It was a favorite.

Now, instead of being chased by drug developers, she was being chased by a goon from Axsym determined to get the chip back. The chip was a real achievement for them; if you plugged it in to a skintenna, it could literally control the person. Skintennas ran up the spinal cord and had a direct connection to the brain - the chip would do the same, telling a person what to say and how to move. It would turn the undercover game way too far in their direction.

Even though she was heavily trained by that stupid vampire in hand to hand combat, Syd preferred weapons. Her sleek metal handgun was much more elegant a death than getting all bruised and sweaty fighting someone who wanted you dead. Stopping short she pulled it from the holster beneath her torn and sleeveless hoody. It was pointed at the woman's forehead, a tiny little laser light telling her that her aim was dead on.

"Buh bye now," Syd smiled coyly and pulled the trigger. The silencer turned the shot into a blurt of sound and the body fell. Barely any blood. Much more elegant than a fight. Maybe a little cold blooded, but Syd knew the balance of things: kill or be killed. A cold circle of metal was removed from her pocket. She pulled it apart and pressed the little button inside. When the red light started blinking, she put it in the pocket of the woman. The cleaners would come and deal with it. She paid them enough to cover her tracks.

Syd tucked the gun snuggly in its holster and made for the street. It was still a bad neighborhood, but she felt completely safe. The case containing the chip was slipped inside her boot until delivery later. Job well done. She grinned to herself.

A girl who seemed to be a giant rainbow was sitting on a bench at the edge of the neighborhood. A couple of the guys were leering from their doorways and corners. She was obviously lost - dressed way too nice for this end of Diego. A Raver from the look of her, and one recovering from a bad trip. Syd decided to have a little pity.

"You lost girly?" she pitched her voice lower than normal.

"No, just...waiting for someone."

Syd laughed harshly, "Yea right. Come on. Where are you supposed to be?"

The girl rattled of an address a couple of blocks away. She'd taken a few wrong turns, but was closer to her destination than she thought.

"It's about 4 blocks thata way," Syd pointed. "I'll take you there."

The girl stood up but looked at Syd with a complete lack of trust. Remembering her outfit, Syd didn't blame her. She stuck out a hand. "I'm Justice, and I'm not going to hurt you. Either you leave with me, or one of those spazzoids is going to make sure you don't get where you're going."

"Demi," the girl replied in way of a name. They started down the street, one of the guys already following them, leering and excited. She turned around to face him and flashed the gun. The guy jumped back and scuttled away like the scum he was. She hissed as he ran. The walk was short and silent.

"I hope you don't end up down there again Demi, a girl that looks like you won't make it out alive." Syd was being completely serious. Feeling compassionate, she gave Demi a number to reach her at, "Just in case you get into trouble. I know people."

"Are you a drug dealer?"

The idea was laughable, but kind of a good excuse for what she really was. "Something like that." Syd gave her an off hand wave before heading down the road towards the drop point. She had a little less than a half hour to get there. Going this way actually made the trip shorter.

Her portascreen jingled at her, and she opened it to read her message. An evil but satisfied smile took over her features - someone was in trouble, and someone needed her help. She always knew he was bad at helping himself, but this was just the icing on the cake. Vury would SO owe her after this.
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(ugh. I cannot write in 3rd person. -__-)

Demi shot the girl one last confused look as she sprinted away, an obvious smirk on her face. Her headache was getting stronger, and it seemed that all Demi wanted to do was head back to her apartment and sleep. She unfortunately had a commitment to see to and wasn't about to turn back now.

She crept out of the rather abysmal part of town, skirting the city and staying close to large buildings as she found herself close enough to Ashlyn that she could feel her skintenna buzzing as it picked up her signal. A soft smile managed to creep across her face as Demi entered the park and saw Ashlyn waiting with a tray of muffins at a table.

"Dem-wa you look horrible!" Ashlyn exclaimed an expression of utmost pity saturating her features. She sighed, shaking her head and gesturing for Demi to sit.

Demi obeyed, feeling like a robot, completely obedient to everyone. She still had the drug dealers card between her sweaty fingers. Silently, she debated as to what she should do with it. Drug dealers made her nervous.

A jolt of pain shot through her head as she remembered the night before.

She sighed apathetic as Ashlyn pushed a muffin across to her.

"Rough night?" She asked, trying to understand the concept of not liking drugs. Demi grinned, which made Ashlyn settle slightly, her nerves calming at the thought that her friend was okay.

"Mhm." was Demi's reply. She never spoke much, which could be at times highly annoying to people. There was nothing really ever to say, Demi assumed naturally, sitting crossed legged on the bench and enjoying her awfully good muffin.

What was she supposed to say? Agree with her in some sort of complicated explanation of her adventures of the party? No, sitting there and listening to a nearby fountain, and hoverbots cleaning up from a party the night before was pretty soothing. Demi sighed wishing there was something to say, but no. It felt as if her throat was swolen, as if the words were trapped, a lump of fluid in her throat.

She gasped helplessly and stared at Ashlyn until she realized her friend was saddened by something. "Dem? What's the matter?!" She cooed.

Managing to get some words out Demi slided foward in her seat, tossing her muffin behind her for the hover bots to recover, "I feel like there's more to life than parties," She said.

"Really?" Ashlyn seemed taken aback and sat her muffin down forgetting to chew. "I mean, I guess when you get older you'll get jobs and have littlies and backyards and stuff."

She was missing the point. Demi sighed, "Look, I know I haven't stayed very long but I think, I'm just going to go." She stood, turned and left heading in the direction of the run down part of town. Where the turmoil seemed, almost...touchable.
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Lindsay followed Vury, feeling confused. He hadn't told her who he'd sent a message to, but he definitely wasn't happy about it. Just the way he moved showed that he was agitated, shifting around quickly, and a total lack of a smile on his face. It had her worried - but she also knew he would never take them to someone he didn't trust, even grudgingly. Lindsay was curious to meet this person now. All she knew about them was that they were Mirage, and they were sneaky. Someone who could keep them as well-hidden as they needed to be.

After watching him pace for about 20 minutes, Lindsay jumped up and grabbed him, holding him firmly in one place. His breathing slowed from a fast huff to something more normal.

"If you're this upset, maybe this is a bad idea." Lindsay ran her fingers down his cheek.

"I just...she and I have issues." She? Lindsay thought to herself. A little twinge of jealousy ran through her. "We disagree on how to deal with the enemy. And she's so...bloody pompous!" Lindsay stared at him, wondering why he would use such a strange way to describe someone. He must've caught the look on her face. "I'm sorry," he put his forehead to hers, "Syd is just...too good at what she does."

Lindsay kissed him softly. "Then she's just what we need."


Syd walked into the park like she didn't have a care in the world. Her mood was lifted all on it's own, and this had been a really important grab-and-run job. This chip could've ruined everything. And now they could turn it on its owners...but knowing Mirage they would probably just study it and decide not to use it. They were big on that whole 'free will' thing.

It surprised her when she saw her contact on a bench. She sat down on the other side.

"We've found them." He said it quietly, but the relief in his voice was obvious.

"Good. That means I can finally get a new mission...this one took too long."

"It was...precarious."

Syd rolled her eyes. "Here it is." She made it look like she was fixing her boot, palmed the chip case, and slid it across the smooth bench. He grabbed it and stuck it in his pocket. For a second she let herself look at him. He was good looking, even when he was worried. She didn't know his name, and probably never would.

"Someone's made contact," she said, honestly fixing her boot now. "One of us. They need some place to hide. I might need to get a message back to home. Can I count on you for that?"

"Are these...insiders?"

Syd's response was silent. "They aren't like us."

There was a long pause as things seemed to register for him. "You can count on me." He got up off the bench without another word. Syd watched him go. She felt like a cat on the prowl as she enjoyed the way he walked. Thoughts of a club that just opened swirled through her head and she pondered the notion of getting laid. Then she remembered Vury.

"Damn it," she ran out of the park to the tunnels. They were all over beneath the city, and one went from her drop point to her apartment. Syd sprinted, loving the feeling of air through her short hair. It tickled her neck. The back stairway was a circle, but she barely got dizzy going up it anymore. In just a few minutes inside her apartment, she was back in civilian clothes...brown hair green eyes. They were actually brown, but she surged them a long time ago. Double checking the coordinates, she made her way towards them.

His humiliation was almost worth sleeping alone tonight.
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“Why are we trying to get these two um… people out of Axysm again?” Izzy asked, throwing off her head-phones and tossing the piece of paper in her hand onto the desk. “The idiot’s immortal and the other girl is such a bitch it’s almost not funny… oh wait it isfunny, her stuck-up attitude is hilarious.” None of this she actually meant, she despised Vury and she felt like slandering Lindsay, so she had.

Pete on the other hand had already got used to her cynical nature and simply rolled his eyes and began registering information into a system, the screen in front of them blinked in flashes. One. Two. Three. More information was processed and the flashes continues, disconcerting sparks flashing from the screen, energy streaming through the room.

“Okay,” Izzy grumbled, disgruntled that Pete hadn’t even bothered with a reply, “How are we going to get them out? This place is filed out, and apparently Axysm is guarded up… like Special Circumstances.” But back a long time ago, they had entered Special Circumstances numerous times. Mainly because they had been kidnapped and sent there and other times they had managed to scale up the building and sneak in. However now, it seemed that this new organization was at the peak of security, something that many of the Mirage weren’t ready to take.

But they had to. Apparently Vury was one of their best members and had a lot of power, even though he had apparently lost his power some time ago. She felt sort of smug in an unkind way thinking about him losing his power, she could still remember the dirty looks he had given her because she had accidentally knocked Moz over the building and left his body crumpled and motionless at the bottom of a Rusty Ruin tower. And sure, it had broken Chanel, but she couldn’t stomach enough guilt to let that thought wash over her, what had happened – had happened, and while that was a cruel way to think about it, it was true.

She wondered where Chanel was. She knew Kane had kept his tags on the people he had been watching for Special Circumstances post it’s fall, maybe he had Chanel. After all, he had managed to find her and put her back into the danger zone. Chanel too. But the brat was probably partying her head off now and had completely forgotten about Moz. She cringed as she left the mean feeling slowly warble over her, she didn’t like, but she had got used to it over time.

Pete still hadn’t answered her last question, and Izzy sighed and wrapped at the desk in a bored fashion, ever since she had started working with Pete, mainly because she still felt queasy going outside in what Mirage described as “field missions”, similar to those James Bond novels she had been forced to read during Rusty Extension. And now Zara’s little empire had taken a huge fall as well, they had lost a whole lot of members as well as core-members – Vury, Lindsay, some guy called Thoran that people kept on whispering about – Izzy didn’t really know much about Mirage she had spent in a cell trapped up.

And now that they have moved into the tunnels under Diego and were working as hard as possible to hack into Axysm, Pete had spent nights and nights attempting to somehow get himself into the system code, but it was practically impossible. Something that Izzy, who had only done a computer course, would never do. And now she had been forced to listen to all these quite simply, ridiculous, stories about the leader of Axysm cutting of people’s fingers, including one of their fellow agents. Izzy had rolled her eyes at all their statements yet she was secretly wondering whether they were for real or just feebly attempting to scare her. Either way, the boss of Axysm was obviously suffering from some sort of mental disorder.

Pete was always sort of trapped in his own sort of shell. Friendly? Yes he was, at time, but when things weren’t working right for him he would get frustrated and cranky and snappy and reminded Izzy why him and Zara were such good friends. Another annoying one was Tanis, but she didn’t have anything to really complain about him, apart from his devotion to Zara. Other than that, she hadn’t really seen him around.

And while the entire place had been stifled with the sort of annoying, tension-making, frustration silence that tended to bang through the corridors and walls, Izzy had to constantly get up and give papers to Zara, she was the constant messenger girl between Pete and Izzy, and that was the only time she actually managed to meet people who worked around Mirage, other times she was skulking around in the lab with Pete.

Just like what was about to happen now. “Izzy,” Pete said, waving out his hand impatiently, “Give this to Zara, okay?” He handed her yet another piece of paper with black print on it, what was on it, Izzy didn’t care. It was probably a map or a plan, or an idea he had thought about. Obviously it was focused around getting their members out of Axysm. Izzy lazily walked to the door, rolling her eyes, “Hurry up, it’s important,” Pete said, chiding her on. Izzy furrowed her eyebrows, important?

She didn’t bother looking at it though, she ignored all the other members passing her through the halls, until finding Zara. “Z,” she said and held the piece of paper as if she was holding something extremely important. “Pete wanted me to give you this,” she said waving the paper at Zara delicately, she tossed it over to her, it landing a few metres away from her and she looked on amused as Zara quickly masked a glare forming across her face by picking up the paper.

Izzy couldn’t hide her curiosity any longer. She needed to know information, it fuelled her on. “I heard you’re picking up new recruits through New Pretty Town and Diego,” she said, tentatively, just so she didn’t break through Zara’s defenses and cause another huge out-burst from her, something that happened so regularly it had basically become an instinct to her.

“Mhmm…” Zara said, her eyes scanning over the piece of paper quickly. Then she re-read it again, and again, and again… Izzy lost patience. “Do you think that’s right? How many people do you want dead for your uh… purpose,” Izzy said, feeling a bit vague, just fumbling by facts. “I mean,” she cut in sharply, returning back to her previous state, “How many people were killed by that stupid war you held outside your little business building? Did you even think about that? How many lives are you going to risk this time, till the next attack?” she couldn’t tell that her voice was ringing with the venomous strokes it usually did.

“We need the recruits.” Izzy could see Zara was just concealing her anger as well.

“You need the recruits?” Izzy questioned, “How many? Back some time ago Special Circumstances was taken on by just five people – and here you are alluring in hopefuls with fake offers and little mentions of glory in their names… they probably don’t even know what they’re getting themselves into.” Izzy said, whatever she knew, Zara was in the wrong. They never had conversations anyway, they just argued.

“We need… we need…” Zara flustered for words, the paper held out almost dramatically in her hand. Then she bristled all over. “Why am I telling you this?” she said angrily, “You’re Izzy. You don’t get anything.”

Izzy gave Zara a sneering, sarcastic grin. “Then I guess I don’t understand how you end up with blood all over you all the time,” in truth, it had only been once… but Izzy laughed to exaggerate, “mind telling me?” she asked innocently, cocking her head to one side and pouting her lips.

Zara looked like she was about to launch herself on her and pummel her until she was unconscious, luckily Tanis arrived before anything drastic happened. He looked from Zara to Izzy, his expression curious as it usually was (something Izzy had noted dryly or apparently she was just making that up to get even more annoyed at him), then he asked, “What’s going on?”

Before Zara could answer, Izzy cut in, “Nothing,” she said perkily, flashing him a little smile, “Anyway, I’m going,” she said softly, pulling herself up to Tanis and running one hand up his arm, he flinched at the contact and lightly touched the spot where she had touched him.

Zara looked even more venomous and angry than she had before. If it was possible for her to zero down on her target with her eyes and shoot them off guard, Izzy would have been a goner. Unluckily for Zara she wasn’t, so Izzy stayed another day. “Bye,” she whispered softly to Tanis before making the route back to Pete.
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"We don't make anyone do anything," Zara mumbled to herself. "They come because they see something wrong and want to fix it." She looked at Tanis, feeling conviction slip away, just like everything else lately. They still had no way into Axsym, people she had cared about had been ruthlessly murdered, and yet she was still terrified of the world without them. They were the only thing standing between the ignorant masses and returning to time before the mind-rain...before Tally Youngblood and before everything they had done in NPT. When Cable ruled the world...only someone a lot scarier and a lot more mute would be in charge. Why couldn't Izzy see that a bigger evil than they had ever faced was looming on the horizon? Even if she didn't like her...she wanted her to understand. Izzy would always be her toughest sell.

"Do you think she hates me?" Zara bit her lip. It made her laugh when Tanis's eyes widened.

"Did you just ask what I think you just asked?" She swung at him and he ducked away from her. "Does it matter to you if she does?"

"No. But I want to make sure she hates me for the right reasons."

"And those would be...?"

"I'll get back to you on that." Zara put her hand over her eyes in exasperation. Kane had only been in NPT for a couple of days and already she missed the calming presence he had on her. She always wondered what was going through his head, especially now that Cable was around. He had practically worshipped the woman; been twisted and warped and examined by her. It's why he'd felt such complex things for Izzy and why he'd been so hell-bent on protecting her. Part of him still felt that too...She needed to stop thinking about these things.

Zara couldn't focus. There was a list as long as her arm of things she needed to accomplish in days, but she was alone. She needed people to find their way back. Find their way home. Wondering down the hall Izzy had already passed through, she sat down at her usual screen, ignoring everyone for awhile. She monitored messages and communication bursts. One strange one caught her attention. It was a frequency used by people involved in what they almost jokingly called "espionage."

The message was transmitted in morse code buried in a song in an ad for an oxygen bar.

2 found. escaped A-bomb. with Chameleon.

Zara's breath caught in her throat. Two Mirage people found, escaped from Axsym, with Syd. As far as she knew, there was no one else in Axsym except Vury and Lindsay. It had to be them. Maybe she was just being ridiculous and hopeful, but right then it was all that mattered. Relief raged through her like a tsunami.

"They found them," she said quietly, "they got out." For what felt like the first time in a long time, Zara breathed easy. Finally one thing she could check off the list.


Thoran's eyes snapped open to a dull gray ceiling and cool air. There was a solid, chilly body wrapped in his arms. Kail. Back. His.
She belonged to him in a way he never thought she would belong to anyone. By some devious chance of the universe she had fallen for him. He knew that his obsession with her was more than just an obsession. They balanced each other - the same kind of darkness, the same need for personal vengeance, the same need to fight what they really wanted only to get it later. Part of him was afraid she would run away again, and still not explain her reasons. He understood the need to be alone, but a little warning might be nice.

He could trust her with everything, he just couldn't trust her to stay.

And he didn't even care.

Thoran rolled over, wrapping both arms around her, running his teeth down her neck and bare shoulder. He watched a grin spread across her face.

"Feel like scaring some pretty faces?"

"You have to ask?" Her smirk was one of his favorites.

Thoran stared at her for a long time. They had come to Diego for a reason. They had been sent to cause a ruckus and make Mirage look bad. She'd fallen off the grid and he'd almost gone crazy. Axsym would want them to come back unless they got something done. It was a fun way to accomplish both. A minor blow, but one that would show Axsym they were back in the game.

"They'll come checking on us you know," he finally said. "Axsym. We didn't do what they asked."

"Screw them. We'll cause a little havoc and they'll shut up." Sometimes it was like she read his mind. Kail sat up and kissed him fiercely, her sharp teeth puncturing the skin of his lip. The nanos whined inside his head, humming along to do their busy work. The pain shivered through him, seductive and familiar. A hint of her venom worked through his system. The nanos were smart though, learning to adapt and slow it before it could really do its job. Thoran violently wrapped his fingers in her long messy hair and gave up thinking at all.


Syd made her way to the edge of the city, barely able to keep a grin off her face. Somehow, she didn't feel as safe when she wasn't in a disguise of some sort, but sneaking up on Vury would be almost too cruel. The smile was starting to hurt her cheeks. She winked at a guy working the door of a fancy building, and laughed as he blushed clumsily. The best way to look inconspicuous was to look confident. The wall was coming up where he'd said they were. Him and his little...female companion. Had the cold and distant warrior finally discovered he had a heart? Or just a libido? Laughter bubbled out of her.

In a single leap she was on top of the wall, and dropped down quickly into a crouch on the other side. A couple steps out and she found them. Vury, tall and commanding, and a blonde, also tall, standing firm and confident. From the close way they stood together, she figured they were more than just companion escapees. They looked like crap. Syd flipped her hair over her shoulders.

"Trouble?" she asked snidely.

Vury frowned, a look she was exhaustingly used to. "We need to move."

"Riiiight," she nodded, crossing her arms. "No 'hey Syd, how's it going?' or 'hey Syd, thanks for hiding our sorry asses?' what, you escape an evil corporation with Blondey here and suddenly manners go out the window?"

She saw his lip curl in a growl, and her own curled at him in a similar fashion. The blonde stepped forward between them.

"Thanks for helping us out Syd, we're in a bit of a tight spot here. I'm Lindsay." Her voice was sincere and polite, full of automatic respect because of the situation. Syd could deal with that.

She looked past Lindsay to meet Vury's eyes, "At least you have good taste." Turning around she walked along the wall, expecting that they would follow. After brief whispered argument, they followed. The grin was practically tattooed on her face. Reaching one of her well-hidden doors, Syd moved under the camoflauge and opened the metal tunnel door.

"There are marks on the right side of the wall...if they're smooth you're going the right way. There's no light, so aside from my voice it's all you've got to guide you."

"I'd really prefer to hear as little of that as possible."

Syd gave him a sarcastic glare. "It's probably better if we're all silent. This leads to one of my safehouses. It's stocked, you should be fine."

She descended into the darkness of the tunnel, listening for the slam of the metal tunnel door. It echoed in the stony darkness, completely wrapping them in a blanket of black. Syd's fingers automatically found the grooves in the wall and walked confidently, turning left, then right for awhile, and then left again. She could just make out one set of footsteps behind her, but only every once and awhile. Vury wouldn't make any noise at all, stupid vampire, but it surprised how quiet the girl was too. She was different, Syd could see it. She wasn't the usual Pretty runaway; something else was making her stealthier by nature. Suspicion formed a neat little file in Syd's brain to be examined and prodded later.

The tunnel ended in a ladder. Climbing up, she flipped open another door and climbed out into light that was dim, but still painfully bright. Leaning against the wall next to the tunnel, she waited for her guests to arrive.
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Another week had passed and still nothing major accomplished, sure they crashed a few parties and hit the news as a mysterious duo associated with a rebel group called mirage. To the media and the majority of Diago’s population Kail and Thoran we’re nothing but some kids looking for attention and practically harmless. Very few people knew who they actually were and even less knew how dangerous they could be.

Kail watched the wall screen in Mirage owned Loft located in the heart of Diago’s downtown. The wallscreen flashed various feeds about the pretty party they crashed. Various feeds were attempting to identify the two while others wanted to know what exactly Mirage was. Kail laughed at their feeble attempt to identify them considering Thoran was legally dead and Kail wasn’t even born in this century these fools would never find proof of her birth.

Thoran came up from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist. She moved her head to the side as Thoran nibbled on her neck. His scent lingered around her as she listenend to his heart thumping faster. She turned around and ran her hands through his hair before getting a tight grip and planting a kiss hard on his lips. If there was anything that could awaken Kail’s long dead heart it would be Thoran.

He pulled away to catch his breath, Kail still sometimes forgot that he needed to breath. “Breathing is overrated” she said while planting kisses on his neck.

“Right, the one thing that I need to keep alive is so overrated” Thoran held her in a tight hug. Kail placed her head on his chest and listened to the soothing beat of his heart. .

“Seriously, breathing gets in the way of some good makeout sessions.” Kail said with a sly smile on her face. Thoran just relplied with a laugh squeezed her tighter before letting out a sigh and sitting down.

What I would do to know what is in your head Kail thought before sitting down beside him. He gave her a serious look that Kail had never seen before. Was it worry or fear? She didn’t know, however she did know that this look didn’t mean good.

“By now they’ve sent someone.” Thoran broke the silence.

“How do you know?”

“We haven’t done something big enough yet”

“Well we need to make Mirage known, and show that we have some association with them”

“It’s not enough, they want us to practically destroy the city in the name of Mirage”

“That will happen in due time. We haven’t even been here for a month”

“Well we’ve ran out of time. Laryx isn’t a patient man”

“What’s going to happen?” Kail asked, she may have endured what this company can toll out but who knows how far they actually will go.

“Who knows. It could be anything from a slap on the wrist to an assassination attempt.”

Kail laughed at that. It would be a waste of time to send an assassin. There were very few ways to kill a vampire and who knew if Thoran could even be killed. “Like they would do that. It would be pointless”

“You never know what they will do”

“Well lets make sure they don’t give a reason to try and off us”

Thoran smiled and stood up. While ordering a clean set of clothes from the hole in the wall he made a snide remark about Kail’s Rusty terminology.

Kail told Thoran about when she first escaped the grasp of Cable and was unleashed onto Diego. The story led to her telling him about the Rusty Library and how she first met Ammy and Vury, two of the founding members of Mirage. “If we go back there, it might stir some memories and help this idiotic city remember”

“I knew there was a reason why I kept you around” Thoran smirked before stealing a kiss.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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(I know its hella late, but its here and its queer! ^o^)

As Vury was going down the tunnel he was thinking about all the ways that his trainees had gone a different way than he had intended. Syd wasn’t quite as extreme as the case of Jace. But they were both different classes. Both were also prodigies. His best students. And even though Jace was taken from him and made into what she was, he was worried about Syd turning over willingly. He was glad that he was the mind reader and not Syd. God help us all if Syd was ever a mind reader.

His hand held to Lindsay’s and when they got to where Syd was she still stayed close. He would feel the heat of her frame near his side, he could smell her individual scent over everything. Her mind told him that she was looking around at the safe house. All of the elements that made it up. It wasn’t anything like Mirage or Axsym. Which was nice. He needed a break from both at the moment. Both were battling stations for him. Both relied on him being an Asset.

Although he did it willingly for Mirage, it was still hard day in and day out to remain who he was without all of the stress threatening to take over. He looked over to Syd. She was reveling in his need for her help. But even as they got on each others nerves and she got under his skin all the time, they had an understanding.

“Syd do you talk to any of the others?” he asked.

She cocked a brow, “You mean do I allow anyone else with less skill than myself to invade my personal space and take up room where they don’t belong?”
Then came that sweet smile that made her look so innocent.
A sarcastic remark was the sour taste to the candy-coating of that smile.
“Not so much,” she said and then her smile faded.

“I was just going to ask if you heard anything from any in the Spade group,” he kept himself composed.

“I thought they all died,” she said matter of factly.

Vury’s stomach ached. So Jace was right? She couldn’t be. The Spades were superior. That’s why they lasted as long as they did. Syd could have been part of the Spades if she wanted to. But she was a loner. She wanted nothing to do with it.

“There were some rumors that they got one of them though. Ving? Kevin? One of the guys I think,” Syd seemed not to care either way.

“It was Jace,” Vury said with a catch in his throat.

Syd turned to him with a blank face. Like she could put on an emotion if she wanted. If she was so inclined. But she wasn’t and instead opted to use this as an exit.

“Well I am going to let you guys stay here while I make a hasty get away. I don’t want to be here when the water works start up,” she smirked and walked past them.

Vury looked to Lindsay. Lindsay’s golden heart made up for all of the lack of emotion Syd was showing. Just one look in those blue eyes of Lindsay’s and he knew that she cared. She may not feel his sorrow exactly, but she understood how he was pained.

He pulled her into a deep hug and sighed into her hair. She wrapped her arms around him and they stayed there like that for a while. He didn’t have to say ‘thank you’ and she didn’t have to say ‘your welcome’. It was all understood. Words weren’t needed.


“Are you sure it’s this way?” Kevin asked quietly.

Pix just looked at him and nodded once.

They were going down a long dark, cold hallway. It was in the foundation of some restaurant. It smelled like pasta and pepperoni upstairs. It was humid as they were going down the stairs into the hallway, but now it was almost like a freezer it was so cold. Dead space. Un-usable even for storage. Probably fear that the whole space had some Rusty disease that would plague everyone.

The hallway seemed to go on forever, Pix’s nose was frozen when they finally reached the long disconnected ‘Emergency Exit’

The handle was stuck from nobody using it in years. But because Kevin was tech wizard he brought along some of his best gadgets just in case
A) they needed them
Or B) they really did find Mirage
Pix watched as he used a nifty little ice crystal laser to cut the lock. No melting of the metal, the laser was frozen. This meant that he could get under the handle and make slight incisions until it would open. No sign of forced entry, or exit. So if they had to use it again it would be usable. Until of course someone found it. It might be best to make sure this was indeed Mirage territory – get everyone inside that needed to be, and then blast the door with another little gadget that Kevin had that allowed the thing to rust over in a matter or seconds but looked like centuries worth of aging.

As Kevin was on his back making the little cuts Pix thought about the overwhelming sense of alienation she felt. Just Kevin, his gadgets, and her collection of sniping equipment. Nobody else. All the other Spades were dead. Ving, their leader. Vline, the hacking expert. Ren, the surge-monkey spy. And…Jace. She was so much more than just a combat expert to Pix. They were friends. Other than to Jace and Ving, she rarely talked. Now she was forced to go back to Mirage where she might have to talk all the time to people she didn’t know.

She liked working on the outside of everything. That’s why she was a sniper.
Kevin liked to invent and talk and get ideas and comments. She wasn’t the person for that. Even though they were part of the same team, they were still so very different.

He finally got the door open so that it was completely un-noticeable that it was forced open. They stepped through the door into a vast darkness. Even Pix and Kevin’s night-vision surges didn’t allow them to see anything. Pix coughed because as they stepped down some dirt and rocks shuffled beneath them and the air was full of a musky wet smell. Like molded rocks packed too tightly overtime.

“I can’t see a thing,” she murmured. Kevin found his way to her and they locked arms. They tried to listen for signs of where to go. But they both had nothing. No sounds. No voices. No clicks of heels. Nothing. They decided to keep going straight from the door. Mirage had to be parallel to the door right?
It was obviously a way to get in.
They had to just trust their senses.
Primarily the sense of direction, which might not have been up to par, but they stayed with arms locked and senses blinded, wandering through the dark to find Mirage.


Jace sat in Chia’s lap in one of the corners of the hallway where people waited to go in and see Laryx. Sometimes people came out. They would have skin from their eyelids taken off, teeth pulled, their ears would have giant holes carved where the little one for hearing would have been. But most of the time…most of the time they didn’t come out.

She and Chia would make bets to see who would come out and who wouldn’t. So far Jace was winning. Her prize would be tying Chia up and doing with him whatever she wanted.

As they waited to see if a woman working near Lindsay’s department would be coming out, Chia ran his nails across her hips until it broke the skin and he hissed in her ear.
“Are you up for a field trip?”

She wiggled in his lap, and leaned her head back so that her hair fell on his neck where she knew it was extra sensitive. She purred at the pain.
“What did you have in mind?”

“Getting them back.”

She turned to see his eyes. They were glistening like a snake’s fangs would with poison. She smirked. Laryx would ask them to anyway, right? She laughed and looked over to see the woman struggling to stand now that her ankles, her knees, and her toes were all sliced. The smell of blood was on the air, the taste of Chia was on her lips, and the idea of revenge was in her mind.

She turned around in their chair until she was straddling him and ran a tongue over his neck and face. His hands tried to rip off her top, but she had won the bet. She yanked them off of her and she violently slammed them into the wall behind them both. He groaned in pain and it only turned her on all the more.

She would collect her prize in front of all the people waiting for Laryx to decide their fate. All of the death and blood around them was so much of a high that it was unbearable. After that they would race out into the world, find the blonde and the vampire.

“As long as we kill the girl and bring Vury back.”

“Done,” Chia groaned as Jace’s hands dug into his skin and her hips rolled over his lap over and over again.

Jace smiled.
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Jace? Syd just couldn't wrap her head around the idea that they had gotten to her...had mutated her mind like Syd knew Axsym could, and would, just for fun. If she'd ever had anything close to a best friend, it would've been Jace. They were the stars of the training class, the same but different. Jace had always understood that Syd needed to be alone, and never questioned it, never told her to be someone else. Maybe that was why Syd constantly changed her appearance. Outside, it meant nothing, it was just important that she remained exactly the same on the inside: an impenetrable fortress. For just a moment, Syd let her pain over Jace take over, even letting it show on her face. If she ever found her...she'd kill her. Not for anything she had done, or would probably do, but because it wasn't her anymore. Jace wouldn't want to be like that, little more than Axsym's whore. Syd could understand the violence and the killing...she did it every day.

A buzz against her skin meant she was supposed to meet her contact. There was a mission. Good. She needed something to distract her from the Lovebirds. That's what they were: Operation Lovebird. Her contact was waiting in the usual spot, and as usual, she didn't really look at him so that she would never be able to really recall his appearance if she needed to.

"Are they alright?" he asked quietly.

"Yes. Does home know?"

"They want an extraction as soon as possible."

"Not possible. Underground feeds have them marked as a high priority find. Axsym has two of its agents here causing trouble, and rumor says two more are on the way to look for all 4. Trouble is coming."

"We need you to get a radio interference unit." A slim card was slid down the bench to her. She slid it into her viewer and started looking through the schematics of the building, not really paying attention to what she would actually be stealing. Security was weirdly minimal.

"Why. There doesn't seem to be much worry over this thing."

"They think they've kept it a secret. It's one step closer to something much bigger."

Syd shivered with excitement. "Like what?"

"New things they're developing in the city. Spy on their signal."

Syd nodded and started to get up. "Do you need anything?" he asked, and she turned around surprised. Apparently people were really worried about Vury and the Blonde. She wondered how long they'd been missing, and made a mental note to grill Vury on it. She should probably test him for counterintelligence devices and the like as well. Maybe even make sure they hadn't been brainwashed.

"I need a scanner. I need to make sure they're clean." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him nod. Vury was so much more trouble than he was worth. Syd was suddenly very excited to get him out of the city.

Back in her apartment, Syd fed the schematics into her table screen, marking and plotting all over the place and making a list of things to requisition. Something about this seemed far too easy and it had her a bit on edge. Thinking ahead, Syd created an emergency ping that could be short-sent to Vury in case something happened and he needed to get out. Warnings were always a good idea.

((probably double post for other charries later))
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(I am bored and stuck at home with a terrible cold and since nobody has posted in here in more than two weeks i thought i would toss a crap post in )

“What do you mean you have to prove citizenship to get into the damn library?!” Kail shouted to the receptionist sitting at a desk behind a thick layer of Plexiglas. It seems that library access has been cut off to all who don’t have proper identification and proof of Diego citizenship.

“I am sorry” the woman spoke in a montonus tone, like this wasn’t the first person to freak out over this. “You need your Diego Citizenship Card to enter. After last years attack on the library we need to know who is in there at all times. We lost an extensive amount of rusty artifacts and we can’t let that happen again”

“Well what if I say that I left my card holder in there” Kail pointed at the door “and my DCC is in it?”

“If you know your citizen number off hand I can manually enter it into the system” Kail spat out a few numbers and the woman began typing. After a few seconds the clicking of the keyboard stopped and the woman let out a “hmm” her expression went cold. “It seems that you are a 67 year old retired Ranger”

Kail heard Thoran let out a quiet chuckle from behind. “Yeah that’s right. I am a surge monkey obsessed with keeping my youth. You have a problem with that.”

“I am sorry mam but you wouldn’t pass for anything over twenty none the lone a 67 year old”

If only she knew the truth, Kail was actually a few hundred years old. She didn’t know her exact age since losing track after the first few centuries.

Since this woman wasn’t going to let them in they needed to think of another plan, easy enough. Kail turned around to Thoran and gave him a vindictive smerk. He raised an eyebrow knowing that she already had a trick op her sleeve.

“Baby I am hungry” Kail’s smile widened “Let’s get something to eat”

“Only if I can watch” he whispered in her ear

---- --

The two walked down the street eventually coming to a stop a few block away from the library and stepped between two buildings

“Baby?” Thoran wondered

“It’s a Rusty term”

“Yes for an infant” he seemed almost offended, but sill his hands never stopped touching her. Since Kail’s return she noticed a change in Thoran. She didn’t want to use the word clingy because it’s not how she thought of it at all but it was a word the best described it.

“It’s also an affectionate term, a pet name” She grinned and placed her hand on his neck. She could feel the pulse of his nano infused heart pushing his life’s essence through his veins. The rythem made her mouth water she wanted to taste them, taste him and have the nanos get lost in her venom filled mouth. She pulled his head down and pressed her lips to his. Thoran’s hands ran over her body while she bit his lip and enjoyed the citrus taste of the nanos on her tongue. Bye now Thoran was used to her doing this and kissed her with more passion.

Kail stopped when got a whiff of a nearby human, she looked over at the guy standing at the entrance of the alley. “Do you mind?” she asked.

“Nah.. I was just wondering when I get my turn”

“Well come and get it” She used a sweet voice and watched as a grin grew on the guys face. Even though Thoran knew what exactly she was doing she felt him stiffen around her. She took his hands from around her and walked towards the stranger.

Lust surrounded him. He had a sickening grin on his face that only grew as she stepped closer. Kail was only a few inches away from him when he leaned down to kiss her. She stopped just before their lips touched and whispered

“You horney bastard”

Taking a tight grip around each of his arms Kail threw him down the alley. The scent of blood was instant once he slammed against the wall. Kail’s body was already stiff and locked in on the body as it fell it to the ground. With a flash her teeth were lodged into the stranger’s neck, Kail’s eyes rolled back as the pleasurable fluid flowed down her throat.

The body was completely dry before Kail pulled herself away. Thoran took all forms of the guys ID before he wiped her lips clean of blood and placed a hard kiss on them, he inhaled deeply and held her in tightly.

The two hurried to the library for they wouldn’t have time before someone found the body. Thoran swiped the guy’s DC card and finally entered the library.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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Lindsay and Vury had been buried in the city's feeds for hours now, just looking at everything they had missed in their time trapped inside Axsym. Everything they had expected had happened - the bad press from Axsym about Mirage, the damage to their reputation. It would be a lot to fix, a lot to change, but they were ready. The biggest priority now was getting back to Mirage and regrouping, finding a new plan to fix things and get them back on track. What exactly that plan was...was still up in the air. It would just be good to be home.

"So..." Lindsay started, "Are you ever going to tell me what the deal is between you and Syd?" A tiny flare of jealousy burned in her.

Vury sighed. "I was her teacher in combat in the old Mirage. Syd is...practically a prodigy. She just picked everything up so quickly, and she enjoyed it. Maybe too much."

"What do you mean? Isn't that a good thing?" Lindsay thought back to her own training days. The quicker you got it the easier it was.

"When I say she enjoyed it...I mean she was a twisted sadistic little prodigy. Syd likes pain. She inflicts it without thinking twice about it, without feeling anything about what she does. Don't get me wrong, she's affective, but sometimes she's less human than I am."

The words were chilling, but Lindsay wasn't sure they were entirely true. "And Jace?"

"They were friends. Close. Jace was probably the only person I can honestly say Syd cared about."

"Okay, but that still doesn't really explain Syd's attitude..." Lindsay prodded.

"We just disagreed about methods of combat. Syd likes her weapons - her guns and ammo, a definite kill. I prefer hand to hand because there's less chance of death - it's about knocking out and disarming. Like I said, no conscience."

"If she had no conscience she wouldn't be helping us. Everyone is just different." Lindsay crawled onto the sofa with him, snuggling up against his icy body. It was a comfortable place for her to be. She liked the fact that he was so solid.

"Her kind of different could get innocent people killed."

Lindsay sighed, thinking about this for a long time, wondering if he knew her thought before she said it out loud. "These days, nobody's innocent."

They sat wrapped around each other for a long time, staring at the newsfeeds. Both of them sat up when Thoran and Kail appeared in a blip on the screen. There were a lot of possibilities in the appearance of those two, but the date of the video was before their escape. Thoran and Kail were in New Diego for other reasons, but they were still dangerous. Someone would be coming for Lindsay and Vury, they both knew it. Now it looked like the people who were going to come for them were already here.

Vury looked at Lindsay intensely "We need to get home."

She kissed his cheek softly in reply.


Zara woke up gasping for air. Her entire body was straining in pain and tension, all of it emanating from the scar on her chest. It was like metal being pushed through her veins, every muscle tensing and pulling against itself in a way that pushed all the breath out of her lungs. Zara couldn't even scream, as much as she wanted to. Something was happening...something she couldn't stop. Eventually she passed out from the pain.

Awhile later, she woke up again. No pain. Everything seemed really far away, like she was looking at it through a telescope. It was small, blurry on the edges. Soothing little voices spoke in her ear, telling her that everything was alright. Zara stood up and looked at herself in the mirror, a big smile on her face. It wasn't her smile, and she didn't really feel like smiling. The voices again told her that everything was alright. The Zara in the mirror nodded. The Mirror-Zara got dressed, still listening to the voices.

Bring her to me, they said, over and over. Bring her to me now.

Zara walked down the hallways, not really know what she was doing, or who 'her' was. It was early in the morning, no one was awake, and no one was around. There was a strange pulsing feeling coming from her scar, and a little tickle in her brain, like she wasn't completely in control. The voices were so soothing it was hard not to believe them when they said everything would be alright.

The room she was looking for appeared in front of her. Zara took a sedative-filled syringe off the table outside the door, and headed into the brightly lit room. The woman was laying on the bed, not really sleeping, but in a state of stasis, waiting. She sat up expectantly, almost surprised to see Zara at this time of the day. Her sharp wolf eyes went from Zara's face to the syringe in her hand, then to the tattoo-covered scar on Zara's chest.

"Good morning Zara," Dr. Cable said, somewhere between amused and strangely afraid.

"Don't worry Dr. Cable," a voice that didn't sound like her own said. "Everything will be alright." Dr. Cable tried to move away, but faster than she ever had, Zara grabbed the woman's arm and sank the syringe deep into her flesh, pushing in the drug quickly. Cable's body sank to the floor. Zara calmly and efficiently bound her for easy transport.

Bring her to me, the voice prodded, different than the calming ones inside her mind. This voice demanded that it be listened to. This voice was giving her orders. It didn't know what she was doing, when she was doing it, or where she was - it just told her what it wanted, and strongly encouraged her to do it.

Zara had Cable loaded to a board and was gliding calmly through the trees - she had no idea what had passed between the time she had been in Cable's room until right then. It was a gap of time she couldn't remember. She didn't even know exactly where she was, but the voices seemed to know where she was going. They were still telling her that everything was going to be alright. Zara was starting to believe them, those soft inviting little voices in her head. The ones that told her to listen to the bigger voice. The one she was bringing Dr. Cable to.

The clearing she was headed for was flooded with sunshine. Standing in the middle, a cruel smile on his face, was the big voice. Something about him made her sure of that. He was staring at her with heartless and triumphant joy. Whatever was happening was going exactly according to plan.

Zara landed in the clearing and threw Dr. Cable down at his feet. She stood in front of him, looking up into his face.

Good girl, the big voice said as the man ran a hand down her cheek, stopping on her chin and tilting her face upwards towards him.

The little voices repeated the words infinitely, echoing in her brain like some perverted mantra. Good girl good girl good girl good girl good girl. Good. Girl. She had done what she was supposed to. The real part of her knew who this was, and knew that he couldn't talk. A glimmer of fear appeared so deeply in her mind that it wouldn't surface. All she had to control her were the little voices.

The hand dropped from her chin and the voices got sad, still saying good girl. The man picked up Dr. Cable, who was just coming to. Zara stared as he walked into the woods and disappear.

Go home, the big voice said. Zara obediently got on her board.


Zara woke up again, feeling pain in her chest, breathing heavily. She looked down at herself and saw that she was dressed. There were no little voices, or big voices for that matter. It was mid-morning, around the time that she usually got up. She couldn't remember the night before, not really, and she knew she'd had a really messed up dream. Voices had told her to take Dr. Cable to Laryx of all people. That made absolutely no sense.

There was an urgent knock on her door, and Tanis opened it before waiting for a response.

"Zara, Dr. Cable is gone."

Zara's heart stopped in her chest. What had she done?
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Max caught every ball Eve threw to him, her 4 year-old self endlessly obsessed with tossing the bright red circular object back and forth. Her grins were so happy, and she kept trying to throw something he wouldn't catch, not realizing yet that it was impossible. He could see in the tick of her fleshy arms what she was going to do before her mind even made up that she was going to.

"Make it harder," she said firmly, giving him a penetrating stare, speaking with perfect articulation. In another two weeks, she would be 5. That wasn't even the weirdest thing about her. The weirdest thing was her smell. Her blood held no appeal for Max, something about it was almost metallic, and repulsed him a little even.

"What Eve?"

"I'm catching it too easy. It's not fun."

"Right." Max started throwing it in other directions, letting whatever thoughts wanted to come to the surface of his mind. He looked up at the observation window and saw a blond man who looked vaguely familiar. He even smelled familiar. He caught the ball Eve threw to him, but his arm paused mid-throw.

Eve was standing next to him, her mouth at the height of his ear when he was sitting. They were both staring up.

"He's sad."

Max noticed no expression on his face. "How can you tell?"

"It's in his eyes. The way they're coming together. He's not here to see me, his eyes are on you. Do you know him?" She turned to look at him, innocent curiosity on her face. Max turned to look at her, away from the man in the window.

"I don't...I can't remember Eve. My memories from before now are blurry at best."

"We should fix that."

"I don't think they want that." That was the term they used for Axsym.

"We don't care what they want," Eve whispered in his ear, already a strange little rebel.

A beeping sound came from a little frame on the wall, a schedule screen that told them it was time for Eve's physical training. She climbed calmly onto Max's back and he walked her to the training room, running fast to hear her giggle, wanting to remember her like a child before he watched what she was about to do. They didn't have her hurting anybody yet, but he could see that she moved quickly and her blows were decisive. She was aware of everything around her, and picked all of it up quickly.

Max sat outside the training room to wait for her, trying to figure out where he had seen the blonde man before. The only thing that came to mind was a name: Theo. That didn't mean anything to him. Theo and Lindsay, they were paired in his mind. Lindsay was tall and blonde and smiled a lot; though the last thing he could recall of her was pain and crying. Who were they? Max closed his eyes and waited for Eve to finish.
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Zara closed her eyes and tried to collect her thoughts. For the moment, she ignored what was going on.

"Where's Kane?"

"Incoming from NPT. We've got two bogies in the tunnels, want him to grab them? They followed the signal, they sent the proper markers but had no ID."

Zara nodded. "Yea, do that..." her voice trailed off. "If Cable escaped, there's no way she could find her way back, part of the advantage of this location. For now, we write her off. We learned enough to know that we are nowhere near ready to take on Axsym."

It was moments like this when she just wanted to break down and cry. She was 17 for crying out loud! This was way too much responsibility. Literally hundreds of lives in Mirage depended on her decisions, not to mention the people they were still trying to save in the city. The weight pressed her to the ground, made her feel like she was trying to run through quicksand. What she needed was everyone back the way they used to be - Kane and Vury, like the beginning. People she could trust absolutely, who she didn't have to double check or question.

Tanis just stared at her broken expression and then turned away to do what he was told.

Zara felt her chest tighten, and she fell to her knees, hands on the ground. The scars pulsed with pain, and she drifted into a dream state again. The little voices were singing, the little nanos in her blood. They transmitted the big voice.

Keep your secret, my darling girl, keep your secret. The voice caressed her mind, lulling her into belief.

Zara snapped out of it and looked at the clock. A half hour had passed. Kane would be back soon. She wouldn't tell him - the first thing she'd ever keep from him, but he told her so, and that made it okay. If Vury had been around, this would've been the kind of thing she might tell him. But he wasn't. And he wasn't exactly hurrying to get back here either, apparently.

Her skintenna buzzed and she answered it. "Hey," Kane's voice sounded on the other end. He was close enough now to pick up their signal. Relief flooded her. He'd been gone almost two weeks. Too long. Too dangerous.

"Hi, hurry."

"Picking up the bogies and I'll be right there. You okay? You're breathing hard."

"No, I just...I just need you home."

She could hear him smile across the channels. "I'll be right there."


Zara didn't even look to see who was with him when Kane came in, she just ran to him, burying her face in his chest. The tears almost came, but she stopped them. When Zara looked up at him, everything seemed to stop for a little while. The world slowed down and there was nothing else. Whatever was wrong, as long as they were together she could face it.

An echo of his voice wandered through her mind, but she pushed it away. Kane tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, and ran his finger along the scar on her face. He didn't need to say that he missed her, she could feel it. They stepped away from each other, all business again.

Zara's jaw dropped when she looked at the two clearly exhausted and dirty people. "Pix? Kevin? MEDIC!" was her next statement. Pix was swaying on her feet and Kevin was covered in a green and purple goo. They needed help.

"We've been there for three days...in the dark..." Pix said. Zara came forward to support her and get her to the hospital wing. She didn't really know either of them that well, but she was quite up to date on what undercover team members looked like.

"Are there any other...survivors?" Zara asked tentatively.

"Jace. They took Jace." Kevin answered, coming up on Pix's other side and helping Zara. He followed her lead, and they didn't have that far to go. Luckily, Maddy had a shift in the wing and quickly saw to Pix. She pointed Kevin in the direction of the showers.

"I'll let you know when they're in a state to be debriefed," Maddy said briskly. The older woman had never been quite alright with the militant way Mirage was run, compared to the Smoke. David never seemed to mind.

"Thanks Maddy. They've been through a lot. I want them to sleep as much as possible. I'm not in a rush." And Zara really wasn't. Izzy had a point - she was getting people killed. Something needed to give, something needed to change. Maybe they needed to go slower, be more careful, find more roundabout ways of doing things. With Axsym's control over Diego tightening, they would have to be more careful. There would be more security than before, more people who could spot their difference. It made her nervous that they were even more isolated than before.


Syd was running, searching. If Jace was working for the enemy now, then she wasn't Jace anymore. They would send someone after Vury and Lindsay, guaranteed, and even evil, Jace was still the best. They would only have to mess with her head to make her any deadlier. The Spades had fallen; Syd blamed Vury and his abhorance with firearms for that. Death was better than disarmament. Dead people couldn't wake up and hurt you.

Then again, she was talking about a vampire.

It started to rain. It only made her run faster, work harder. The city was her playground, she knew it intimately, every curve and crevice that could hide someone or something. Every place to find what she was looking for. Her latest assignment was a toxin, a neuroblocker that would allow thought paths to be manipulated. It was an easy job, the undercover sort rather than the break-in-be-sneaky type. She'd turn the formula and half of the protoype over to the cell, but half she was keeping for herself - keeping to use on Jace. A little reverse mind control never hurt. If Syd couldn't save her, then she would kill her.

Jace wouldn't want to live like that...Syd hoped, anyways.

Finally losing steam in a random alley, she leaned against a wall and let out a colossal scream. It vibrated between the buildings, echoing itself into a roar. This had broken through the wall she'd kept so strong and steady. It had destroyed the diamond-surfaced case she'd put around her memories from training, her friendships, her cares. In her world, there wasn't room for emotional attachments because they just got in the way and impaired judgment.

Vury and the blonde would be fine on their own for the night. Syd began a slow and wet walk home.


Thoran wandered through the library with Kail, amazed at the lack of security once actually inside. There were hovercams of course, but not nearly enough to cover every shelf, every dark corner for dark deeds. It was also surprisingly empty. Then again, it was awfully late at night by this point.

He knew Axsym would have sent someone by now. He knew there were probably orders waiting if he bothered to check his messages. He would do that later. Right now, he was busy watching Kail re-live her memories from this place. It didn't show in her face, but it played subtly across her eyes.

He went up behind her, pressing against her. "God you're vicious. Destructive. Violent." He bit her neck, running his teeth down her marble skin. "My favorite things."

Kail grumbled low in her throat. "The smell of books brings back a lot of...images," she finished. "It was something I'll never forget."

Thoran turned her around, pushing her up against a bookshelf. Kail put her face to his neck, running her fingernails down his back. He could feel the scratches, the skin opening, and shuddered with pleasure. The spicy smell of her was making his pulse slam wildly, and he knew she liked it.

"Care to make a new memory?" He growled in her ear.

He would almost swear she laughed. "Well now, it seems the smell of books turns you on."

"No, just you. Anywhere."

"Anywhere?" Her arm slid up his back, ending with her hand taking a fistful of his hair as she yanked his head back, exposing more of his neck to her.

"Uh huh," Thoran said slightly unintelligibly. He couldn't deny that the musty paper smell and her own scent were strangely intoxicating.

A hovercam floated into their aisle, watching them both. Kail grinned at him evilly. "Shall we give them a show?"

Kail pulled his face down to hers and began to kiss him fiercely. Her venom entered his mouth, burning his tongue, but it only froze him for a few moments, the nanos now adapted to dealing with the toxicity of it. Thoran disengaged his thoughts, and turned his attention to only Kail, only his fiery evil Valkyrie.

((eh, that was a lame Kail/Thoran post, sorry. I couldn't remember why they were in the library.))
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The mission, though had its faults would prove to be crucial in Axysm’s plans to clean humanity. Diego is the first involuntary test city as it was farthest from pure. It’s lack of rules and stabilization between a controlled society and litterly an urban jungle made this city a perfect candidate for the cleaning.

Logan knew that Axsym only functioned for its benefit but this plan actually made sense to him. The human population burst was becoming an epidemic and all signs were pointing to a relapse of the rusty society, and we all know how that ended. He felt that to keep humanity under control something needed to be done before it was totally out of hand. Cities were growing too fast and clear cutting everything around them to keep up with their ever growing populations. If the mission was successful a third of Diago’s population would be eliminated.

In theory the plan was a beefed up version of natural selection. The company had no choice as to whom would survive as it was your own body that would betray you. Axsym simply was using biological warfare to activate your own immune system it was up to your body to decipher between the virus and your insides. One third of the human population carried a gene that wouldn’t recognize a certain man made infectious agent. It would know that something is wrong but the actual virus would be invisible to the immune system causing the body to attack itself in hopes of destroying the viral infection.

Logan was one of the few people to actually survive through Axysm’s agent training; he wasn’t an assassin but knew how to kill someone if a situation happen to arise. Him, among other select Axsym members were vaccinated to ensure that the virus wouldn’t have an effect. He felt safe being in the know of this project but wondered how many other plans were on the go that he didn’t have immunity from.

Besides his original mission Logan was tagged with a recovery assignment. Apparently an actual assassin and his counterpart have gone AWOL and need to be tracked down. He was warned that the task wasn’t going to be an easy one as both of them were highly dangerous and wouldn’t think twice before attacking. He was then given a data file on vampire lore, Logan was in disbelief when they claimed that the female counterpart was actually one.

That’s one seriously messed up case of Necrophilia

He thought to himself as the ping ran though his head again. Recent camera feeds caught the two of them in the rusty section of the library not reading. Logan thought of all the waste in time, money and effort placed into Thoran. He was so far on of Axym’s greatest achievements. The nanos in his body adapted almost instantly to the situations he put himself though – even if it was poisoning himself with a vampire’s venom.

Logan never met Thoran, but had heard many great things about the boy who once was dead. He was apparently the best assassin they had but upon discovering the vamparic research he became obsessed with the girl who fed on human blood.

The mission was ready to put into place. Logan just had to wait for the go ahead to enter Diego and break into the water treatment plant. Where he would inject the holding tanks with the serum filled with billions of microscopic nanos. These nanos thrive on hydrogen molecules and attach themselves to as many as possible. You could say the nanos are greedy and want all the hydrogen to themselves so they split and multiply ensuring that they capture every single molecule. If the H2O+1 nano never reach sunlight it remains harmless and doesn’t affect people who consume it. .. Well in theory… in the long run Axsym is still doing tests to see if it has any long term effect. Like nano build up in the body and then that person suddenly steps into the sun after four months or longer of hiding. What would happen? Logan didn’t know exactly, just that it would be messy.

Logan waited for the signal in an underground bunker a few miles north of Diego. Like all of Axsym’s remote buildings it was well hidden and secure. If Logan wanted nobody would get in or out. The security system was in tune with his body and how it functioned. It measured brainwaves, the eyes iris, has voice recognition, and was even in tune with his heart. The computer knew Logan more than he did.

Sitting down in a large plush simulated leather chair Logan’s eyes were on the wall screen. As per Axsym’s orders he himself wasn’t allowed to enter Diego yet but with the aid of a few hovercams he could learn the city from the comfort of his chair. Right now one of the cams was tracking his recon targets… and well fornicating like a bunch of rabbits was an understatement when it came to these two.

Logan never knew the feeling of needing/wanting/loving another person and frankly didn’t understand the attraction they had with each other. He actually thought it was more disgusting than anything else. Two people who should be dead having sex? How twisted could that get? Now if you factor in how old the female was it was like Thoran was doing his grandmother to the tenth power.

In digust Logan looked away from the wallscreen and noticed his ring flashed indicating a ping was waiting. He opened the file and all it said was Five Days. Knowing instantly that it meant that five more days and Diego as its citizens knew it would change forever.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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"Its nearly time to leave, pet," Chia said as he walked into Jace's chamber. Okay, it wasn't really a chamber so to speak... More just a room. But heck, chamber was such a sexy word.

"Yeah?" Jace replied hoarsely as she stalked out of the bedroom and up to where Chia was standing. "I think we have a spare minute or two." She traced her finger up Chia's cheek, around his ear and down the back of his neck before roughly grabbing his hair and pulling him in roughly to her.

"Who's turn is it?" Chia growled before allowing his hands to push hard down Jace's back, pushing her body into his and not letting her go. They had a-- well, game, really. There wasn't really any other way to describe it. Whoever won a fight or bet was allowed to do whatever they wanted. And 'whatever' had absolutely no limits, as Chia had discovered the day before when Jace had decided to show her power and lust over him in the middle of a waiting room. He didn't complain. It was always more fun with spectators. Especially when those spectators would probably never experience sex again.

Poor misguided fools... The goons were still being punished for the vampire and girl's escape. Alyce had called on Chia two days ago to explain his latest Mission. Not that this one seemed too bad. Find the bloodsucker. Kill the girl. Things he wanted to do anyway. Plus, he had Jace.

Jace roughly pulled Chia back into reality as she jumped up and straddled his waist, passionately squeezing him tight and pulling at his hair as though she were actually trying to pull it out. Knowing Jace, she probably was. And it drove Chia fucking wild.

"You know," she gasped after being connected with Chia's face for a solid minute. "There doesn't always have to be a winner." Chia pulled her in closer and walked over to her bed. They recklessly fell on top of it, Chia quickly and smoothly taking off Jace's top.

"Oh dear," he whispered into her ear before nibbling on it harder than most people even dreamed of. "I'm afraid you're wrong," he finished just as blood began to seep out of the top of her right ear. She groaned and pulled his face toward hers, streaking her nails down his bare back-- his top lay long forgotten on the floor near the open door. Hey, they weren't exactly the 'private' type.

Jace roughly pressed herself against him, using her strength to push him to one side. The momentum carried them so that Jace was now on top, her legs encasing Chia's. Her hands seemed to be everywhere at once, causing pain and leaving traces of blood where ever they went. Chia didn't understand how she did it, how he found this all so fucking pleasurable. It wasn't right. But he didn't give a fuck. It was incredible. She was incredible. And he owned her. Possessed her. Nobody could change that. The Mute had made sure of that.

Chia groaned and grunted in pain. Jace was attacking his neck and chest with her lips, teeth and nails. Her arm was bending his over his head, bending it to a point of near breaking. Chia roughly broke away and pulled her arm off of his before glaring at her. Allowing a small laugh to escape, Jace leaned in close to his ear. "I win." She purred, before kissing him more fiercely than ever.

His inability to lose flared inside Chia at Jace's words. He grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back, holding them there with just one hand. With his other hand he propelled their joint bodies off the bed and sent them crashing into the wall on the opposite side of the room. Pinning her against the stark white wall, Chia released her hands and pressed in harder. Biting her lip until blood filled both their mouths, he pulled her hair back roughly and kissed her neck.

"No. I win," he growled into Jace's ear before backing off and letting her go.

"I know," she smirked, wiping the blood off her chin. "I let you." She winked before getting her top and pulling it over her head, the tightness accentuating her every curve. "Its been longer than a few minutes," Jace said before waltzing out of her room, expecting Chia to follow. And he did.

Ever since Laryx had created her for him, all Chia wanted to do was be in a room with her. Or outside. Or... anywhere. He didn't even care if they weren't alone. Neither did Jace. Their favourite place was in the Combat Room. All that violence, death, rage, blood... Then watching Jace dish out her worst. Nothing could be better. It had been their task lately to make as much mess as they possibly could in there. The fuckers that cleaned up after them never dared to approach the Mute. Not after their comrade had been sacrificed in petitioning for Chia and Jace to clean up after themselves. As if they had to do anything they didn't want to.

Chia was Laryx's favourite. He knew that now. By giving him his pet, Laryx was coaxing Chia to stay with Axsym. They both knew he didn't do well with loyalty. He went where ever served him best. Right now, with Jace as his pet, it was Axsym.


"Would you two stop that for just one second," Alyce said impatiently as she briefed them on what they knew of Vury and Linday's whereabouts. Chia and Jace unlocked from each other briefly, simply to glare at Alyce and go back to what they were previously occupied with-- each other.

"Oh, I give up. Find them yourself. Don't fail this time, either," Alyce said sharply before stalking out of her office, leaving the file on the wallscreen for Jace and Chia to look at.

"Interesting," Jace said as her eyes narrowed at the wallscreen over Chia's shoulder.

"Whats that?" Chia murmered as he continued to suck on her neck like a ... well, vampire.

"They've been spotted with several accompolices." (referring to Syd, but her appearance keeps changing so.. yeh..)

"... And? So there are still Mirage-happy freaks out there helping them. Thats not our area. The other bloodsucker and Deadboy were supposed to take care of that. Too bad they went haywire out of the system."

"Wait," she said impatiently and roughly pushed Chia off her.

"Oh, you know you like it when you get violent," he teased as he followed her over to the wall screen. He walked inbetween Jace and the wallscreen and pulled her body cloesly into his. He knew she wouldn't be able to resist him. It was impossible. His hormones were flaring, which meant... so were hers. Unable to resist any longer, she complied and attacked Chia's face with her mouth, her arms pushing him in closer. They both let out similar animalistic groans as things heated up.

Suddenly there was a voice at the doorway of the room, followed by a grunt of disgust. "Could you two please get off each other and get moving? Laryx wants this done as quickly as possible." Alyce's petite frame was leaning against the doorway, her eyes rolling in disgust.

"I've told you, babe. There's no reason to get jealous. Plenty of Chia to--"

"Go around, yes I know. You've told me. I'd prefet not to taint myself, however. So get. Moving."

Chia and Jace unlocked themselves from each other and shared identical coy smiles.

"Seeya soon, Alyce baby," Chia crooned as he slid past her, his scent lingering around her.

"Don't miss us too much," Jace teased as she then walked past. She roughly pushed Alyce into the doorframe and held her hand against Alyce's neck for a fleeting moment before winking and continuing on.

Once the freak released Alyce, she gasped for breath and glared as the two walked down the hallway, not so subtely grabbing and stroking each other at every chance they got. They were sick, Alyce thought. Sick freaks who belonged to each other. At first she had felt pity for Jace, but there was no way Axsym could program her to enjoy pain and blood that much without her having a lust for it before the operations.

And now with the latest operations on Chia... Alyce laughed coldy at the thought. Chia was under the impression that more of his DNA had been needed to be put into Jace, and so had willingly gone under the knife. Little did he know that the surgeons had implanted Jace's DNA into his system, his once-Havoc body adapting to it more quickly than anyone had anticipated. Slowly, they were making him like her-- dependant on someone else.

This is really going to fuck him over, Alyce thought savagely. And he deserves it. She was against most of this latest testing and experimenting on people that Axsym had taken to, but Alyce knew that if anyone deserved to be fucked with, it was Chia. Chia. With his stupid Cheshire grin.

Ammy wrote:
It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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She was here.

Syd had hacked the city mainframe and uploaded a facial recognition sequence that would report only to her - the dimensions she gave it matched Jace's face. As soon as her face was caught on any camera anywhere in the city, she would be notified. Now Jace was here and it was time for Syd to get to know an enemy that had once been her friend.

She looked the same. An attractive but physically volatile seeming guy was with her, and always seemed to have his hands on her. Jace had never been a big PDA kind of person, so it was weird to watch the twisted smile that went across her former best friend's face, or the way that she reciprocated. Something about Jace always looked tense now, on the edge and ready for something. This might end up being a fight that was two on one, but Syd would walk away with both of them dead if she had to.

The cameras followed them, and Syd watched completely enthralled. She finally seemed to understand the Rusty obsession with something called "reality tv" that had not disappeared in her own time. People enjoyed watching other people's lives.

When they started fighting, Syd felt hope. Maybe Jace was going to try and get away now that she was in the city.

When this ended with them ripping each other's close off, Syd had to swallow vomit. Her room asked her if she was feeling ill, and she almost said yes. Yes, she was feeling ill, but not the kind of sick the room or the hospital could cure. There was Jace, having sex, barely out of view of the public. With a guy who worked for their biggest enemy, and who had punched Jace so hard there was blood coming out of her nose as they attacked each other's bodies. It was the weirdest, most twisted thing Syd had ever seen.

She'd have to kill Jace if she couldn't find a way to reverse the brainwashing. That was the only way.

Syd let all her feelings about Jace form a tight little ball in her mind, compressing upon one another. Then she imagined freezing it, all of it turning to solid ice. She filed that away. There was no room for feeling here. This was just another mission now. She had the neurotoxin, an easy steal, so she was ready to fight whatever Axsym had done to Jace.
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Logan stood in the shower and waited for the fans to dry him off. His foot tapped anxiously while the beads of water evaporated off of him in a swill of warm air projecting from the vents that water came burst out of only a few minutes before. When a cool female voice said “Fan cycle complete” Logan hopped out and pulled on a sneak suite. The organic scaly fabric shifted around him while it adjusted to his height and body type. He hated these things and preferred technology to be at his fingertips, not all over his body. But at the same time Logan knew that if he wanted to be stealth this “smart” sneak suit was the way to go. The suit tickled Logan’s skin as it’s cells shifted to imitate A Hoverboarder’s outfit. The grey shirt and dark cargo pants wouldn’t have been Logan’s first choice for style reasons but his goal was to fade away in the crowd – not to stand out with his rusty styled ripped jeans and extremely vintage inspired printed t-shirt. These days it seemed that plain boring “smart” clothing was all the rage. Logan didn’t understand how everyone could conform so easily.

Five days in solitude had passed and obviously Logan was beginning to think of random things to keep himself occupied. He swore that if he had to spend another 24 hours in solitude he would either start answering when he talked to himself out loud or develop a twitch.

The only two things he needed were ready to go. The small vile filled with millions of microscopic nanos was already setteling into a pocket on his sneak suit while the Axsym improved hoverboard flew only a few inches from the ground by the elevator.

With an eager grin on his face Logan rushed out the door, ready to get the hell out of that bunker.


Before Logan could infiltrate Diego’s water recycling centre he had to take care of the recon assignment. After watching the two practically dead people fornicate like two practically dead rabbits for the past five days Logan knew what he was going to walk into when he surprised them in the Axsym owned loft that they currently resided in.

Getting into the loft was the easy part. Logan could play a sivilian role and casually walk into the building. He had all the passwords memorized and the building’s security system wouldn’t know he wasn’t a tenant. With a hacked interfacing ring in place Logan spoke the 7 digit password out loud and the elevator to the penthouse loft rumbled to motion.

As soon as the door opened two sets of dark eyes were locked on Logan and before he could even put a cocky smile on his face the female charged. She moved so fast Logan didn’t know what happened until his body was slammed into the back of the elevator, one on her hands holding his wrists above his head while the other was tightly grasped around his neck.

“Who the hell are you?” She asked, he voice was low and raspy, while her dark gaze peered into his eyes.

Logan would have said something but her hand was so tight around his neck that all he could squeek out was “Axsym” in a tiny mouse like voice. Apparently that was the wrong answer because if at all possible her grasp grew tighter.

Thoran slowly walked up, his face full of amusement as he kept his eyes only on the vampire. This sickened Logan as he could only imagine the thoughts that were running through Thoran’s head. His hungry gaze turned into a glare when Thoran’s eyes shifted from Kail to Logan.

“Prove it” Was all that Thoran said.

“If not…” The vampire removed her hands from Logan’s neck and inhaled deeply as her face moved up the side of his neck. “I could do with something to eat” her voice was low and raspy and for once Logan swallowed his pride and felt fear. He stood still for the duration of the vampire feeling his rapid pulse with the slight touch of her lips. When she pulled away Logan let himself breathe again then pulled a memory disk he had in a pocket.

This disk had information and statistics about the mission that Logan was on. Thoran put it into the wallscreen’s input device, he and Kail read over the files and stats. When finished Thoran ejected the disk and crushed it in his hands. The grin that was across his face showed that he approved the plan.

“You immune?” he asked, his hands never stopped moving over the female’s body.


Thoran laughed at Logan’s response. “So you think… We’ll help if you can guarantee our immunity”

That was simple. Both of them were already dead so the odds of an actual immune system were slim to none plus with their high metabolisms and Thoran’s own nanos for blood there would be no risk of infection. With a short explanation both Kail (as Logan finally found out the vampire’s name) and Thoran suited up in sneak suits and were ready.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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"We've been here for nearly three hours. Lets just fucking go in already!" Chia said aggressively to Jace. They were sitting on the rooftop of some Diego apartment block that had the perfect view of a laneway, where Vury had been briefly spotted a few days beforehand.

"We've been through this," Jace replied through gritted teeth. "I know Mirage. They'll have traps. As arrogant and cocky as you are, try to actually think about this. If we go waltzing in there, chances are we won't come out." She glanced at Chia who was still keen on the 'waltzing in' idea.

"Fine! Then lets steal a hovercar or smoke them out or fire at them or fucking bomb them. I don't fucking care! I WANT THEM!" Turning away from the edge of the roof, Chia began pacing up and down, his blood pumping and anger rising. "Dead," he finished off somewhat lamely.

Jace rolled her eyes and walked over to comfort Chia. "So do I," she hissed through her teeth. "But I don't exactly want to die. I don't want to give him that satisfaction." By now Jace was pressed up behind Chia, her hands under his top and her nails leaving marks down his chest.

"And you know the goon who is helping that fucking bloodsucker that ruined my FACE?" At the last word Chia's eyes lit up with the flame of revenge, as his hand instinctively covered the icy cold spot on his neck-- the mark left by Vury during a fight not too long ago. A permanent scarring that left Chia with an even greater vendetta against the rogue vampire.

Jace removed Chia's hand and kissed the scar. His hands awkwardly stroked her waist before he quickly (and fiercely) whirled Jace around so that they were face to face.

"I don't know," Jace murmered, allowing Chia to suck up and down her neck. "I can't figure it out. I fucking know who she is. I just know it! Axsym have fucked with me too much. Nothing works!" Jace screamed in anger and frustration and beat her fists against Chia's chest. In a normal boy-girl relationship this would seem kinda cute. Funny thing about Jace is, her punches fucking hurt. Chia sorely rubbed where she just hit.

"Oh god I love it when you get fiesty," he whispered, pulling down on her hair and harshly pressing his lips against hers. With their faces crushed together and hands working their ways round each other's bodies, Jace and Chia stood on the rooftop occupied for five minutes or so.

"Wait!" Jace hissed and violently pushed Chia away. He roughly grabbed her arms and pulled her towards him. Push him away will she? Oh she'll pay for that one... Slowly he began crushing her arms as she glared at him. "Fucking hell you hormonal rabbit, listen!" She whispered harshly.

Having a silent battle of domination with their eyes, Chia caught a sound coming from the alleyway below them. "Shit!" He whispered and pushed Jace away with a little harder force than what was necessary. Not that any force they ever used against each other was necessary.

Moving silent like ninjas, they scuttled along the length of the rooftop and lay down near the edge. Peering over cautiously, a figure emerged from the hidden doorway below. A girl. But with green hair now. For a while these disguises had Chia fooled. Jace, too. They thought that Vury and Lindsay had various guards and protectors. After a day or so they figured out it was the same chick but with different disguises. Clever ones, too.

Fucking bitch, Chia thought bitterly as he allowed his mind to wander to all the torture and pain he wanted to put Vury through before finally finishing him. Somehow. In theory only a vampire could kill a vampire but.. Since when did Chia listen to theory? Or any kind of logic. His logic ruled above all, and right now he wanted to utterly destroy Vury. "Touch my face will you," he said in resentment, just a touch louder than he meant to.

He caught Jace's eye and she was glaring daggers at him. She whacked his head with all the strength she could muster from that position and jumped to the alleyway two stories below. The girl had heard Chia's muttering and was already on the defence. Oh. Wait, no. Now she was on the attack. Cursing Jace for touching his precious face, Chia jumped down after her to find that the battle was already underway.

Knocking the gun out of the Disguise-girl's hand with her jump, Jace was now in hand to hand combat with her. She still found time to glare at Chia between blocks and jumps. "What, not 'helping' this time?" Jace yelled sarcastically to Chia in the middle of a flip that landed her behind the other girl.

Chia grinned his infamous grin in response. The other girl was now on top of Jace on the ground, vicously trying to knock her out with each hit. "But you're going so well without me, dear," Chia replied smugly. "And I wouldn't want to interrupt this show." He chuckled pervertedly as he allowed his mind to wander. "What do you say to a little company in bed, pet? This one's a riot."

Ammy wrote:
It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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Syd knew that Jace and Chia had found them, but she was waiting until they made the wrong move or it might look suspicious. She'd used her most elaborate disguises to stretch out the time as much as possible until she would have to face her former best friend. Vury and Lindsay were already warned, they were ready to fight if they needed to.

When Syd heard Chia's slimy voice (Vury and Lindsay had informed her about him. It only made her feel worse), she could not believe that he was that stupid. Jace jumped down the building, followed much more slowly by her lover. Being messed with by Axsym hadn't changed the way Jace fought. Syd found it almost predictable, and now she had lost some of her effectiveness becuase her focus was gone. She was wild and rabid - none of the clean focus they had learned in Mirage.

She had Jace in a vulnerable position, and quickly slipped the syringe out from where it was hiding. One little bit of the neuroblocker, and in a few minutes Jace would start to get confused. The needle was stabbed into Jace's neck, which caused Jace to push her off furiously. Syd just grinned at her, waiting. Chia was still leaning against the wall grinning. All three of them looked strange and anxious. Syd pressed a button that made her disguise melt away.

Her green hair turned brown and started to grow out, down past her shoulders; her eyes brightened to their normal brown color and her clothes melted into a black suit that covered more of her skin.

Jace's eyes got wide. "Syd?"

Chia's eyes got wide with excitment "You two already know each other? Perfect!"

Syd hissed at him and attacked Jace again. She needed to knock her out. It was almost noon, the sun at the highest point in the sky. Jace kicked Syd in the chin, sending her flying backwards. She pulled Syd up by her hair, kneeing her in the gut twice before flinging her against the wall. Syd hit her head on the wall. There was a ringing, and it seemed to sound more like screaming as her head cleared.

It was screaming.

All three of them were looking around, looking at each other. Syd ran out of the alley to the street, hoping the neuroblocker would kick in soon.


Lindsay had just gotten out of the shower, still enjoying the fact that she could choose when she took one, and the fact that it was whatever temperature she wanted it to be. Her blonde hair hung wetly down her back, giving her goosebumps. Vury came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her. His chin rested on her shoulder and she leaned back against him.

"We need to get back. Soon." She whispered.

"I know. I have this really strange feeling..." He had the look on his face that meant he was missing something, or he couldn't quite figure out what he needed to know.

"Me too."

Vury stood up suddenly, listening intently. "Fighthing. We need to go."

Lindsay ran and got dressed quickly.

"There's...screaming." He looked confused. The screaming got so loud Lindsay could hear it too.

They ran outside and found no one in the alley, so they ran to the street. Jace, Chia, and Syd were standing there looking around. People were hiding in the shade and others were lying in the street, twitching and yelling for help that wasn't coming.

Taking advantage of the moment, Lindsay ran out of the alley and kicked Chia in the back. The sun seemed unusually bright that day, hurting her eyes. The fight was back on. Lindsay fighting Chia and Vury and Syd both trying to subdue Jace.

Chia got a good one to Lindsay's jaw, making her feel dizzy. She dropped down and knocked his legs out from under him, jumping on top of him and wrapping her hands around his neck. Chia looped his leg between hers and rolled her over, jabbing his fingers up between her ribs. Lindsay cried out sharply.

"I've always wondered what you would be like in this position," Chia hissed and licked her earlobe. Lindsay wrenched upwards, her knee hitting exactly where she wanted it to. Chia jumped back, hissing at her and muttering an angry string of profanities she didn't even understand.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt your little friend?" Lindsay mocked him.

"Not so little...care to find out?" He jumped at her, and Lindsay dodged him. His anger made him easy to read because he acted impulsively. She was still feeling kind of dizzy. He must have hit her harder than she thought.

There was a scream as Syd managed to knock out Jace. Syd was saying something to Vury as she launched Jace's long body over her shoulder.

Chia started moving toward them. Lindsay moved to stop him, but fell to the ground. She felt wrong. Something was bubbling underneath her skin and she felt like she was melting. Everything was pulling her apart - it didn't hurt exactly, but it felt...wrong. Bad. Lindsay yelled and fell over. They all looked at her, and then Syd started to run. Chia swore and chased after her.

Vury came over to Lindsay, and she looked up at him with confusion on her face. "Something is wrong." Lindsay started to twitch, convulsions running through her now. She couldn't talk, her vision was blurry, and the tips of her fingers and toes were starting to hurt.

Vury was talking to her, but it wasn't making a difference. She couldn't understand what he was saying. There was something in her throat because it was getting hard to breathe. Lindsay started to cough, trying to get whatever it was out of her throat. Something wet came out of her mouth and dripped down the side of her face. She lifted a shaking hand, and her fingers came away from her face with something red on them. This was not good.

"Vury?" she asked, hearing gurgling in her throat. Her mind started to float away a little bit, and a smile pulled at her face. "Love you." Lindsay started choking again, coughing more. The world went black.


Syd didn't know what was going on with Lindsay, but she didn't have time to stick around and find out. It had taken both her and Vury to knock out Jace.

"Go help her, I'll take care of the wonder-sluts," Syd spat at Vury. "Get back to Mirage as soon as you can. The tunnels." That was all she needed to say, he was higher up than her and would know what that meant. She didn't even know what it meant, it was just what they told her to tell him.

Syd started to run, slowed down a lot by Jace being flung over her shoulder. It was like carrying herself. Right now she needed to find a safe place that she could get Jace back to herself, and then get both of them to Mirage. She had figured out the message, and combining that with what she could figure out from the message to Vury, it wouldn't take her long to get there. Syd ducked into a doorway. Quickly, she tied up Jace with smart rope - the kind that adjusted no matter what someone did - and turned around to face Chia.

"Why can't we be friends, pet?" He smiled at her, his eyes flicking past her to the bound body of Jace. "Especially if you're so into tying people up..."

"You're not good enough for her," Syd spat, unable to help herself. She ran at him, and dodged to the left to take him by surprise. Her punch landed in his gut, and the fight was on. It was easy to block him, but his hits were hard and were starting to wear on her. Both of them were tired. She could almost respect him for lasting so long against her - but then she remembered what a pig he was and that idea flew right out the window.

Chia looked around, and panic seemed to stretch across his weirdly attractive face. He looked at Syd. He looked at Jace. He looked at the people laying in the street. He ran.

Syd was confused, but grabbed Jace. She needed to get out of there.

The nanos were singing again, a real song this time, and a familiar one. It had her eyes opening slowly. Zara sat up and removed Kane's arm from around her, standing up in a daze. She knew this song, she knew the words and the melody and she knew it was a special song. The bigger was voice was about to speak, she could tell by the way the nanos got all excited and high-pitched. Zara looked in the mirror.

Happy Birthday, precious. The big voice spoke, and she pictured the speaker. A bright happy smile stretched across her tired and tattooed face. Yes, her birthday. She was 17.

A shudder passed through her, and the feeling was gone. Zara was confused at the look on her face. She had a bad feeling - something was going on. They had heard almost nothing from Axsym for the last week; that usually meant they were about to do something big. Even messages about the little stuff had failed to be intercepted, and they were so limited in the city at the moment that they didn't want to have anyone risk exposure. Lindsay and Vury would be returning soon, maybe even Syd. Now that they had Pix and Kevin back things would probably get better as well - people with experience to help for awhile.

"Happy birthday," Kane said behind her. She jumped, surprised by the sound of his voice.

"I don't think it will be," she started to twist up her hair. "The only other person who knows is...Vury," a slight lump was in her throat. "And it's not like he's here."

"I'm sorry."

"For what? That I have a birthday in a world that is complete chaos?"

"That he's gone and you miss him."

Zara shook that off. "Whatever. Let's get to work, we're burning daylight." Not as if something like daylight actually mattered in the tunnels, where people only saw the sun if they made the treacherous trek to get out of the maze. She sort of missed sunshine. I mean, her tan had definitely diminished because now keeping watch meant sitting in the dark instead of the sun.

Her bad feeling proved right when she stepped into the watch center. People were taking notes and watching news feeds. She sat down next to Pete and started watching the reports.

People in Diego were dropping dead, sort of. They would start to convulse as soon as they were hit by the sun, and after just over an hour, all of them died. But not everyone was affected, only some people, and so far city officials had not been able to determine where this affliction was coming from. It had been like that for almost 6 hours now, and the death toll was rising - it was already so high that bodies were being left in the streets so that survivors might be helped. People were being warned to stay in their houses and stay out of the sun if at all possible.

She didn't know how, but she knew this was something Axsym was doing. And because they didn't know who would be affected she could not with good conscience send anyone to investigate. It was time to break protocol and make direct contact.

"Call the safe house, and message Syd. Directly. Now."

Pete looked at her slightly aghast. "But then our signal will be vulnerable..." he trailed off and though for a second. "Never mind. There's too much signal chaos going on right now for ours to be singled out. Leave a message telling them to reply?"

Zara nodded. There was no answer at the safe house, which surprised her. She was surprised again when Syd answered immediately. Then again, a spy would always answer their phone, just in case.

"You need to come in."

"I'll try, but I'm bringing a guest. I have the Ace of Spades."

Zara was surprised. "Follow the clues, we'll send someone when we get your signal. Save anyone you can."

"Do we know what it is?"

"Just that its catalyst is UV rays. Help who you can."

"Don't I always?" Syd's voice was sarcastic as the message ended.

Zara put her head in her hands for just a second and then snapped back to attention. "We need to clean out the back up rooms. Get the electricity going and the floors swept and washed. We might need to hold a lot more people than usual and we can't let them into the main workings of Mirage, but I'm not going to let innocent people die." People ran off and got to work. Zara told Pete to message her with anything new - she had something to do.

Zara made her way to one of the back exits from the tunnels. A long ladder stretched up into the light, coming out far from the edges of the city. The climb was long, and her legs started to shake a little bit. The cover was stuck and took a lot of pushing to get it off.

It was a few hours before sunset, so the light was still bright. She felt it land on her skin, immediately warming her. Zara stood there for a long time, waiting for something to happen. Nothing did.

Relief flooded her, and she hurried back to the bowels of her strange little army base, preparing for a swarm.
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Something was wrong. Pushing an old crumblie out of the way with an exceeding amount of force that landed her into a nearby tree and instantly killing her, Chia rushed through the streets of Diego. His head was spinning and his legs felt like lead. Something inside of him was bubbling or turning or.. something! Letting out a scream worthy of a Rusty caught in the end of the world, Chia tried to stick to the shadows on the footpath.

All around him, people were dropping down to the ground, squirming on the floor and letting out dying, desperate screams that would haunt any mortal with a conscience for the rest of their life. Not Chia. He was more concerned with the fact that he was dying. Or so he thought.

"MOVE!" He bellowed to a girl with snake hair who was scratching at her face. Tears were streaming down her face as blood began to seep out of her mouth. Her legs crumbled beneath her and she let out a dying murmer, her faint glittering eyes rolling into her head.

What the fuck is happening? Chia thought desperately. Ever since the blonde slut had fallen and started convulsing as soon as she had stepped into the sun to fight Chia, he had noticed people all around Diego simply dropping dead.

Slamming against a wall under the shade of an umbrella that he had stolen from some little kid, Chia allowed himself a breather. "I bet its the fucking Mute. He always fucks with me! FUCK!" He watched as a little girl stood in the middle of the street and burst into tears. She wasn't sick, but by the looks of things her mother was now dead next to her. Serves her right, Chia thought harshly. Loving someone left her desperate and alone. Okay, so maybe it wasn't the five year old's fault. But fuck it, he had lost the one thing he -- well, had.

Its not like he cared for Jace. Chia grimaced at the thought. But she was HIS! She belonged to HIM! And now this fucking Syd had stolen her from under his feet. She would die without him. Literally DIE. "Just wait 'til I get my hands on your grimy little neck you fucking--" Stopping mid-sentence, Chia let out a groan of pain and doubled over. It felt like someone had just stabbed him multiple times in the chest. His blood started pumping through his body and his head began feeling dizzy.

"What. The. FUCK!" Chia screamed into the sky, veins popping out of his neck and forehead. The pain had now stopped, but it had left Chia awfully sweaty and feeling physically weak. This isn't fucking right. Why hadn't he dropped dead on the ground yet like everyone else? A young man ran up to the wall next to Chia and started shouting at him.

"Share! Fucking give me that umbrella! Come on, man I'm gonna DIE!" His eyes were desperate and his hair was wild. The sun was near setting and the shadow in which the man was standing was slowly fading into the last rays of the sun. "Its the fucking sun! Its gone wild! ITS KILLING PEOPLE!" He was now pressed with his back against the wall, making wild grabs for Chia's newly acquired umbrella.

By now Chia had realised that he wasn't being affected like these drones. The sun would probably do him no harm on its 'killing rage'. But this guy was psycho and it was fun to watch. "Unfortunate thing about humans is, they die. Kinda sucks, hey?" Chia grinned at the guy who now had tears rolling down his face.

"For fuck's sake, man!"

"I've always thought that line interesting. Why must I give you the umbrella for the sake of fuck? It would be much more beneficial for me to watch you die."

"You-- You're insane! You're psycho is what you are! You Rusty NUTCASE!"

"Says the guy ranting about the killer sun. Oh, your words definately have credit."

By now the shadow had completely disappeared and the crazy man was standing directly in the rays of the sun. He started screaming and jumping up and down on the spot, waving his arms in the air. Interesting dying dance. "Any final words?" Chia asked smugly.

The man looked around him in surprise and stopped screaming. He patted himself up and down before running his fingers through his brightly coloured orange hair. "Not today, mistro," he replied. An insane smile spread across the guy's face as he started another of his little jigs.

"I'm not gonna die!" I'm not gonna die! The sun LOVES ME!" Then he started singing. Chia looked at him, puzzled. Why wasn't this wacko dying? Bitter disappointment spread through Chia like a plague. He was looking forward to this guy dying. He was worthless and .. crazy.

"Yeah. You are," Chia whispered threatingly.

"But the sun loves me," the guy pouted before smilling once again.

"I don't," Chia replied.


The psycho was now on the ground, his neck bent at an awkward angle that meant death, blood pouring out of his mouth. Chia smiled. That felt better.


Now, not so good. He doubled over again and squeezed his stomach. Shooting pains shuddered all through Chia's body as he tried to keep breathing. Every breath brought more pain. No breathing brought death. Kind of a catch 22.

After about five or so minutes of this sickening pain that felt like his intestines were being twisted into a bow, the pain died down. Standing up to his full height, Chia grabbed the umbrella that had fallen to the ground and ripped it apart. Like he was going to help save anyone.

"Laryx," Chia pinged to the secure Axsym line. "You fucking insane psycho. What the HELL is happening?" He had a reply within moments.

"Chia, where the hell is Jace?!" Yelled a high-pitched female voice that could sound sweet. If she ever stopped yelling.

"Oh Alice darling, its you." Chia said through gritted teeth.

"Laryx won't allow your return until you bring back Jace. Although personally I say let her go. It seems to be having an-- interesting --effect on you. More sudden and forceful that we predicted." A faint laughter echoed through the ping. "According to these stats we have, she seems to be fairing better than you. How ironic."

Then the line was disconnected.

"ALICE!" Chia screamed. "ALICE!" Knowing he would get no reply, he walked into the nearest apartment and stole an interface ring off a corpse lying inside. He needed some beauty sleep after the day he had. Tomorrow he would be at Axsym. He didn't fucking care what the mute said. He would make them fix him. They made HIM connected to his pet?! How dare they. They would pay for this. Chia would make sure of it.

"Sir, sir could you please help? These people are infected and we really need to get them some wat-- SIR?!" A young receptionist pleaded with Chia as he waltzed through the reception. The floor was littered with bodies, both dead and alive. The alive were screaming for help and the receptionist seemed to be the only able person around. Chia shot her one of his infamous grins before walking into the elevator. The last image he got before the doors closed was of the stunned and hysterical face of the young girl. Pity, he thought. She would have been a great fuck. Then he doubled over in pain again.

Ammy wrote:
It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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“Seems like it’s some kind of… virus?” Izzy guessed, viewing the images of the dying and falling citizens of Diego. Pete nodded but was almost immediately later immersed in the happenings over the screen. “I know we can’t find out what’s going on through this… we’re going to have to get samples or something, or you’ve got to contact someone who is actually IN Diego…”

Pete was silent for a few seconds. Then, “Yeah”—he shrugged—“Should we try to contact someone in…” his voice trailed off, he looked unhappy. Izzy grimaced, a few hours he had been excited and motivated, now he seemed almost completely drained off life. It would only be a few more hours until the rest of the Mirage agents who had to stay working “office” jobs while thousands other people just flopped dead would start becoming depressed and somber.

“I’m going to go speak to Zara, tell her about all of this,” Izzy said uncertainly, getting up. Pete nodded and she tapped him on the shoulder before leaving the Weapons room. It took a few more minutes to find Zara mongst all the frenzied searching, frantic cries and efficient on-goings.

Zara was in the army base. Izzy rolled her eyes as she watched Zara ordering people around and assembling up things before walking up to her. Zara was watching what was going with a determined—yet mildly nervous—expression on her face. When she saw Izzy, she turned around, her arms still crossed. “I’m coming,” Izzy said, when Zara didn’t reply, she continued, “…Pete needs samples on what we think might be a virus, still not sure, you know.”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” Zara said, Izzy sighed—that response was so irritatingly typical and obvious from Zara, she had almost already known that Zara would react like this the moment she had left Pete. “You haven’t fought, been in a situation since—”

“I’ve been part of this—and fighting—since I was, what, fifteen,” Izzy snapped harshly, “and what were you doing this? Oh wait I forgot, you were probably practicing for a ballet exam!” Izzy sneered, but it was more automatic than heart-felt. Deep down, she was feeling slightly guilty she was starting a petty fight during something so big.

“I know that Izzy,” Zara said, “but we have all the recruits we need for this mission and you – you haven’t… fought, for quite some time,” Zara shook her head impatiently, “and recently all you’ve done is faint, quiver and flounce around during battle—in other words, you haven’t fought at all.”

Izzy instantly flared up. “Oh, what Zara?” she snapped, “just because I don’t come out of a fight covered in blood, doesn’t mean I don’t fight at all.”


“And as for all these ninnies, you’ve trained so well—who trained them anyway, Vury?—they’ll probably melt the moment they’ve set foot in the sun. I don’t see an ounce of natural ability in any of them,” Izzy said, pointing at the other agents in the army base.

“Izzy, we’re already got a group assembled. It’s not a big group, but it’s a group—and you’re not part of it. We are on a tight schedule.”

“Is Kane part of it? Because, you might have to cover him up when sunrise comes, because really, he doesn’t have the balls to face the sun.”

“Yes, he does,” Zara said defensively.

“Look Zara, I need to go, Pete’s fighting ability hits ground zero, he needs the samples, we can’t find any information through simulations of what’s going on, we can’t speak to Diegan officials either—without giving our location away, which could lead to having to fight Axysm all over again.”

Zara was quiet for a second, “But—”

“Come on Zara, I really need to do this, please… and I won’t let you down, break rules, kill innocent citizens, whatever.”

Zara was quiet for one second. Then she gave in, but Izzy thought it was more through the fact that she seemed—and was—extremely tired. Izzy wouldn’t admit it herself, but Zara worked hard. “Fine. But you’re under our rules at all times, you have to save as many of the civilians you come across…” Zara reeled on with some other rules.

“Yes,” Izzy tried not to roll her eyes. As usual, Zara obviously thought she was idiot because all the rules she had listed to her had been annoyingly obvious. “Okay, I agree to your…rules,” Izzy waited for a few seconds, “this is going to be exciting.”

“Izzy, I have to replace you with another agent, he’s not going to like it, you’re not here to have fun.”

“Isn’t that part of what Mirage is about?” Izzy asked, she wasn’t trying to be sarcastic, she was actually curious. “You told me it’s about making friends, families…”

“Yeah, because we have plenty of time to make friends during a crisis like this.”

Izzy stood around for a few seconds seeing all the other Mirage agents working. She was feeling extremely excited about going out into Diego, having been locked up in a room for so long, replaying sequences occurring in Diego and taking notes on the health of the city—which was what made something like this happening even more confusion—she hadn’t actually got to be out. And in a way, she wanted to a help people, she wanted to be out there. It was sort of a natural instinct.
“Thanks,” Izzy nodded at Zara. She began to walk away quietly before turning around, “oh… and Zara? Happy birthday.”

Zara was slightly started, confused and then a flicker of a small smile played over her face, but soon enough it had disappeared. “How did you know?”

“Information goes around fast,” Izzy shrugged and began walking away. She actually knew through Pete, he had efficient files on all the alive and dead, current and ex-Mirage members. He had tabs on gender, dates of birth and other “essential” information. Zara’s birthday had been the first thing to pop up when the database had been opened, in a small window. It probably sucked to have your birthday on a day like this—to have to celebrate on a day when so many people would be mourned. But then, Zara probably wasn’t celebrating anyway.

“Are you okay?” Izzy asked urgently when she walked back into the Weapons Room. The unwelcoming glare of computer screens infected the air and the lights were on—full-brightness. Pete was stretched out on his chair, blinking his tired eyes and yawning.

“Yeah, just tired,” Pete murmured, returning to his work. A few seconds later, he paused and then asked, “so are you going to go, or do I have to…?”

“Yeah, it’s going to be so exciting,” Izzy enthused. Pete was one of the few—if only—person in Mirage she actually spoke to. Kane; once upon a time, Zara; no way and she hadn’t seen Ammy in a long, long time.

Pete groaned tiredly before handing her over a communication device to wear. “Send me all information you can, the moment you get it. And try to speak all the survivors, ask what happened to them. I need information straight away.”

“Right,” Izzy smiled to herself as she pocketed the communication device. She bade goodbye to Pete (who looked on the verge of a nervous breakdown) and then traipsed into the army base. An ensemble of agents were filing in, a young man at the side of the room shot her a sour glare and Izzy glared back at him, realising that he would be the person she had replaced.

She couldn’t help thinking about the thought of running through silent Diego at night—like it was some sort of dangerous, invaded city where no one was safe. In a way, it was just that now. It was going to be an exciting night.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Zara looked at the group assembled in front of her. All of them were volunteers; she was even oddly relieved that Izzy was going regardless of all the antagonism between them. Izzy knew Diego, and Izzy had been through a whole lot of crap. Granted, Izzy had usually gotten herself into those messes and was usually causing pain and mayhem, but she had survived a long time. It wasn't Zara's fault that her family had fallen apart at a young age and she decided to be ignorant instead of fighting the controlling forces around her.

The hollow in the pit of her stomach had her wishing for the thousandth time that Vury was here. David and Kane were in charge of the makeshift barracks they had built to house survivors. Kane to enforce order and David to deal with the domestic issues. They had no idea how many people to expect. It frightened her.

The group quieted down. "Thank you for taking this risk. If we lose you...then we were all privileged to have worked and fought beside you. Save who you can. Get them underground, even if they won't follow." The lump in her throat made it hard to talk. Her eyes scanned faces that had become familiar to her; a few that she even cared about. There was no way of knowing if they would come back. "Move out."

It was the hardest thing she'd ever said.

They moved. A few gave her weak smiles, some gripped her hand, and exchanged goodbyes with the others staying behind. One volunteer, with Mirage since the Smoke dissolved, even stopped and hugged her. Tanis stopped in front of her for a long time. He was leading the volunteers, having come from Diego. Zara found it impossible to look him in the eyes. Guilt ate at her. It might be the last time she saw them...

She barely made it out of the room before she broke down. Zara was sobbing so hard she couldn't breathe - all the air was literally gone. This should not be her burden. They should live in a world where something like this could never happen. This was her family and her best friends. It was like they were walking the plank and would have to learn how to swim when they hit the water. Some would sink...and some would swim.

Pete found her in the hallway. He looked worse than she did, and that was saying something.

"Message. Syd is incoming."

"Who've we got?"


"Send him."

Pete stood awkwardly for a long time. "They'll be okay." He said it quickly and then turned and walked back down the hallway. Zara took a deep slow breath. And then another. And then another. They were gone and there was nothing she could do for them now.


Syd was lugging Jace through the tunnels. She'd had to sedate her multiple times - something was making her body shake. Something was going on with her that Syd didn't know about. It made her nervous that she'd done the wrong thing in just taking Jace instead of taking both of them. It was hard work trekking through the dark and wet - luckily she had a pair of contacts that helped her see in the dark, but that didn't mean visibility was very good.

The marked wall the message alluded to was ahead. Syd gently laid Jace down, checking her life signs. Everything was okay so far. Footsteps echoed through the tunnel that had her on edge immediately. Dropping back into the shadow, she looked in the direction the sound was coming from.

A red light flashed twice. Code. Friendly. Syd stepped out of the dark and squinted as a red light turned on. For a normal person, it would save their night vision, for her it burned. She slid out the contacts and blinked a few times. The face looking down at her was concerned and it immediately irritated her.

"I was hoping for help, not a bubblehead." She marched back towards Jace and picked her up again, not letting her anger channel into her treatment of her friend. Jace's hair fell across her face, and the pretty boy balked.

"Jace!" He ran forward and grabbed Jace right out of Syd's arms. "Is she okay? I thought she was dead..."

Her annoyance with him dimmed, but only slightly. "I'm Syd."

"Kevin. I was a Spade."

"Oh. I'm...sorry." At least she knew she had someone else on her side when it came to taking care of Jace.

He said nothing. Syd followed, paying attention to every twist and turn and marker that Mirage had carefully laid out. They arrived at a tunnel that looked pitch black. "Be careful. It's six steps and a left. Then a door. Feel with your hands."

"Duh, pretty boy." Syd stepped in front of him and followed his directions. She held open the door and helped move the two of them inside slowly. The lights suddenly snapped on, blinding both her and Kevin. They started to move into Mirage. Syd grabbed Jace back. "I think I can take it from here." She stepped towards the obvious medical people waiting to look at them both.

Kevin stayed beside her, as if she'd never even spoken. Syd's annoyance bubbled, but she kept it down. This Kevin guy may have been Jace's teammate - but that only meant he was to blame for her falling into Axsym's hands. They took Jace away and made Syd sit.

"Seriously, you can go. There's nothing else you can do to make it up to her now." Her voice was venom.

"What are you talking about?" He looked confused.

"If you're feeling guilty that she was taken by Axsym on your watch, don't worry about it. I cleaned up your mess." She smiled at him sweetly. "At least I look after my friends."

"Right, Syd the notorious Ice Queen actually cares about someone? What did Jace buy you a gun?" His words held equal venom, and the intensity in his face matched her own.

"I've known her since before we ran away from the city together, since before everything in this world went wrong. Back. Off."

Kevin said nothing. He just crossed his arms and leaned back against the chair. Most people listened when she threatened, but he was perfectly at ease with ignoring her entirely. Syd closed her eyes against the glare and waited.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Laryx sat in his office watching the screens of the cleaning happening in Diego. People were falling in the street dead. The survivors were confused and trying to help. The hospitals were backed up and the police were coming out for crowd control. The rooms had all been instructed to lock people in their rooms if they were inside. There was talk of locking in the entire city. It was only a matter of time before they started to ask Axsym for help.

Laryx grinned to himself.
He didn't win the trust of the Diego people and pit them against Mirage just because he felt like it. His agenda was being completed. They would trust him. They would allow him to give them any kind of medical vaccine he deemed necessary. And it would be a great group of test subjects.

He nodded to Alice who in turn gave the command.

"Send our best men out in Diego. Find anyone associated with Mirage. Kill if needed. Scare them back to Mirage. Then follow. Follow. Report. Then we will invade."

Laryx relaxed in his seat. Not only would the people of Diego love to see Axsym men coming in to 'help' them - but he could stop any plans that Mirage might have.

This was going to be a great Cleaning. Weaklings and Mirage members alike would die.


Pix was out on the front lines with the fellow volunteers of Mirage. She was a sniper so she knew how to stay hidden. But when the whole city was a screaming bloody mess she found herself a little out of her element. People were scrambling left and right to get in a spot of shade. Widows clutched her dead loved ones, children were alone in the street, and people were pitted against each other in the mass hysteria.

"Pix! Two o'clock!"

It was Tanis. She looked and there was a woman maybe in her 30's. She was looking around bewildered holding her knees to her chest. She looked unharmed. Pix went over and the woman screamed.

"Are you immune?" Pix asked.

The woman looked up at her with blank pink eyes. They were glossy with tears. Pix asked her again and the woman started mumbling about going for a walk in the sun, her dog dying, something like that. All the Mirage volunteers had UV lasers and were instructed to test the subjects immunity on the arm.
Pix pulled out the woman's right arm and ran the UV light on the length of it. The woman was immune.

She sent the signal to two students of Vury's and they were to come and get the woman and bring her back to Mirage. Pix then moved on.

The tactic was for the Mirage people to look like regular citizens panicing as much as they could. A few more people from the same area and a few more students coming to get them went smoothly. However, by around the fifth circle of students there was a mishap. One of the two students fell dead. Seizing on the ground. The other student was shot dead from a rooftop.

Mirage members everywhere were on alert. But even as they gathered more people from various locations Pix kept hearing reports over skintenna's that Mirage members were being compromised and terminated - their combat students with the people being sent down into Mirage were being followed.

"Shit," she muttered.


Seeing Jace again was a kick in the chest. Kevin and she were never really close. More like siblings that never talked. This Syd seemed to be very protective of Jace. He didn't understand why. Apparently they had a history of friendship. Before Mirage or the mind-rains.

He looked over to Syd - she was watching Jace's vitals. Little lights with a heartbeat of their own. Vials of liquid dripping through tubes. Hums of equipment. Kevin admired her for her dedication. But he also thought she was needlessly selfish. Not to mention a complete bitch.

She could be helping the volunteers in Diego. Or helping file the Diego citizens in - but no...there she was staring at Jace's vitals.
Sure, Jace was the Ace of Spades. But still. There were more pressing matters.

And for her to blame him for the capture of Jace. That was unforgivable. They hadn't spoken in years. Some friend she was.

"Unlike you I am going to go be productive," he said walking out. Syd whipped her head around and followed him out with anger in her steps.

"Excuse me?" she hissed.

"You heard me," he said rounding a corner to go help with the file-in's of new Diego citizens.

"I don't think I did!" she roared, "Why don't you tell me again you pathetic bubblehead named after a card?"

Kevin stopped and rounded around to meet her. She was close on his heels, so he ended up looking right down to her - inches away, close enough to feel her static electric anger.

"Then try this on for size," he said calmly and evenly, "Unless you get to play dress up and tote around a city that you think you own, then you have nothing to offer anyone."

She stared at him. He stared back. The silence was charged. Like a storm errupting across a landscape without sound. Then the turned his heel and left. Maybe she didn't deserve such harsh treatment. The liklihood was that they were both on edge having so much crap happening around them - and the stress of Jace being back in the manner that she was.

It was sick to see what Jace had become. They were taking their anger of the situation out on each other. Which wasn't fair. But he would apologize later. That is, if she apologized about blaming him for the way Jace was.

That still seemed utterly unforgivable.

"Bitch," he muttered as he went into the darkness towards the voices of weeping Diego citizens and feet shuffling to get them into their new quarters.


It wasn't hard to spot the Axsym people. All dressed up in their uniforms. Pix picked them off easily with her scope rifle from a window in a business building that towered over the skyline. They were sending hovercars up her way. But each time she would shoot them down. Loading ammo was like blinking for her.
Shoot one down.
Get a few men when they moved around a corner to follow a Mirage member.
Load again.
More hovercars down.
The tricky part was not letting the shattering glass around her bother her. The glass around her room was reinforced.
One of the perks of getting Ren to 'work' here under one of her many false identities while she was still alive.

Chatter over Pix's skintenna let her know that Axsym and Diego officials were wrapping up everyone in their homes and trying their best to clear the streets and now it was simply the three teams (Diego, Axsym, and Mirage) trying to locate survivors

Pings from inside Mirage counted the total Diego citizens filing into the barricades. As Pix was killing Axsym men and sending their hovercars into the ground she was careful not to hit Diego officials or their hovercars (which had now swooped in thanks to tell of a sniper).
The count of Mirage members was somewhat less, but less of a hit than Pix expected.

Still no sign of Vury and Lindsay. Chia had scrambled somewhere. And Syd and Jace were safely inside.

Now all she had to worry about was the swarm of Diego officials coming her way. She cursed under her breath and decided that now was her time to leave. She stood and hit the button on her bungee jacket. The light turned green and the plastic wove around her body until it was snug.

By now the hovercars had circled the floor she was on, and sirens were going off from inside. They were coming to get the 'terrorist' from Mirage.

She shot the only ammo at the reinforced glass (other than a highly established bomb) that would penetrate it. The glass shattered and she lay the shell of the ammo behind her and she dashed for the openning.

As she was freefalling a few things happened all at once. Her skintenna was giving her chatter about Mirage about to lock everyone out in a few minutes - for safety they were falling back - they couldn't risk Axsym knowing where they were.
Then at the same time bullets rained down after her.
She was falling at the same speed so she tried to propel herself through to another building. Maybe a rooftop.
And then as she was trying to get to a rooftop around her, there were sirens and hovercams fighting to stay on her location as well.
They were filming her, they were chasing her, she had no doubt she would be the scapegoat for this whole fiasco. But Mirage had an advtage. Diego citizens. In their base. They would know the truth.
No defense like the truth.

She felt the bungee jacket hover-bounce her to a rooftop that was luckily under an awning - out of sight of the cops above. As she ran towards an exit she saw an orange glow in front of her and heard a crash behind her. Great. They were bombing her.

And on top of her mad dash to Mirage, she was alerted that there was only a short amount of time before Mirage would close it's entrances. She cursed and raced her ass off. She only hoped she wasn't late. She could make it.


Kevin was amazed at the count of people. The range of age and build that these people had. Some were immune. Some were not. But they were all blind down here in the tunnels. David's mother had been training a team to help her with altering vision so that they could see. It was a risky move to give them all sight right off the bat - but they needed to trust the people of Mirage.

Plus the operation was always reversible. If they didn't end up wanting to stay then they would work something out.

Kevin helped with the transition between the students brining in people and the processing that Kane and David were doing.

Zara was sending the signal to close Mirage. Kevin pinged Pix. Where was she? He was getting worried. He was walking over to Zara to ask her when he heard the final people file in and the entrances all gave their signals that everyone was in and they were closed.

Kevin pinged Pix again. Where was she?
Why wasn't she answering?
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Zara had marched them out like soldiers. That was only the start of it. Izzy had no idea that what she thoughts would be a relatively exciting night had turned out to be over-the-top battle with loud sounds and explosions. Axysm obviously hadn’t learned to be subtle—already they were attacking them at full-pellet.

The scariest thing was, that Mirage was trying to save all the few remaining survivors within the battle zone. In between the bullets and snaps of guns. More than half of the survivors they had attempted to get already had died, having been shot by someone from Axysm.

Trying to get as far away as possible from the riot, which wasn’t easy, Izzy skimmed the empty lanes, in search for survivors. She had already got five into the sanctuary of safety, something she was actually quite proud of. She reached for her gun, tugging it in act of solace as a loud blast exploded behind her.

She was in yet another alley, there was no sign of a human being in it. Sighing, Izzy ran through it and back out into the main street. Immediate chaos. She cringed as the sounds imploded through the city, a building on the street trembling as the shudder echoed through the ground.

A bang exploded behind Izzy and she screamed, turning around to see the dead body of an Axysm agent behind her – his blood cascading down his messed-up face, his arm bent at an uneven angle. Suddenly terrified, Izzy began to run, fast. It was only a few more seconds before she grabbed blindly for the swinging doors of an apartment and rushed in.

The atmosphere inside the apartment was silent and completely cold. She grimaced as she saw there was a heap of bodies piled onto the floor. Stepping closer, Izzy could see—through the moonlight flooding through the opened windows—that one of their eyes were open and with a horrific expression played upon her features—fear.

Izzy gasped and shuddered for a few seconds, before turning away from the sight, refusing to gag. She was about to leave the apartment—the eerie silence was really getting to her—when she heard a painful, small snivel sound from further into the apartment.

Suddenly alert, Izzy looked up, alert before rushing into the next room. It seemed that a survivor—or someone else—had stacked all the bodies of the dead in piles over the floor. A scream was calling in from within the bodies. Izzy furrowed her brow, walking slowly closer, the muffled cries becoming more and more helpless and panicked.


Izzy whirled around, the loud blast having occurred outside in the streets. She looked outside for a few seconds. Then she looked back towards the dead bodies. When she heard the muffled scream one more time, she ran towards the body, grabbing at each one urgently, gasping slightly. She shivered as she felt the cold bodies of the dead, her hands rummaging through limp hands and legs, slick with cold sweat. Izzy went through the bodies, only realising later that the survivor wasn’t in there.

Rushing into the next room, huffing urgently, Izzy ran into the next room, only to stiffen up in fear. An Axysm agent was shadowing over a girl—who was somewhere in her late teens—she was sobbing somewhat desperately and the Axysm agent seemed to be bargaining with her in a quiet, deep and impatient voice.

Izzy skidded back, whimpering in pain as her back slammed into the wall behind her. Pain rushed up her shoulder and she cried out. Even in the darkness, she could tell the Axysm agent had heard—he looked around, caught sight of her and let a creepy smile play over his face.

He skulked forward, Izzy tried to walk backwards, forgetting that she was back-up against a wall and ending up slamming her head against the wall again. Blinding pain cracked through her head and she winced, not hearing whatever threat the Axysm-er was issuing out to her.

She blindly reached for her gun, but he let out a grunt in warning and held up his gun to her, he would be able to hit her at point-black-range. Lashing out with her leg angrily, she hit nothing but air, she groaned slamming her head back into the wall once again.

Then a shot sliced through the air. Izzy’s eyes slammed shut, hoping her face wouldn’t end up looking so disgustingly tortured in death like the others had. But she never died. She waiting for a few more seconds—maybe the Axysm agent was a bad shot?—but it never came. In relief, her eyes flickered open.

Tanis was walking towards the survivor. Izzy let out a brief sigh of relief letting the wonderful feeling of life rush through her. That feeling never got old. Tanis had saved her again, had he been following her? Probably. Normally she would have let out a snide remark if he had been following her, but he had saved her life this time. In a way, he was always around to help her.

Trying to get herself to think clearly, Izzy jammed her fingers into her ears and shut her eyes before opening them instantly. “Thanks,” she said to Tanis who was roughly getting the now unconscious body of the survivor up onto her dangling feet. Tanis nodded roughly before looking back down onto the girl. He signaled to Izzy.

Understanding, Izzy gingerly peeled open the girl’s eyes, in the darkness they looked black. Tanis scanned a UV light-ray through the girls eyes. “Positive,” he muttered. He turned around and placed the girl on the table in the centre of the room and walking into the next room.

Izzy grabbed the communication device and signaled Pete. “Hi?” she muttered into it, fiddling with the tuner and wondering not for the first time why she couldn’t just ping Pete. The communication device whirred into life and she almost immediately got into contact with Pete.

Hey…?” his voice echoed from the other side.

“It’s me,” Izzy said, “things are sort of… busy down here.”

Finally,” Pete sounded disgruntled on the other end. “You should have got into touch sooner…

“I tried, well I didn’t, but there isn’t much to report. There’s too many explosions going on, too many people dying and even the survivors are too traumatized to speak or something. They’re all… silent, they just mumble things and they look so tired, it’s—”

This sucks,” Pete complained.

“I know,” Izzy shrugged. She heard Tanis cry from the room next to the one she was in, “got to go,” she said, ignoring Pete’s snide response—he was probably tired, Pete never got cranky usually—and ran into the next room.

“What?” she asked. Tanis wasn’t even doing anything—there were no survivors. The room was completely dark like the rest of the hotel, the only thing nice about it was that there were no dead bodies in it. Other than that, the ruined furniture strewn over the dusty floor said otherwise.

“Time’s almost up,” Tanis said, she glanced into his shocked eyes.

”Uh… what? What time?” she asked.

“You don’t know?” Tanis shot her a weird look when she glared at him. “They’re closing the Mirage walls in—in forty seconds,” he shrugged guiltily. He then began to stare around the room.

“They are… what?” Izzy gasped, then she shrieked. “WHAT ARE YOU STANDING AROUND FOR! We need to get out of here!” Izzy gasped, running into the next room, but her legs were heavy, clumsy. She fell over, swearing she got up and tried running, but like in a nightmare she was hindered by a pile of dead bodies. Instead of falling over them she stopped, gasping.

She tried to run more, but she was already sobbing. How could her legs betray her like this… now? She glared at the wall, she knew the forty seconds were up. Tanis walked into the room, his face expressionless – she hoped he was scared, because she sure was.

“I can’t believe this is happening!” Izzy sobbed, kicking a dead body roughly. She then took in a deep breath, before kicking another body ten times, she was on the verge of a breakdown—she could feel it, she had had one before—she began to kick the bodies more aggressively and angrily, when she felt Tanis’s strong arms push her. She fell to the floor, gasping. “What the freaking hell is your problem?”

Stop it, what the hell do you think you are doing?” Tanis said angrily. “It’s not going to be that bad anyway—we just hang around for a few more hours, then when it becomes dark again, we—”

“Yeah, we get blown apart in some war that’s held out here in the streets. Are you CRAZY Tanis?” Izzy spat, “we are going to get killed – there’s probably no one else from Mirage here. We are completely alone.” She shuddered, gasping, feeling a rush of fear cruise through her body.

Tanis didn’t answer but offered her a hand to get up. Izzy ignored it, getting up herself and brushing the dust off her shirt. “When’s the sun coming out?” she asked, nervous.

“Don’t worry about it, you might be immune.”

Izzy didn’t like the way he said ‘might’. “Yeah,” she spat, “I might be immune, just the way I’m immune to all the other trouble that my stupid life has attracted – in other words, not very immune at all!”

Tanis was silent – he was obviously crazy, taking his death warrant in such a graceful manner – just leaning against the wall, his arms crossed. “I could probably have gotten out,” he said wistfully, “I just saw you running here, I knew you’d get yourself into trouble.” Izzy felt like snapping a retort at him, but she just felt incredibly tired. The minutes spent pointlessly in the dark apartment, fearing the arrival of Axysm agents, melded into hours.

After probably an hour and a half, Izzy pathetically enough managed to get over the shock, even though her nerves were tingling and she was feeling extremely scared. “Do you reckon there’ll be… any one from Mirage out there?” she asked, hoping someone would be out there: maybe the blonde with a devilish mouth, or the feisty Asian girl, or even Zara, she didn’t care. She wasn’t picky.

“We could check… we’ll have to send a ping…” he muttered reluctantly. Izzy gave him a look that told him that that was his responsibility. He gave her a withering look before he decided to go ahead with doing the ping. Izzy looked around the apartment, as the darkness began to dissolve into the early hours of morning, she shuddered. Soon the sun would come.

Then she noticed the elevator. The door was wrenched apart, lying on the floor like a piece of twisted, worthless, hunked metal. Some deranged psycho had been able to unhinge a lift door with their bare arms. Izzy rolled her eyes, obviously it had been machinery.

Tanis returned later, the ping done—whether they would get a response or be left for dead, only time would tell; Zara’s speech had been pessimistic—the girl in his arms and they were ready to go… face the sun.

“Oh, by the way… I didn’t send the ping,” Tanis told her as they neared the entry way.

Izzy opened her mouth, then closed it. Then she opened it again. “Why?” Tanis was acting like an idiot. Did he think it was cool to play with death or something? Hanging around the sun, waiting to fry? “You idiot,” Izzy sna

“I had a reason—I’m pretty sure they can be hacked into by Axysm— and just shut up for once,” Tanis snapped back. How could pings be hacked into? Izzy glared at him and in his own way, without looking at her, he managed to glare back. They were no ready to go face the sun. Or at least Izzy wasn’t.
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It was the beginning of the third day in hell. Two nights had passed. Deja's eyes snapped open and Meli sat up next to her. Of the 327 people that lived in their nine-story building, 56 were still alive. Of the 56 still living, 13, Deja and Meli included, had been exposed to the sun and survived. The bodies were starting to decay, starting to smell. They had moved all of them to the lower floors, trying to occupy only the top one. It gave them sight advantage. They had been lucky so far that no one had really bothered them.

Deja found herself staring at the hole in the wall. It kept working, everything kept working, because it relied on the sun and computers. It made her feel wrong.

Meli stood up and stretched, cracking her back. She went to the hole in the wall and spoke to it quietly, not wanting to wake up the other people in the room. "Black stretchy pants, black tank top - ribbed," she added as an afterthought. It would be comfortable and easy to move in. She loved that their world didn't need people. It could run for years without human intervention at all. She could be the only person left alive and still have everything she needed. Meli was glad the darkness hid her smile.

Other people were beginning to stir. A few whimpered in fear.

"I've figured it out..." Deja muttered to herself. "I know what we can do with the bodies." People looked at her. "The hole in the wall. As Littlies they tell you never to go inside because it incinerates all organic and organic-based synthetic matter."

A few people looked skeptical. Meli was staring at the hole in the wall like it was a gift from the gods. "We should do it," she said in support of her twin. Meli was the scarier one. People nodded.

"I agree," Dax's voice echoed through the room. He was sort of their unofficial leader - one of the immune - and the only person who had managed to remain calm (other than Meli) once people started dying. Once he sounded his support, everyone got up and started to go downstairs.

'Immune.' Deja hated the word now. Although no one was placing blame, she was sure that Axsym would blame Mirage, and Mirage would blame Axsym. She didn't think Mirage was a terrorist group - more like a group of people who liked to ruffle feathers. They were...semi-okay. Axsym she didn't trust at all. Any corporation with that much power was bound to abuse it. History told her so.

Meli was stocking facts as she began to lift bodies down the chain they had formed. Whatever the disease was, it was nano. It had been released into the population through either the air or the water - it had to be something they all needed. It was activated by UV rays. It was auto-immune - the body began to attack itself, and it moved very rapidly. It started with the blood vessels being eaten and then the build up of fluid in the lungs. Most of the eyes of the dead were dark brown with the blood that had pooled inside. Whoever had designed this was a genius. It had worked perfectly.

Deja had set up the room to make a list of everyone thrown into the hole in the wall. She never imagined in her life she would be making a list of the dead. Mostly, she was just trying to not hear the gunshots and explosions going on outside. Eventually, they would have to go out there. She wasn't ready for that. It took them 6 hours to move all 271 bodies into the hole.

They rested. Meli and Deja sat back to back, leaning against one another. Meli could feel how hard this was on Deja; she'd been born 10 minutes later than Meli, and it had taken them awhile to get her breathing. She was delicate and breakable. Meli had to protect her.

Dax was calling Diego officials to tell them what they'd discovered. The persnicketty female voice on the other end told him they needed to "verify the truth of that occurence" before they would tell anyone anything.

10 minutes later, all the feeds in the city snapped on, telling people how to dispose of the bodies if they wanted to. It asked them to make a list if possible.

"Tonight we move." The 13 immune people were gathered in the one room where the windows weren't blocked. He was staring at the wreckage still occuring. "There's an entrance to the sewers. We can hide anyone not willing to test their immunity there, and then start looking for others."

"Why should we? We need to worry about our own survival!" Meli challenged. "Have you seen how crazy some of those people are acting? It's dangerous."

"We have to do something," Dax stared her down. Meli crossed her arms, and Deja patted her shoulder gingerly.

"This is happening for a reason Dax, in case you haven't noticed. This wasn't random. There was an agenda here. Until we know what it is, we shouldn't go in blind."

"We won't find anything out unless we go looking for it." Meli couldn't argue with that.

"So we're getting people into the sewers?" Deja asked. "Isn't that kind of...unsanitary?"

"Better than nothing," another immune survivor said. They fell into conversation. Deja started making another list of all the things they might need to get in order to survive in the tunnels. She and Dax asked the hole for a map of Diego. They started marking the places they knew they could find what they needed, as well as back up locations if they'd already been ransacked. She was good at this. Deja knew her military history, even way back in the Rusty era. This reminded her all too clearly of something from then, but she felt it was better to keep that knowledge to herself.

Deja looked up to see a group gathered around Meli - maybe 3 other immune survivors. They were all whispering to each other angrily, and one even shot a dark look at Dax. She did not like where that was going.

Meli stared at the three faces around her - none of them had been friends before this, but they all seemed to think alike.

"I think it's Axsym," Breen said firmly. The others nodded.

"I agree. Whatever they did, they want the immune," Meli's voice was hushed. "So I say we go to them. Get the survivors from here in the tunnels, and get away. If we turn ourselves in without force, they're bound to take us."

There was muttered agreement. "What about your sister?" Mia asked.

Meli stared at her a long time, watching her arm as she traced lines along a map and spoke calmly. Meli could see that Deja hero-worshipped Dax; she thought he was her savior. Well sister outranked savior any day. "Don't worry about her. She'll come."

"Should we ask anyone else?" Roc was staring around the room. She was envious of the fact that he could speak clearly while barely moving his lips. It was a stealth talent.

"No. Not unless you hear them say something first. If they're all spineless enough to run, we don't want them. We're immune. We better start acting like it."

A strange grin spread around the group. They were immune. They were better than the 43 people hiding in the darkened rooms - more evolved. They had survived simply by existing. The four joined hands in the middle, a sign of their solidarity, before they broke apart.

"We need to get ready to move," Dax said to the group. They moved to the darkened rooms and began telling the survivors the plan. When the sun set, they ran.
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Vury stayed in the darkness as all the chaos unfolded around them both. Lindsay was in his arms. Her scent was fading. It was changing. It was his fault. He had made her into the thing that she was grown to hate. Into him. He held onto her lightly. Wanting so badly to hold her tighter, feel her fading heartbeat near his chest. But he would brake her. She was still fragile. She was still dying.

She was silent while the fire burned through her body. She was still and quiet as her skin was turning cold and surely her blood boiled beneath her flesh.

"I didn't know what else to do..."

He spoke outloud. They were in an empty subway car far from the entrance to Mirage. Completely on the other side of the city. But once Lindsay awoke it wouldn't be long to get back. Vury had no idea what was going on outside. His mind tried to pick up minds. His nose tried to catch the scents. But if his time at Axsym had taught him anything it that he could focus his mind. He could hone in his skill.

And all he wanted to see right now. Feel right now. Be with right now.

Was in his arms.


Pix's heart was racing. She was having a hard time evading the Diego officials. People were locked in their rooms. All she could get in were the lobbies and front rooms of buildings. Rooftops were no help. She would have to run until it got dark. Then she could hide.

As she ran she thought about the night that all the Spades died. Vline. Ren. Ving. Jace - at least she thought.

But in a way Jace was dead. The Jace she knew. Now she was what Axsym wanted. Nothing more.


A voice reeled her back from her thoughts. She looked back to see a man in an Axsym suit. She smirked. Good. No guilt in killing him.
She moved around a corner. Another. He followed. Again. Another turn. One more corner.

Then the last corner he turned there she was - gun to his head. He was about to say something in his skintenna. He was cut short. Thanks to the silent bullet sent right between his eyes.

Pix looked at his body and cocked her head.
No use letting a perfectly good disquise go to waste.
She dragged him into a bathroom. Once she was through taking his suit she tossed his body into the wall. Then she shot the sensor of the wall. The wall flickered and shut down.

She got a steady stream of where the Axsym people were with the suit on. Pings left and right. Apparently they were not following anyone from Mirage. And nobody had gotten in. She smirked to herself. Good.


Kevin was one of the Mirage members that had to break the news to the people about what happened. It was tricky because they were hysterical and disbelieving. Some were violent but most were just crying and scared.

He had a man throw him into a wall with great strength. No wonder he survived the Cleaning. Kevin had to call in someone to get the man off of him. Kevin rubbed his neck where the man held him to the wall.

"They can be a bit touchy," said a girl with short red hair. A student of Vury. Younger. Once a pretty. Just like he was.

Kevin looked from the now sedated man to the red head.

"I can understand their reactions though. Going from a place that you once thought of as home to another place completely alien. And not only alien...but a place with people that you think are the enemy," he sighed. If he had dragged his friends from New Pretty Town with him to Mirage it would have been the same way. But in the end wouldn't he have saved them?

"True. I hadn't thought about it that way," the girl said. She looked at Kevin sadly. Then returned her gaze to the man. He would wake up in half an hour. More calm. A suggestion was circling through the volunteers in Mirage that maybe sedating the people and making them more calm would help with their grief and coping with what happened.

And as Kevin rubbed his sore neck he realized that it would also make them a little less prone to violent outbursts. Which they could always use fewer of.


It was nearly nightfall and Pix was happily avoiding any of the Axsym or Diego officials. Now that she knew where they were and what they were saying it was easy. She was finding more and more survivors as she wove herself through the city. Bodies were being thrown through the walls. People were unlocking their doors manually. Survivors and those not necessarily immune but lucky enough to avoid sunlight were now venturing out.

She heard some chatter through the suit. Two Axsym men talking with a very hostile civilian.

"You need to calm down"

"Calm down? Are you crazy!"

"You are immune and alive, why are you complaining?"

"Why? Huh. Let's see," there was a pain in the civilians voice - an animalistic groan of pain, "Maybe because I feel like I am being torn apart! I feel like my veins are on fire!"

Pix was getting bored. A survivor being a problem. But as she was planning to get to a rooftop to scope things out something in the conversation caught her interest.

"That damn mute made her linked to me! She is mine! So why the fuck," another groan, "Am I the one suffering! Give me Jace god-damnit!"

She stiffened. No. Her taste for vengence couldn't be this lucky. She turned, following their signal. That taste for revenge was about to have a feast. A feast named Chia. And she would enjoy every bite.


The small car of the Rusty subway felt like a cage. A cage for two supernatural animals. Vury sat watching and listening for anyone about to attack. Nobody came. They were isolated. And Lindsay's scent had changed completely. She was changed now. The fire would be subsiding. Once her body changed completely she would have enough strength to wake up.

The hunger. It had been a long time since Vury had felt it. He remembered when Kail had changed him. Like his whole being was pressed under a fingertip. A sharp rock. His insides a vaccum sucking out any other feeling except the gnawing, hollow ache of hunger.

Lindsay's eyes would be dark and empty. Black with dillated pupils of hunger. No crystal blue pools to accompany her golden hair.
The idea made him cringe.
He wanted her awake. He wanted her alive. He wanted her. Not the monster she might be when she woke up. He wished they were still back at Axsym. In each others minds.

He went back over to her, her scent alien to him. He held her and stroked her hair. He kissed her forehead.

"No matter what you become. No matter who you are when you wake up...I will always love you Lindsay," he whispered into her cold, cold skin.


Pix waltzed up behind the men facing Chia without problem. They knew she was coming. But they thought she was Dan something or other, a local Axsym agent with them.

But when she knocked them both out - one gone thanks to the glass shards in his helmet killing him upon the impact to the wall beside him and the other rounded on with a bullet in the neck making him gargle with pain as he fell to his knees and died.

Then she held Chia by the neck. But he was wincing in pain. Groaning in agony. She loosened her grip. Still the same reaction. She let him go completely and he crumpled beneath her. He was pale and sweating. His eyes were bloodshot.

She was confused now. The man in the conversation said that Chia was immune. But Chia was babbling about needing Jace back. She would have to wait for her vengence. Something was wrong and somehow Jace was involved. Inside she growled. Damnit. Like she needed one more thing on her plate.


Kevin sat there while everyone reported back. The people in Mirage were situated. Some were still recovering. Some were still disbelieving. And others were 'waking up' from it all with a new frame of mind.

They were trying to get accurate counts. Deaths in Diego. Surviving iffected. Surviving immune. Lost Mirage. Killed Axsym. Numbers and figures that Kevin didn't want or need to know. His place at the table for the meeting was with a group of other high ranking new people.

He looked over to watch people file in for the meeting. Zara and Kane were sharing a tender moment by the door. Zara looked like she was about to break in two. All the stress. All the responsibility. And it wasn't all over. But she was graceful even under the stress. She walked in and sat near the head of the table. Vury's seat was empty. Zara tried not to look at it.

As Kevin's eyes stayed near the door a familiar face caught his eye and was heading his way. He sighed as she took a seat next to him.

"Syd," he said matter of factly as an attempt at a greeting.

"Kevin," she said in the same manner.

He would ignore her and pay attention to the meeting. He wouldn't allow it to upset him. He looked as the last person came in and sat down. The door closed. He furrowed his brows and looked around the room. People were lost. Sure. He understood. But not...

"Pix" he said aloud.

Zara was hanging by a thread as she looked over to Kevin with her glossy eyes. Kevin was struck by the raw emotion in her eyes. No...

He sat back in his chair and lost train of thought for a moment. His breathing was irregular but he got a grip on the table and willed himself to calm down. Not here. Not now. She was fine. He was sure.

Faces went from him to Zara and finally landed on her as Kevin calmed himself down. The only face still on his belonged to the one beside him. He looked at her with sad lost eyes that hardened when he realized who it was. He glared at her. Daring her. Say something. I dare you.

She looked away like she was struck across the face.
No. She wouldn't dare. He thanked her with a merciful look away and tried his hardest to pay attention.


Pix dragged Chia with her to the rooftop. A good place to keep watch. Things were calming down. No more shooting. No more bombs. People venturing out. Diego and Axsym trying to round up those people. Take them into account. Find people barracadded indoors.

So it wasn't too hard. But she never minded being too careful.

"Where the fuck are you taking me?" Chia managed to spit out between doubling over in pain and making Pix drag him.

Pix was silent as they waited for the elevator to reach the top. Chia looked her up and down. But the Axsym armor left the wearer's true identity anonymous. They could show their face if they wanted. But she preferred to keep the default dark glass between her face and Chia's vision.

"What are you? Mocking Laryx? That's a great way to get promoted."

Pix was fuming under the glass. She wanted so badly to kill him. Maybe once she knew Jace was alright she would. That is, if Jace didn't do it herself.

When they reached the top Pix threw Chia down on the roof and left him there. She went to a wall and asked for a change of clothes and a few rifles. Something to hold Chia would help as well. Just in case she needed him.

When she came back on the roof she had a gun trained on his head. He saw her and started laughing.

"I should have known it was you," he was laughing but it ended in coughing with spots of blood dotting his lips.

"You are pathetic," she said, gun still aimed for his head.

"Your clevage looks more impressive than when I last saw you."

"Fuck you," she hissed.

He smirked.
"Maybe later my little sniper."

She growled. Deja vu. From the night that changed it all. Jace was taken. Spades dead. Mirage blamed. She tightened her grip on the gun.

"Give me one reason I shouldn't kill you," she spat.

"Leverage?" he smiled.

"For who? Axsym? You're damaged goods," she smirked herself, "Dying if I am not mistaken."

"Kill me and Jace dies too."

Pix glared.

"That's right. Bring me to her and she lives. I live. You win. You lose. But which is more important?...You kill me and satisfy the vendetta for me killing your other Spades," he said and then screamed in pain. The gun in her hand still and calm in her arm as she kept it trained on his skull.

"But you lose another card from the deck don't you? The most important. The Ace if I recall," he smirked with a line of blood dripping from his lip.

Pix stared at him. Without him Jace would die? There had to be another way to let her live. But without taking him to wherever she was then how would they know? If she killed him now then Jace might well be dead.

Chia mockingly did the music from Jeopardy. Pix's anger surged and she clicked back the gun. Chia's eyes widened. Pix walked to him, gun right for his head.

"No...nonono," he muttered as the gun got right to his skin, panic all over his face. He was dead. He was dying. Either way he was gone.
Gone into blackness. His head hit the ground. Pix reholstered her pistol and a train of blood came from around Chia's head.

"Like I said...pathetic," she muttered and proceeded to bound him so he couldn't get away. When he woke up from the hit to the head he would be very angry.

She would take him to Mirage. She looked over the edge of the building, her hair whisping around her in the light wind of the night.
Now the trick was getting into the tunnels without being seen.
Easy enough.


Her eyes fluttered open but everything was dark. Dark except for the lights brightening and fading. Bright. Fade. Bright. Fade. It took her a moment to realize it was her pulse.

"...Huh," she said aloud.

Then came the pain. Her hands blindly groped for something in the darkness to brace on to. She grabbed something cold and metal and gripped it hard. She screamed out. She felt like she was dying. She bolted up and wretched at the end of whatever she was lying on.

The lights fired up and she blinked hard. Her eyes ached. Her vision was blurry. Dim greens and bright blues and soft whites. Moving bodies around her. Surrounding her.

Was she back at Axsym? No. It smelled different. And once her vision cleared she saw that people were wearing darker colors. No uniforms. No blinding whites. No sterile smell. She heard someone call out on an intercom.

More people were coming. She knew none of these faces. She fell back to the bed and the pain was excruciating. She wanted to die. She was dying, she knew it. This was just as bad as when they were filling her entire body with the opposite to Chia's genetic makeup. Draining her of her own essence and making her simply a compliment to him.

She screamed and heard the hustle and bustle around her, but it sounded far away. Then she heard someone close. Someone's voice.


And she knew the voice.
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(this obviously happened before people started dropping dead)

Breaking into the water treatment plant was easier that Logan thought it would be. With Thoran (the technological guru) on his side every security panel and well electronic everything was easily tamed and tricked into doing his bidding. Logan couldn’t ask for an easier assignment.

As helpful as Thoran was his female counterpart made things mentally challenging for Logan. Her snide remarks and mindless insults forced Logan just to ignore her. Thoran cooed and had a reply for every one of Kail’s comments. All Logan could think about was how utterly whipped he was.

Once they were in the distribution room it was just a matter of adding the nanos to the water tanks. The water that sat in the tanks in this room had already been treated as was the last stop before being distributed throughout the city.

It was easy to add the nanos to the tank. As workers had to take samples from every stage of the treatment process so the water in the takes was easily assessable.

Logan climbed up the makeshift ladder attached to the largest tank and popped the cap off the canister. He slowly tipped the vile over and watched at the nanos trickled out and down into the water. They were so small it was like he was pouring silver salt into the water. Hitting the liquid the nanos came to life begging to swirl around and multiplying as fast as they could.

A buzzing sound went off as Thoran yelled from the other side of the room. He had activated the water release and soon it would be added to the city’s main water pipes.

Within the half hour the whole city would be infected.

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Izzy had chickened-out in the last minute and she and Tanis—along with the unconscious survivor—had to spend hours crouching in the darkest shadows of the house. Already a day had passed, they had been super lucky to have no Axysm officials bursting in, they had been silent, vaguely alert, but even Izzy knew now that it would be time to move on.

She could tell from racket occurring outside, that Axysm was slowly infiltrating through the city. There were muffled screams and slamming doors – slowly Axysm was taking down the city, building to building. It wouldn’t be long before they started coming into their own apartment, they weren’t ready to risk that.

“We have to move on,” Tanis grunted, voicing Izzy’s thoughts, “I can’t send the ping, but we’ll have to—”

“Are you kidding? Send the ping, Tanis. Zara is sure to come for you, aren’t you two best pals or something? Ping them and get this over with. Would you die just so Mirage can strive or whatever purpose you guys go for?” Izzy snapped rashly. All the stress and tension was tearing away at her.

Tanis gave her a look that told her he would do exactly that. Izzy snorted and turned away. They had been arguing for hours over what to do, in quiet mutters, Tanis seemed to have some weird theory that Axysm could hack into pings—which was probably not true, Pete would be the first to know, and he hadn’t told her anything about that.

She would have used her communication device… if she hadn’t smashed it against the wall in frustration the previous night. They had absolutely no idea what had started the sudden deaths—it seemed to be some effect on the immune system, if Axysm could supposedly hack into pings… would they be able to hack into the sun? Izzy shook her head wearily at the thought, obviously not. The tension was driving her crazy.

“We have to go either way,” Merrin—the survivor—cut in, “we can’t stay here forever, you people know what’s happening.”

“Yeah, isn’t that easy for you to say?” Izzy cut in bitterly, “you know you’re immune. We don’t on the other hand. I’m not ready to risk it. I’m sorry.”

“Izzy,” Tanis said in what could be reasonable voice (if it didn’t irritate her so badly), “we have to get going, Merrin’s right. We just have to—we can’t hang around here forever. We should have been helping hours ago. We have to catch up with the other Mirage members stuck in the city, we—”

“I’m sure the other Mirage members weren’t as stupid as you to get stuck in this city, they actually realise this whole thing is dangerous.”

Tanis looked like he had been struck, “that’s not true,” he said.

Izzy glared at him. “Actually,” she said, “it is.”
“Whatever,” Merrin pressed, “can we please go? I want to see if there is anyone else out here, and we have to do something—Tanis is right—we can’t just hang around here forever, waiting for something to happen.”

Izzy glared at Merrin and got ready to snap at her as well. But the moment she stared into her innocent, determined eyes she lost the strength too, she was just so tired. “Fine,” she groaned angrily, her mouth in a tight line, “let’s go!”

Tanis looked startled, but hopped up, his muscles working easily. He held out a hand to Merrin who smiled and took it. Izzy eyed them warily as she got up herself. The apartment was probably one of the worst in Diego. Merrin, when telling them her story, had emphasises how bad the pay for her job was—which didn’t really matter anymore; stupid pretty—several times.

She had been struggling to see what was wrong with the residents in the building, who had been dropping dead the moment she arrived in work. Her entire day had been blown apart by ambulances and screams, she had been lost in what was going on. The only thing she knew was that she wasn’t dying. A man had entered the apartment whilst she was struggling to save the residents, but he had just walked into the elevator.

Speckles of moonlight shimmered through the door as they nudged past it, cautiously, into the open streets. An Axysm agents looming figure could be seen in the distance, a chain of survivors following him. Harshly, Tanis pushed Izzy and Merrin into the alleyway next to the apartment, running in next to them.

They waited, panting in the tense silence, until the agent and his group had passed. The moment he was out of sight, they tensed and sprung back into the street. They skulked in the darkest shadows of the street—as to not get caught. The explosions of the previous night had disappeared, leaving a destroyed city in it’s aftermath. At least the heavy blasts weren’t apparent.

“Where is everyone?” Merrin wondered aloud, staring around as if she had expected the streets to be strewn with the bodies of the dead and the wailing survivors trolling all over.

“They’re either… imprisoned, or hiding… like us, probably,” Izzy whispered. Every few seconds a stranger would pop up in the streets and they would scram to the closest alley. That very moment a stranger walked through from an alley directly opposite them. Izzy flung her head to the right. Fence. She flung her head to the right. Fence.

Her heart was suddenly hammering, she got herself ready to sprint. But she didn’t have to. BANG! She jumped at the unexpected bullet and looked around, the newcomer lay dead on the streets, she gasped and turned to Tanis who was putting away his gun. “Nice going,” she said in a soft voice through gritted teeth, “you killed someone for no reason and probably alerted Axysm soldiers from all over the city.

Tanis shrugged, but it was a guilty one. Probably because she was right. The city was quiet. It wasn’t silence, but it was fairly quiet—unmoved, like a ghost of its former self. Buildings that loomed over streets screamed of emptiness, parks that would usually be buzzing with life were dark and lifeless.

Merrin scuttled past them into the closest building. She swung open the door, “get in,” she hissed, cocking her head to the right. Izzy looked towards the direction they were coming through. Four Axysm agents were trawling through the streets, kicking open doors. One of them stuck some sort of cigarette into his mouth and joked nastily to his friends who jeered back at him in delight.

Tanis and Izzy ran in after her, Merrin slamming the door behind them. It was weak—obviously through a particularly rough break-in—and instead of closing quietly it slammed into the awning of the door and the glass smashed loudly. Yells echoed from the street and the Axysm agents footsteps pounded against the pavement, sounding particularly loud.

“You idiot,” groaned Izzy angrily, running into the building. How were they going to get past four crazy Axysm agents. She ran into the darkness of the shadows in the building and hid, Tanis and Merrin following her, panting. They crouched in the darkness, waiting for something to happen.

They didn’t have to wait long. Almost immediately, the lumbering Agents crashed into the building. The door broke from its hinge and slammed against the marble floor. Izzy winced and stared around, looking for an escape exit. From Tanis’s movements next to her, she could tell he was thinking the same thing.

Luckily for them, instead of searching the place meticulously, the Axysm members all clustered together and began making threatening noises. They skulked around, in a direction across the room. As Izzy looked around the room, despite the fear clenching through her chest, she could begin to make out where they were.

They were in a museum.

A large dinosaur skeleton stood on a stand in the centre of the room—a glory from the pre-rusty times. This room seemed to be dedicated to Rusties—the entire museum was dedicated to Rusties. Izzy looked around, searching for something to help them get out.

“We’re in a museum,” Merrin said helpfully, “maybe we should… I know, brainstorm!” she whispered.

“Yeah,” Izzy jeered, “I’ll just go get the paper and textas--”

Izzy,” Tanis said with an edge in his voice and Izzy’s voice faltered, so she ended up just staring around lamely, slightly confused. Tanis had never stood up to her, in that sort of way. She did feel slightly hurt, but Tanis was a loser, anyway, so hey? Who cared? Not her.

“What about the dinosaur?” Tanis whispered seconds later. Izzy managed to turn around, blinking. She couldn’t think through the fear and if she did speak it was a snappy comment that wasn’t helpful at all. The Axysm people were getting closer and closer, “we know you’re here!” one of them taunted happily as he got towards the centre of the room, “come over here guys!” he said in an equally excited voice, signaling his team members, “look at this.”

Izzy rolled her eyes, her muscles killing her as they crouched whilst the Axysm agents stared at awe in the dinosaur skeleton. One second, the night was eerily quiet, tense and silent – cruelly invaded. “I’ve got an idea,” Tanis muttered. The next second; everything was chaos. Without any warning, Tanis raised his gun and shot.

The bullet smashed through the threads of tension in the room, smashing them into smithereens. The dinosaur for one second was perfectly poised in the centre of the room, the next, the bullet lunged into its skeletal frame, it burst in impacts – bones spitting everywhere. The Axysm agents screamed in fears as a downpour of bones clashed onto the ground.

Swearing, Izzy sprung up—followed by Merrin and Tanis—and swung into the next room. Her mind went completely blank as she stared into the next room. A snake skin lay enclosed in a glass box. A car was on display towards the right of the room. “Move,” Tanis hissed, pushing her into the room.

Izzy managed a brief glare at him and then they were running full-pellet. They stopped for less than a second in the middle of the room. “The car!” Tanis grunted, rushing towards it. Merrin and Izzy shared a glance before rushing after him. They huddled behind the car, Tanis was at one end, grasping his hands against one side of the car.

“Move it,” he pressed angrily as the agents skidded to a halt as they entered the room, screaming angrily. Izzy noted that there were only three of them. “Move,” Tanis pressed in a more buzzy tone.

“What do you mean?” Merrin asked, in a strained voice.

“Push it!” Tanis hissed, he then swore and gave it a hefty push. It groaned, slowly sliding elegantly and then not so elegantly off its stand. It conveniently perched itself, teetering off the edge of the stand. The Axysm agents began firing in alarm. She could hear Tanis swearing, shooting back, but his bullets just weren’t impacting.

Merrin grunted in pain as she slowly pushed the car one notch further. She then gasped in exhilaration as she took a crawl back, the small action obviously having taken a toll on her. “Pass me one,” Izzy hissed at Tanis, who, while shooting, tossed her a firearm.

Izzy glowered at the weapon and then pressed it through the windows of the car. She pressed the trigger – once. The bullet slammed through the glass of the window of both sides. She stepped back in alarm, she hadn’t expected that. Rusty cars weren’t very strong. This car was in a particularly good condition, probably because of all the museum care-taking, but still.

Huddling against the wall, she shot, once, twice, three times. The bullets racketed endlessly against the walls, zinging back and forth. She huddled under the window as if to not get hit. Tanis with all his might was shooting as well, whilst Merrin pushed the car in vain, her teeth gritted in concentration and her eyes clenched shut.

Then a bullet impacted. Tanis looked pleased. She heard the scream of an Axysm agent beyond the car—two left—and Izzy shot three times, none of them hitting. Tanis continued shooting and she tossed the gun to the floor, pushing along with Merrin.

She groaned in concentration—so did Merrin—pushing the car wasn’t easy. When they finally had it moving, it only jutted a notch out to the right. Izzy pushed harder, almost yelling, the car slid off the stand and slammed into the wall, more glass smashed and Izzy winced, her hands screaming.

The car pressed against the glass windows of the wall and then jarred against it. The shooting was still on full-pace and Izzy felt against the wall, huffing slightly, she grasped blindly for her gun and smiled in contentment as she felt it’s sleekness with her fingers. She grabbed it and just held it—not shooting.

Tanis then stopped shooting, indicating for her to start. Izzy gulped and began shooting, bullets flinging erratically through the room. She knew she was completely off-course, but just shooting was enough. “Hand it to Merrin,” Tanis grunted as he grasped his end of the car, “I need your help to crash it through the window.”

Izzy tossed Merrin the gun who just stared at it wearily, “shoot,” Izzy snapped at her. Merrin gave her a horrified look and just went back to staring at the gun. Swearing, Tanis pushed the car a tiny bit forward, Izzy grabbed the other end of the car, on her knees and pushed with all her strength. Then risking everything, she slowly got up and pushed, her muscles groaned with pain, but along with Tanis’s final push, it managed to crash through the glass wall.

Along with the whamming bullets and the smashing glass, Izzy screamed as she hurtled through the destroyed hole that was left of the window. The car rocketed down the slope and then suddenly stopped in the middle of what seemed some sort of courtyard. Izzy gulped, crouching behind the car once again, her aching hands hardly poised against concrete.

“Get in,” Tanis said. He sounded tired, like he had given up. Izzy nodded and crawled into the back seat of the car with Merrin, pressing their heads against the floor. The shooting stopped and they heard the thudding of the Axysm agents feet as they came closer. Izzy pressed her nose onto the carpeted floor of the car, breathing in dust. She felt the sudden urge to cough and splutter but she fought it down. She couldn’t think, wouldn’t think.

Tanis had put himself in the danger zone, he let out a feeble cry, pushing at the ignition. The Axysm agents footsteps were coming closer. They probably hadn’t seen him yet, they probably weren’t expecting them to do something as reckless as this. Tanis shouted, and suddenly the footsteps became more fast-paced and quick.

Izzy, not able to hold up the tension anymore, grabbed her gun and held it against the window, pressing down the trigger hard. She swayed it against the window as bullets whizzed outside. The agents screamed and Tanis fiddled with the car a bit more—and suddenly, it started.

Izzy was in shock, the car clumsily lurched forward, then stopped. Tanis swore and pushed back some stick protruding from a pad next to him and it lurched further forward. He pressed down hard on the accelerators and the car went hurtling forward. The first Axysm agent just wasn’t able to cut it, the car drove over him.

The second one screamed in fright and tumbled away, just before the car hit him.

Tanis let the car lurch forward, slightly, he then pressed down harder, taking the steering wheel in his grip and he managed to stir them into the main road. Surprisingly enough, the loud sounds of the museum hadn’t attracted any attention from any other Axysm members. There were probably other functions occurring through Diego.

Tanis somehow managed to get the car going, but it was incredibly slow once the wash of adrenaline had passed them over. The street they were on was fairly deserted, Tanis ticked and spun the steering wheel, clumsily having the car spur in a different way. The tenseness however continued, with Merrin leaping over into the front seat so Izzy could have the entire back seat for herself as look-out.

“How do these cars run?” she asked all of a sudden.

“Through motor, there’s—” Tanis was about to reel off into a full-on explanation, but Izzy cut him off.

“No… no, I mean… how did you know there was one?”

Tanis was silent for a second, “I guessed,” he shrugged. He then smiled, a smile showing a lot of teeth, “I guessed right. Good thinking on my part.”

Izzy sneered at him, “you got lucky.” Tanis slumped against the seat, his fingers clumsily turning the steering wheel as they buckled through another road. Izzy worriedly stared out of the window, they had had good luck so far, but what if they had someone from Axysm turning up all of a sudden? And it was horribly close to the morning.
They had turned into another road, when suddenly Izzy hissed, “stop.” A group of Axysm soldiers were patrolling a string of survivors into a helicopter which was in the middle of the road. Izzy stared at it through large eyes—the helicopter was huge!

Tanis stopped and stared up in shock, he tried to steer back out of sight, but Merrin shook her head and pushed him lightly, “don’t,” she said, “they’ll hear you.” She looked around, “we have to get out… now.”

Izzy stared around, “I don’t want to start a fight like we did last time, we’ll have to get out of here somehow else, I have no ammo left.”

Tanis nodded in agreement, he stared at the Axysm officials, “let’s ditch the car,” he muttered quietly, getting out and closing the door behind them with a click. Izzy and Merrin did the same. Slowly they began to skulk back down the way they came from, when suddenly someone caught sight of the car and yelled.

It was a shriek, which sent a volley of affirmed yells after it. It was still dark—in the early hours of the morning—and almost instinctively the three of them began to run. A small shed-like building with a tiny roof lay at the end of one of the strips tearing off from the alley. Swinging into it, Izzy struggled to run all the way up in the dark night.

They could hear the Axysm officials behind them. Izzy leaped forward, touching the edge of the roof, her fingers screaming with pain as she scraped them against the corrugated iron of the roof. “Here, let me,” Tanis managed to get on the roof in one swerve and extended his hand out to Izzy, she grabbed it and tensing all her muscles, managed to leap on.

Merrin looked nervously up and held out her hand, Izzy stared nervously around. In the dark, it wouldn’t be so easy to see what they were up to, but if someone looked closely – anything was possible. She held out her hand and grabbed Merrin’s, Tanis taking her other hand. Merrin puffed in a breath and climbed up, tensing her stomach muscles and almost crying from the pain and tension of the situation.

They managed to sweep her up onto the roof just before the Axysm agents rushed past. They waited for about thirty minutes lying on the roof, their faces pressed against the cool, corrugated iron. When they passed, they got up, not bothering to flex their stiff muscles and leaped off the roof onto the other side.

The alley they were now in was moist and cold. Izzy hugged herself as they tip-toed through it, another encounter with Axysm would be fatal. But they managed to get past a few more alleys, the darkness began to fade throughout the morning.

Soon the sky was grey.

Then the sun came out. And then things started going horribly wrong.
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Day four of the infection. They had only lost two people on their way to the sewers - they didn't know from what. Something had grabbed them out of the darkness faster than they could see with their own eyes. They didn't even scream - they were just there, and then they were gone. Everyone had gotten jumpy after that. When daylight came the immune went out into the light and got supplies. Water purifiers and dehydrated food, shelters, blankets, even a few hoverboards. They had found an empty supply room near a dry spot where they had started to hoard things. There was a little tent city already going into existence now - they had found more survivors at night; people who didn't know if they were immune or not. The total was up to 78 survivors and 19 immune - almost a hundred people living in their little sewer city. Dax was still in charge, much to Meli's annoyance and Deja's relief.

The twins sat in their own little tent, staring at the blue synthetic ceiling.

"Do you want to get out of here?" Meli had asked.

"What do you mean? Of course I don't want to live in the sewers, but there's nowhere else for all of us to go." Deja was absently braiding a lock of her long black hair. It was a nervous habit. Her stomach was jumpy and hadn't settled for almost two days. She couldn't eat and sleep was annoyingly illusive. Meli had slept like a baby.

"I don't mean all of us. I mean the Immune." The way Meli said it with a capital letter creeped Deja out.

"Why would we leave? What would the survivors do?" She had already worked so hard to keep them alive, why would she give up now? Deja's skin crawled.

"Some of them are bound to be immune too. But we can't be servants to the fearful for the rest of our lives Deja. We're immune for a reason."

"We won't always have to help them. Just for now. In a few weeks I'm sure there will be a cure or something, and then we can get back to our old lives. This is temporary." Deja replied firmly.

"What if it isn't?"

Deja said nothing.

"Even if things do go back to normal, we will always know that something about us is different...is better...than everyone else. I'm not going back to normal."

"Meli don't be ridiculous!" Deja sat up and looked down at her sister.

"I'm not the one being ridiculous." Meli turned her back on her twin and closed her eyes. Sunrise was coming in a few hours and she would have to go out. She had plans of her own that she needed supplies for. Breen would wake he up when it was time to go. He was supposed to be sniffing out possible Immune that wanted to leave. They'd already grown from four to six, joined by a barely 16 girl named Elza and a grumpy twenty-something named Jaime. There were a few that seemed...swayable. A girl named Demeter with practically fluorescent hair, and a few of the others that had joined them over night. The group of Immune were getting stronger.


When Lindsay woke up she wasn't confused. She wasn't disoriented or out of her mind. The fact that her senses were entirely different than they had been, that the pain she'd been feeling was gone, all of that made complete sense to her. If Lindsay had been in Vury's place...she might have done the same thing. He had turned her. Lindsay was a vampire.

And that was unforgivable.

Vury was standing outside the car he had put her in, and she could tell how nervous he was. She could feel that he wasn't even sure he could forgive himself. It only made her angrier. He knew her, he knew her past and how she felt. He knew that he was the only vampire she would ever let live, regardless of what Axsym had done to her. It was in her mind now to hate herself.

Lindsay moved out of the car, becoming accustomed to the changes in her body. She was a vampire. A vampire!

And was she ever thirsty.

Vury looked at her with guilt in his eyes. "Lindsay...Lindsay you were dying..."

The pain in his voice almost broke her. "I know. I felt it. But still...you...how could you do this to me?"

He moved a step towards her and she took a step back. "I couldn't lose you, I wasn't thinking."

"I'm not even human Vury! Lose me? I'm not me anymore! I'm an animal!"

He flinched away at that. "Is that how you think of me?"

"No. You're different. But I'm not. Right now I'm just as bad as Kail. I'm just a brainless hungry creature."

"You don't have to be Lindsay, I can help you. I can stop you from doing anything you regret. I'll do anything you want me to." He was pleading with her. Pain was etched in every line of his face - his regret, his torture. It wasn't enough. His apologies wouldn't make her human again. Wouldn't give her a pulse, a heartbeat, warm skin. First her brother by Kail, and now her by Vury. Like sister like brother?

"Haven't you already done enough?" Lindsay started to back down the dark tunnel, getting ready to run. "I'll find you," she whispered. Then she ran. Lindsay was doing something she never thought she would - she was leaving Vury. They were done until she could find a way to forgive him, or find a way to die. Whichever came first.

She holed up in a sewer tunnel, trying not to think about her thirst. Not to think about how good blood would taste, or the feeling of flesh giving way beneath her sharp teeth. Voices echoed in the tunnels, she could smell all of them - over fifty people, each heartbeat distinct in her ears - as they made their way through. Her control broke and the animal took over. Lindsay ran at top speed and grabbed two of them - a boy and a girl. With her hand over the boys mouth, she kept him quiet as she buried her face in the neck of the girl and bit down.

It was a glorious agony - the power of taking a life and the satisfaction that the blood gave her hunger. She dropped the drained body of the girl and started on the boy. When she was done, she stared at the bodies on the ground. They had friends and family and people who cared about them - and those people would never know what happened to them. Lindsay roared in pain and sadness. What had she done? What had he done?

Lindsay ran. She needed to get out of these tunnels, out of the confinement of scent that they provided. She burst out into the sunlight and kept on running. Wherever she ended up, she didn't care. Lindsay was more alone now than she ever had been in her life.


The numbers were still coming in. The group was assembled around the table and Zara was doing her best to stay awake and process all the information. She hadn't slept in almost two days and her brain was starting to slow down a bit. They had Syd and Jace, and apparently Pix and Chia were on the way - a really strange twist of events right there. The world was turning upside down and then right side up and then upside down again. Her head was spinning.

They sat at the table, talking randomly, waiting. Tanis was still out there, Izzy was still out there, and Pete hadn't heard anything from them. Enough people had come back with a lot more information. They had one dead body and two random immune people that were under Maddy's care as she tried to either create a cure or a vaccine. She'd already that a cure was unlikely, because of the quickness of the damage and the fact that it was auto-immune. That meant a vaccine, and quickly. Zara assumed Axsym already had one, they were just waiting for the right moment to swoop in seem like the hero in order to blame Mirage.

More people were coming that night - more barracks were being set up, and they actually had a lot more volunteer survivors than she had expected. Mirage had grown by 25% in two days. That was almost two hundred people.

"When this next group gets in, if Tanis and Izzy and the others aren't with them...we're sending out a small rescue unit. No survivors unless they can get to the tunnels themselves; we need to save us."

There was no disagreement. "I'm...going to try and sleep. Anything important, you know where to find me."

Vury was gone, Tanis was gone, and either her or Kane needed to be awake at all times. What a birthday she'd had. The virus was beginning it's fourth day of damage. Zara collapsed onto her bed, slipping in and out of consciousness, unaware of the world around her. The nanos sang her a lullaby...soft happy little voices.

Come see me... the big voice purred, and the nanos got even happier. Come find me.

That didn't make any sense...Zara thought to herself. I already know where you are, why would I need to find you? Zara finally fell into actual sleep, the last image in her head was that of the mute man. A flicker of something, some memory, burned at her - but she couldn't quite break through to what it was. Zara fell asleep.


Syd was not good at this sit around and do nothing but wait game. Her teeth were constantly set on edge. Now that she knew Jace was going to live, althought not yet okay, she could relax in that area. She was even thinking about not laying the blame on Kevin anymore. The relief on his face when they learned Pix was alive was practically palpable. Maybe he wasn't such a bubblehead. Plus, he was coming up with a lot of good ideas about stealthy ways to hide cameras so they could spy on what was going on in the city. She had to at least respect his brains...a little anyways.

Syd had her head back and was moving side to side in her chair, letting her brain get dizzy. A mellow song was in her head, and she hummed it softly, still trying to relieve her boredom.

"Would you cut that out?" Kevin asked firmly. None of them wanted to leave the room in case new information came in.

"Bothering you pretty boy?" she smirked at him. "Isn't my voice pretty enough for you?"

"Whatever." Kevin shook his head and looked away from her.

"I looked you up, you know. The uber pretty that ran away to join the rebellion? How very edgy." She was needling him and definitely enjoying it. This was much more fun than sitting around.

"Oh I know plenty about you too Syd. I know you prefer death to disarming, I know you pretend not to be shallow," he levelled his gaze at her, "and I know you told Jace that if she joined the Spades she shouldn't bother trying to find you in the city."

Syd froze mid turn, keeping her eyes burning into Kevin's. "And I was right, wasn't I? Teams are too conspicuous, too easy to figure out. Too easy to hurt."

"I think it's you that was hurt Syd, when she picked the job over you."

"Whatever. You know Kevin, I don't blame you for what happened to her. I just blame her."

"Wrong again Syd," he leaned close to her, fire in his eyes, "You blame yourself," it was a whisper, more like a hiss. Syd stood up from her chair and it slammed against the wall. Kevin followed suit. She hadn't realized he was taller than her, but she definitely had to tilt her head up to keep looking into his face. Electricity crackled between them and rattled the air. It was coming to a fight, that was for sure.

"Whoa whoa whoa," Kane stepped between them. "Syd, go to the control center and see if Pete needs help."

"Me?! He's the computer geek," she responded through gritted teeth.

"You're right. Kevin, go."

"Fine." Kevin knocked past her harder than necessary and left the room.

"Syd, you either need to take it to the combat room, or..." he paused, an amused smile on his face, "the bedroom, but you've got. to keep. your cool. Got it?" He put his hands heavily on her shoulders.

"Got it. But the bedroom? Don't make me sick." Syd shuddered and pulled her chair back to sit down. Kane laughed at her and went back to the head of the table. She was so tempted to stick out her tongue at his retreating back.
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(a quick one just to get an idea of where Ammy is and what she's doing, i.e. nothing. hehehe)

Ammy was repeatedly watching the last known news feed from Diego. The backdrop against the news anchor’s torso was the same that had been there for the past few weeks. A pleasant view outside Diego, with simulated hovercars flying through the air in the distance. It was ironic—now the city was deathly quiet and after the chaos of the past 4 days, the bodies lying on the streets had been removed.

She didn’t know what had happened to the news network, although she vaguely remembered the all-glass thirty storey high building they prided themselves on. Now that very building was more likely to be the cause of their demise than pride. Ammy removed the earpiece and closed the virtual screen, cutting off the video clip. She’d watched it enough times to know the likely levels of epinephrine in the news presenter based on his body language and movements, and even that was going to far for idle entertainment.

Around her, close to 20 people sat at the desk or hovered nervously next to it, waiting for any news. Mirage wasn’t prepared for this. They’d been under attack by Axsym through their manipulation of the people of Diego, and it had only been a short while since they’d relocated to the tunnels, losing so much in the process. And now this. Axsym really didn’t believe in rest breaks, it seemed. In theory, neither did Ammy. If there was work to be done, and a crisis to be controlled, then sleep or rest was unnecessary. Looking around at the Mirage members, though, she wasn’t so sure.

Ammy turned her attentions to a young tactical advisor sitting opposite her. He was nervous and fidgety, playing ceaselessly with the pen in his hand. Ammy stared at him, boring her eyes into his head, knowing he would turn to look at her.

He did. A few moments later, the boy looked up suddenly and made eye contact with Ammy. She continued to stare at him, locking his gaze with hers. At least playing mind games was more interesting than sitting aimlessly in the hopes they’d receive news. The boy visibly struggled to turn away from Ammy, but her eyes kept a firm grasp on him and for several seconds, she enjoyed the fight he put up to look away. But just as Ammy was beginning to sit up a little more, interested in this game, he suddenly slumped, his pupils contracting as his muscles grew slack.

Disgusted, Ammy pushed back into her chair. Everyone was so weak with tiredness, it was pathetic. She didn’t even enjoy the thought of the control she could have over them if she chose to enforce it.

Further down the table, people were becoming irritable with each other. Two members were on their feet, glaring into each others’ faces. The friction in the air between them was palpable. Now this was more interesting. Ammy leaned in slightly. She barely concealed her disappointment when Kane quickly broke up the argument, before they’d even gotten to the fight. It was between one of those Cards—Ammy almost rolled her eyes—and the much-spoken-of Syd, Mirage extraordinaire. Ammy had never heard of her before they’d moved to Diego. But apparently she was a brilliant field agent, one of the best in Mirage. She also preferred killing to disarming. Every time anyone mentioned Syd, they mentioned that, as though it was the most terrible plight set upon Mirage.

Ammy had done it too many times herself to care in the slightest—in reality, the difference between the two was one punch. It could happen to any righteous Mirage agent. But they’d all been trained by Vury so it made sense that they approached all missions with this attitude. That was one difference between Ammy’s work ethic and Vury’s. If the survival of an enemy was not vital to the success of the mission, then their death was unimportant. At least it prevented them resurfacing a few minutes later like new pretties drawn to alcohol.

The room was quiet again. Zara and Two or Three, or whatever his number was, had both left the room by this stage and everyone had descended into silence. Ammy frowned in boredom. Something needed to happen. She’s already considered (and rejected the idea of) going to the barracks and looking at the survivors—or more specifically, the immune survivors. What was it that made them special? Maybe if she figured it out, she’d know whether she herself was immune. Ammy didn’t want to admit it aloud to anyone, but she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about whether she would survive in the sun. This virus was something completely out of her domain. For once, the important factor was not physical strength or mental capacity—it was her genetic code.

And that was something she had no control over.
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They were hiding and scuttling through the shadows, the sun peeping up through foggy clouds in the sky – a torturous reminder that the torturous night had ended, only to continue with an equally bad day. “This is just not worth it,” Izzy complained to no one in particular, “Mirage is so over-rated. I mean, I don’t see Zara fighting or anything? Do you?”

“We have to spend four nights – four freaking nights – in this… city,” Izzy could barely keep the fatigue out of her voice, “and here we are still on the run? Will this ever end? Tanis,” she said in contempt, “will you ever send the ping?”

Tanis didn’t answer. Izzy grumbled to herself quietly. If she had thought her first night in war-torn Diego had been bad, the last one she had had was equally severe. “I don’t even want to fight,” Izzy simpered to herself, “this is all Mirage’s fault!” she spat.

Tanis skidded to a halt, “how is this Mirage’s fault? You chose to come here, Izzy. You strayed away from the main group – it’s your fault. Face it and quit complaining.”

Izzy glared at him, “Tanis,” she said, malice dripping out of her tone, “are you and Zara sleeping together or something, because really – you can’t love an organization that much.”

Tanis looked like he was about to spit back something equally malicious, but Merrin cut in just in time, “At least we’re still alive, you know, breath in our lungs, sun in the sky—”

“How is that a good thing?”

“What I mean,” Merrin said patiently, despite the stress etched over her face, “is that we’re still alive, it’s a good thing, it really is.”

“Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts?” Izzy said grimly, daring a look at the sky burning into thin, transparent clouds now. It wouldn’t be long until it took over the entire sky – burning the city.

“Stop being such a pessimist,” Tanis grumbled, “you’re not the only one in a crappy mood, learn how to restrain yourself.”

“Maybe you should tell Vury that—he kills uglies for fun.”

Tanis groaned and gave up, they still remained in the shadows, but it wouldn’t be long before they had to face the sun. It was dangerous to continue staying in Diego – the city was getting more and more dangerous. “Whatever.”

“Do you think there are… anymore uh—Axysm soldiers, out there?” Merrin asked nervously, peering into the sun.

“Depends what you mean by ‘out there,’” Tanis answered, “not right in front of us, but somewhere in this city, yes.”

“Yeah, I already knew that?”

“I wasn’t explaining it to you, Izzy.” They slithered through the shadows into the next street. “Okay, do you want to go first or should it be me?” Tanis joked lightly. The street looked different, less dangerous, lighter, bubblier. Only the sun – the most dangerous weapon of all – was blindingly obvious.

Izzy shoved her hand in her face, her fingers slightly apart. “You go,” she waved vaguely at him as he shuffled nervously and grinned. They didn’t need to go out into the sun, they could easily hide in the apartments… they didn’t need to go. Suddenly panicking, Izzy felt her breath catch in her throat. “Wait…” she called out, “wait!” But it was too late – Tanis was already out in the sun.

Her heart stopped fluttering and she stared. Tanis smiled, flecks of sun running down his profile. It was so peaceful, Izzy felt her heartbeat begin to speed down and the her voice lost the panic she thought it had had before. “…Oh, should I?” she asked Merrin, suddenly feeling very vulnerable and indecisive.

“It’s alright, Izzy, it’s—” Tanis’s cheery voice was interrupted by his sudden coughing. Izzy looked up in alarm as Tanis’s coughing got worse. Merrin screamed and ran up to him, Izzy just stood there frozen. Merrin held Tanis by the waist as he tried to tell her he was alright, but it was obvious that he wasn’t.

In just that few seconds, Tanis went from pleasant to terrible. He began to sweat excessively, his breathing became more rapid, his muscles were weaker—he couldn’t flex them, move them. Izzy rushed out into the sun to help Merrin carry Tanis. As she grabbed Tanis by the arm, she closed her eyes and sucked in her breath – ready for her own racket of coughing to begin.

But it never came.


They lay Tanis’s shaking body behind a desk in the building closest to them. Merrin sat by him, just looking scared. Izzy felt exactly the same way – neither of them, had expected Tanis to be affected. Izzy had taunted him about it and sneered at him, but he had just shrugged her insults down good-naturedly and told her she was being pessimistic.

The fact that Izzy was, like Merrin, immune—she still couldn’t register the fact—meant that the sun was meant to be less dangerous to her, than it was to Tanis. But it wasn’t. She felt even more scared of it as she stared at it through the glass walls of the room they were in. They had tried to ask the voice for whatever, but he never answered back – perhaps Axysm had shut down the functions in every building in Diego.

“What are we going to do?” Merrin asked. She ran her hand through Tanis’s hair, trembling slightly. Tanis had gone from the light, sweaty stage to buckling in pain. Every now and then he would jerk up right and mutter as if he wasn’t exactly sure what was going on – which he probably wasn’t.

“I… I don’t know,” Izzy thought for a few seconds, “what about the car?” she asked. Merrin gave her an incredulous look, so she elaborated the idea. “We have to get him out of here, closer to Mirage. It won’t be long until—until the virus runs its course.” Merrin flinched but nodded several times, her head bent.

“Who’s going to get the car?” Merrin asked quietly, “will it be able to work? We don’t even know anything about it? Can you drive? How are we going to survive without Tanis?” she sobbed selfishly. In reality the room was fairly warm, but Izzy was freezing – internally – her teeth clattered as shivers ran up her body.

“I’ll go get the car,” she decided, “you wait here.” She got up. Merrin opened her mouth to interject, but from one look at Tanis, Izzy knew there wasn’t time. “We’ve got to start moving now,” she tried to keep the desperation out of her voice. She thought that if one of them had turned out to be infected, they would have been sobbing and crying their eyes out.

But they were completely, utterly emotionless – maybe it was because they were so completely drained off life, so incredibly tired.


Despite the fact that she was immune, Izzy kept out of the sun. After seeing what it had done to Tanis, she was scared of it. It was worse than the Axysm soldiers, worse than the Specials, even Dr. Cable wouldn’t be able to come up with something as cruel as this. That something could actually be inside the sun… either that, or the virus had been passed through certain materials that were globally used.

Her mind was buzzing with friction and it was restraining her thoughts from running smoothly, Izzy ran her hands through her hair in frustration, trying to think where the car would be, but all she could see were the bodies of the dead, the city at night, Tanis’s convulsing body. She shook away the thoughts and tried to get her legs moving, but even they felt week.

Musn’t waste time, she thought, keeping that one sentence – or at least trying to – zoning through her brain, focusing her. She scaled down the moist alleys that seemed harmless during the day, she grabbed blindly for the corrugated iron roof they had leaped over. Her fingers screamed with pain as she tore her skin on a sharp point of the iron, but she gritted her teeth and screamed against her nerves, forcing herself to keep moving.
Her breath came out in jerks as she rushed down the tree-lined lane they had run down, she bit down on the pain that ran up her arm when she accidentally scraped her arm on a wall and then, there was the car. She hadn’t expected to see it, but the fact that she was lucky it was even there didn’t even register in her numb, frozen mind.

She searched for the pick Tanis had used to flick on the ignition, in the end she had to search through her pockets, finally settling on a multi-purpose pocket knife Mirage had issued quite a long time ago. She had laughed to herself when she had first received it, but now she was thanking it profusely. Ironic.

It finally started up with a loud bang and Izzy jumped in fright when the car backfired. She pressed the ignition again and a comforting rumble arrived. It was a sound, a regular, rhythmic sound. Diego was a silent city, even the Axysm soldiers they had seen the previous night didn’t seem to be around anymore, all life that had once been in the city was gone. The city itself had been completely drained.

Izzy felt the urge to slam her head down onto the steering wheel and knock herself out, but she kept herself going, bleary-eyed and weak. The car itself was incredibly hard to drive, the first time she swerved the steering wheel she ended up turning a full circle, slamming the head of it into the wall next to her.

Completely put out, she tried wrenching the stick in the middle of the car, but all it did was make driving even more hard and complicated, growling with frustration, she kicked the door open, ready to ditch the car and announce Tanis’s death to Merrin. She felt no guilt or sadness at the moment, but she felt sure she would feel swamped in emotion by the next morning – when Tanis was gone.

She was being stupid. She knew she had to keep going, there was absolutely no point to not keep going. The virus seemed to be killing people in lord portions of time – it was cruel that ways, but she at least had some time left on her. She growled, feeling spent as she collapsed back into the car.

She pumped the car into life and ran a hand down the wheel, it crashed into the wall opposite her. Cursing, she tried moving the car in slow, short little steps. It worked. She nudged herself out of the alley and into the street – the sunny street – she trudged the car through the street in search for the apartment.

There were points when she felt like crashing the car into a building and ending the whole thing altogether, but in a corny way, she knew Tanis wouldn’t have done that if she was in his current position. He had helped her – several times, it was time for her to help him. And help him, she would.

She luckily didn’t catch up with an Axysm agents while searching the streets, perhaps the soft pur of a slow-moving car wasn’t enough to attract their attention or perhaps they had moved onto another part of the city. What really scared her, what kept her somewhat alert, was the fact that the car could run out of fuel at any time, that it would stop moving and she would end up with the skeletal history link it had seemed to be in the museum. She searched three streets, before she found the building they had been in. Since most of their trek had been through alleys and behind buildings, everything but the name of the building they had been in – Trenton Hall – was alien to her.

Even the silent, sunny street seemed alien to her. It was just like New Pretty Town, except less-exciting. It was a mix between Uglyville and New Pretty Town. And at the same time, it was completely different. The feeds on buildings were blank, buildings were empty – some completely ruined. Diego had already been ruined once.

When she saw Trenton Hall she almost burst into tears with relief. She hadn’t realised how stressed, tired and scared she had been, the thought that she had accomplished at least one part of the hard mission that was ahead of them gratified her. The moment she stopped the car, intense fear sprung through her body. What if Thoran was dead… after all she had done, after all they had done? She rushed into the building.

Merrin was extremely relieved when she arrived, “finally,” she hissed through her teeth, “did you bring the car?” she asked anxiously, on another note.

“Oh, no I forgot to bring the car,” Izzy snapped. Merrin rolled her eyes and together they supported Tanis out of the building. They placed him in the back seat of the car, sheltering his area with blankets from the building so he wasn’t covered by sun (they were unsure whether that would trigger the virus further).

“Where are we going?” Merrin asked once they were settled in. Izzy got the car moving again, in slow, steady trudges. “Are we going to Mirage?” she asked, “or… there’s no where else to go…” she said suddenly, in a surprised tone as she hadn’t realised they were completely optionless.

“Mirage,” Izzy nodded. Speaking took energy and at the moment she needed to store as much of that as she could. One second she had been snapping at Tanis angrily, the next she was a nervous mess – it wasn’t as bad as it had been after Moz’s death, but it made her feel clumsy and reckless.

Merrin looked at her, a twinge of sympathy in her eyes, “we can share the driving?” she asked. Izzy almost laughed at the normal way in which she had said it. You would have thoughts they were uglies planning to go to the Ruins for a summer camp. But she just nodded – she was tired.

So they settled in that manner, both of them were equally bad drivers, the car trudged step-by-step over the next hours, Tanis confirmed his life to them every few seconds when he murmured with pain, or acted as if he had woken up from a bad dream and would blink around wearily and ask them where they were, drifting off before they could answer him.

It was when he began to bleed when things began to get really bad.

Izzy was driving, she still felt completely put-out, but after being able to have short, though interrupted rests across the hour, she felt slightly better. Altogether, she felt terrible. She wondered why Mirage hadn’t come after them, why they hadn’t rescued them already. Angry, turbulent thoughts were circulating through her, but she was too tired to express them.

That was when they ran into the Axysm officials. “Wait,” Merrin hissed as they spurred into the next road – but it was too late. The road had been barricaded off, there was a huge craft lined up against the barricades and the final survivors were being loaded into it. Izzy gasped and tried to veer back, but as she did, she knocked one of the officials over. She cringed, expecting a volley of bullets, but nothing came.

They didn’t go unnoticed though, the cries of pain coming from the official they seemed to have knocked down, did draw intention. It also indicated that he wasn’t dead. Through her tired mind, Izzy managed to form some sort of plan. She blindly fumbled for Tanis’s gun at the back and discretely took it out with her.

She put her hands up in a surrendering position, as if giving herself up to Axysm. Officials were already walking towards her, guns raised. Izzy wasn’t entirely sure, but part of her brain reminded her that the officials were trying to gather all the survivors left – they wouldn’t be randomly killing them.

Walking across the car, Izzy grabbed the official she had knocked down, roughly by the shoulders and had him standing up. He cried with pain as she pressed the gun against her head. “I’ll shoot,” she warned, but her voice was dry and weak – the Axysm officials heard it, but only just.

They seemed shocked at first, but then they began to react. When they began raising their own firearms, Izzy got nervous, “I said – I’ll shoot” she snapped irritably, the official gasped in shock as she pushed the gun roughly against his neck, he cried out in pain and the officials took a step back in alarm.

More and more officials were coming towards them, beginning to notice. Izzy suddenly got nervous and jumpy. “Stay,” she said weakly, they kept moving. “I said stay,” she snapped angrily, she shot the agent in the arm. He cried out in pain, blood soaking down his arm. The agents stopped at once, they seemed to be conferring amongst each other whether it was worth it – to take all these risks over one agent. They were a cruel bunch.

Izzy recognised the road they were in, it was the one where Mirage had so kindly “dispatched” her and Lindsay. It broke off into the forest, a huge canopy of trees providing an alternate scenery to the high-tech one of the city. Izzy thought about the power she had, she took a look inside the car, while managing to keep an eye on the painful agent in her arms.

Merrin looked scared out of her mind, pale-faced and breathing sharply. Tanis was in a far worse condition, he was bleeding, in a creepy, grotesque way. Blood was coming out of his mouth. Stricken, Izzy pressed the gun further into the agents arm, he screamed as if expecting another shot, but she didn’t shoot.

“Okay, let them go,” Izzy indicated the car to Axysm. After shooting Izzy a few confused looks, Merrin nodded and took the driving seat. The car burst back into life and nudged its way across the street, a few Axysms turned up their guns, but Izzy threatened the agent in her arm with another painful tug in the arm. He buckled back in pain.

Slowly, the car disappeared through the next street and Izzy was faced with the cold reality: she had put herself in the most dangerous situation of all. She hadn’t been thinking when she had given that certain order, through fatigue, her mind had been blank. Now she was… scared. Izzy was suddenly nervous. The agents were looking at her warily and a few seemed to be conferring with each other.

Izzy back down the street, in the same route the car had left, the agents continued watching – some silently, others crying in alarm – Izzy knew she wouldn’t be able to get much further before they shot her, she didn’t get much further anyway. With absolutely no warning, the agent in her arms kicked her with his leg, her shin gave in and she buckled down.

She fell, bleary-eyed on the ground, clutching the gun, which clattered to the floor beside her. She could tell from the thudding of feet hitting the road that the agents were closing in on her, grabbing her gun wildly, Izzy forced herself to her feet, despite the urge she felt to just fall down and faint. She had never been so tired.

“Wait,” she brushed the gravel of her shirt in order to come across as nonchalant and cool (inside she was screaming, livid with emotions), “don’t shoot me, I can help you,” she nodded a few times and tried to look serious. A few of the agents sniggered, others jeered at her and one screamed at the others to kill her. For some reason, all of them felt slightly uncomfortable to actually kill her. Maybe Axysm had put down laws preventing any further killing of citizens? Izzy didn’t know.

Finally one spoke. “How?” he asked briskly.

Izzy smiled, she had already picked a plan of action, she didn’t know how far she would go with it, but it was enough – she hoped – to keep her alive for some period of time. “I can tell you where Mirage is,” she said deviously.

A few of the agents shrugged and looked bored, some widened their eyes, looking genuinely interested. Izzy held her gun in a firm position, just to let them know that she wasn’t defenseless (what they didn’t know was that the gun had no ammunition left in it), she was about to elaborate on her promise, when a sudden interruption caught her ears and everyone elses.
From the craft, an official was screaming wildly. It was something about the forest. Izzy couldn’t help but look in the direction he was pointing, shock arose within her. Figures were arising from the forest – they weren’t Diegan citizens, they weren’t Axysm agents, and no they weren’t from Mirage – she could tell through their muscular, ragged forms what they were, she had spent enough time with them to recognise them from a far distance.


The Axysm agents began firing at once, but the Specials managed to avoid the first few bullets coming to them and poured into the barricade, attacking the army with full-force. Izzy winced, despite her own slightly cruel actions, as a Special ripped at the chest of an Axysm.

What they were doing, why they were there, Izzy wasn’t sure. According to the Axysm agents surprise – they weren’t either. The Specials were different, they had fully grown into wolfish figures. They had been vulpine pretties, but now they were ragged, rugged and downright scary. Animalistic.

“Keep her here,” one of the Axysm agents ordered another, who stood by her, but he seemed to be fascinated in what was going on with the Specials. There really was a battle raging around the craft, the Specials were attacking it rashly for some reason. Dr. Cable had been gone for a long time and Izzy hadn’t known there were any Specials left.

She was also surprised at the lack of security they seemed to be enforcing over her. One soldier, only and a new recruit by the looks of it. Izzy took no hesitation in shooting his leg, he sprawled over in pain and taking one last guilty look at him, she mustered all the energy she could in her screaming body before running in the direction the car had gone.
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Kevin’s walk was brisk. His fists were clenched. She was so infuriating. Thinking she was in the same league of friendship as he was with Jace. Not a chance. Where was Syd when the team’s spot got compromised and someone had to mix their tracking signals to send the agents the other direction? Not her. Him. Where was she when Jace had a piece of scrap metal lodged in her back? Not Syd. He was the one to pull it out while Ren patched it up. The Spades were her family. Syd was like that distant relative that you never wanted to talk to.

So why was she so damn adamant about sticking up for herself and Jace being close?

“Excuse you,” a gruff crumbly said as Kevin knocked shoulders with her. He muttered some apologies and tried to focus on walking. The anger was taking over his head. He just had to push her out of his head. He couldn’t let her have this kind of power over him. She was nobody. Just a pouty would-be friend of Jace.

When he finally got to Pete’s station he was taken back by all the screens. There were more since he was last here. Kevin was amazed at how much streaming video of the city there was, how many communication boards were being hacked, and how much they kept on record in Mirage.

“Hey there padawan,” Pete said smiling back at Kevin, then turning his attention to one of the many screens again.

Kevin looked at him confused, “Pada-what?”

“Ah, nothing. Nevermind. Star Wars joke.”

Kevin smiled, amused. Pete had little to do when Mirage was in a lull. And since he had access to old Rusty movies and shows, he liked to watch them religiously. One of the most common references Kevin heard him use was from this thing called Star Wars. One day when Kevin was still in training – before leaving with the Spades – Pete had tried to explain Star Wars too him.

Kevin got completely lost in the explanation. But by the end of the conversation he had made a program that synced up with a person’s skintenna and allowed them to send codes subliminally with song clips. That way if someone hacked into it, they would think it was just a radio station messing up. It was a poor prototype that never really caught on, but that was when Kevin was still learning.

“So why you here? You get kicked out or something?” Pete asked not looking away from his screen.

Kevin pulled out another keyboard and searched the program and prototype lists like a kid in a candy store.
“Nah. Just got in a tiff.”

“With who?”

“Some girl with a God complex,” Kevin said as he searched the blueprints for a sneak suit remodel that he helped Vury think up a while back. The Surge Suit. It would put someone like Syd out of business. But he had to kind of admire that she didn’t even need it. She did fine on her own.
Kevin fiddled with some elements of the design. Trying to find a way to make it UV ray resistant. That way the infected could go out into the sun. Not that it would matter since they were trying to come up with a cure. But it had been so long since he sat here and messed with designs like he loved doing.

“You got in a tiff with Ammy?” Pete looked over to him.

Kevin laughed and looked over to Pete, “I think the answer to that lies in my still having a pulse. If I got into a tiff with her I wouldn’t be alive right now.”

“True enough,” Pete said and he scratched his head, “So who then?”

“Syd,” Kevin said as he made a three dimensional rendering of a UV-Resistant Sneak Suit.

“Oh, really? She’s one of the best agents we have – well, had – in Diego. She didn’t keep up with us, but I was under order to keep up with her. It was hard though, she is really good at what she does. It was hard to find her each time. Part of the thing that makes her a legend I suspect.”

Kevin sat back from his design and looked at Pete with a look that said he was partly amused and partly confused. Kind of a “where-are-you-going-with-this?” look.

“I’m just saying. You might want her to be on your team kid,” Pete said with a shrug and he fell back into searching the news streams of Diego. Hospital records. Politicians. Stuff that Zara probably had him watching over twenty four seven now.

“So you’re saying I should be nice to her?” Kevin asked swinging in his chair slightly.

“Yeah. I mean what could it hurt? Besides, she’s really easy on the eyes.”

Kevin looked incredulously over to Pete. He was happily documenting the feeds and sending some as pings to Zara. How could Pete just say that? Was he crazy? Syd? Easy on the eyes? Kevin’s mind was going a mile a minute and memories of her and her appearance were flittering behind his lids without him wanting them to. He shook his head and tried to focus on his anger at Pete.

“How is that even relevant?” Kevin scoffed.

Pete looked over to Kevin with a chuckle, “Don’t worry Jedi, she’s all yours.”

Before Kevin could snap at Pete, Kane walked in. Pete turned to see him and Kevin fumed internally.

“Kevin we are assembling a team. You have been assigned to retrieve agents from Diego.”

Pete and Kane were looking at him. Kevin was still pensive and looking at Pete, but he averted his eyes over to Kane. He soaked in what he had just heard.

“A team?” he asked in an even voice.

Kane had his arms crossed, he nodded once, “Yes. Yourself and Ammy.”

Pete snickered with a smile, “Big team.”

Kane and Pete shared a knowing look, Kane’s frame seemed to tense and he groaned out a response, “Well there is someone else going.”

Pete smiled and swiveled around in his chair, pleased with himself. Kevin looked at them both in turn. He finally settled his gaze on Kane.


Pete whispered, “God.”

“Syd,” Kane said matter of factly, eyes intense and on Kevin.

Pete whispered again, “Still three letters, close enough.”

Kane took charge again, walking closer to Kevin – eyes still intense and arms still crossed.
“You three will go and retrieve our agents and volunteers still out in Diego. You will also try to gather any groups of survivors near the tunnels. We have gotten some strange readings from the area to the west of one of the Omega entrances. Once you have collected the agents we need you to check it out for us.”

Kevin leaned forward in his chair, propping his elbows on his knees and his hands outstretched, his thumbs fiddling with each other. His eyes were to the ground. His mind fighting the urge to complain about the assignment.

“Why me?” Kevin said through gritted teeth.

“Everyone here is sitting on their hands not doing anything. We have the clear for agents to go out now. Zara and myself are here to take care of internal issues. Pete is handling communications. You three are the next highest in rank. The most qualified to go.”

Kevin looked up to Kane. He was still very much the picture of a man that was in charge. Hard eyes. Rigid stance. Calculated words. Kevin sighed and stood.

“Fine,” he said almost like one would say ‘I give up.’

“I don’t want any trouble with you and Syd. Understand?” Kane said with a little less edge.

“As long as she plays fair, so will I.”
I wasn’t a promise. If she messed with him he had every right to mess right back.

“Good. Meet up in twenty minutes near the Alpha entrance.”
And with that Kane was gone. Kevin closed out his programs and as he left he heard Pete.

“May the force be with you.”


Vury stood there watching her leave. Instead of feeling all the hurt at once he blocked it from rushing at once. He numbed himself. Now he really was a statue. A cold hollow representation of something that should be a human but isn’t. He stood there for what felt like hours. Maybe a day. He thought about the likelihood that he could have been there for a year if he wanted to. He was after all undead. He would be around for eons. And in the end, after the human race destroyed itself again only he and Lindsay and Kail would walk the killed earth.

Now he had a few options.

Stand here and wait for Lindsay to run back.
Go to the woods and be alone for the rest of his life.
Follow Lindsay and just keep watch until she wanted him around.


He could go to Mirage and assume his responsibilities. He might be able to help. He knew he could help. He wanted so badly to know how Zara was. How Ammy was. How his trainees were doing.

But he still smelled Lindsay around him like a ghost. He closed his eyes and let the scent wash over him. He wanted her back. But she hated him. She had every reason to.

What was he supposed to do?
Let her die.
That was not an option.
That would have been suicide.

Vury took a deep breath. He had decided. He started walking. Every step seemed so alien to him. Movement was still possible after what Lindsay had said? After she had left? Each step resonated with a memory of her. Step. Her smile. Step. Her laugh. Step. Her lips on his. Step. Her death. Step. Step. Her eyes. Her blood.
Soon he was running. Racing at speeds that only vampires could assume. Just to stop the memories. Each step a pinprick. Each pinprick getting deeper than the last. He let out a scream and it echoed in the tunnels. Soon he would be back to something else. Distracting him.

Soon he would be at an entrance to Mirage.
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[I guess this is after, sunrise… the fifth day then]

Demeter inwardly shivered. Her spine ached and her neck was throbbing constantly. It had been hours since being lead into the sewers… and a kind of suffocating exhaustion had taken hold of her senses. She could barely see through the milky darkness and the constant echo of water dripping was becoming unnerving.

Still, she assumed this was better than leaving, and had been told so by a few other survivors. They were not immune of course, they were simply people who could possibly never face the sun again. Demeter had learned she was immune. Like a minority of the people in here, she would be able to safely feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on her face. Her circadian rhythm had entirely been set out of its regular normalcy by the darkness that seemed to endlessly sweep around the survivors.

When they had left the city it was nothing but a shell of its former self. Completely empty, to her it seemed another ruin the Rusties had left behind, only better preserved with a higher level of technology. The buildings had loomed overhead in the darkness, and the stars seemed only pale dots in the sky.

She shook her head, glancing around the camp to watch people shivering in their blankets. Demeter herself had a thick blanket draped around her shoulders, and still she felt cold. Not to mention, most of her friends were dead. The knowledge of that left her feeling colder than the drafty sewers could. Her parents were dead, even her sister, still an ugly was dead. They had all been affected, but not Demeter.

Demeter had tried sending pings to them, asking how they were doing, but all she got was a quiet, static buzz, like ancient Rusty radio noise, left over from the big bang or something. Then a cheery little voice telling her the skintenna had been disconnected. There were really only a few people left on her skintenna ping list that buzzed internally with an online signal. Most of them were people she had spoken to about once in her life, and never meant to speak to again.

One name stuck out in her mind, Justice. [The name Syd gave Demeter earlier on… like waaaaay earlier on.. had to read way back to find it.] Demeter could remember her from the streets that day, a drug dealer of some sort, or something of the like. She seemed confident, like she had a grip on things…an idea of what was actually going on in the world at that point in time. And like Demeter, she was either a survivor or immune.

Demeter decided to send a ping, wondering if she would even remember. Unsure of what to say, she murmured something nonchalant, her social skills seeming to decrease minute by minute. “Hey, you probably don’t remember me. You said you were a drug dealer? …Well I think you might have been lying. I’m in the sewers. I definitely need help.”

Feeling like a loser she got up, she almost couldn’t stand to be around herself. The two twins sat together away from everyone else, entwined in conversation. Demeter could easily tell them apart, she could since she met them. Deja was the softer one, who appeared fragile, and through the night had been flitting back and forth between people, like some sort of crazed butterfly, asking if they needed anything. Meli was strong. Rather, she appeared independent from her sister, but Demeter caught fleeting glimpses to Deja, as she asked people if they needed help. She seemed to find her place in life protecting her younger sister, but remained strong and would often glare at Dax, who had become to unofficial leader of the group.

“Hey,” Demeter muttered. Their faces turned upward to stare at her. Demeter wondered if they knew her name. “How much longer do you think we will be down here?”

“Well,” Deja said, glancing at her sister before beginning, “We’re down here to help people, right? I mean, we could go up at any time really, but why not help the people… who need it?” She turned shyly away.

Meli stayed silent, just watched Demeter with her cat-like eyes [Meli is played by Lara…right?] Demeter shook her head, helping people obviously wasn’t in her best interest, or what she wanted to do. She was immune for godsakes, why should she have to stay in some nasty, unforgiving sewer, to help people who were going to die with or without her help?

“Well, I don’t really see any point in that, seeing as how… I’m not going to get sick from the sun. I could get some nasty virus from the sewers though, and why should we help people that are going to die with or without our help anyways?” Demeter replied, she realized how much she sounded like a selfish child. As she crossed her arms, she bit her lip, hoping for some kind of logical response from Meli… Deja seemed a lost cause. If she wanted to rot with people in the sewer then let her.

Demeter watched as Meli’s eyes grew seemingly larger. She managed to stay silent, but her eyes flickered to and fro around the room. She smirked casually, like she had just won some kind of internal struggle.

Meli spoke very softly, as if she was choosing her words carefully. Demeter had to lean in to hear her over the constant sound of water pelting the slick earth. “Demeter, that’s your name right? I’m going to head out to get supplies later, would you like to come?” [if this isn’t okay with you, Ash..I’ll change it.. I’m so bad at controlling other people’s characters >__<]

The thought of seeing the sun again, even after such a short time made Demeter inwardly shout. She tried to remain calm, but if she had to stay in this sewer for another hour, she was going to go insane.

“It’s rising about now, right?” She asked, deciding it couldn’t be night much longer. Much of the sadness Demeter felt had left her aching and she hadn’t slept in such a long time. She relied on some distant hope that the seeing the sunlight, might awaken some energy in her, some hope that things were going to pull through.

There was no way to know, really most of the newscasters in the city had died, or were hiding from the same sun Demeter wanted to seek so desperately, so most of the feeds were offline. Demeter’s internal clock told her it was about 5:30 am.

“Yeah, sure I’ll go with you,” She said after a quick hesitation.
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Syd wasn't afraid of the sun. If she died, she died. At this point she was just glad she wouldn't have any regrets. It might be painful but that didn't really worry her either. It would hurt, and then it would be over. There was nothing she could do to change it or stop it. Something inside of her just knew that she would be fine. Her luck was not about to run out. She was leaning against the tunnel near the Alpha entrance, chewing her lip with impatience. Pete had hooked her up with a nifty little communication device that doubled as a locator, and he'd helped her repair the tear in her sneaksuit. He was such a cute little nerd.

Speaking of nerd, Kevin was making his way down the tunnel. Clearly, not every kind of nerd was quite so cute. "At least I know you're punctual," she simpered at him.

"At least I know you'll have to be quiet on this mission," he smiled condescendingly back.

Ammy moved out of the darkness like a wraith. She passed a portascreen to Syd. It had a list of the all the members who were unaccounted for - meaning they hadn't returned or they hadn't been confirmed dead - and their last transmitted location. She'd just have to feed the information into her locator and there they were. Some of them might be dead, or in hiding. Some of them might be dying.

"Let's go." Ammy led the way out of the entrance and through the weaving tunnel path that led to their entrance into the city. They figured it would be safest to get into the city through a building. They didn't have to go far.

Syd went first, climbing up into the little building that had the sole purpose of covering that hole so it wouldn't look unsightly. She reached a hand down to help Kevin up, but he ignored it. Ammy followed, bounding up gracefully. They stared out the door. The sun was bright as ever, marred only by the clouds that passed across it. With a deep breath, she took a step forward.

Syd waited, and nothing happened. She turned around and locked eyes with Kevin.

"Scared Lucky Card?" she smooched her lips at him.

Kevin glared at her and took a quick step forward out into the light. He stopped. Nothing happened. "Ha," he barked at her.

They both turned to look at Ammy, who was standing on the edge of the light tensed like a cat. She was looking at the sunlight on the ground, her hands curling and uncurling.

"Ammy..." Syd started, but was silenced by her with a sharp look. Syd took a step towards Kevin, feeling oddly comforted when he put a hand on her shoulder. Both of them stood and waited for Ammy to emerge into the sunlight.


Meli leaned against the wall and watched as everyone else fell asleep. Deja had dozed off with her head on Dax's shoulder. They had spent far too long debating about going to the city for help - if they should make themselves the official location for survivors to congregate. They had made lists of jobs and training and skills that everyone had, deciding what they needed to find, or what kind of help would be hard to get. Eventually they had fallen asleep.

Breen met her eyes across the dim room, and nodded ever so slightly. Meli moved her eyes in the direction of Demeter. Breen raised an eyebrow in question. Meli nodded.

She snuck around the tents and across the prostrate bodies on the floor until she got to Demi. The girls eyes snapped open immediately. Meli placed a finger to her own lips and cocked her head towards the tunnel that led to the exit. Demi got up quickly and silently, moving stealthily in the crowded space. Meli liked that about her already - stealth was a good natural talent to have.

They kept their silence down the tunnel, checking behind them that no one was following. When they got to the ladder that led topside Breen went first, muscling the cover off the hole. Demi next, and Meli last, checking one more time that no one had seen them go.

The street was mostly empty - a few people walking around dazedly and other looking furtively out of the windows of the buildings. The wallscreens were blasting away - advertising things that people didn't need. The city screens were displaying ways to dispose of bodies, ways to ease the deaths of the infected, and asking all those who have found themselves immune to come to the Central building and register and donate their blood for examination. No cure or vaccine had been found.

Breed led the way, and they followed behind him.

"Do you have...anyone left?" Meli asked gently.

"No. They're all gone. I'm...alone."

"You have me. You have us...if you want it."

"What do you mean?"

"Some of us...some of the Immune...we're thinking of leaving. We can't help the others forever, the world hasn't stopped and neither should we. This happened for a reason and we have to embrace it." Meli worked to keep the zealousness out of her voice. "What I'm saying is that you're welcome to come, if you want."

Demi didn't have a chance to reply, Breen stopped in front of a very plain gray building. Two guards were standing outside. They looked the three of them over, and then moved aside so they could pass. Breen led them into the Requisition Office. He leaned on the counter and flirted mercilessly with the crumbly behind the counter. She smiled at him and began to type things into her screen. Breen whispered something to her, and the woman smiled at him. He left the counter, and nodded at Meli.

"We're supplied. Now all we need is a few tents and some blankets and we've got our alibi."

"Alibi?" Demi asked.

"You can keep a secret, can't you?"

Demi seemed to hesitate. Meli felt that the best way to gain someone's trust was to trust them first. "Yes," Demi finally replied.

Meli smiled at her. "You're not alone."
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Ammy, we’ve got something for you.” Kane threw a portascreen onto the table in front of her.

Ammy stopped flicking the metal of her chair to see whether it would leave an indentation. She looked up at Kane, who was staring at her chair, probably wondering what she’d been doing.

“What? A new toy?” She shook her head, barely glancing at the portascreen. “Does it have the ability to decapitate a fully grown person?”

Kane rolled his eyes. “Just take a look, will you?” he said, waiting for her to grudgingly turn her eyes to the table. “We need a team to go into Diego and locate missing Mirage members. You’re definitely capable, and…” he paused. “Unoccupied, it seems.”

Pressing her fingers lightly to the screen, Ammy scrolled through the list of members, resting on Izzy’s name. Interesting. She looked up at Kane, who was looking at her expectantly. “This team… is it a one-person team?”

“Try three.”

“I have multiple personalities.”

A flicker of a smile crossed Kane’s face. “Right.”

“You don’t believe me?” Ammy put on her disappointed face. “Come out, come out, Mr. Hyde.” When Kane stared at her in confusion, she sighed and sat back a little. “Never mind. Who else is going?”

“Well, Syd, for one.”

Ammy nodded. “She sounds ‘capable and unoccupied’.” She smirked. “And? Team member number three?”


The smirk dropped off Ammy’s face. “Of… Spades?”

It was Kane’s turn to smirk. “Of Spades,” he said agreeably.

“Are you sure he can take it? Being a card and all?”

“The Spades are one of our best trained groups, Ammy. They’ve had dozens of successful missions. Kevin’s track record is as impeccable as yours.”

“Except for one major blunder that happened...” Ammy pretended to think. “Not so long ago.” She put on a false smile, knowing he would see right through it. “Right?”

“If I’m to remember correctly, you also had a failed mission, and his name was… Vury.” Kane smirked again. “Right?”

“Right?” Ammy imitated, making quotation marks in the air. She stood up. “Fine, I’ll do it. What protective clothing do we wear?” She picked up the portascreen with one hand.

Kane raised an eyebrow. “Your protective clothing is a sneaksuit, oh holy one,” he said sarcastically.

Ammy narrowed her eyes. “We’re going out into the sun. We need something to be protected from it.”

“Unfortunately, we haven’t had the spare time to magically create a UV-resistant sneaksuit. We need you to leave soon.”

Was her heart speeding up a notch? Ammy disguised the growing feeling—That Feeling—quickly and folded her arms. “What if I don’t want to do this? The two will be bickering non-stop anyway. I’m not going to spent hours listening to them.”

Kane stared at her. “You don’t want to do this? You want to stay here and spend your time…” he glanced at her chair. “Flicking your chair?”

Ammy shrugged as nonchalantly as possible. “Maybe.”

“If this is about the virus…” Understanding quickly flickered in Kane’s eyes, and Ammy wished she hadn’t dragged this out so far. “You’re not sure if you’re immune? Is that it?”

Ammy furiously tried to cover her tracks. “No,” she said firmly. “I was just contemplating staying.” She gave him her best haughty look. “I’ll go.”

“Well, good, but if you’re worried…”

“I’m not. When do we leave?”

Kane seemed satisfied enough with her answer. “Now, actually. Tahlia will give you a new sneaksuit, and then we need you to go to the Alpha entrance. Syd and Kevin should be there soon.”

“And the portascreen?”

“Syd has the communication device and locator.”

Ammy nodded and stepped away from the desk. “I’ll see you when I see you.”

“See you and your pinky.”

Smirking, Ammy quickly made her way to Tahlia’s makeshift office, where she slid into a sneaksuit—one size fits all. The material quickly adjusted to her body size and shape, and then she was off. Just as Kane had said, Syd and Kevin were at the Alpha entrance. Ammy ignored the tense feeling in her chest and instead focused on the initial excitement and clearness of mind that came with a new mission.

“Let’s go.” The closer they go to the entrance to Diego, the more The Feeling grew. She found herself thinking about the sunlight despite her attempts to concentrate on the traction of the ground, the oxygen in the tunnels, anything else.

When they reached the building and climbed inside, Ammy found herself frozen. She tried to fight it, but the sight of the sunlight a mere two feet away unearthed everything she’d been trying to hold down. What if she wasn’t immune? She wasn’t a weak person, she was strong and powerful, capable of crushing an ordinary human easily. But there was the chance that she would prove to be weaker than them in the respect she had least considered. After all, who considered what their genetic code might be made of? It was never a matter of importance.

Yet now it was.

Syd stepped into the light, and Ammy followed her figure with sharp eyes, taking in every detail she possibly could.

Nothing happened.

Kevin went next. Ammy found herself irritated that he had stepped into the light without much hesitation. How a person who actually, honestly, willingly referred to himself as something as pathetic as a paper card could accept the possibility his life would end more easily than Ammy could do the same.

Now two out of three were safe. She could easily be the one to go. Ammy gritted her teeth. She didn’t have a problem with dying. She’d faced it before—she’d almost been killed had it not been for Axsym deciding to keep her in a tank like a pitiful vegetable. Death was not something that concerned her.

But she wanted to die on her own terms. She wanted to die as the result of a fair and reasonable death; as the result of her actions, or the strength of an enemy. Not a pathetic death brought on by her genes. Something she’d been born with, something she had no control over.


Ammy snapped her head up suddenly, brought out of her thoughts, and glared at Syd. She would do this in her own time.

And that time was now.

Unclenching her fists and letting her hands stand loosely by her sides, Ammy took the step, that all-important step, into the sunlight. It wasn’t a remarkable moment—nothing moved in slow motion, no tense music played in the background; she simply stepped forward. Breathed in sharply. Waited.

Nothing happened.

When Ammy exhaled, she exhaled a multitude of emotions. Undoubtedly, there was relief, and then smugness, satisfaction. Relief, again. Ammy glanced up at Syd and Kevin, who were both looking at her, unmoving. Then it dawned upon them that she was safe, she was immune, and their figures relaxed slightly. They both glanced at each other, and a look or horror—or thereabouts—flitted across their faces. Quickly, Kevin moved his hand off Syd’s shoulder, and they both hung a short distance apart, looking uncomfortable.

“Well then, lovebirds,” Ammy raised an eyebrow. “Let’s get going, shall we? Or should we have a group hug first?”

“Ha, ha,” Kevin said sarcastically.

“I thought that was what you did? With the Blades—oh sorry, the Spades.” Ammy quickly glanced out the door of the building, onto the deserted streets. “So. Who are we looking for first?”

Syd had the portascreen in her hand, and she was fiddling with the communication device. “There’s 10 members who are unaccounted for (is that a reasonable number?).”

“Who’s the most important?”

Kevin glanced at Ammy. “We should go by who is closest to our current location.”

There was a silence. “Yes,” Ammy said, her voice sugary and sweet. “Or we could go by who’s most important.” She smiled prettily. “Whaddya say, Eleven?”

Rolling his eyes, Kevin studied the list of members for a moment. “In any case, Tanis is closest to here.”

“Look a little closer and you’ll see so is Izzy,” Syd said. “What do you infer from that, Seven?” she said, talking down to him.

“Could it be that they’re together?” Ammy feigned surprise. She turned to Kevin. “Don’t worry, Kevin07 (hahaha, I just had to add that in. Izzy and Lil will get this one), you’ll get better at this. You haven’t exactly been under the best instruction with the Shovels.”

Syd quickly fed the information regarding Tanis and Izzy’s last known location into her locator. “They entered an apartment a few blocks from here. Last known contact was with Izzy through her communications device, but it was cut off in the middle of the first night. Pete couldn’t find out what happened.”

“A mystery, then.” Ammy looked outside at the sun almost halfway through its arc across the sky. “Let’s go find them.”
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10 people didn't seem like very many. They walked inconspicuously down the street, trying to look as confused and nervous as everyone else. They took routes through buildings when they could in order to stay out of the sun - even though they were immune, exercising a healthy amount of UV-caution seemed like a good idea.

They got to the last known location of Izzy and Tanis. Nothing. What appeared to be a makeshift camp inside the ground floor of the building, but nothing else. They followed the trail to another building, and the trail from that led away from the city. They'd have to pick it back up on their way to the Omega entrance when they'd found the other 8 missing - assuming Tanis and Izzy had stayed together.

The three of them stayed silent and got to work. Their first two finds were a success - one of them needed a little medical assistance, but could make it back to Mirage on their own. Two down, six to go.

The next one they found was not so lucky. His throat had been slit, and his body had been laying next to a sun-grabbing window for about two days. Making themselves as detached as possible, they had wrapped him up and given him to the hole in the wall, like the city screens were telling them to do.

Another two were found, both dead from the UV disease. There were only three left to find in the city when night began to fall. People started emerging from seemingly nowhere, the streets clogged and loud. It made Syd feel strange to see that there were parties going on - the world might be ending, but hey, why not be drunk when it happens? Part of Syd ached for that normalcy - the way her life had been before finding out about Jace or dealing with this latest Axsym plot. Her life had been split between stealing and killing, and partying.

They were resting in an alley, out of the way of everything else.

Syd decided to check her pings while she was in a place where things would actually work. There were a few from her contacts - some of them old, some of them newer. It was strange to know who had survived from her old life. There was another, a message to one of her aliases...the voice called to mind an image of girl who was on the wrong side of town...definitely strange. She pinged her back.

"Demeter, this is Justice," she remembered the name she had given last minute. "I know somewhere you can go, if you still need it. Not right now. In a couple of days. Message me and I'll find you when the time is right." That sounded stupidly cryptic.

"Messaging one of your multiple personalities boyfriends?" Kevin was throwing pebbles against the wall.

"I find it detrimental to my work to get involved romantically with anyone."

"I think what that means is that you sleep around," he leaned towards her, mocking.

Syd leaned towards him as well, invading his space, "Jealous Lucky? I bet you're just dying to know what its like." Weird tension passed between them, and for a flash of a second Syd looked at his lips. She half smirked.

"We should keep going." Ammy killed the tension, almost to Syd's relief. "There are only three left, and we can pick up the trail of Izzy and Tanis in the morning."

"I agree," Kevin said quickly, standing up and brushing himself off. Syd said nothing, just gathered her gear and checked the next location.

"Two blocks west, third building - I think a tall one. All three of them were last located there." She was looking at the altitude location. The person they were looking for was on the 14th or 15th floor. They moved quickly, but still moved with the flow of the crowd. When they broke off towards their next location they found themselves suddenly alone. Moving in further, they realized why. There had been some kind of fight there - the buildings were definitely damaged, and all of them were at least 20-30 stories. One of them had fallen against another one, still standing at an awkward angle.

The building they were looking for was standing on its own, but the front was almost completely blown off. It sagged awkwardly. Syd doublechecked the location. Axsym must have spotted them and cornered them here, hoping to kill Mirage members while everyone else had fled in panic. If they had created this disease, they definitely did the maximum amount of damage.

For the most part the structure was sound, and the staircase was undamaged. They made their way on foot to 12th floor - the closer they got the more precise the location. When the door opened, there wasn't much but rubble and a clear view of the city through the non-existent walls.

"Hello?" Syd called tentatively.

"Over here!" A female voice called. Ammy went first, testing the ground beneath their feet. They found the girl leaning against a foundation pillar. Her face was bruised but other than that she was alright. "Thank the stars," she actually smiled. "I thought I was a goner. My comm got destroyed and I didn't know what to do."

"The others?" Kevin asked.

The smile fell. "Both dead. One from the disease, the other from the explosion." That meant that out of 8 people...3 had survived. Those odds were not ones Syd particularly liked in this kind of situation. That meant 3 out of the 8 people were also UV susceptible. Also not good odds.

"Let's get you out of here and back home," Syd said, and helped the girl up. They made it to the staircase, Ammy pulling the girl through, then Kevin, and then Syd. There was a slight creaking of the floor as they made their way, but it only made them move faster. Just as she was about to take a step, Syd found there was no ground to step on. A huge creak split the air and suddenly she was falling.

She landed on her butt on the slab of floor that had fallen, stopping with a thump on the floor below. Another creak and she fell again, this time followed by crashes as each floor gave way beneath her. Syd's body was smashed around, though not really harmed. Finally, the world seemed to have stopped giving way beneath her. Her head swam dizzily, and she looked towards the stairs to see what floor she had landed on.

"Huh," she mused, feeling nauseous. "Lucky number seven." Syd passed out.


A little bit later, Syd woke up, her head pounding at her temples and the world moving around her. Someone was saying her name. Her eyes opened with some difficulty. Whatever she was laying on was not very comfortable.

"Syd come on it's time to wake up." It was Kevin.

"Lucky number seven," she said, her voice sounding strangely high.

He seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. "That's right now just try and sit up."

"I don't think that's such a good idea. Where's-?"

"Downstairs already, waiting for us. We need to go, it's not safe here."

"You know," she mused dizzily, wishing the room would stop spinning. "I think it's just fine." She closed her eyes again.

"Keep your eyes open, don't fall asleep. I think you've got a concussion."

"Okay Dr. Kevin." Syd nodded but it hurt. "Just pull up some concrete and wait until the room stops spinning." She moved her head awkwardly to look at him, and patted the empty space next to her. The bump on her head had her feeling strangely euphoric - like the adrenaline you get after you almost die. "Lay on down and watch the room spin...weee...." Syd whispered the last part. To her surprise, he actually laid down.

"That's right Seven, lay here. Just lay here. Can you feel it?" she whispered. "It's moving..."

After a few minutes, Kevin spoke again. "You need to try getting up now." His voice was stressed.

"Party pooper." Syd sat up slowly and felt like the entire universe came at her in one second. "Whoa. Now that was worth sitting up for. Let's go Lucky." She stumbled to her feet like a drunkard, everything seemed to veer to the left.

"Hold on to me." Kevin put her hands on the back of his shoulders and started making his way to the stairs. It was a short trip.

"Mush!" she hooted playfully, still not back to herself yet. Syd was kind of enjoying seeing everything sideways and the weird habit the world was having of reeling. Kevin guided her carefully down the stairs and out of the building, where Ammy and the survivor waited.

"I think she's got a pretty bad concussion. Somebody's going to have to stay up with her tonight."

"Glad you volunteered," Ammy flashed him a fake smile. "Do cards need sleep?"

They headed back to the building Izzy and Tanis had been in. It seemed like the safest place and it would be easy to pick up their trail in the morning. The lights of the streets dazzled Syd in her current state, seeming painfully bright and blurry. She held on to Kevin awkwardly, otherwise she'd fall down, with a big smile on her face. Right then she had nothing worry about. What was the point of worrying about anything anyways? Every second could be the last one, a person might as well enjoy it!

Ammy and the survivor went in one room, Kevin and Syd took the other. She leaned against the wall and watched the other wall turn and then right itself up, over and over again. Why did it keep doing that?

She breathed slowly and blinked sleepily. Kevin sat beside her, clearly bored and annoyed at having to do this.

"You know," she said, "maybe you're not as bad as I thought. I mean seriously, never judge a book by its pretty-faced cover, right?" Kevin said nothing. "At least you're smart. It'd be such a shame to be good looking and dumb at the same time. Intelligence saves." Syd held a firm finger up in the air, pointing at nothing in particular.

The world veered to the left again, and Syd went with it, her head landing on Kevin's shoulder. "Sorry," she slurred tiredly. "It's the rooms fault." Then she fell asleep.

Tomorrow morning would be day six of the infection.
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"Cnngh etoff ase," was all Chia managed to make come out of his mouth as he attempted to talk for what felt like the fifftieth time. The material knotted around his mouth was cutting into his skin and making it quite difficult to, well, breathe. All he received in return was another deathwish glare from Pix.

They seemed to be in some sort of tunneling, or underground sewerage... or something as equally as unsanitary. Either way, Chia was not happy. Especially seeing as he was being dragged along this ground. At least it was only the bitch's feet that were touching this disgusting ground. Groaning again from the sudden pain that kept coming back like a fucking Rusty boomerang every fifteen minutes or so, Chia's body began convulsing.

This one was worse than the others. His entire body felt like it was on fire. Something inside him was tearing away, trying to get out. He could feel it. He didn't fucking want to feel it! If he was going to fucking die, he wished his body would just shut down already! Nobody should have to go through this much pain. Hmmm... Chia took back that last thought. He shouldn't ever have to go through this much pain.

He grunted again as Pix dropped his head down and stood above him, waiting for the convulsing to stop. Sweat was pouring off his face and body. Chia rolled onto his back and tried to take deep breaths. Oh, that's right. He couldn't breathe! Looking at Pix, Chia used all his non-existant mind power to try and force her to take the rag out of his fucking mouth. Suddenly the pain started up again.

Ugh. Not. Fair. His back arched and his legs thrashed around on the ground. The pain was nearing unbearable. Nearing I-would-rather-be-dead-than-this unbearable. Which was a considerable feat. Chia wishing he were dead? Yeh, nah; doesn't happen. Until now, at least.

Finally, showing some sort of sympathy or heart or something, Pix cut the rope that was tied around Chia's mouth. Just as he was about to take a deep gulp of fresh air, he felt something else constricting his breathing abilities. He rolled to the side and tried to cough up whatever was now trying to kill him.

"Oh, for Rusty's sake, that is disgusting," Pix said. Chia heard her stomp away in the dark, leaving him alone and, oh great, dying.

Chia coughed up his insides a bit more before finally feeling that joyous ability of breathing. He rolled onto his back and took deep breaths of the disgusting air that was inside the tunnel. With the little light that surrounded him, Chia was able to faintly make out what he had spluttered all over the ground.

Lots and lots of blood. And.. well, something else that looked kind of green. Quickly turning his head away, Chia attempted to stand up. He managed to get on his knees before the fucking pain came back.

It shot up through his spine, through his arms, down his legs and into his head until all he could feel was pain. Pain. Pain. Chia let out a bellowing scream of utter fury and pain, trying to relieve himself of this torture. The pain became too much. He fainted.


"...can't believe I have to lug him around. Of all people! Jace better fucking be alright." A voice was echoing through his ears as Chia came to. It seemed someone was carrying him over their shoulder. An unusual position, but Chia was always up for trying something different in the bedroom. Or tunnel. He wasn't picky.

"Mornin' sweetie. How's life?" Chia choked out. He heard Pix grunt before his body was slammed to the ground. "Oomph. Feisty today, are we?"

"Shut the fuck up. Jace better be alright after all this. Otherwise I'm going to enjoy staring straight into your perverted worthless eyes as I squeeze every single last drop of life out of your pitiful body. And believe me, I like to take my time," Pix hissed, staring down at Chia who was now laying on the still-cold ground of the tunnels.

"Take your time? And here I was thinking that you, being a sniper and all, were quick and efficient. A bit like myself, actually," Chia said smugly, enjoying the look on Pix's face as she tried to not be affected by Chia's words.

"Not when it's personal," Pix replied, venom clearly in both her voice and eyes.

Chia couldn't help but smile. He even amazed himself sometimes, at how utterly frustrated and ticked off he made people. It was a skill you were either born with or not.

"Get up." Pix said coldy and she began walking away. In less than a minute, Pix was no longer in sight.

"Mummy," Chia called in the loudest voice he could muster -- which wasn't very loud at all. "You're gonna have to carry me! My wegs hurt." Without another thought, Chia slumped to the ground as darkness invaded his body and mind once more.

At least it was better than the pain.

Ammy wrote:
It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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Kevin watched as the delusional Syd fell into sleep on his shoulder. It had been a rollercoaster of a rescue mission. No problem with anyone from Axsym. But the dynamics between he and Syd were definitely odd. And he honestly didn’t like Ammy one bit. She was vital to Mirage, but she and Syd might as well have been twins separated at birth. Syd was prettier. But still.

Wait. What? Syd was prettier? What was this? Kevin looked away from her sleeping form and focused on a wall. Her voice echoed through his head. In her airy voice right before she fell to sleep. What the hell?
Something about how he was smart and bubbleheaded. Why would she tell him that he was smart and attractive? Even in a state of a head concussion she fucked with his head.

He ran a hand through his short hair. She was so fucking aggravating.
And everyone egging them on into a romantic direction was just weird.
Pete saying she was easy on the eyes.
As Kevin was going to the Alpha entrance he heard a whispering mix of uglies and pretties talking about what Kane had told Syd after Kevin left.
Something about taking the heated moment into a combat room or a bedroom.
Kevin prayed they were making it up or he heard it wrong as he walked closer to the entrance.
And then Ammy with her fucking ‘lovebirds’ remark.

The conversation with Syd after she got done making a message to someone might have been fueled by all of these events so close in proximity. How else was he supposed to react? Why not ask her if she had a boyfriend? That would clear things up the minute she said she did and that he didn’t stand a chance in hell. That would back everyone off.

But it took a turn when she said that romance was not something she got into. Some part of him was relieved. But for some reason he just got angry. He made himself sure that his emotion was justified. She had just told him she had no boyfriend. So he was still able to be picked at by everyone. Great. So he snapped back saying something about her sleeping around. Trying to cut her down.

But again, she turned it on him. Saying how he would love to know how it was. That took him back. Left him with no comeback. There was a tension between them. Similar and yet completely different than the tension when they got into tiffs inside Mirage. This time it was more like a warm crackling electricity. Not an icy one. He looked into her eyes that she changed so much. But right then they were the warm brown. Like chocolate. He could get lost in how innocent she could make them seem.

He remembered being pulled back to reality as they moved on. He kept reminding himself of the mission. That Syd was nothing but an Ice Queen. It was easy to hate her and Ammy when they kept cutting him down. Mocking the Spades in their own insecurities. These were the two lone wolves being forced into a situation with someone who thrived on teamwork. It was only natural that they would give him shit.

What they didn’t get was that each time they cut him down he smirked behind their backs and took a tally. The person that mocked him the most racked up on points of their own insecurities in their own socially inept lives. Ammy had far more tallies. Kevin just laughed at her under his breath. Oh, Ammy.

He was pulled from his thoughts as Syd nuzzled her nose into his shoulder, her hand catching onto his arm. He couldn’t help but focus on how she looked. When she was asleep and not snapping at him or making lewd comments about how he thought about her in bed, she was actually quite bearable.
Bearable while asleep. Kevin watched her dozing away peacefully and felt his own lids getting heavy.

Even though they weren’t close as friends or even team members, he was scared when she fell. He was the first to get down to where she was. Ammy gave him a look and told him to make sure she woke up. She was going to go down and keep watch just in case.

There was a moment there while Kevin was trying to rile her awake that a weird pang in his ribs had him worried. He hoped she was alright. After touching her pale neck to make sure there was a pulse, he let his hand reach up to her cheek and he pat it gently. An urge to slap her across the face made him smile. No. Kevin, be nice, he reminded himself.

When she did wake up she was so adorably confused and not herself. It made him look at her differently. A chance to see Syd without her wall up and reinforced. A Syd that laid down the verbal artillery. It was odd and comforting at the same time. When she told him to lay down beside her, he indulged her. It was weird. But not weird at all. She screwed him up so many ways. He hated her. But he didn’t. Damnit, Syd.

He didn’t understand himself right now. There was something colossal happening outside in Diego. Mirage was near ruin. Vury was still MIA. Jace might die. And Pix was out in the city with Chia. Things were horrible. But instead of panic taking over his brain all he could think about was the wildly confusing brunette now taking advantage of his sinking down to lay on the ground. She was laying her head on his chest and instead of thinking too much about the repercussions of what this would mean to an onlooker – like the insecure Ammy that loved racking up her tallies and taunting him – he just let Syd cuddle up to him. To her he was just a pillow. She was asleep. There was nothing to this.

He looked over at her through nearly shut eyes. She was fine. He could nod off a little, right?

What were they anyway?
Once her head cleared up they would go back to being at each others throats?
Or would they keep getting prodded left and right about the attraction that they didn’t feel for each other?

Kevin needed sleep. His brain hurt.
As he sank down into sleep, he took comfort in Syd’s breathing. In the way that her fingers were barely touching his neck. In the way that her smelled like sweet hair dye that mimicked the color it was previously. Right now it smelled like lime. Green. Syd with green hair. Nice. He bet she looked good with green hair.
Kevin was sinking deeper and deeper into sleep.
Syd’s hand stretched out and wrapped around his neck.
In his dozing off state he thought to himself – if she can do this to me then I can do this to her. That’ll show her a thing or two.
And his last conscious thought was his wrapping his arms tight around her and laying his head on the top of her head.
Yeah. That’ll show her.


Vury couldn’t help but keep thinking over and over in his head the thing that he whispered into Lindsay’s skin before she woke up.

No matter what she was, who she was, when she woke up – he would still love her.
He meant it.
It pained him every step he took to Mirage. But he was here now. And he had to keep Lindsay in the back of his mind. Too many people needed him. And she left him. What more was there to do?

Following the mind chatter led him right to a group of his own students. Some came to hug him. Some were so scared of his appearance – he was sure he looked horrible. And others ran off trying to get Zara, Kane, David, Pete, someone. Tell them Vury was back.

The first person to show up was Zara. Followed by Kane and David.
But all Vury had eyes for was Zara. She had tears in her eyes at the sight of him. Those liquid lilac purple eyes. He felt like he was about to break in two at the sight of her. She had tattoos. She was pale from being underground. She looked thinner than she should be. She was so worn out. Her mind was static. Staring at him and taking deep, sharp breaths.

He came closer to her and pulled her in for a deep hug. He held onto her and closed his eyes, wishing he could cry. Right now of all times would be a great time. He held her there in his cold, steady arms for what seemed like eons. She had done so much while he was gone. Taken on things that no person should have to take on by themselves. Even with Kane there to calm the storm.

“Happy late birthday,” was all he could muster.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

On day six, Syd sat up very, very slowly. Her ears were ringing and her brain was doing an anxious little tap dance, but everything else seemed fine. She patted herself down just to make sure that she was all there and with no major bumps or bruises. The night before was mostly a blur, and when she tried to think about it all that happened was that her heart started thumping rapidly and she felt afraid. For crying out loud she'd fallen down five floors in a building! Syd laid back down.

And realized she was laying on someone's arm. Moving very carefully, she followed the round of the shoulder, up the smooth nibbleworthy neck, across strangely familiar full lips, and across a face that seemed to make her heart stop beating so fast and had her breathing return to normal. Kevin. Kevin had gotten her out of the building, through the streets, and somewhere relatively safe. She'd almost died and it was Kevin that pulled her out of it. Interesting.

Syd contemplated this for a moment. What exactly did that mean? Everyone else seemed to see something between them - except them. But then again, Kevin had come after her when she'd fallen through the floor, and she was pretty sure she'd hidden a compliment in a whole lot of insults last night. Part of her was starting to warm up to this rather random go-team guy. And he was awfully nice to look at.

And he was sleeping. This made him vulnerable.

Syd grinned. She could do just about anything right now and he might wake up...but he'd only know what happened if she told him the truth. And everyone knew Syd was a damn good liar.

Casually she ran her hand up his leg and shifted closer to his face. She breathed on his neck, inhaling it, and smiled to herself. "Who says sleeping beauty's got to be a girl?" she whispered. Syd let her lips hover just a little bit above Kevin's.

"Syd," he murmured in his sleep, and she almost jumped out of her skin. Now that was unexpected, although thoroughly amusing. This was a dangerous game she was playing, no matter how temporarily gratifying it might be. What if she felt something for him?

Oh hell with it, she was going to die young anyways. Syd caught his lips with hers. She let the connection last for only a few moments before pulling away. Kevin shifted in his sleep. Syd propped herself up on her elbow and passed the time drawing shapes on his sneaksuit, contemplating kissing Kevin again. She was so absorbed in the dragon she was envisioning that she didn't hear him wake up.

"What are you doing?"

"Waiting," she answered easily. Syd looked up at him. He licked his lips a couple of times, and she subdued her smile. One of her few vices was strawberry flavored lip cover, a fact that he hadn't and probably wouldn't miss. It would be amusing to see what he made of that. "Thanks."

Kevin looked surprised. He sat up and they automatically moved away from each other. "For...?"

"Last night. I'm still not a team player, but I...I appreciated having someone to lean on." She was trying not to sound overly grateful. And Kevin knew it. He smiled at her, just a hint of mock in it.

"Well you know, intelligence saves."

"Ugh," Syd slapped a hand to her forehead. "You ever tell anyone I said that and I will find a seven of spades and give you a papercut!" She bounced up from the ground and regretted it immediately, a wave of lightheadedness taking over. Kevin moved towards her but she held out a warning hand.

Dawn was barely upon the city, but Ammy was waiting. The survivor had left early, well enough to find her own way back to Mirage. It was just the three of them again. Syd set the locator on a low table and flipped a little switch Pete had shown her. A little map of the city projected onto the floor.

"Useful," Ammy nodded and took the techpen out of Syd's hand. "This is where we know they've been," she marked two buildings and little red dots appeared. "And this is where we think they were going," little blue dashes appeared tracing the path they must have taken. It led out of the city. "Either they stopped somewhere along the way, or they headed into the wilderness."

"There's nothing an either of those streets that would be useful to them - just office buildings of the boring type - no medical supplies or good places to hide. The buildings are entirely glass." Syd was glad she knew that area of Diego. She'd robbed it enough times, she better.

"Which means they're in the wilderness," Ammy concluded. "How do you both feel about hiking? I've heard cards get soggy when they're wet," Ammy quiped at Kevin. Syd smirked but Kevin caught her eye and she felt a bit guilty about it.

"Let's go," Kevin said. "I'd hate to stop you both from seeing me soggy." He rolled his eyes. Syd grinned at him with a little too much energy, the thrill of the hunt starting to get to her. Everything else so far had been easy - finding Izzy and Tanis was proving to be a challenge.


Zara had never been so happy to be cold in her whole life. Vury had gone off to get cleaned up, but promised he'd meet her in her room right after. There was so much to tell him, and so much she wanted to ask him. What had he been doing? What had he found out? What had Axsym done to him? What could he see in her head? Kane had promised her they would be left alone until they were finished. So much time had passed. They looked like completely different people. Well, he looked as different as an immortal vampire could, but still.

"So, tattoos? Honestly?" Vury had snuck in so quietly during her distraction she jumped nearly a foot off the bed.

"They're covering...scars, actually." The look on his face was all she needed to explain. "When you got taken away...I was fighting Thoran...he got me in the face," she gestured to the intricate tattoo that covered her right temple and eyebrow, "and then Kane stabbed him...only Thoran was holding on to me so..." she gulped, "the blade went all the way through him, and into me." She unzipped her jacket, the black line of the scar easily discernible beneath the tattoo. "So now I've got little Thoran-nanos creeping about in my body." She smiled with fake cheerfulness, "Great huh?"

"I'm so sorry." They both knew it was pointless to say that - she didn't need to hear it, and didn't think he needed to be.

"It's not your fault. You couldn't have known, and you couldn't control what happened. But...what did happen to you?"

Vury launched in to a long story about mind-control and mind-connectedness that was more than she could believe. The equally unbelievable part was that his mind had been hooked up with Lindsay's. The vampire hunter built by Axsym to be Kail's nemesis who had a somewhat questionable mental state. Apparently they had joined forces, fixed Lindsay's brain and voila - instant ally. When Vury talked about her his voice held a frightening mix of tenderness and bitter sadness. It worried her just a little.

"What aren't you telling me?"

"I thought I was supposed to be the mind-reader?" he joked, but it fell flat. He wasn't looking her in the eye. "I...I love her. And she loved me, and then something happened..."

"Loved? Is she dead?"

"Sort of..." Zara could see the pain this was causing him and she wanted to tell him he didn't have to talk about it, but it seemed like he needed to. "The virus...she wasn't immune. She was dying." Vury gave her a helpless look, and it dawned on her what he had done.

"You didn't...but Vury she was a vampire hunter..." a tiny flicker of sympathy flared for Lindsay, but was ultimately squashed by Zara's worry for Vury. "where is she?"

"I don't know. She woke up and ran off and I came here."

Zara nodded, feeling like everything she had gone through for the last few months was nothing compared to what he was going through right now. "Well, we'll keep you busy until she comes back, because she will," Zara reassured him. Then she launched in to a huge play by play of what they had been up to. The farther they got from the subject of Lindsay the better he seemed to be. When she got to the fact that they actually had Jace in Mirage he got even more still than usual.

"Take me to her."

"You got it." Zara led him towards the medical center. "She isn't...she isn't anything like she used to be. And just remember you have Syd to thank for getting her here." Zara held the door open for him. When it closed again she leaned against it heavily, feeling like she'd finally unloaded some of the burden she'd been carrying. Besides, she had somewhere to go, someone to find.

Not yet, the voices sang to her, not yet...
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hunting for humans with untainted blood was getting harder with every passing day. Kail discovered on the first day that the nanos didn’t have an effect on her but what did bother her was the taste. Sure they smelled alright and seemed healthy on the outside but as soon as she got a taste of their blood it was almost as if she had bitten into a rotting corpse.

Kail had given up hunting at night as that was the only time the infected showed their ugly mugs. Despite the fact that Diego was practically a ghost town during the day hunting at that time proved challenging. Most people stuck together in groups of two or three and it was hard to take down multiple people especially when hunting on your own.

It was easier for Kail to hunt without Thoran watching. He protested and insisted that they stay together. Who knows what could be out there. Kail envisioned a rusty horror film and imagined zombie like citizens of Diego emerging from the sewers then wondered if Thoran was thinking of the same thing... When her mind was back on track she still didn’t allow Thoran to come. These days it was hard enough catching prey she didn’t need an easily aroused boy who watched your every moved and wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself.

As Kail went out it didn’t take long to catch a scent. The odd thing was the smell wasn’t one that Kail was expecting. Her first assumption was Vury. But how was that possible? He was supposed to be in a cryogenic tank being studied with pins slowly being dragged in and out of his skin.

As wrath consumed Kail’s mind her body went stiff. Her body was ready for a fight, she was ready to kill. Vury deserved to die and there was nobody to stop her now.

Kail stalked the scent from the point she found it to three miles south dead on in the heart of Diego’s downtown. At any time this place was insainley busy it was almost distressing walking down the road and hear nothing but the echoes of your own footsteps.

As the vampire’s scent grew stronger and fresher there Kail realized that it wasn’t Vury. Whoever this was they were newly turned and on the move. Kail quickened her pace and continued to follow the trial. It lead her down a stairwell into the basement of an old bank.

The scent was strong, Kail knew her search would be over soon as the newbie was down in the vault. There was no need to follow the scent anymore as the blood curdling screams of a few humans guided Kail in the right direction. The sounds excited Kail and now the fresh scent of clean blood filled the air sending Kail’s body into full hunting mode. She continued to walk towards the open vault.

“Somebody’s here” a yongue female spoke “HELP US!”
“Shut up! If you know what’s good for you!” now that voice was familiar. Kail didn’t like hearing her voice.
“Why should I listen to you? HELP! SHE’S GOING TO KILL US-“

The snap of a neck silenced the room. Kail walked up to the entrance of the vault and if she didn’t see it her self she wouldn’t have believed it. There stood the hunting bitch herself, Lindsay. A limp body lay in her hands, their head twisted almost all the way around.

Lindsay’s blood red eyes told Kail all the information she needed. Lindsay had become a family member.

“Who the fuck changed you” Kail’s rage began to build as she recognized the fimilar scent of family. It either had to be Vury, the bitch’s little brother, or Nicholas. Nicholas doesn’t let his victims live as Kail has been the only survivor, the brother was at Axsym and probably wouldn’t have anything to do with his hunter sister, and Little Brother... he couldn’t.. he wouldn’t, Vury would never show that weakness, he would never turn another.

“Get the hell out of here Kail. I don’t need you right now” Lindsay tried to step past Kail but she wouldn’t let her get by. “I swear I will rip your head off too if you don’t get out of my way”

“Oh right! Like I believe that” Kail spat and walked over to the bodies that lay on the floor. One lay empty of blood , it’s skin clung to the muscles like a vacuum sealed package. The other was the girl shouting for help, her broken neck the only thing wrong with her. Kail bent down to her and sampled the blood now dripping out of it’s ear. The blood was clean, no traces of the virus, this angered Kail to no end. “I don’t know about you but I don’t like feeding on tainted blood!” She tossed the body out of the way and walked up to Lindsay. Kail had to admit that it was rather odd seeing Lindsay like this the walking oxymoron that she had turned into. “Now normally I would condone this type of act but right now... with the nanos turning most of the city into much killing for sport is not acceptable”

“I don’t care Kail!!” Lindsay screamed “I don’t like feeding on blood at all! And look what I just did, I killed two innocent people”

“Oh shut up about that innocent shit. In this day and age nobody is fucking innocent”

“I don’t kill people”

“Oh for God’s sake you sound like Vury now! Go and take a chill pill!”

“Chill pill?”

“Whatever!” Kail pushed past Lindsay, disappointed that she didn’t find Vury. “Who changed you?”

“It doesn’t matter” Lindsay muttered and followed Kail. “I should have died, he had no right to... to.. turn me into this.. this thing” She looked down at herself almost disgusted with what she saw.

Kail rolled her eyes. “You’ll get over it... after the first century or two..” Kail began to walk up the stairs, uninterested in Lindsay. Lindsay ran in front of Kail and stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Kill me Kail, I am supposed to be dead. I was infected.”

“and some stupid son of a bitch turned you. Who would be dumb enough to turn a hunter into a vampire? Seriously one day you might just get the urge to lop off your own head” Kail tried to get past Lindsay but to Kail’s annoyance the blond wouldn’t get out of her way.

“is that possible? Can I really do that?”

“Seriously?” Kail gave Lindsay a look of digust. “I am supposed to be the vamp on a suicidal emo trip”

“Emo Trip?”

“oh shut up.. better yet, lets see if you can kill yourself.. Thoran has a blade for you to use.. he will Love this” Kail’s laugh was dark and menacing as she grabbed Lindsay’s arm and pulled her to the loft.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

(Day Five of the Infection)

Stupid Mirage. Hypocritical Mirage. Stupid, pointless, bias Mirage with their long lists of rules, ethics and codes of conduct… but where were they now? Yeah, where were they now? Izzy glared through canopies of thick trees and ferns, the murky evening sky had transparent clouds revolving through it, reflecting shards of weak sunlight through the spectrum of nativity.

Her legs – which were screaming at her – trundled against the undergrowth. She had a headache which was pulsing through her head and her mouth was dry and aching for water. She had lost contact with Tanis and Merrin during the incidence with Axysm, they were elsewhere within the wilderness, whether she would ever see them, she wasn’t sure. It hurt to think, it literally hurt.

So here she was, and why was she here? Because she had given herself up to Axysm, to save Tanis. Now, Tanis, who could be dead – she didn’t even want to think about that possibility after all they had been through – was in a rickety Rusty car rolling through the pointless expanses of wilderness, after she had been so selfless.

She hadn’t acted like that in a long time, it still send tingles down her spine and up her arm when she thought about it… that she had actually done that. That. After her fallout with Ammy in Special Circumstances, a small part of her closed up. Then, when Ari died – she lost all the remaining caring aspects she had of her. The rest that had followed had been one huge ride downhill, which had ended up with her hitting rock-hard bottom.

She had killed Moz – Chanel’s boyfriend – and left Chanel an empty shell, she left Kane, one of the few good things that had happened to her along the way and according to Zara she had “violated a sanctuary – or did she say “haven” – of safety”. Whatever. It barely mattered, she was lost in the wilderness and Mirage was doing nothing about it. Tanis was dying… where was Mirage? She couldn’t see them.

In the end, it was all about Zara. Who would bow at her feet, they would survive and the girl really didn’t know much other than being able to flay her sword in all directions. Izzy rolled her eyes just thinking about her – she hated her. The word “pretentious” suited her perfectly. Izzy shuddered as a cool breeze drifted through the forest and she sidled to the west, avoiding it.

She hacked through a few trees, thinking about the Specials. They had been so – she felt a shudder of emotions racking through her – they had been so… no, they had been such a reminder of all the troubles they had faced – a reminder of Dr. Cable, Audrey, Eila, Roun and the rest – including Cal – all from the beginning. Now they were gone and she was still here.


The wilderness reminded her of her fast – and last – escape to the Smoke. It had been harsh and windy, Lacey and Ari along with her. They had drifted through the Rusty Ruins and faced an ambush by Specials, only to wake up in The Smoke. She had hated the laidback yet hardworking lifestyle the group lived… now, she didn’t mind so much. Maybe it was because she hated it that people like Maddy and David had to conform to Zara’s rule. Why did The Smoke have to join Mirage? Why couldn’t they survive out there in the wilderness, after all, Cable was gone.

But then, she had seen Cable, in front of Mirage fighting Ammy. What had happened to her from there, Izzy wasn’t so sure. She felt an eerie, dreadful feeling that her sister still was alive, plotting another plan, holding another city within her perfect fingertips. It had been so long, and with no training whatsoever, the Specials had still managed to prove a hard fight for Axysm (these agents probably went through rigorous training each day).

Izzy was wondering, dazedly through the wild when she first heard the crash. It echoed through the bush, first in a muffled tone and then much louder. She jumped in fright when splinters of the trees that thickly veiled sky began to come unloose. She heard the pattering of steady feet and almost in an animalistic, instinctive manner she bounded to the side, trying to hide behind a rather thick tree.

As she waited, her heart hammering in her chest and her breath choked and wheezy, a troop of Axysm agents ran through the sand-scattered path of the wilderness. They were after her, they were after them, Izzy didn’t scold them for it. She had shot two of their agents and taken advantage of the Special attack and now they were running through the wilderness, she knew nothing about the wilderness…

She was outnumbered.

Shuddering, Izzy stumbled back, her legs suddenly weak. She was tired and thirsty and hugely in pain, but she managed to stay as balanced as possible as she ran in the opposite direction. Her eyes were bleary and blinking crazily and her arms flailing wildly. She stumbled to a halt for a second and breathed sharply to regain her composure, resting against a rough-barked tree.

She then began to run. She kept her arms as straight as possible and her mind, accordingly, focused. She tried to keep her breathing as steady as possible, but still it was hard. She could hear yelling through the forest and she had to steady herself against another tree to steady her lurching stomach before taking off.

As she ran, she knew that she had been lucky – heck, they had all been lucky – they wouldn’t be able to escape this attack so easily. She gritted her teeth in panic, her muscles beginning to flex appropriately and she ignored her stinging eyes as sand spores spurred through the environment. She kept an eye out for Tanis and Merrin…

But it would be impossible to find anyone in this huge, never-ending forest.


Shaking, Izzy stopped running. The screaming and yells had ceased quite some time ago, she could tell now. She had caught no sight – absolutely none – of Tanis or Merrin and she (as well as Axysm) was beginning to lose enthusiasm. She wondered how longer she would be able to keep away from sleep. She needed it so badly and already her eyes were fluttering close.

Maybe just a little, she wasn’t the feisty, athletic, must-fight type. She wasn’t completely in over the whole “soldier” thing, definitely not the way Ammy, Kane or Zara were. But she knew it would be stupid to fall asleep in the wilderness like this, leaving her vulnerable to not only the enemy patrolling through it but also wild animals.

But as her eyes closed, her entire body suddenly lost balance and control. She swung to a side violently and with a murmur, she dragged herself down to her knees, leaning against a tree. She tried to keep consciousness, but her body gave yet another hefty swing and she fell to the floor with a thump, her body sighing weakly.

Just a few minutes… nothing more.


(Day Six of the Infection)

Izzy woke up with yet another episode of fright, another shot racketed through the air and she was urgently and horrifically reminded of what was going on. She could hear a volley of screams erupting through the wilderness and she got to her feet at once, stumbling blindly for a few seconds – she was instantly reminder of when Kane had settled her down when they had been confronting Vury and Chanel after Moz’s death – before stumbling back into a run.

Amongst the clatter and commotion, she tried to focus herself. Running into Axysm would do no good. Running into any wild animals wouldn’t either. Suddenly the city was a whole lot more dangerous than the city. Sunlight poured through a crack of opening in the middle of the forest and Izzy waited in the darkness for a few seconds before racing through it.

It was then when she heard the rev of any engine. The loud, brumming sound was somewhat attractive – fine, reassuring – especially when compared to the raucous yells and shrieks of the Axysm soldiers. Izzy tried to follow in the direction of the car, but she ended up just traipsing through wild forest once again. She paused for even less of a second to watch butterflies flutter delicately, then she averted her gaze and continued running.

It took her a few more minutes of running, stumbling and swearing before she angrily came across an open clearing. Luckily, there was nothing in it, but she hung around in the darkness outside it, cautious. The sound of the car began to get a lot, lot louder, Izzy cringed absently and waited in anticipation for it to come. But nothing came. Deciding to not risk the clearing, she paced around outside it, venturing deeper into the thick wilderness.


“Aerun, over here!”

“Don’t trust them to make a mistake - they won’t make a mistake, you have to get them the first time!”

“There’s one by herself. There’s one – maybe two – in the “car”.

“The car?” a splutter, “how did they get—”

Five minutes later, Izzy dropped her run when she felt the Axysm closer. When she began to hear bits and pieces of their conversations, she began to get really scared. What if they were watching her at the moment, choosing when to shoot? Shuddering, she clung to the branches of the trees, her sore fingers grazing slightly as she clung to them harder.

Then suddenly, with no warning, the car bustled past. Before even being shocked that Merrin and Tanis were suddenly so close to her, she was left in awe because they were so fast. How did Merrin suddenly be able to drive like that? It probably wasn’t easy to practice while you were running, or driving, for your life. And Tanis couldn’t be driving – and even then, he wasn’t so good himself.

Almost at their entry, that part of the wilderness began to echo with bullets. Izzy dropped in fright as a bullet struck the tree she was clinging to. Forgetting about Merrin and Tanis, she fell to the wilderness floor in a ball, gritting her teeth from crying out as Axysm agents rushed past her. Merrin and Tanis would be safe, probably. Hopefully. The car was going a whole lot faster, but even then, if there were agents on hoverboards…

Izzy shook her head off all the possibilities and cautiously hobbled herself in the way Merrin and Tanis had gone, she couldn’t think, she just had to act. It was still early morning, and they had a few more hours before Axysm would be able to hunt them all down. She wouldn’t admit it, even to herself, but as she kicked a tree angrily out of the way, pain exploding through her already aching foot, she wouldn’t have minded Kane coming to her rescue.

She rolled her eyes at the thought. As if.
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Lindsay felt strange that for probably the only time in all of her existence, she felt better around Kail than she had around Vury. Kail was angry, Kail was violent, and Kail was sarcastic. All of these things greatly appealed to Lindsay right now. She didn't want to kill people - but she was just so damn thirsty! And they were just so easy to break! She knew the consequences if she only took a sip. Feeding was an all or nothing kind of deal.

She'd also never been laughed at the way she had been when she met Thoran. He would've died all over again if it wasn't for the nanos. He thought it was some kind of justice that she'd ended up this way. Kail actually had to smack him to get him to stop laughing. It was humiliating.

And yet again it seemed to be all Vury's fault.

Although, if she went back, it was originally Kail's fault, and then the fault of whoever made Kail. That was all just mental shadow-boxing that got her nowhere.

Lindsay curled up in a corner and waited for Kail to tell her what to do. She didn't want to think anymore. She'd let Kail think for her. That seemed like a good plan. Lindsay was a soulless monster now, and she'd better start acting like one. No more feeling sorry for the innocent, no more caring what happened to the rest of the world, no more connection, no more love, just fire and anger. Her skin might be cold but there was something burning inside that was keeping her going.

Maybe she needed to do all of this because when she actually took time to pause and think or feel, there was only one all-consuming thing that she didn't want to face:

she missed him. she missed him so much it was like a physical wound.

Lindsay pretended the pain didn't exist, and hurled her mind back into nothingness.
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