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Asset Patient 001

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 6:00 pm    Post subject: Libraries Reply with quote

I couldn't find a place to put this
So here is a place to talk about your love of not only books but the libraries that hold them

The most magical library for me is the Rhodes library
its Neo-gothic architecture makes the whole place give books a life of their own

and here is a link to a blog about some of the most beautiful libraries I have seen in my life
I dont think my heart has stopped so many times in my chest as I looked at this link
They are stunning

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Simply Addicted

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 1:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Wow. Those are so pretty! I think I'd go insane (in a good way) if I was in one of those libraries.

Now I'm in the mood to go to the library, even though the one here is all normal and not-pretty. Haven't been there in months!

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Weasley Groupie

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 5:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My local library is kinda annoying. Its pretty popular, which is a good thing because :
a) it has lots of books and
b) gets new releases pretty quickly.

The downfall?
a) the hold lists are HUGE!
b) i) there is always a fair few people in the library when I go
ii) and they have stupid little kids! SHUTUP
c) and there are always stupid guest speakers that suck. And they always do it in front of the YA section and block all the books!

But its still an alright library. It isn't very pretty. Everything is dark blue or grey. That gets depressing quickly.. Haha. Its really hard to find the books I want because someone is BOUND to have them and usually there are 5 or 6 holds on that book. My friend's local library is freaking awesome. She always gets what she wants instantly!! Argh.

Anyhoo, I still love it. Libraries = BRILLIANT! Free books? Yes please. Hehe.

And that blog.. MY GOD! I got sooo many shivers running down my spine then. Some of those old libraries were fucking amazing. Hehe.. At one point I forgot to breathe when looking at some of those pictures. Damn Europe, their old history and amazing magical libraries!! I really am going to go on a Library holiday one day... Haha

Oh, and booyah! For Melbourne. We totally got our State Library in that list! I'll admit, its an AWESOME library. Seriously, its so awesome. There are a few galleries about in there (at the moment, apart from the usual, we have this medieval exhibition.. its insane!), this awesome Experimedia room with free internet and games (as in, PS3, Xbox 360 etc) and old-fashioned staircases about.. And the main room has a HUGE dome (which is what the photo was taken of).. You stand in there and look up and its just.. wooah. But its always so hard to find a desk in there. Its always full!

Hehe.. Sorry for pimping out Victoria State Library. It has NOTHING on some of those other beautiful ancient libraries. God damn...

Ammy wrote:
It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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