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Crys' Books

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 9:02 am    Post subject: Crys' Books Reply with quote

Okay so I mostly read classics this year
-little women
-Jane Eyre

But here are some other books I suggest

Paranoid Park by Blake Nelson

From School Library Journal
Grade 7 Up–As if his parents' impending divorce isn't stressful enough, the 16-year-old unnamed protagonist and self-described Prep skater dude writes a confessional detailing his remorse over his role in the gruesome death of a railroad security officer while hopping a train to Safeway to get beer. Also, he has fallen into an uneasy relationship with cheerleader Jennifer, who seems more interested in losing her virginity than he does. Nelson's natural-sounding teen speak authentically grounds this story in contemporary high school/skateboard culture. After deciding not to call the police immediately following the accidental homicide, it gradually becomes easier to justify continued silence, and simultaneously becomes harder to imagine coming forward to anyone about what happened. What finally moves him–and the plot–is the formerly pesky little girl down the street, Macy, now an attractive sophomore, who genuinely listens to him and cares enough about him to recognize his distress. She suggests that if he truly cannot tell anyone what's bugging him, perhaps he should at least write about it. Thus, this novel, which probes the cultural divide separating the narrator from the rough-and-tumble Streeters, examines the chasm separating moral responsibility from the eternal damnation of keeping a horrible secret.

What I thought of it:
I loved the gore, although the character was unpredictable and it seemed as if he cared about nothing except the murder-which I can understand. Only, he seemed to trash every other charrie and that sort of pissed me off. There was alot of sexual themes in this book-that made it slightly uncomfortable, and their was a lot of language which I don't mind. At all. Anyways, overall I would say you read. It was very good, although I didn't like the ending. It was like he was trying to play Edgar Allen Poe and it just didn't work out.

After- By Francine Prose

Grade 6-10-A school-shooting incident in nearby Pleasant Valley causes Tom's high school administrators to be worried about a ripple effect. A crisis counselor is hired and a watchdog atmosphere grows as the teens' privileges rapidly disappear. Tom and his sophomore classmates are annoyed but not overly concerned about the new security restrictions until they notice eerie disappearances of friends who fail to conform, including Tom's two best friends. The random drug tests, backpack searches, parental e-mail, and dress codes soon expand into mind-controlling daily assemblies, book censorship, and camps for "behavior" problems. After a tip from a Pleasant Valley basketball player, Tom is convinced that students everywhere are being sent away and hopes his father hasn't also been brainwashed via the e-mails from the school authorities. The pace picks up as Tom and friend Becca are caught trying to alert their fellow students to the menacing counselor and know that their lives are at risk. There is suspense in the threat, though readers never learn what has happened to those who disappeared, except for one student who "died." A prosaic style and simple dialogue provide reluctant readers with an opportunity to enjoy a lengthy, frightening story.

What I thought: This book was amazing, I loved the character Tom and you could really get into character with him. The grief crisis counceler scared the hell out of me and I wouldn't go anywhere near him. Although, it never gives any real backstory behind the plot, somehow it is still understandable and completely gripping. I would recommend you go out and buy this book now, seriously. It was amazing.

Massive-Julia Bell


Gr. 8-11. Carmen, 14, is distressed when her mother, Maria, insists that they leave Yorkshire (and Carmen's stepfather) and move to Birmingham, where Maria's family lives. But Maria is wildly erratic because of her eating disorder, and as she starts her new life, she insists that Carmen ("Piggy") join her on endless diets and incessant exercise--until Carmen succumbs. In a casual nonreflective voice, Carmen tells her story, which, for the reader, will seem a bit like watching a car chase. The narrative is repetitive and nothing really happens, yet you're holding your breath the whole time, and can't turn away. Bell does a masterful job of describing what anorexia looks like from the outside: irrational, bewildering, compulsive. She lures readers into thinking that the illness will be observed from a distance, until Carmen almost mindlessly becomes bulimic. Some adult characters try to help--mostly ineffectually--but at book's conclusion there are still questions about how things will end for the mother and daughter. This has some nonexplicit sex and a little rough language, much of which is British slang.

What I thought: If you're not british I suggest you go to Urban Dictionary and look up some of the words. Seriously, I understood only half of the words they used. They story, is amazing though. I cried at the end, and you will fall in love with her aunt Meg and Ashley. Honestly, I reccomend this book to anyone as well.

I'll add more later
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PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2007 3:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I had a friend who read After and really liked it. I might read that sometime.

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