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BattleSA (the game)

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Asset Patient 001

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 6:50 pm    Post subject: BattleSA (the game) Reply with quote

Good afternoon contestants,
You might feel a little surprised to be in the prediciment that you are now, you can thank your creators for this. By a macabre turn of events you all have been sentenced to fight to the death. Some of you are coveted and your creators wager much to the idea that you will be the winner. And some of you...well let's just say that you aren't exactly destined to survive. Wether you end up being connected to a completely expendable character in the beginning of the game or you end up being attacked from behind at the very last second - the point is you have to be on your toes from here on out.

Here are the rules:

You are now connected to the vital signs of whomever you woke up with.
Wether you know this person and would hate to see them die or you really would much rather kill this person yourself - your life and their life are one in the same until 5 teams are dead.

That right, After 5 connections die (10 people) then you are disconnected and it's everyone for themselves.
For entertainments sake, we are not going to tell anyone who they are connected to. Sorry. Guess you have to make sure that arch-enemy of yours isn't connected to the love of your life. Good luck with that.

There are 15 boys and 15 girls.
We like to be fair here.

There are 13 vampires, 13 humans, and 4 werewolves.
Well we never said we were completely fair did we?

Humans will be provided with a special defense bubble that will set a radius around them to protect them from supernatural beings.
That kind of evens the odds a little, right?

Oh! And everyone gets a weapon assigned to them randomly.
So if you end up with a sword and you are more used to guns then tough shit, deal with what you have and spill some blood the best way you can.

You have metal collars around your neck.
This is to ensure that you will play by our rules. If you try to remove them, they will go off. If you step into a forbidden zone, they will go off. If you shoot the sensor in the middle of this collar, it will go off. And just so you know, by 'go off' we mean your head will explode.

What are forbidden zones?
They are precisely what they sound like. You will be given a map and each time a contestant dies the arena gets smaller and smaller. This forces interaction of contestants so you cannot hide out and wait for this all to end up being a bad dream.

We will announce when a contestant dies.
That way you can avoid the outermost ring of the playing field. Or, I suppose, step into it and commit suicide if the name of the dead contestant happens to be your main squeeze. Sorry kid.

All contestants with a relationship outside of the arena, listen up:
You got a human that isn't playing this little game? Think they are safe? Not so much I'm afraid. They too will die when you die. We, as the creators, have that power. And we will abuse it if we feel the need. Why? Well, because we can. We need no other reason than that really.

Here are the pairs:

1. Ammy/Amaro
2. Cable/Drew
3. Izzy/Gaspard
4. Jace/Kevin
5. Kail/Alec
6. Lindsay/Ciro
7. Pix/Garrick
8. Syd/Chia
9. Zara/Kane
10. Azrael/Kevin
11. Adelaide/Laryx
12. Alexa/Logan
13. Lane/Nikolas
14. Maggie/Thoran
15. Nicola/Vury

I think that is all, I will announce any changes or any further information straight to your creators and they will fill you in
Wake up

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Asset Patient 001

Joined: 24 Feb 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 5:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jace’s eyes bolted open and she shot up into a sitting position. Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong. Steadily it all came to her. The snarky voice of the announcer of the rules, the conditions, everything. Then her hand reached up to the metal collar around her neck. She broke out into a cold sweat. What the fuck was this? She started breathing really fast and her mind was racing.
Do they mean the ones that experimented on us?
So, Axsym? Cable? Who is running this show?
She stood on wobbly knees and walked around the small concrete room.
This was when she saw the weapon and the map, along with a supplement of bread and a water bottle. She left the other things lying on the cold floor and got a grip on the weapon.
It had a tank pack with straps, probably so she could put it on her back if she wanted to. And then there was a long black wire that connected the tank to the gun with a huge nozzle at the end where the fire would come out.
Jace wasn’t sure how to feel about this. A flame-thrower? As a weapon?
She wrinkled her nose and looked over at the sleeping figure.
She wondered first of all who he was, she didn’t recognize him at all.
He looked a lot like Vury with the pale skin and the strong features.
And the second thing she wondered was…what was his weapon?


Alec growled and snapped his head up. Where the fuck was he? The basement of the hospital? Had Nikolas found him and taken him to Europe or something?
He smelled another vampire in the room with him and immediately his head turned to their direction. A girl. An elder perhaps, from the scent she was giving off at least. She had long wavy brown hair and her face was cold and terse. He saw a sword and a machine gun between them.
But her eyes had openned and she was watching him too. He glared at her, he didn’t like this predicament at all. And what’s to say that it wasn’t all a trap and she was actually the one that brought him here. Everything else being an elaborate hoax?
His finger twitched in anger and anticipation. He saw her hand reach for the gun and he tried to go for it but the minute that he did it was gone. He opted for the sword.
He quickly got to his feet and held the sword at her neck. He looked down at her kneeling form, the machine gun aimed right at him.
He hissed at her and she growled from inside her throat. Like two cats thrown together, they stared each other down, itching for the kill.
But then something occurred to Alec. The shiny thing around her neck. He let his other hand lift up and touch his own neck. Sure enough it was colder than usual. He had one too. God-damnit.
“I’m connected to you?” Alec snipped and lowered his sword. He eyed the map and sighed. This was going to be a long game indeed. At least she had a machine gun. If all else failed and she died, or he killed her, then he would have a kick ass weapon.


Pix woke up slowly and groggily. What a weird dream. Something about pitting everyone against each other. Some odd Axsym experiment or something.
“You alright?” came a low male voice from above her.
She came out of her sleep quickly and looked up to see a kind face. He had shoulder length brown hair, a little scruff on his chin, and big brown eyes that looked worried. Worried for her or for himself?
She sat up and his hand was out-reached to help her up. She looked at it for a moment before she took his hand. He pulled her up with ease, and as they stood, her hand still in his she looked down at her palm inside his own. It felt like it was on fire. She ruffled her brows and as they stood so close she felt herself growing much, much warmer.
Suddenly she took a step back and blushed. What was this? Why was he having such an affect on her? This was ridiculous.
“What’s wrong?” he asked again in that syrupy voice of his.
She looked up at him and crossed her arms, locking her jaw, trying to regain her composure.
“Nothing. You just…your hand is really hot.”
Then she played those words over again in her head and she blanched. Oh shit.
“I mean, temperature wise. You are really warm, I just –“
She was getting flustered and he held up his hands as a signal for her to stop.
“I get it. And there is a reason for that,” he said with a smile, “I’m a werewolf.”
Pix stood there for a moment. Replaying the words he just said over again in her head.
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Simply Addicted

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 6:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The announcement played over and over in Kevin's head, but instead of clarifying the situation, it only confused him even more. Was he dreaming? No, he didn't have that function anymore. Had McKenna finally tracked him down and did something? He then felt the metal ring around his neck -- like a dog collar.

Yep. This had to be McKenna's doing.

"Who are you?"

Kevin lurched up to his feet, spinning around to face the girl. He hadn't noticed her at first, despite her pulse. She looked at him with thinly-veiled, wrinkly-nosed curiosity. Mirroring the expression, he countered, "Who are you?"

"Asked you first." Defensive now, the girl adjusted her flame-thrower.

Kevin raised his hands innocently. "Relax! I'm Kevin." And a vampire, he added silently, but she didn't need to know that.

"Jace," she said, but didn't ease her defensive posture. "So what's your weapon?"

"Weapon?" He then looked down and noticed the sharp object glinting at his feet. Snatching it up, he twirled it in his hands with a growing smile. "Cool! An ax!" He started chopping it in the air, pretending to kill things named McKenna. He could smash AND chop things now!

"Hey! Be careful with that thing!" Jace jumped back, aiming her nozzle at him. "Nick me, and you're toast."

The announcement played inside Kevin's head once again. This Jace girl must have been the one he was paired off with. "I think we're connected, so...toast me, and you're toast."

Jace grumbled. "Fine. How about we both be less weapon-happy until our lives are on the line, then?"

"Okay," Kevin agreed, reluctantly stopping his play-chopping as Jace eased up on her flame-thrower. The more he looked around himself, the more he realized McKenna couldn't be behind this; it took too much thought. "You have any idea who's behind this craziness?"

Jace sighed. "No clue. They said creators, so...I'm guessing maybe Axsym."

"Huh?" Kevin stared down at his ax. "How can an ax be behind this?"

Jace looked at him like he was retarded. "I'm not talking about your stupid ax; I'm talking about Axsym. You know, THE Axsym."

"Uh..." Kevin shrugged his cluelessness.

"You don't know? Great. It's some other whack-job, then."

They stood in awkward silence for a few moments.


"What?" Jace raised an eyebrow.

"They said our creators stuck us here, so I'm naming mine Heather. It'll give me something to visualize as I pretend to chop them." Chopity-chop.

"I told you to stop with the axing stuff!" Jace snapped. "And Heather's a lame name for a creator."

"All Heather's are evil."

Jace rolled her eyes as she snatched up the map, examining it. "Whatever you say."

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 6:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Drew woke up with hands moving all over him.

"Excellent specimen. Just excellent," a low female voice was murmuring. His eyes snapped open and he jumped back and away from it. The woman had short blonde hair and a cruel face. A face that would be cruel even in happiness, even in joy or sadness. He growled at her fiercely. "Truly excellent," she said again, her face lighting up. He felt disgust.

"Shut up," he hissed, reaching for the weapon at his disposal. A pistol. Great. But he couldn't kill her. He was pretty sure he couldn't survive having his head blown up.

"We might as well work together." She was coy. She was a manipulator.

Lovely, Drew thought. He put the pistol in the pocket of his pants. "Let's get out of here."

She tried introducing herself, but he wasn't really listening. Drew smelled the metallic resin of a city, and started walking west. She followed behind him, and he moved at a pace she could follow. If he lost her, and she died, then he was screwed. For now, he'd have to help her until he could kill her.


Lindsay's eyes snapped open. She breathed. She wasn't thirsty. Her skin was soft and she felt cold. Lindsay stared down at her hand. It was a healthy flesh color, no longer colorless and pale. She was human again. Her senses were her own again - stronger than most, but not vampiric. What the hell was going on? She touched the collar on her neck, thinking of torture that had happened back in the tribe. Immediately she put her back to the wall and looked around. A beautiful blondish guy was laying on the ground, holding his head. A quick sniff told her he wasn't quite human.

She grabbed the gun on the ground and cocked it slowly, aiming it at him.

"Wake up," she said calmly, but loud. He groaned and opened his eyes. "What the hell are you?"

"Werewolf," he said croakily.

Lindsay snorted. "Figures." Was Vury here? Was Kail? What the hell was going on? She knew they were in some sort of strange kill-all competition, but who would do that? How would or could that possibly make any sense? Who else was here? From where? There were so many questions it was making her now human mind spin and panic. She listened carefully to the forest around her. "I'm Lindsay."


"I think we need to get out of here." She watched him shake himself awake and had to admire his steady stance.

He stood as if listening. "I agree. Head south."

She nodded. "Let's go." This was not going to be pretty.


Syd woke up to the sound of "FUCK!" and a lot of banging and pounding. Her eyes snapped open, aware and ready to attack. There was a backpack and a small black device in one corner, and then there was Chia banging on the walls. Great. He turned around when he heard her move.

"Fucking bitch!" He ran at her and had her up against the wall, trying to choke her around the ungiving metal collar.

"This how Jace likes it?" She smiled at him before very sweetly and precisely kneeing him in his man parts. Chia fell to the floor but spat at her. She stared at him with wonder. "Shouldn't you be like...dying right now without her?"

"Fuck if I know." He stood up, wincing a lot. She didn't feel at all sorry.

"Now, in case you weren't listening - you die, I die. I die, you die. Now stop being stupid and open the door if you want to get out so bad." She went over to the stuff lying in the corner. Flame-thrower. Hmm. She tossed it to him. "Put this on, hold the thrower, and don't aim it at me." The little black box proved to be much more interesting. GPS. A lot of little dots were blinking all over the place. "How strongly are you opposed to killing random people in order to survive?"

Chia looked at her strangely. "Entirely unopposed."

"Right." She felt along the walls for a latch, and a door on the other end of the room swung open. They both walked cautiously out the door. "We're going West. Those dots aren't moving."

"And if it's someone we know?" Chia asked with amusement.

"Survival trumps love." She started walking through the halls, the GPS safely in a pack around her waist.


Alexa woke up in wolf form, the dominating smell of forest around her and the scent of a human close by. There were so many things in these woods - there were humans far away, there were people walking through the trees, she could even smell the sickly cold of vampires, taste on her tongue. A pile of clothes was next to her. Not really caring who the human was, she phased back.

There was a sound of someone freaking out. Not unusual.

She dressed calmly, and then turned to look at him. He was holding a knife on her. At her feet was a bazooka. Around her neck was a metal collar. Was Aaron here? Would she have to save him? She would die for him if she needed to. Without hesitation. Alexa stared at the guy.

"Who are you?"

"Logan. I work for Axsym, this shouldn't be happening to me."

"Who? That weird genetics company?" She'd remembered reading about them in the news. Controversial stuff. As far as she knew, they'd been shut down. Her mind wandered a little, pondering impossibilities. "What year is it?"

He rattled off a year too far in the future for even her wolf self to survive to. Had she gone to sleep for almost a thousand years and woken up like this? Was that possible? No. No the voice she remembered in her head said otherwise. To her, 'creator' meant the great wolf spirit. This guy was definitely not one of them. Why was he here? Either way, she needed to keep him alive until she could figure out if Aaron was here or not.

"I'm Alexa. Obviously, I'm a werewolf." She hefted the bazooka over her shoulder.


Alexa stared around her. "I guess...we just start walking...she stared at the map in her hand. "There's a city. I say we go for it. More cover. But if we run into any vamps, let me deal with them."

Logan's hand tightened around his knife. "I can deal with them too."

Sure sure honey, was all she thought. They started walking, one of them glancing around every couple of steps.


Zara and Kane stared at one another, their faces not very far apart. They didn't, they couldn't, stop touching each other.

"I missed you," she whispered.

"I missed you."

"I would've come back. You know I would have."

"I know." He stared into her eyes, and ran a hand down her cheek. "Ready?"

She kissed him fiercely, clinging to him like he was the only thing keeping her on the ground. Tears slipped out of her eyes and down her cheeks, making his face wet. Kane squeezed her like it would be the last time. She believed it wouldn't be. She believed there was more.

"I love you," he said against her lips, eyes closed.

"I love you. Always." She hefted the butt of the axe. "Here goes..."

She hesitated. "Do it," he said softly. "I won't kill you, and I won't live without you."

Zara jammed the axe into her own collar, instead of his. The clasp snapped and dented, and it started beeping. Kane's started beeping. She ran to him and they threw their arms around each other, holding tight. The beeping got faster. There was a click.

And then there was nothing.


Nicola leaned over the vampire on the ground, her ample cleavage practically in his face. She ran a finger down his cheek, enjoying herself. "Wake up," she whispered in his ear, letting her cool breath run across him. "Wake up lovely boy..."

He jerked awake and shoved her off. Nicola stood up, laughing huskily. She picked up the sicle and began to twirl it around in her hands without any care. "Quite the predicament, don't you think?"

"Who are you?"

"Nicola. Cola if you prefer. And you would be?"

"Vury. Have you seen anyone else?" He sounded desperate. She was curious as to who he thought would be here - who he thought he needed to protect.

"No. Smelled a few, heard a few, but since I die if you do, I figured I'd wait for you to wake up. It was fun to watch. You twitch a lot."

Vury glowered at her, and it made her grin bigger. "Touchy, touchy," she came towards him and ran a hand up his chest. "I'm good at making others relax..."

He cringed and moved away from her. He grabbed the axe. She just smiled bigger all over again. This was just too much fun. Nicola didn't believe she could die. So her head blew up...it would piece itself back together eventually. All of this seemed ridiculous. It was unlikely there would be anyone she cared about here...just sit back and watch the mayhem. Vury was already moving out the door, ignoring her entirely. She followed him, keeping pace with his movement and scent. She'd break him down eventually. There was nothing like a good lay when danger was afoot.


"There's not even anything special about you," Thoran growled at her. "Why are you here?"

"I don't know!" Maggie snapped back. "Maybe I'm being punished by the Volturri for covering up Shelby."

"Whoever they are..." he rolled his eyes like she was an idiot.

"Seriously, I wouldn't mind dying if it meant you died too."

"Meet my girlfriend and I can arrange that."

"You'd die too idiot," Maggie snapped.

"I'd die for her." It wasn't a lie, and it was terribly creepy to Maggie. Thoran moved jerkily, his eyes flashed in creepy ways, and according to him, he had died once and was being kept alive by tiny healing robots. Nasty.

"Well I wouldn't. Get moving." She held the two pistols in her hands with confidence, knowing very well how to use them. As soon as enough people were dead, so was he. Then she was going to get to the center of the city and wait for whoever was left to come to her. Unless it was Elliot. Or maybe Alec. Would she die for them? Would she be strong enough for that? Maggie had a lot of thinking to do. She'd never directly killed anyone - although indirectly she had given the okay, the order. Could she face having the blood on her own hands?

Thoran had killed before. If he could get to Kail...if he could just find her, they could win this. They were capable of so much destruction together. They started heading East, across the city.

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Asset Patient 001

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Laryx awoke and sat up slowly. The little concrete room resembled the hidden branch of Axsym where they experimented on Eva. But it wasn’t. It didn’t smell the same. He found another woman in the little room with him. Brown hair. Pale skin. She was so cold to the touch that he figured she was dead. But then that would mean he would be dead.
He glared at her. She looked fucking weak. And their ‘weapons’ were not sufficient. There was no way he was going to survive with her. Unless he trailed her happy ass around.

When he saw her stirring awake he was crouched and glaring at her like some kind of living, breathing gargoyle. She blinked a few times and then focused on him. She snarled, showing her teeth.

Wait. Whoa. Hold the phone. Laryx thought that Kail was the only one of her kind. His glare softened into an enlightened expression. Interesting.


Kevin woke up, his head hurt terribly. He sat there with his head in his hands for a moment or so. Then he looked around. A dark room, weapons on the floor, and a beautiful blonde girl sleeping not too far away. He looked at the weapons. A sword and a sniper rifle. He immediately thought of Zara when he saw the sword. And he thought of Pix when he saw the rifle. Could they be in this twisted game as well?

He stood and looked around the room for a way out. A door. He rushed to it and opened it only to be blinded by the light outside. He covered his eyes and let them adjust slowly to the surge of light attacking him. All around him was woods. Nothing but trees and bushes. A tangle of green and brown all around him.

“Shit,” he muttered to himself.

He turned back to the girl lying in the room he just came from. She wasn’t awake yet. He went in and grabbed both the weapons. He slung the sniper rifle over his back by its strap, and held the sword at his side. It didn’t matter if he was connected to her, he had to get out. And leaving the weapons with her wasn’t an option.

He took them, closed the door, and headed east. There had to be another one of these rooms like he one he was in. Someone else. Maybe Syd. Oh God, was she in this too? He felt his heart tighten and he found he was running now. He had to find her. She could be in that next room for all he knew.


Kevin's face was scratched due to all of the whipping through trees. He stood in front of the little grey concrete room as the announcement came to all of the players ears.

"My my, the game has already started and not all eyes are even open yet. It's my pleasure to announce that one team is already dead. Zara and Kane. Suicide. We won't count that as cheating. Two down. Twenty eight to go."

Kevin's blood ran cold and he didn't even feel the ground underfoot as he made his way to the door. Was this? It couldn't be. But the sound he had just heard. The explosion. It came from just inside that room.

Maybe it was just someone firing off a gun by accident...yeah...accident.

His hand felt shaky on the door as he pushed it open. And he fell to his knees at the sight. Zara and Kane. Dead. In a mess of blood and pulp like the trash can at a meat factory. The shiny metal collars around their necks glossy with red.

He got to his feet and had to walk in to make sure. Yes. It was them. He sat there in the mess of blood for a while. He had known them for so long. What would Mirage do without them? He felt anger surging up inside him as the glossy blood-covered collars shone at him in the light like a little smile. A job well done.

He angrily ripped the now dead collar from Kane's head and tossed it across the room. As it clanged to the ground with the sound of a stainless metal that he usually used in his weapon-creating work he thought about something.

What if...no...the 'creators' would never allow that kind of mess up in their 'game' would they?

As he looked across the room at the metal collar that he threw, little blood splatter dripping down the wall where it met the concrete, he found his hands blindly groping for the other.
Sure enough he got a grip on it and yanked it from the juicy remains of Zara's head.

He held it up to his sight, his hands, sleeves, and now his pants where the blood was reaching were all getting red with blood. As his eyes looked at the design he realized that he might be able...he could maybe...

If he found the right tools he might be able to get these damned things off.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cable’s eyes snapped open. She was pissed. Why hadn’t she thought of this first?

Such an elaborate game, with such high stakes… This was far more thrilling than any of her dastardly evil plans of past. When she won this thing, she’d have to fire her Creative Team. And hire the “creators” of this game. Yes. That was exactly what she’d do.

She stood up, quietly pocketing the grenades lying by her side, and surveying the area around her. They were in a forest of some sort, but the trees were beginning to thin to the west. There was obviously an end to this wilderness.

A movement near her caught her attention. Laying on the ground several metres away from her was a rock. Shaped like a human. He had bronze hair, pale skin, and a solid body. Quite like a certain vampire she happened to know and have experimented on… Cable moved quickly to his side. Excellent! He was still asleep. If she could just secure him to the ground in some way… collect a few vials of blood… She’d have a dozen miniature vampires running around in no time. Especially after Kail had disappeared, Vury had joined a cult, and Ammy—the little bitch—had been brainwashed by Zara’s minions.

Cable ran her hands along the vampire’s body. She was amazed by the healthy state she was in. Kail had survived for thousands of years, slowly morphing into a crazy banshee, but this boy… this boy was amazing. Rock hard, steady beneath her hands, and—Cable lifted his eyelids—he had liquid clear eyes. Remarkable.

“Excellent specimen,” she murmured. “Just excellent.”

His eyes opened. Hello, darling, Cable thought, smiling. “Just excellent,” she continued.

He sprang away from her in one of the fastest reaction times she’d ever seen. Kail was never this good. Or she didn’t want to show she was this good. Either way, it didn’t matter now. Cable had found a new one. She noted the metal collar around his neck, and the similar one around hers. Of course… the message had explained it. They were connected.

“We might as well work together,” she said, after he snarled at her. And when the first ten had gone, she would chop him up and have him for breakfast. There was nothing like vampire meat for protein. Yum. She’d keep his metal collar as a souvenir.

He turned and began walking west, in the direction she’d been planning to go earlier. Cable followed slowly. She didn’t have to tell him who she was… he would never know. He probably thought she was a pathetic human with no experience with creatures like him. She smiled to herself, thinking of what she would do with another vampire.

For now, though, they were connected. Two souls, entwined together. Cable hummed appreciatively at that thought. It was nice. Poetic, even. She gave herself a mental pat on the back for that. It was nice to see she could be so poignant in a situation like this. She really was amazing.


Ammy woke up. She was lying two feet away from the edge of a cliff. Jumping up, she walked a few steps away from it. If she’d been sentenced to fight to the death, then she wanted to actually fight. But she wouldn’t die. Obviously.

At her feet lay a sickle. She remembered the strange dream, and the voice in it. Her weapon was this. Ammy picked it up, getting a feel for its weight in her hand. The curved double-edged blade was far more primitive than any weapon she’d used in her life. And it was made for cutting plants. Not heads.

If she was able to wedge someone’s neck in the curve of the blade, she could slowly saw her way through it, Ammy mused. It was a horribly macabre thought, but she’d never done it before. This was one way to test the effectiveness of a killing technique.

A noise in the forest ahead of her made her tense up. Out of it came a giant hulking figure. It was a… dog. Or a wolf. Ammy narrowed her eyes. What?

The creature stared at her for several long moments; long enough for Ammy to notice the metal collar around her neck. She tugged at it, growling. What the hell was this? She wasn’t an animal, for god’s sake. Looking up, she noted the wolf thing also had a collar around its neck. Her… partner? She was connected to him or something?

She was paired to a dog.

The wolf turned and shifted into the forest again. A few moments later, a person came out. He was strongly built, with dark brown hair and a serious, but somehow comical, face. Ammy gripped her sickle tightly. The wolf thing had just turned into a human. This wasn’t entirely normal.

“Hello, sugar!” she called out, her voice falsely sweet. “Mind stopping right there?”

He stopped.

“That’s more like it,” Ammy said. “Now, then. Who the fuck are you?”

He looked just as confused as her. “Who are you? And why are we connected to each other? I don’t even know you.” He looked to the sky, as if hoping for an answer there.

Ammy snorted. “No magical words materialising on the sky? Awww, poor baby. Looks like we’ll have to figure this out ourselves, hey? And survive, while we’re at it?” She flipped her hair impatiently. “Look, this is obviously some twisted game that Axsym has designed to throw us off a bit. You’re probably not even real—”

What?” he cut her off, looking at her as though she was an alien. Which was pretty stupid, considering he was the one whose mother had cross-bred with a dog. “Shut up for a minute, will you?” He paused. “What’s Axsym?”

“My father’s name. Okay,” she paused for him to add in his name.


“Mind if I call you Mary? Okay, Mary, there’s only one thing I know about this, and that is there’s going to be a winner in all this. So I’m stuck with you until 5 other pairs get their heads blown off, and I don’t intend to stick with you after that. But because we’re here now, and we’ve got to do something, I say we get started.”

“You haven’t told me who you are.”

“I’m Ammy. Rhymes with ‘double whammy’. Where’s your weapon?”

Amaro held up a stick-like wooden object, almost smiling. Ammy looked at it in disgust. Great. Now she had a useless wolfboy with a useless weapon. “Good job, Amaro. Now you can kill some vampires. Don’t tell me they didn’t give you garlic,” she said sarcastically.

“Funny, I won’t be needing weapons like you. Something about my ability to morph into a wolf capable of ripping a vampire to shreds.” He glared at her.

“Ooh, do you have a cape or does that get in the way of your leash?”

He made a noise which was probably of disgust. “Wow, of all the strangers to be stuck with, I get a bitch with a loud mouth and a big head. Save your talking for later. I’m going to have to cover your back from a dozen vampires until we are separated. I’ve already got my work cut out for me.”

Ammy raised an eyebrow. “I think I can take care of myself, thanks. Fighting vampires? Been there, done that. I’m an Asset. I don’t need a dog to bark at my enemies.”

He looked at her in interest. “What can you do?”

“Everything a vampire can, except make more of me. I guess you could call me a super human.” She smirked.

“Could I really?” he shot back.

“Anything for you, sweetheart.” Ammy hefted the sickle in her hand. “Let’s go.”

“I’m travelling in wolf form.”

“Are you now?”

“Yes, the conversation’s better.”

The banter slowed for a moment as Ammy registered this. She looked at his quizzically. “What?”

Amaro rolled his eyes. “I’m a werewolf. It goes with the territory. We can communicate with each using our minds.”

“Sounds fascinating. Anything more than that?”

He shrugged. “We hear each other’s thoughts.”

Ammy clasped her hands together, smiling widely. “Oh, brilliant! Now the other competitors can find us through your thoughts!” Her expression turned sour. “I think your collar might be a little too tight. We’re on our own now. Even your pals are our enemies.”

Amaro frowned deeply at this and he looked as though he were about to contest this, but he stopped. He nodded. “Fine.”

“Fine?” Ammy was wary of the vacant expression on his face.

“Yes. Let’s go.”

There wasn’t any way she could find out he was thinking anyway. She might as well drop it. “Okay.” They began walking into the forest, following the map towards the city in the centre. That would be the safest place to be once people started dying, and the other pairs would most likely be heading her also.

“So,” Ammy said. “Do I get a ride on your back?”

“So much for no morphing.”

“Careful now, don’t be too nice to me. Who knows? I might fall in love with you.” Ammy smirked.

“I’m already there, honey. I’m already there.”


He was staring at a human. Gaspard looked at the figure of the dark-haired girl knocked out on the ground. Slowly, he reached out to touch her and possibly wake her, when suddenly she jolted upright, her eyes wide. For a moment she sat there in this position, probably processing what she had just heard. Then she saw Gaspard and her eyes narrowed. “Who are you?” she snapped.

Gaspard stepped back from her and ignored the question. Instead, he looked around himself, wondering where he was. The voice had said “creators”… Was that Jean Pierre? He felt irritated. He wouldn’t put it past Jean Pierre to do something like this, but it had to be impossible. Jean Pierre didn’t have the facilities… This was something else altogether. Something bigger. “Do you know why we’re here?” he asked her.

“Oh yeah, of course.” Her voice grew louder. “If I knew, do you think I would be sitting here asking you who you are?” She was almost shouting now, and Gaspard immediately disliked her. She was already proving to be demanding. She’d probably try to kill him a few times, being incredibly stupid like only a human could be.

“Who are you?”

“I thought I just asked you that… two times. Actually, forget that. What the hell are you? You’re like Kail and stupid Vu—”she stopped suddenly, comprehension dawning on her face. “Oh…” A pause. “You’re a vampire.”

Gaspard tensed immediately. How did she know? She was a human? What was he supposed to do? Kill her? Wasn’t that the pact? Kill her or turn her. His eyes raked over the collar on her neck. He couldn’t turn her. Then he’d have to drag her everywhere and they were still connected… They were still connected. Gaspard’s mind stopped. Of course. This was a game. He forced his mind to put away those thoughts.

“I’m Gaspard. Who are you?”

“Like I’m going to tell you,” she snorted. “I’m going to find a way out of here.” She picked up the sniper rifle by her side.

She was beginning to try his patience. “In case you haven’t noticed, there’s no exit door. You fight till the end. And part of the way, you fight with me. So you can either tell me who you are and we can try to figure out a way to get out of this. Or I can call all the shots myself. I’m sure you’d like to be knocked out in a situation like this.”

The girl laughed at him. “I’m so scared,” she mocked. “Save me from the vampire named Gaspard. What is that, anyway? Sounds like something you’d upchuck.” She pointed her rifle at him and fiddled with it, trying to see how it worked.

Gaspard wanted to kill her at that exact moment. But he couldn’t. Frustrated, he tucked his knife into his shoe. “I’m leaving.” He began to walk away from there.

She was on his heels. “If we’re stuck together, we’re going to have to work together.”

He couldn’t believe her. “Okay, Daisy, what do you say we do?”

“It’s not Daisy.”

“Like I care.”

She sighed impatiently, although he couldn’t see why she would need to do so. “My name’s Izzy. I vote we go into the city.”

He laughed. “Because I’m actually going to take into account your vote.”

“You’re going to have to if you want me to go anywhere.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll carry you if I need to. We’re going to the city.” He glanced at the map. “To the clock tower. We can see where others are from there. And you can shoot from there.”

“Genius idea.” She rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Let’s go.”
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Izzy gripped the gun between her fingers. To be honest, she hated guns; but she was basically stuck with it until she won the game. Fiddling with it a bit, she aimed it at Gaspard head and tried the trigger. Almost instantly a bullet zinged from the nose, missing Gaspard by a few inches. Gaspard stopped walking and bowed his head in what seemed like utter frustration, without turning towards her.

"Immortal, remember?" Gaspard grunted through gritted teeth, "how many bullets did you waste?"

"Oh please," Izzy sneered, "the bullets in this are probably ever-lasting... how's your knife doing?"

"In my shoe," he spun around with amazing speed and pointed towards his foot.

"Genius," Izzy rolled her eyes, "just make sure it doesn't cut you and you don't bleed to death or something; not that I actually care what happens to you --"

Gaspard shook his head, "out of all the people on this stupid island; why you, Daisy, why you?"

"And I thought you were having so much fun," Izzy spat.

"Oh for -- we're probably going to end up dead first because of you," Gaspard groaned, running an elegant hand through his brown hair. His eyelids closed over his blue eyes.

"I'm sorry, but the fact that they gave you the freaking knife and me the sniper rifle, pretty much shows who's more important here," Izzy called out as they trundled through the lush wilderness. "Anyway," she called out, "the bush is starting to get --" she struggled her way through a bush, "-- really thick. Get your knife and start cutting these trees for me."

"It's a knife," Gaspard called out ahead of her, "it'll barely do anything, these bushes are... thick..." he glided through a particularly thorny one, much to Izzy's anger.

"Well then start knocking them down for me with those freakishly strong arms of yours -- DO something!" she yelled at the top of her voice. Gaspard shot her a withering look, but obliged, gingerly trampling down the thorny plant. Izzy glared at him and stepped over it.

"And now --" she called as a tangled mess of weeds got in her way. Gaspard shot her yet another withering looks and stamped them out of her way. "And now --" she called out to Gaspard who was a few metres ahead of her. He swung his head towards her, barely moving his body, his entire body tensed up with some emotion... Izzy rolled her eyes when she realised it was anger. "Come on, get moving, whack it down for me or something, that's --"

"Why don't I just whack you down?" Gaspard snarled, his tone pure poison.

"Great," Izzy sighed, "Gaspard may be very pretty and -- uh -- slightly well-mannered," she managed, gazing at him, her look veiled with disgust, "but he doesn't seem to be having a lot going on upstairs, does he? Let's see Gaspard, you whack me down, you kill me and guess what, idiot? You --"

"Die, yes I realise that," Gaspard cut in dimly, for a moment he opened his mouth, but less than a second later he clamped it shut. He tucked his knife out of his shoe and ravaged the rose bush in front of Izzy savagely with it, glowering.

"Um, yeah, that was normal behaviour," Izzy managed as she daintily stepped over the bleeding petals of the rose bush. Gaspard started a few paces, walking deliberately slowly. "You can go faster, you know," Izzy laughed drily, cocking the gun at him, "I'm not that slow." Gaspard turned his head to a side, as if examining her and in the next second, he was gone.

Izzy kicked a weed out of the way, eyeing her surroundings suspiciously. "Yeah, wherever you are -- you can come out now... and help me get rid of this... uh, does this even qualify as a plant?" she snarled, gazing at the crooked, twisted, leafy bush in front of her; it twisted in several angles and spanned out at least ten metres. She waited two seconds, when Gaspard didn't return, she sighed loudly. Flipping her hair dramatically behind her head, she adjusted with the gun, "okay, Gazzy," she said in a sickly sweet voice, "I'm sort of going to... shoot myself... right..."

Gaspard returned almost instantly. Izzy rolled her eyes at his typical-ness. "Get rid of whatever this is," she reprimanded him loftily, pointing at the towering plant before her. Gaspard hissed some twisty-worded plant species, but she just rolled her eyes again. "I said, get rid of it!"

Gaspard gave it three good, hard punches before it tore away from the grand and slumped lifelessly against it's fellow, smaller bushes. "Nice going," Izzy said, traipsing over it. "When I said 'get rid of it', do you think I actually meant --" Izzy raised her eyebrows as Gaspard turned away from her, but stopped turning when she followed her gaze to where his was pointing.

A long, grey path winded in front of them, sliding amongs the torrent wilderness, creating quite a unique contrast. "We're here," Gaspard muttered, "finally."

"Um -- and this is meant to be," Izzy tried to snatch the map from Gaspard's grasp, but with his super-tight, vampire grip, it wasn't an easy job. "Fine then, you selfish --" she tore out her own map and pondered through it, "so this is meant to be... the..."

"Raccoon Stone Ville Lane?" Gaspard asked, sounding tired, annoyed and sarcastic at the same time.

"Yeah, because the writing is really easy to read," Izzy spat, squinting at the piece of paper, before tucking it into her pocket. She turned to face Gaspard who was staring down the path, his freakish eyes probably gazing through the next few thousand kilometres. "Are we going or what?" Izzy asked, advancing towards the city.

"The Clocktower," Gaspard agreed, nodding - probably the only positive action he had notioned towards her during their currently short aquaintance - "The Clocktower."
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Vury could hear her incessant mind chatter about sex and violence and death. She was like a female version of Chia. He whipped back a look of pure annoyance and gripped the ax in his hand tighter.

“What was that look for?” she purred from behind him.

“Would you mind keeping your obscene thoughts to yourself?” he growled, trying his hardest to reach for anyone else’s mind but hers. There were other players. Why can’t I read anyone else?

All I can hear is how much she wants to rake her nails down my back and straddle my hips, rocking herself over my cold body until she finally –

“Oh for the love of god stop!” he was now in her face with his eyes bled to black from anger. She just shivered with delight and smirked. He could hear the thought of grabbing him by the head and shoving her tongue down his throat before she did it. So he had time to move out of the way. That’s when she caught on.

“Mmmm. A mind reader?”

“Right now I wish I had any other gift. Nobody but you should have to suffer your mind,” his eyes were still black but now he was relaxing his anger and trying to channel his power to target others.

Animal noises. The hum of electricity ahead of them. The city. He looked to his map.

“Let’s go to the hospital. They will have blood there.”

“Like I really want to walk into another hospital,” Nicola growled, “And besides if you want blood why not get it fresh? Why not put a dent on the numbers in the game?” She was smirking.

“No,” Vury said, and thought of Lindsay. Was she still the monster that he made her? Was she even in this game? He sure as hell hoped not. He flipped the ax in his hand and they pressed on, “And we are going to the fucking hospital. Keep up.”

Then he broke out into the blinding speed that all vampires possessed. They would be at the hospital in a matter of seconds. If she could keep up.


Pix was looking at the map while Garrick was behind some thick trees just out of her line of vision. He had morphed into his werewolf form. He was trying to pick up others like him in the game. The announcer said there were four of them. But who were they?

All that he was picking up was someone named Amaro.


Who is this? You aren’t from Seattle.

No. I’m an Alpha from Forks. Been to Seattle a couple of times though.

I know a girl from Forks, used to be in a band called –

I don’t mean to interrupt, really, but this game doesn’t really leave room for chitchat.

Right. So where are you?

I am somewhere south of the city, near the high school I guess.

I am completely opposite of you, want to meet halfway?

The only problem is that we have no idea who is in the middle of our way there, and we don’t know if they have weapons that could hurt us.

I suppose so, plus I have a human with me.

Same here. I actually imprinted on her and I’m not sure how to feel about that.

I know how that goes, same with me and that girl from Forks.

Yeah. Well, since I am with her I will stay in human form. I will try to morph back every hour or so. Tell me if anyone else morphs, alright?

No problem. Good luck.

Same to you.


“We should go to the Raccoon Police Department. They will have plenty of weapons. I might be able to pick up a sniper rifle if they have one. And if someone else hasn’t stolen our idea already and cleaned them out. We could even fortify and I could snipe from the roof! Until it becomes a forbidden zone anyway.”

Garrick just looked at her and nodded, “Alright. Sounds good.”

Pix narrowed her eyes at him, suspicious, “No other ideas?”

“No. It’s a good idea,” he smiled broad. Pix felt the heat in her cheeks again. Damnit.

“Well. Alright then. Just tell me if someone is coming. You can smell them or whatever…right?”

“And hear them as well. I got your back as long as you check the front for signs,” Pix was having a hard time focusing on his words. He was taking off his shirt because it was what he was used to. After their awkward first encounter he had told her he was a werewolf. Since she had never met someone like him, he had told her everything.

A small bit that he told her about was the extremely high body temperature. The morphing and complimentary nudity. Both of which made it completely innocent on his part to be removing his shirt. But she still got flustered and had to turn her heel and head towards the city.

“Good. Let’s get going.”

This was going to be a weird game indeed. She figured when he had cold hard metal crafted for death in her hand then she would feel better. Less likely to get all bothered over a boy. A werewolf at that.


Ciro was mulling over everything as Lindsay led the way. She was human. Like Terra was. Like Brooks was. Like all of the people he cared about were. And now she was caught in a dangerous situation. Connected to him. She would die just like Terra did. She would be lucky to live like Brooks was alive. Somewhere. Captured. By these damned ‘creators’ whoever they were. If Ciro died then Brooks would die too.

“Do yourself a solid Lindsay, don’t ever fall for a supernatural being. You just get yourself caught up in fucked up situations like this.”

Lindsay just smiled, “Too late.”

“Let me guess, werewolf?”

“Why do you say that?” she asked as they got nearer and nearer to the smell of water.

“You just didn’t seem too surprised when I said I was a werewolf.”

“No. Not when you live in a world where people leak nanos, levitate over cities, and split-personalities are brought by simply being in the same room as someone else. Followed by way too much sex if I do say so myself,” she said as she stepped around a dead animal carcass.

“That’s a pretty fucked up world,” Ciro said with all of the things she said rolling around in his head, trying to make sense to him.

“Yeah. And that supernatural being that I fell for?” She turned to him and smiled, “Vampire.”

Ciro stopped and watched her form move closer to the coast. Oh jesus. Another human in love with a vampire. How terribly cliché. How poetically horrible. Another Terra in love with another Alec. The wound ached more.

This was horrible. He grudgingly kept walking, following her. He hoped they were nearing death, honestly.
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Lindsay agreed with the bitterness in Ciro's voice, but somehow knew he didn't really understand. "Before he ever loved me, before he even knew me, they used me to torture him. They basically made him fall for me, so that when I died, he would be even more alone. And then he turned me to save me..." She still didn't understand why she was human again. It...I mean why? Why would these supposed 'creators' bring her here in what was definitely a weakened form, even if it was stronger than the average human?

Ciro had cringed away from her, human teeth bared. She grabbed his arm, placing her wrist into his hands so he could feel the pulse. "Here I'm human again. I don't know why." She locked eyes with him. "But it's what I'd rather be." Pain rippled through her. "He's probably here..." She and Ciro stared at each other for a long time, some sort of strange understanding of the same pain from different faces went between them.

"I don't want to kill anybody," Ciro grumbled.

"I don't either, but I was raised to do it. Could you do it to survive? Can you disconnect?"

"Just let the animal inside control me." He shivered and it made her nervous when he did that. Lindsay absently toyed with the gun in her hand and continued walking towards the city. "Mind if I phase?" He interrupted her thoughts.

She nodded and turned away, her back tightening as she heard the change in his breathing and the fear that she felt. Lindsay stood still for a long time, afraid to look at the huge looming dog that probably stood behing her. She peeked and got just a little bit of his tail before turning back again. Great, she was afraid of him. Would he kill her when all of this was done?

"We're going to meet up with another pack member of mine. We'll be safer that way." She was so lost in thought she hadn't noticed he'd changed back, but now she whipped around, getting a very full view of naked Ciro. She glared at him even more.

"How do I know it's safer? Safer for you? Who's he with?"

"Some chick named Pix." Well that changed things. A sad smile crossed Ciro's face. "And he wouldn't hurt her, so he won't hurt you."

"I know her. Sort of. Of her, basically. But we're walking there on two legs."

"Fine." They continued in the direction she had wanted to go in the first place. This was not exactly the situation she wanted to be in when she met Pix...Vury had said a lot of good things about her. Vury. Where was he? Did he still love her? Would he try to find her? Lindsay felt her heart break a little with each step.


Nicola growled as a familiar scent crossed her path. "Wait," she hissed. Vury slowed and looked at her impatiently, and then with confusion as he read her thoughts. How irritating. But still sexy. Mmm...so sexy....he was no Alec, but still. Tempting.

"Stop it. Get back to the point."

"I can't miss this opportunity."

"And if it kills who she's connected to?"

"Well I guess then it depends on who she's connected to. But I have to take out the competition while I can."

"This is seriously over a guy? And you don't even know what happened between them!" He looked exasperated. It was cute. Now all she needed to do was talk him into a nice little clearing...or maybe act like a damsel in distress...or...

"Is sex all you think about?!" He interrupted her fantasies again.

"Mostly. I'm going. It's your choice to come with me. Might be better off though. And what if you don't mind whose on the other end of the collar?" Nicola grinned and started to run. He was behind her, running with a rather stern look on his face. Such a nice face.

The smell became stronger, and soon her hands were wrapped around warm flesh and she felt the heart within the body begin to pump harder and faster. The scent of adrenaline met her nostrils and made her mouth flood with venom.

"Hello precious, remember me?" She looked at the other human in the clearing. The one who didn't quite smell right, but was no looking in panic and anger from her to Vury. Lovely.

"Mind if they die?" She asked Vury politely.


There was a tear in Thoran's brain. Would Vury let him die? He watched as Maggie struggled against the arms around her. The ice cold arms of a blonde vampire unlike any he had ever seen. Hideous compared to his Kail, but impressive nonetheless.

"Vury, if she dies, I die."

Vury stared at him coldly, analyzing, reading, trying to figure him out. "You're with Kail? I have to say I never saw that one coming." [I just realized no one in Mirage knows that...haha]. Thoran's hope slid away as Vury's face turned to rigid ice. "If Nicola wants her dead, that's Nicola's choice." Thoran panicked. Straight up panic. He practically blistered with rage.

Meanwhile, Maggie thought her heart was going to pump right out of her chest. "Why are you doing this?"

"Sweetheart, you're a fleshy and you've already stolen two vampire hearts that should have always been mine." Nicola's breath was enticing, and the cold was almost comforting to her.

"What are you--Alec? This is about Alec?"

"Of course. Who else would it be about? Have you gotten to Drew too?" Nicola laughed huskily, "No I'll take care of that little fleshy another time." She looked at Vury, who had been conversing with the smelly guy. "Buh bye love."

She lifted Maggie's wrist to her mouth and bit down in rage. At first Maggie felt nothing, but then there was fire eating its way up her arm. It took her awhile to realize that the high pitched shriek she was hearing was coming from her own mouth. She screamed against the steel vice of arms that were holding her, but at the same time depended on them more and more to remain standing. As the fire moved up, her blood moved out, a strange gravity-like sensation draining her body. Maggie lost consciousness.

The collar around Thoran's neck started beeping. "Shit," he muttered and looked at Vury. "If you see Kail, tell her I-" BOOM. Both Nicola and Vury were covered in his strange nano-blood.

Nicola calmly licked the corner of her lip. The guy's blood was tangy, strange. "He tastes funny." Nicola turned at began to run at a nice pace towards the city.


Azrael scented herself, letting her mind absorb the scent of the human that had been with her. She moved without opening her eyes, drawn to the scent of blood. He had been here...these were the two that had died. She looked at them sadly. They were both human. They didn't stand a chance. She wondered about their relationship - friends, siblings, random pair, lovers?

Az didn't think about it for long. Instead she followed Kevin's scent, arriving just behind him. She watched him for awhile, the way he would walk a little, and then stop to stare down at what was in front of him. He had a collar. It was spattered with the blood of the girl from the shed. Did he know them? Had he been in love with her and this was some weird love trophy? She cringed. Az decided to brave it.

"You'd move faster if I was with you."

He jumped, then fumbled with the sniper rifle until it was pointed at her. "I believe that's mine," she kept talking, gesturing to the rifle. "And you kill me, you're dead. You and your little love trophy."

"My...what?" He looked down at the collar. Az had a sudden flash of him pushing up glasses in frustration, though he wore none. "I'm trying to see if I can figure out how to deactivate them."

"I see. Did you...know them?"

He stared at her. "Yes." He stared longer. "Are you a vampire?"

Az balked a little. "Yes. And not a vegetarian either."

"A vegewhat?"

She rolled her eyes. "Never mind. What I mean is that if I run across a human I don't know, I need to eat." The metal collar around his neck made his pulse echo. "I'm Azrael."


"Where are you heading?"

"Around...I guess."

"Well then let's go 'around'." She rolled her eyes at him again, but felt it was good to be supportive...especially if he could get these damn collars off. Some internal sense told her Aiden wasn't here. She would know. She was so in-tune to his scent she could catch him almost a hundred miles away. That meant she was free to slaughter as needed.


Syd stood outside the clock tower and examined it logistically. It was the highest point in the city - they would be able to see WHO was actually coming, and not just their little blipping dots.

"Come on bitchy," she called over her shoulder. The response was a shot of flame to her left. "Stop wasting that shit! It's not unlimited."

"Fuck off prude," Chia grumbled, but followed her into the building. They made their way up the stars, a long slow journey as the elevator had no power.

They both collapsed onto the floor, but Syd got up quickly and looked out the windows, wishing for something help her see better. No one yet. But they were coming, the GPS told her so. At least three blinking dots were moving closer and closer, some of them with alarming speed. Must be...vampires. Well. They wouldn't be fun to fight, but she and Chia did have fire on their side.

"You know what we could do while we wait..." Chia started.

Syd spun and kicked high, slamming him across the face. "The only way you'll ever touch me like that, is if you enjoy necrophelia."

Chia grinned darkly at her, sickeningly, "For you bitch, just maybe."

She almost vomited. Syd started walking around the tower keeping watch.
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"So how many teams exactly are closing in?" Chia asked in a bored voice.

Waiting wasn't really his thing. He felt so vulnerable and frustrated. Just standing here in the fucking clocktower, waiting for other people to find us instead of being out there in the action... It was almost enough to make him kill himself. Well, no. To kill something. Or someone, more like.

"Seven seem to be actively on the move," Syd replied as she stared intently down on her beloved toy.

Chia rolled his eyes. Didn't he ask 'closing in'? Not 'moving'? His fingers glided smoothly up and down the sleek weapon he was holding. Flamethrower. Fucking kickass. Glaring at the Mirage freak who was still studying the GPS, Chia once again pondered the little game they were in. The entire idea didn't seem that bad. Fight to the death with weaklings, bloodsuckers and dogs. He snorted. The others teams stood no chance. None. He had a fucking flamethrower! He alone would win this game and stand over the carnage he left in his wake.

But that was just it. He alone would triumph. Chia threw another dirty look at Syd. Just great. He was connected to a weakling. A fucking Mirage weakling, at that. As soon as five teams died, he would aim his shiny flames directly in the bitch's face, laughing as he watched her skin burn off, her hair wither from his heat until the last of her life was charred away. A wide grin was spread across his face. He could hardly wait.

Suddenly, a loud cold voice filled the room around them.

"My my, the game has already started and not all eyes are even open yet. It's my pleasure to announce that one team is already dead. Zara and Kane. Suicide. We won't count that as cheating. Two down. Twenty eight to go."

Oh, fuck. Could this get any better?! Feeling it bubble up inside of him, Chia opened his mouth and let out the laughter that was itching to get out. He watched as Syd's head snapped up to the roof, as if looking for the mysterious announcer, all the while still laughing. Suicide. How fucking typical. They were all weak. Every single one of them. None of them had the burning desire for survival more than him. If anybody stood in his way, he would cut them down before they had the chance to realise what was happening. No, scrap that. Burn them down.

Looking over at Syd once more, Chia narrowed his eyes and watched for her reaction to the news of her Mirage buddies' deaths. His laughter died away as she slowly turned her head to face his.

"Survival trumps love," she repeated in a cold, hard voice. The grin was quickly replaced on his face as Chia took in those words. Maybe they weren't so doomed after all.


Adelaide was instantly on edge. There was something about this human that just wasn't quite... human. She left her defence stance and stood up to her full height, still glaring at him and his odd expression. What was that? Intrigue? Curiosity? There was no time for that.

"My my," a voice sounded around the room. They both instantly looked around in surprise. "The game has already started and not all eyes are even open yet. It's my pleasure to announce that one team is already dead. Zara and Kane. Suicide. We won't count that as cheating. Two down. Twenty eight to go."

Neither of those names meant anything to her. Already two were dead. Were they really, or was this all some kind of sick, foul joke? She glanced at her parter and noticed his expression had changed incredibly. It was now a dark look, surprised, maybe. Did he know those people?

Looking at the room that surrounded them, Adelaide noticed a backpack in the corner next to a bundle of... What was that? Netting? Wire? Not caring about the vampire code of secrecy right at that moment, she ran to the corner of the room and was there within the blink of an eye. Ignoring the odd sound the human made behind her, Adelaide bent down to examine the wire.

"Razor wire?" She asked in a small, surprised voice. Whatever could that be for? Hearing footsteps behind her, Adelaide whipped around and bared her teeth once more. She knew for a fact that this guy could not be trusted. He simply stood there with his eyebrows raised. Why didn't he say anything?

"This game. What do you know of it?" Adelaide asked in a calculating voice. She needed to know as much as possible. Creators? Who were they? Was this mortal with them or... No, he couldn't be. Adelaide eyed the metal collar around his neck, the one on her own suddenly feeling more heavy and tight than it had a moment before.

The man grunted in reply, his eyes narrowing and his head shaking. Adelaide took that to mean he knew no more than she. Not that she trusted him. The last thing she remembered was lying in a deserted park after experiencing an awkward moment with Kevin. Kevin. Was he here as well? And Drew? And... her skin instantly felt icier. Amaro?

"Adelaide," she said stiffly, feeling like she may as well be courteous. It appeared that they were connected-- a pair. One of 15 pairs destined to fight to the death. Apparently, anyway. Adelaide honestly didn't know if she had it in her to kill anymore. Would she even want to? Did she even want to survive this?

Kevin, a small voice inside of her reminded her. She had to stay for Kevin. But if there were to be only one person destined to prevail.... And if Kevin wasn't it... But then, she reasoned with herself, how did she know Kevin was even in this sadistic game? And he wasn't her 'lover'. A smirk appeared on her face at that thought. Right, lovers. If he wasn't in this game, she would at least try to survive. Try to stay alive for his benefit.

Suddenly a piece of paper was being shoved in her hands. She looked at it in surprise, noticing it was a map. She examined it carefully and deduced that they were the big black 'X' marked on the South West corner of the map. Adelaide noticed a line roughly drawn, connecting the X to a small grey path directly in front of them.

"You want to head East to this path?" Adelaide asked, her voice less cold than before. Her partner nodded in response. "Am I to understand that you are either unable or unwilling to speak?" Another nod. Adelaide sighed. Well, at least stealth wouldn't be a problem.

"Well, aren't we a group of proactive killers?" The same voice as before announced loudly, making Adelaide and her mute partner instantly freeze. "It seems one team has taken the matter of survival into their own hands instead of relying on the noble suicide. Please give a warm round of applause to the latest deaths; dear Maggie and Thoran. Rest In Peace, fella's."

Maggie, Adelaide thought desperately. What was she doing here? Out of all the people to be chosen. And she had died? That was incredibly unexpected. Was it the Volturri? Did they have anything to do with this? Adelaide tried to sort out her feelings. She didn't really know Maggie, but for her to die... Adelaide felt something inside of her harden. This game was sick. This entire situation should not exist. They needed to find these creators and take them down. These people were innocent! Then again, they had probably committed crimes of some sort. But to sentence them to death like this?

A fleeting thought ran through Adelaide's mind. No... This couldn't be punishment, could it? For sins? Damnation of some sort? There couldn't be a god. There just couldn't. If there was a god, then why was she here? How could she exist? How could vampires exist if there truly was a god? She quickly rid these thoughts from her mind. Keep it simple. Until there was evidence suggesting otherwise, Adelaide needed to survive in order to return to Kevin. They needed to move.

"Okay, lets go." Adelaide ordered. She picked up the backpack and stuffed the wire inside of it before zipping it close. Standing up, she found herself facing the mute once more. "What?" She asked, confused by his own expression of confusion. "Oh..." She realised now that he must wonder what the hell she was. That wire should have shred her hands to pieces.

"Well, I'm a vampire," she said lightly, smiling. He rolled his eyes before nodding, implying that he already deduced as much himself, before turning on her and stalking out of the room. Enough with the friendliness.

"Don't mind if I run, do you?" Adelaide said coldly, running past him and through the door. What a day this was turning out to be. The world just seemed to want to crush her as much as it possibly could. Awesome fun!


"Well, aren't we a group of proactive killers? It seems one team has taken the matter of survival into their own hands instead of relying on the noble suicide. Please give a warm round of applause to the latest deaths; dear Maggie and Thoran. Rest In Peace, fella's."

Chia looked up from his position at the window as the same voice filled the room once more. Maggie and Thoran, huh? Chia thought savagely. At the rate the deaths were coming, he wasn't going to be able to cause any of his own! Unfair. Chia pouted as this thought crossed his mind. What the hell was he given a flamethrower for if everybody was just going to drop dead before he got a chance to use it?

Oh well. There's always the Mirage freak, Chia thought happily. Just as he turned around to face her, she called to him.

"Come look at this."

Chia walked over to the table in the middle of the room where Syd was sitting. He gave her a sleazy grin and wink before sitting down next to her. He caught the fist that was speeding towards his face and bent it backwards before letting it go.

"You touch my face again and I will ensure your death will be by fire."

"You can't, asshole," she retorted, glaring at him. "We're connected." Syd pronounced every syllable slowly and clearly as though Chia could not understand. He glared at her.

"Not forever," he said through gritted teeth, petting his weapon lovingly.

"Thank the Rusty lords," Syd replied. "Or there would be no point in us even trying to work together. Have you ever tried to work with a dog? It ain't easy." She smirked at him before shoving the GPS into his nearly-formed fists. "Look."

Chia looked down at the flashing dots, not knowing nor caring what they meant.

"If you are incapable of translating simple GPS signals, how the hell do you expect to survive?" Chia asked maliciously. Now it was her turn to glare.

"There." She pointed to two dots west, moving at an incredibly fast speed in an eastern direction. Towards them.

"Fuck," Chia said. "Vampires."

"This one," she pointed at a dot east of their location, "is a vamp as well. It'll move forward quickly before heading back and slowing down with their partner. A human, no doubt." [in case of confusion: Izzy and Gaspard]

"Heading towards us?" Chia asked, barely able to contain the excitement in his voice. Syd nodded.

"Same with this one as well." She pointed to a dot blinking a small way above the last one. "Although this vamp comes back less often for its human. Headed to us." [Cable and Drew]

"What about these two?" Chia pointed to two dots nearly directly north of their position.


"Or a couple of dogs," he speculated, remembering the voice telling him there were 13 vampires, 13 humans and 4 werewolves. Syd shrugged, obviously keen on not taking in any of his opinions.

"Get back by the window," she ordered, snatching the GPS away from him again. "The two vamps will be here in a minute or so."

Chia begrudgingly headed back toward the window. Oh how we was going to enjoy charring her delicious, spiteful body to death. Maybe he would take her advice... Necrophilia couldn't be that bad, right? Otherwise, why all the rage? He smirked malevolently as he kept a lookout out the window, watching her death over and over again in his mind. Would three teams just fucking get here already so he could bump 'em off and turn his flamethrower onto the bitch. He was just itching for a fight.

Ammy wrote:
It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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Kail loathed the weapon in her hands. She loved the violence and the horror that would come with using such gun but in the circumstance that they were currently in a gun was very impractical. What would happen when she was done with the rounds? Club her enemies to death?

Envy covered the little bitch that was sitting across the room. He wanted the gun and for that reason only Kail will hold onto it tightly. She got up, ignoring bitch boy across the room and grabbed the four belts of ammo that were on her side of the room. Strapping two over her shoulders and belting the third one on her hips Kail made an inner joke about her being a she-Rambo and let out small laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“Your face” she replied coldly while expertly loading the gun.

“Great. I get stuck with sarcastabitch”

“Creators?” She asked herself, totally ignoring her partner. Now that her gun was loaded it was time to figure out who the hell had put her here. Nikolas of course was the first one she assumed but he didn’t have the power to bring all thirty people here. Did he?

"My my, the game has already started and not all eyes are even open yet. It's my pleasure to announce that one team is already dead. Zara and Kane. Suicide. We won't count that as cheating. Two down. Twenty eight to go."

Kail let out a laugh. “I can’t believe it that stupid bitch went and got herself blown up and on purpose no less”

“You knew them?” The guy stood up

“Unfortunately” she walked towards the door. “But hey, it’s two less that I now have to kill”

“You mean that we have to kill”

Kail turned around with a cocked eyebrow and grinned. Maybe this kid isn’t as annoying as she first thought. “The name’s Kail”


“Well, Alec. You can follow me if you want but I have an agenda to keep up with. I need to find someone”


“Thoran. The only person I will ever trust” she glared and hoped Alec would get the hint.
“Who’s he?”

“Well by the looks of it” Kail looked Alec over from head to toe and back up again “someone who is much better in the sack than you”

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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Pix was watching for enemies. Keeping hidden as best she could. And she was so quiet. Garrick found himself thinking she could have been supernatural if she wanted to be. But she wasn’t, she had the advantage all her own – just being human. He didn’t want to interrupt her searching out people by saying that there was nothing to worry about. He could hear nobody nor could he smell any other people. Besides, it was nice seeing her concentrate and master her stealth skills like she was.

He had told her that they were going to meet up with Ciro, who was with a human named Lindsay. Pix knew her as “Vury’s Lindsay” whoever that Vury person was – Garrick had no idea. Pix wasn’t too big on conversation. Garrick regretting having to meet her under the circumstances that this game introduced. They were perfect for each other, or that was how the imprinting worked anyway.

The more he watched her the more he was thinking about how much he wanted it to be different. Since he had imprinted the overwhelming feeling inside was to protect her at any cost. She was his. But she didn’t even know it.

However, there was a tiny feeling in him. The inkling that harkened back to the past. When he was with Alison…When he fought the pack for her, fought that other guy that was after her, and tried his hardest to protect her – even from himself.

He was glad now that they never did anything. He was glad she moved to Seattle while he was in jail for punching that stupid guy when they on ‘tour’. They were just two perfect lovers in am imperfect world. And now Garrick found himself looking at Pix again. What a crazy happenstance that he should imprint on the person he was connected to. It was poetic, but it was macabre as well.


Pix could feel his eyes on her and it made her try her hardest to concentrate on the surroundings. They were headed towards the city. The police station wouldn’t be too much futher once they got through the edge of the city. Just past the high school and right down Fisson Street. Easy as pie.

Then she felt a searing hot hand on her arm pulling her into a warm body. She was about to cry out when she felt the same hot skin on her mouth. She turned and looked at Garrick. He was telling her to be quiet. He motioned for her to wait there. She nodded. What was going on? What did he know? What could he know? Probably a lot being a werewolf. He hadn’t gone over the list of his abilities. But just by the way he was taking charge now and going out to make sure it wasn’t an enemy – she felt really safe.

She allowed herself a small smile. Which probably looked really odd as she stood there with knife in hand in the middle of a giant cage fight between supernatural beings and humans alike. But she smiled nonetheless.


Ciro was in his wolf form and he heard Garrick’s thoughts. They were meeting up in a clearing behind the high school, right behind their football field. Ciro morphed back and led Lindsay with him. The idea of teaming up with another pairing was really quite exciting. Lindsay wasn’t too thrilled with the idea. But they were doing it anyway.

Lindsay was right behind him as they hustled to the clearing behind the school.

“Are you sure he can be trusted Ciro? What if we all team up and then once the connections are cut one of us flips out and kills everyone else? Pix and I are humans. The chances are we will die first.”

Ciro sighed, “Do you want to see your vampire again?”

She was silent for a moment, her blue eyes watching him, “…Yes,” it was almost a whisper.

“Then you can trust us, werewolves and vampires can smell each other from miles away. Humans are a little harder to catch at long distances. Just think of us as boosters to the signal on your vampire-radar,” he smiled uneasily. She sighed. She obviously still didn’t like the idea.

“Fine,” she said and she stepped in front of him to walk the rest of the way to the clearing. Two distant figures emerged from the trees on the other side.


Vury was still looking at the corpses before him. This…Maggie girl. Nicola didn’t need a reason to kill, she just needed a chance to do it. But this reason seemed ridiculous to him. A guy. A guy? How special could this guy be if Nicola was trying so hard to get Vury on his back? He shook his head and leaned down to get Maggie’s weapons. You never know, right?

Then he looked at Thoran. Vury felt guilt spreading through him like a disease. He let Nicola kill an innocent human. And in that Thoran died as well. There was nothing saying that Thoran didn’t completely deserve what he got. He almost certainly did. But Vury now had his nano-blood on his hands. It was an odd feeling.

"Well, aren't we a group of proactive killers? It seems one team has taken the matter of survival into their own hands instead of relying on the noble suicide. Please give a warm round of applause to the latest deaths; dear Maggie and Thoran. Rest In Peace, fella's."

Vury heard the ‘creators’ taunting him. Good thing they didn’t give the names of who killed Maggie and Thoran. Otherwise he and Nicola were as good as dead. If the creators stuck Thoran in this game he was almost certain Kail was around as well.

“I’ll let her know,” Vury said staring at the headless corpse of Thoran. Nicola called for him to ‘get his happy ass in gear’ and he took one begrudging step at a time.

The last thing Thoran said…the last thing he thought, that only Vury could hear, was that he truly did love Kail. The kill wasn’t fruitless, but it wasn’t going to help him feel any better about himself once this thing was over with.

“Come on mopey, the hospital is right there,” Nicola purred and Vury snapped away his arm from her grip. He looked up and saw the little white building down the dark pavement. It wasn’t too far. But he didn’t feel like running right now.

He just felt his ears stinging with the anticipation of hearing Lindsay’s name over the announcements. Like Kail would have to hear Thoran’s name.

Please creators, don’t let Lindsay be attached to Kail. Or to someone that will be killed just like Maggie was. Please, if you have hearts at all.

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Nikolas woke up and looked around the small room cautiously. For him, it was a very strange feeling waking up, he hadn’t had the pleasure in more than a thousand years. What happened? How did he get here? Who are these creators? Nikolas had only known one creator (his progenitor) and when Kail was his personal assassin, he had her kill him centuries ago.

Never the less it was almost pointless for Nikolas to stress about how he got here. It was quite obvious that these creators weren’t here… well unless they wanted to die to.

The body a few feet away from him started to stir. Nikolas reached down for the almost useless antique pistol that sat in front of him and waited patiently for the stranger to wake up. Here eyelids started to quiver and eventually she slowly sat up. It was obvious to him that she too, was a vampire and waking up from an unconscious state was foreign to her as well.

“The sleeping beauty awakens” he spoke softly as if not to startle her. Honestly he didn’t think that she was beautiful (he didn’t think that anyone but his deceased wife was beautiful. He had been sexually neutral since the day she died and will never change) but Nikolas knew how to complement a girl.

She looked at him warily but never said a word. Nikolas felt everything that was surging through her body. Fear and confusion over what was going on, anger at whoever did this to her, and if he tried really hard he could feel the soft feelings that someone had when they loved another.

Being an Empath is not always a gift.

“Hullo my dear.” Speaking in the same softened tone as before “My name is Nikolas” he offered her a hand to help her get up. She glared at him then stood up on her own. “I will not hurt you, especially since in our current situation we are linked and I would like to stay alive.” The girl still didn’t say anything but continued to look him over. Appraising maybe?

After a few long moments of silence the girl finally spoke up.

“I’m Lane”

“Well it’s a pleasure my dear Lane. Now how do you suggest we survive this… predicament that we have been placed into?”

Lane reached down and grabbed the stakes. She felt that her weapon was inferior but still had the want to kill. “We attack”

Nikolas shook his head in dissagreance. “I am afraid not my dear.”

“Why?” she growled through clenched teeth.

“Because I haven’t survived this past millennia by stooping as low a primate and killing all who come into my sight.”

“Then what is it we advice we do, ol’wise one?”

Nikolas laughed at her bitter feelings, and though she was using sarcasm she was very correct.

“We wait, we watch. Some may find us and might join in out strategy. If so, we will use them to attack”

“Why so… so…”

“Passive aggressive?” Nikolas gave her a smirk “Because I don’t want to get my clothes dirty” he joked. She would never know his real reason for the lack of violence.


They didn’t have to walk very far to find the first group of people. Nikolas stayed as far away as possible and knew that him being down wind from the foursome worked to his advantage.

He heard names and watched intently just as the female vampire sank her teeth into the human’s neck. Maggie was the girl who Nikola was sucking the life out of.. The two males stood at a stand off the human (by looks only, as he didn’t have a human scent) panicked as he watched Maggie’s life being pulled away. Vury (Kail’s first victim to their shared disease as Nikolas remembers) allowed Nikola to kill Maggie. Thoran’s collar went off and with a loud explosion Nikolas had all of the information he needed, he headed back to the hut.

Thoran, Kail’s Thoran was dead.

“This game just got very interesting” Nikolas mused to himself.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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If I swing this way, I can decapitate heads. Chopity-chop. If I swing this way, they get chinked in the waist. Chopitiness. And, Kevin thought, smirking, his lowered ax moving sharply upward, if I swing THIS way, people like Norm will get chopped in the--

"For the last time, stop that!" Jace snapped. The map crinkled in her hands.

Kevin did, grumbling, "Sorry."

Jace only kept looking at him long enough to roll her eyes. "You are so going to get us k--"

"Well, aren't we a group of proactive killers? It seems one team has taken the matter of survival into their own hands instead of relying on the noble suicide. Please give a warm round of applause to the latest deaths; dear Maggie and Thoran. Rest In Peace, fella's."

"Damn it," Jace hissed. Stuffing the map under her arm so she could get a better hold of her flamethrower, Jace strode forward. "Come on, before the next announcement is about our deaths because we've been stupidly standing around."

Nodding distractedly, Kevin followed her. They'd said Maggie died -- was that the same Maggie Shelby knew? Did that mean Shelby was here as well? What about his family, or Adelaide? He tried to remember all the pairs listed at the start of the game and failed. Hopefully, his luck was benign enough to have only him suffer through this, and not anyone he cared about.

"Pay attention!" Jace snapped when he almost ran into her, too lost in his thoughts. "You'd think you have a death wish."

"Sometimes I do," he joked. This just made her glower even more.

"Yeah, well, I don't." She proceeded forward.

Doing his best to not worry about who else might be in the game, Kevin came in-step with Jace and asked, "So, where are we going?"

She shrugged. "How 'bout the clock tower?"

"Sounds good to me." Kevin gripped his ax more tightly. Hopefully he'd get to chop things soon.

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Alec looked over to Kail. She was snarky. She was manic. And she was a pain in the ass. He rolled his eyes at the ‘better in the sack’ comment. What did this bitch know about him in the sack? She would never know. The only people that would ever know about that were Nicola and –

"Well, aren't we a group of proactive killers? It seems one team has taken the matter of survival into their own hands instead of relying on the noble suicide. Please give a warm round of applause to the latest deaths; dear Maggie and Thoran. Rest In Peace, fella's."

Maggie? Alec felt an icy punch in his stomach and he gripped tightly onto the hilt of the sword. What…she was just a human. A fucking human. What the hell was she doing in this god-damned game? He felt a hot surge of sadness take over his senses, warming his veins like they were when they were alive. Human. Then the chilly edge of anger. Freezing his blood like the undead creature that he was. Maggie had died. And the creators wouldn’t tell him what team did it.

He heard a noise escape Kail’s throat and he turned to see her fall to her knees. Heart gripping the fabric around her left breast. Where her heart would have been if she still had one that beat on its own. Alec watched her glassy eyes wander around the room. Searching. Her mouth open and her hand clutching at her chest.

Alec glared at her in confusion. What the hell was this? Then he recalled something she said.

“Thoran. The only person I will ever trust”

Alec realized now. Thoran was hers. And they were together. The only thing that linked her to any kind of humanity. That humanity that she lost a long time ago. Alec thought of a million things to snap at her with. A few snide remarks to one-up her and keep her hating him. Any of them could have rolled off his tongue if he bade them.

But the lost empty look in her eyes had him thinking of Terra. Of losing Maggie, even though he still didn’t understand what they were to each other. The same look he must have given when Nikolas abandoned him. When he had to leave Az.

So he locked his jaw. He silenced himself. Probably the only decent thing he would allow for Kail. He just held onto his sword and left Kail behind him. She would catch up. He would give her a moment to collect herself. And then they would go back to being enemies when she put herself back together and got her defenses up.

That’s just how it was.
And together they would both find out who killed Maggie and Thoran.
Let whoever it was reap what they sow.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As they descended down Raccoon Stone Villa Lane, and towards the city, the message kept on replaying through Izzy's head. Apparently they were being held here -- in, according to the map, some strange island-looking place -- by 'the creators'. But who the hell were they? "This is all Mirage's fault; let me guess, you got on the wrong side of Zara too?" she snapped at Gaspard.

Gaspard shifted his head slightly to give her a blank stare. "Zara? Zara -- who?"

Just then, a voice crackled through the sound-waves. As it spoke, Izzy stared around into the sky -- searching for it, but she couldn't identify it's source. "My my, the game has already started and not all eyes are even open yet. It's my pleasure to announce that one team is already dead. Zara and Kane. Suicide. We won't count that as cheating. Two down. Twenty eight to go."

"I guess she isn't behind this," Gaspard shrugged, continuing to walk towards the city.

"What? What?" Izzy spat at his retreating figure. She ran after him, her shoes scraping against the concrete clumsily. So, Zara and Kane were dead. The idea in itself was so weird; so hard to register. "Okay, she's dead; typical. Who do you think's behind this?"

"I don't know," Gaspard shrugged, "nobody I know."

"Mirage, obviously," Izzy spat, walking beside him.

Gaspard just shook his head weirdly. "I'm already tiring of that word," he shot back, walking faster.

Izzy tried to flash him a glare, but struggled doing so while trying to keep up with his increasingly quickening pace. "Like I care what you think, right now, let's face it -- you need me."

"I don't need you," he tried to conceal his anger, but his gritted teeth and tone gave him away. "I'm stuck with you."

Izzy shot him a despairing look. "Yeah, you'll go a long way with that little knife, yup; a long way."

"Okay, let's try to stop you from speaking to me, for... five minutes," Gaspard glowered.

"Look, I wouldn't be speaking to you if you hadn't spoken to me first," Izzy snapped, "so you try stop speaking to me for five minutes."

"Fine," Gaspard said through clenched teeth.

They walked a bit forward and it wasn't long before Izzy found the grey strip coming to an end, slowly the turbulent, green waves of the wilderness disappeared and something more modern came in view. Izzy begun to get bored of the silence and tore out her map, she started studying it; with the tiny symbols and writing, it looked similar to the maps of rusty days. Realisation grabbed her. "A rusty."

"You lasted thirty-nine seconds," Gaspard bristled.

"Whatever. So did you," Izzy pointed out, "and anyway, this is way too important, way more important than your stupid game anyway, do you seriously find that kind of stuff fun?" she sighed, turning to face him, "a rusty is behind this whole crazy 'kill all' sort of game; I mean, look at this map, a rusty made it."

"Rusty?" Gaspard looked stupefied.

Just then the same sinister voice crackled through the atmosphere. "Well, aren't we a group of proactive killers? It seems one team has taken the matter of survival into their own hands instead of relying on the noble suicide. Please give a warm round of applause to the latest deaths; dear Maggie and Thoran. Rest In Peace, fella's."

"Oh shit," Izzy shuddered, forgetting about their conversation. "Some crazy psycho's already going around killing people."

"Well, that is the purpose of the game," Gaspard replied smoothly.

They were well into the city now. As they strode through Raccoon St. -- according to the map -- Izzy felt a slight pang of fear usher through her. What if their names were the next to be called through the announcer? Was there anyway out of this game. Suddenly it felt all too real. Forcing the thoughts out of her mind, Izzy looked forward through the eerily quiet city. Gaspard strode quickly beside her and as she turned to glare at him, he stopped.

Sighing, Izzy stopped as well. "What are you--" she started angrily, but when Gaspard pulled out his map and rifled through it and stared up again in the distance, she spun around and in the distance -- about twenty metres away -- there stood an elegant building with a clock splayed at the top. "That's it?" she asked, unimpressed. "I was expecting something more."

Gaspard shot her a withering look, "I don't care what you expected or not." He pushed the map back into his pocket and pursed his lips while examining the clocktower in the distance. He started walking towards it, with long, steady strides. For a few moments, Izzy found herself being held back, only dragging herself forward when he called from ahead, "come on -- or we're going to be dead, next!"

Frowning at him and clutching her sniper rifle, she ran after him.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Well, aren't we a group of proactive killers? It seems one team has taken the matter of survival into their own hands instead of relying on the noble suicide. Please give a warm round of applause to the latest deaths; dear Maggie and Thoran. Rest In Peace, fella's.

Kail let out a loud gasp as she received a shockingly painful stab to the heart. Pain and agony was all she could feel, she clutched where her once beating heart lay and fell to her knees.

She didn’t pay attention to any of her senses, she didn’t care how it looked to Alec –he didn’t matter. All Kail could think about was how. So many hows. How could he die? how could he leave her to live without him? How could he not fight? How come it hurt so much?

Kail sobbed a tearless cry and gasped for air. Such a weak human response, she didn’t need air or couldn't produce tears. But all she could do was focus on the pain, on the thought that she would never see him again, never hear is voice or have him hold her again.

Did he die because of the strange connection to Zara? Where their nanos connected that much? It was hardly believable that the nanos couldn’t heal him. What had happened? What would render them useless and unable to heal his body?

Kail had so many questions running surging through her brain that she lost focus. Her control over the sins was gone, every one of them hit her like a wreaking ball.

Why did others get to live while Thoran had to die. The only fucking thing that she had in this world Why the hell did she have to feel so much pain? Alec, the lucky bastard didn’t feel pain right now. Why didn’t someone he love die? Kail envied his lack of pain.

That wasn’t fair! Damnit! This wasn’t fair, he should feel pain too. Kail felt her body shift, every muscle harden, her senses heighten, and her eyes dilate turning from blood red to onyx black.

Kail hated Alec, he didn’t deserve to live. She recognized the wrathful sin that consumed her but didn’t care. Right now she didn’t care if Alec died in her rage. IN fact may that was a good thing, if he die so would she. Her and Thoran would be together, the would be burning in the fires of Hell but at least they would be together.

Taking Alec by surprise she charged him. They flew through a tree and landed hard on the other side.

“What the fuck are you doing!?”

Kail’s reply was a low rumble, her nails dug deep into his arms and she easily held him down to the ground.

Alec let out a wince of pain. “Get the hell off of me Kail. Do you realize what you are doing?”

She cocked her head to one side and gave him a blank stare “Kail’s not home right now please leave a message at the sound of the beep”

The sins had totally consumed her. By now she had lost all control and was bowing to all of their whims.

“Seriously. You are one fucked up-“

She interrupted him with a low menacing laugh. Her head shot back and the laugh continued. One second later she stopped and looked back into his eyes.

“What do you think would happen if I just nibbled at your neck, just a little bit”


Kail leaned forward, still easily holding his struggles and dragged her teeth lightly along Alec’s collar.

He smelt good. Not like Thoran, but she still enjoyed the scent. Other feelings started to take over her body as she went from toying with their deaths to kissing along his jugular. For a few moments their bodies, tongues, and lips intertwined and moved all over each other. Soon though, Kail’s body went from pleasure to pain as Alec flipped her off of him and into a tree.

“What is wrong with you? Do you have schizophrenia or something?” Alec shouted from a few meters away.

“There is nothing wrong with me” Kail declared as pride took over. “But obviously, there is something wrong with you. How can you resist this?”

“Quite easy actually.” He laughed.

“If you were smart, you would stick with me. I have gifts”

“If these are your gifts I would rather stay the hell away from you. Crazy Bitch” Alec turned his back and started walking away.

“Insolent moron” Kail mumbled in a low tone before she caught an amazing scent hit her. Venom started to flow in her mouth and suddenly her body ached for substance. “I need to feed” she announced then started heading in the direction of the scent.

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A scent filled Adelaide's nose that made her instantly on edge. She knew that smell; it was so familiar, yet somehow different. Her stance was defensive, although there was really no need. The werewolf was a good three kilometers away. [Alexa] Her mute partner was even further behind.

Adelaide sighed, knowing she would have to go back to catch up with him eventually. Having a mortal partner was really rather tiring. It was best if they got as far away from the werewolf as possible, seeing as she was still unsure as to whether or not she actually had enough vampire left in her to kill. It was only a matter of time until Adelaide's own seemingly toxic scent made its way to the werewolf. Lucky for her, nature seemed to be on their side; a nice southerly wind to mask her vampiric scent.

Coming to a stop between two rather small sized trees, Adelaide closed her eyes and took in the scents around her. She could still faintly smell the wolf and whomever it was with; at this point Adelaide could only assume it was human seeing as she couldn't really pick up any other scent. The was another more metallic scent that she had been smelling for a few minutes now. It grew stronger with every step she took in an easterly direction - the city. She could feel the buildings, the structures, the teams coming in from all sides, closing in until they faced each other and fought 'till the death.

Sighing, Adelaide begrudgingly turned around and headed back towards her connectee. They needed to get out of this area, and pronto. After the last chilling announcement from the creators, Adelaide could only assume that every team left was serious about winning, about survival. Another team close by, a mortal enemy at that, wasn't a very smart thing to not act upon.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind brought the scent deep within her nostrils. Adelaide recognised it, finally. It had reminded her so forcefully of Amaro and now she understood why. Alexa. This really wasn't good, although she couldn't help but let the feeling of relief wash over her. From what she could tell, Amaro wasn't in this game. And she wouldn't find out either, unless she ran into him or... Adelaide suppressed a shudder. Or it was his name in an announcement.

After a few solid minutes of gliding through the trees, feet barely touching the ground as though she was flying, Adelaide came to a stop near her partner. Thinking it would be more courteous and making him less likely to attack if she walked back in human speed, Adelaide basically crawled the last few meters. At least, thats what speed it felt like to her.

"We need to get a move on," she proclaimed as soon as he came into view. He gave no evidence that her heard her, or that he even realised she left. Adelaide sighed. What a brilliant partner fate forced onto her. Wait, no... The creators forced onto her.

"There's a.... That is, we're in a bit of a tight spot." He continued to stare straight ahead, marching forcefully through the bush.

"As you can see, neither of us really have any weapons of, uh, use." Adelaide motioned to her backpack and then to the bulletproof vest her muted companion was now sporting.

"If it were two humans then I would be... More than capable of-- We would've managed, had there been a fight. Up ahead, it seems we are going to run into a bit of trouble."

Adelaide turned around to face him now, walking backwards through the trees. He still gave no recognition that he was even listening to her, although she swore his eyebrows were slightly raised. Maybe it was just a trick of the light. Stupid muted prick.

"Its a werewolf," Adelaide stated plainly, sick of trying to be nice. "I know her. She's good. I haven't fought in years. Decades. She will probably have weapons, and a companion with weapons. I think it best if we try to get past them without detection."

At this Adelaide stopped walking and stared directly into the eyes of her determinedly silent partner. Only a few paces short of where she was standing, he finally stopped. A grunt, a shrug, and he plowed on past her.

"Okay, see, thing is, you aren't really listening to me," Adelaide said firmly. "We can't take on Alexa. You may have a death wish but at this point, I don't. I'm sorry to have to do this, but you seem unwilling to cooperate."

This seemed to finally have caught his attention. Just as he turned around to face her, Adelaide called upon her self control to inflict a painful yet not damaging punch to his head. His eyes grew wide and a hint of a smirk formed on his face as he fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Sorry," Adelaide said.

And she was.

Kinda. She didn't want to have to resort to violence but she knew for a fact that they would not win against Alexa. That, and she wasn't that keen on fighting, let alone killing, her. Alexa, although not a friend, had never harmed or mistreated Adelaide in any way. Adelaide wasn't about to ruin this well formed non-verbal truce just because a bunch of whackos had decided it would be funny to make 30 mortals and supernaturals battle to the death on some creepy island.

Picking her now knocked-out buddy up, Adelaide slung him onto her shoulders as though he were as light as a feather. She began running through the trees, trying to stay on a path that would take her to the city the fastest, yet not bringing her any closer to Alexa. She prayed to other people's gods that the wind stayed southerly. If it were up to her, Adelaide knew she would take flight rather than take part in any fight. It was just the way life had made her.

[hahahaha.... Adelaide carrying Laryx through the forest.. Is that not just the most hilarious image ever? Okay, not ever... But its pretty amusing, eh?]

Ammy wrote:
It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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Lindsay was beautiful. Pix was taken back by her long wavy locks and her bright blue eyes. Even in this desperate situation with weapons at the ready and friends pitted against one another Pix could still admire Vury’s choice. Lindsay was gorgeous. Pix thought about them standing side by side and it made complete sense.

For a moment Pix felt shamed and looked away. This brought her to look at the person that Lindsay was connected to. Ciro. He had shoulder length hair like Garrick. Ciro looked like a soldier though. Pix glanced over to Garrick. Garrick didn’t look like a soldier. He was either a sniper like her, skinny and swift, or a tactics person. Lindsay? She looked pretty comfortable with the pistol on her hand. She could be a spy like Syd was. Or Ren. If Ren was still alive.

They all finally stopped their walking and met up. Ciro and Garrick giving each other a hug and pat on the back. The same pack? Pix wondered. She looked away from the friends and looked to Lindsay. Pix smiled as best she could, but Lindsay’s half-smile was so warm against the grey of the night sky closing around them.

“So…it’s nice to finally meet you,” Pix said lamely. What the hell? Akward meeting in the middle of a death match. But Lindsay just nodded and paid her own greetings a little more graceful than Pix had.

Pix just wanted them to start moving already. Social situations were not her forte. She just wanted the guns at the police station. Then she would feel a hell of a lot safer. Even if, embarrassingly, Garrick made Pix feel quite safe all on his own.


Alec was keeping his distance from Kail. She was fucking nuts. Then again, so was he. And she wasn’t some stupid vegetarian that didn’t eat humans. They were perfectly matched. Too bad she was a pain in the ass with her hot and cold, push and pull, on and off again personality. They were too much like each other, that was the problem.

Alec wanted Az around more than ever. Kail losing Thoran was like a nail in the metaphorical coffin for him. Reminded him too damn much of losing Terra. And now Maggie was gone, even if they really weren’t what they could have been. It was odd how much Alec felt for Maggie even though they were only ghosts of what they might have become.

Too much thinking, Alec got out of his own head.
He put his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“We better find some humans soon, I’m hungry,” he growled.


The hospital was a dull blue because of the sinking sun outside. The empty corridors reminded Vury of Axsym. White. Sterile. Cold. He tightened his grip on his axe and smelled Nicola’s scent as she flipped her hair and got closer to Vury’s backside. He could feel her and mind chatter of her thinking about his body echoed into his head.

“Would you please,” he snapped.

“Well since you asked,” she smirked and her hand snaked around his thigh and brushed his crotch. When he turned to push her off angrily her hand was already ready for his face and she pulled him into her. Her mouth invaded his own and she bit down on his bottom lip as he tried to tug away. Causing him immense pain as her venom laced into his skin and the pressure of trying to pull away had his skin under her fangs.

Damnit Nicola. You horny bitch. He grabbed her hair behind her just over her butt and he yanked her head back. Her teeth released him and she was smiling with his blood running down her chin. He hissed into her ear.

“Do that again and I’ll rip your collar off myself,” his voice was raspy and his eyes were bled to black he was so angry. She just looked over to him and laughed a little.

“Then you can say goodbye to your own neck as well honey.”

Vury growled and pulled her hair so that she was slammed into the wall behind her. She cried out and he let out a low predatory growl.
“Kiss me again and I’ll be begging for death you slutty bitch.”

She was silent. She glared and licked the blood on her chin. Vury figured there was probably blood on his own lips as well from where her fangs pierced him. But he didn’t care. Right now he was trying his hardest not to kill her himself.


Pix’s spirits lifted the minute she saw the building. Yes! And if nobody else had gotten to it first then it meant that she would have a far better weapon than this stupid knife. She beamed a smile and took a deep breath.

“You alright?” came Garricks voice behind her.

She turned to him. He was smiling a little himself. She decided to not let her own fade. How many smiles would this game allow anyway, right?

“I’m just glad that…that I’ll be getting a better weapon. Then maybe we can get out of this game faster,” as she spoke Ciro and Lindsay walked past them and kept an eye out as they neared the building.

Garrick had only eyes for Pix though. And it took everything Pix had to keep her eyes on him, her instincts itching at her to make sure they were safe. But part of her coaxed those insecurities by looking at Garrick and realizing that if he wasn’t on edge then she shouldn’t have any reason to be either.

“I hope so,” Garrick said, “I hate that we had to meet like this.”

Pix recoiled a little bit from the comment. What did he mean? It sounded so…so final. Like he knew something she didn’t. We had to meet like this? What was so important about them meeting? She ruffled her brows and confusion must have been evident on her face because he just shook his head and looked over to the building that was their great white hope.

“Nevermind. I’m sorry. I’m horrible with words,” he said and he joined Ciro and Lindsay, leaving Pix behind him. Pix was confused. What was this? Did he…

No. There was no way that someone like him could feel inclined to protect someone like her. One problem was that she could hold her own, she was fully capable of protecting herself. And the second problem was that Pix was reading far too much into it. He was just looking out for himself. A self-concious hand reached up to the cold metal collar around her neck.

Once they were disconnected then he would be gone. She was just a human after all.


After their little episode Vury made sure Nicola kept her distance from him. She went down another hallway and they split up. He could still pick up her mind if he wanted to, so there was no real harm. And hopefully she could hold her own so that he wasn’t in too much danger himself.

He was scanning the whole building for mind chatter. Another human. Another vampire. Another player in the game. Anyone.

He checked the bottom floor. Nothing. He checked below that. The morque. Just empty minds. No chatter at all. Then he went up the stairwell. Past the reception desk. Down the hallway. Doors passing by. White tiles. Clean knobs. No minds. No nothing. Just empty. Sterile and emp-

Wait. A mind? Someone else? On the second floor. Nicola and he were on the third floor by now. Looking for the blood bank which was in the far corner of the hospital. Nicola was nearer to the surgery-recovery wing. Vury was closest to supplies, blood included. But now two more minds were coming up the stairs.

They were too far away for Vury to pin down exactly who it was. He used his vampire speed to run to Nicola. She was about to speak when Vury covered her lips with his hand. He held up two fingers with his other hand. Then he pointed to the direction of the main stairs. She understood. She nodded once, he let down his hand. They were already deep into the game. Might as well play the hand they were dealt.


The police station was locked when they got there. But with help from Lindsay and Pix they were in. Axsym trained Lindsay well. Mirage trained Pix well. They should have been enemies, but they made a pretty good team.

Pix looked around in the darkness. Everything looked so alien without people around. Garrick was the first one to break the lock on the door to where they kept the weapons. Pix hurried over and looked in the door.

They weren’t too impressive. Nothing like the collection at Mirage. But they were far better than her wimpy knife. She set the knife down on a little check-out desk where the squad would sign out what weapon they were taking. She went over to the slick, black guns lined up in rows from smallest to largest.

“Hello ladies,” she smirked and ran her hand down the closest thing to a sniper rifle they had. It didn’t have a scope or night vision, but it’s range would be good enough and Pix would just have to squint and focus. Maybe she could find a scope somewhere and strap it to the top of the gun. Right now she was just getting a feel for the weight of the gun in her arm.

It definitely felt right. She felt like herself again.


Vury felt the minds split up as soon as he and Nicola did. Interesting. He had instructed Nicola to hold back on killing whoever it was until they were sure who was connected and who they were. Right now Vury couldn’t get an accurate reading.

He walked to a clearing where there was a long wall between two reception desks. Patient check-in on his side, and patient release wherever the other player would end up. Vury stood facing the shiny blue marble of the desk in front of him. The mind chatter was nearing him. The voice clearer. He could hear the mind now.

It was a female. Thinking about a dot on a screen. Step. Step. Step. Go to the dot. The voice sounded so familiar. But without any real thoughts, aside from the dot, he couldn’t pin down who it was. The mind got too close, Vury needed to see who it was. He walked closer to one end of the wall. But the mind followed him!

He backed away and ran to the other end. The mind followed him there too! God-bless, what was this? He focused on the thoughts. Nothing but this girl following a dot. What it some kind of mind trick? A mental block? He went to the other end again. But she was walking towards that end now.

“Fuck this,” he spat and stepped out to finally see who it was. Then her face looked up from the little screen in her hands. Her features glowing thank to the little electrical light below her.

“You?” she snipped.

“Syd?” Vury asked incredulously.
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Nicola was almost having more fun messing with Vury's mind than the idea of actually messing around with him. He was taking this far too seriously. They were immortal, death was almost impossible. He was young, probably unsure of his place in the grand scheme of things. She had been around for hundreds of years, and would be for hundreds more. Whoever he ran into, they were familiar. She couldn't make out the name, but the matching tones implied familiarity. The mostly human male she was smelling must be the girl's partner. In that case, she'd wait on killing him. Nicola rounded the corner.

He had intensely colored eyes; they appealed to her immediately. His mouth was sensual and cruel; a dangerous combination with his pronounced cheekbones and slashes of dark hair. He was glaring at her, a flame thrower aimed right at her face. Nicola dodged until she was standing behind him, her hands on his body, stopping him from turning. His musculature was firm under his clothes. He was strong. Mmm...she began mentally purring.

"I won't hurt you...unless you want me to..." she growled in his ear, the dirty thoughts and fantasies already spinning out of control in her mind. She slid the straps of the flamethrower off his shoulder and spun him around, sliding up his shirt as she went, remembering he was human and she needed to be careful.

"You're a fucking vampire." He sounded a little confused, maybe even frustrated.

"Exactly," she hissed, digging her fingers into his skin a little bit. Whatever he was trying to sort out he quickly began to ignore, his mouth attacking her neck giving her a feeling that she was being kissed by flames. He pulled her hair, controlling her, and they moved to the ground. This game was much more fun than she gave it credit for. And it had been way too long since she'd gotten laid...


Syd watched Vury suddenly wince. "What's the matter?"

"Uh...Nicola and Chia..."

Syd panicked and grabbed for her collar. "What? What's going on? Who's Nicola?" The name sounded strange to her.

"No everything's...fine. They're...getting to know one another. Intimately."


"Well, she's not making anymore tries for me, so I really can't complain, I just don't want to see," he rubbed at his head in frustration.

"We should get moving anyways." She didn't want to be around anyone she might have to kill when the next pair bit the dust. It was unlikely that Vury would be one of those to go before the separations were complete, but it was better to keep her distance when possible. They needed to get back to the tower. Now. An afterthought had her pausing. "Is...is Kevin here?"

She watched an almost smirk cross Vury's face, like he really wanted to mock her for this, but it was shadowed by concern. "Yes."

Syd's chest seized up. Part of her wanted to kill him, sacrifice him to keep her safe...and part of her wanted to do everything she could to keep him safe. It hurt to know that she needed him. That his existence in this game made her weaker. "We're going to the clocktower. I wouldn't follow. Are they finished?"

Vury winced. "Just."

"Ew..." Syd and Vury headed off in the direction of their partners. Why did Chia have to be such a whore? Was this cheating on Jace? Were him and Jace really even together? So not the time to be thinking about that. Whoever else was here, her original strategy still applied. "Survival trumps love..." she whispered. Vury stiffened at her side, but said nothing.


Lindsay watched Pix with the guns, glad someone else on their odd little team really knew how to use one. Ciro seemed a little unsure with his daggers and Garrick was carrying the grenades awkwardly. Did these werewolves always have to be shirtless? She watched what was happening between Pix and Garrick, the subtle changes in Pix whenever he looked at her. Complicated. Ciro had said it was complicated. Was life with supernatural beings ever NOT complicated?

She wanted to see Vury. Immediately. So that he could see that she was human again, even if it was only for this...random whatever it is. Maybe then he could forgive himself, and then maybe in some sort of life she could really forgive him. Was Kail here? Thoran had been, so that had to mean that Kail was. They were so...disturbingly inseparable...at least they had been. It was strange, she'd gone to Kail to teach her, and now was way too happy to be away from her.

She sat next to Pix as the wolves had gone out to sniff around. "Life is short, you know. Shorter than it would seem."

Pix looked at her sharply. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that there's a really good chance we're going to die here, and if you want him - don't waste time. Go for it." Pix tensed and blushed profusely. "You don't see the way he looks at you. Don't waste time," Lindsay pressed on her again. There was a shuffling noise and the wolves re-entered, huge and frightening, but at the same time almost breathtaking in their size and the beauty of their coats.

"Head to the center of the city?" she asked as they emerged half-dressed from the trees.

"Yea. The vampires all seem to be heading that way, anyways. If we can kill them all at once...it would even out the odds."

Rage built inside her. "You don't even know who they are!"

Ciro smirked slightly. "I thought you were some sort of slayer."

"And if you kill Vury I'm going to slay you wolf. Anyone but him," the violence of her reaction was scaring her a little. Maybe she hadn't realized how much she missed him.

"Fine," Ciro snapped, "I won't kill the vampire that CHANGED you out of SELFISHNESS, who you're now so desperate to go back to. Women," he shook his head with a snarl, "what is it about pale and dead that appeals to you?"

Lindsay was about to open her mouth, but Garrick stepped between them, trying to calm the situation. "We don't kill anyone until we know who they are, or who they're connected to."

"Fine," her and Ciro said at almost the same time through equally clenched jaws. He had seemed fine before, what was his problem now? They started walking, and her heart started to get more hopeful. If she called for him, would he hear her? Did he want to hear?
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[[ The Jace/Chia portion gets a little graphic, I tried to keep it PG-13. And the fight at the end turns really gruesome. So. Watch out I guess? lol. Why else do we do this game unless we want to see death right?]]

They had made it to the clock tower without much event. Chia and Nicola were below the very top level where Syd and Vury were. Vury wished two things.
One. No more Asset-hearing. So he didn’t have to hear the two below them getting to know each other as they were.
And two. Lindsay. He wanted her here. He wanted her safe. Every second that Syd looked at her screen he wished to see the little dot that proved she was coming to them. But each moment that passed without so much as a spec of a person, his heart sank a little more with desperation.
He hadn’t heard her over the announcements, but he still worried about her.

“So, any particular reason for your logic?” he asked Syd.

Her brown eyes looked up from the screen. She sighed in an exasperated way, “The clock tower is a great advantage point. It high enough to see anyone coming and we have a great advantage as far as signals go for this,” she motioned to the GPS in her hands.

Vury’s expression remained still.
“I didn’t mean that logic.”

She looked up to meet his eyes, confused.

“I meant the survival logic.”

Realization dawned on her and she physically tensed only the slightest bit. Her lip was pursed into a thin line and she went back to concentrating on the screen.
“It’s just how it is. The end.”

Vury wasn’t going to let it go.
“Is that why you left him?”

She glared at the screen. She didn’t want to be reminded of Syd leaving right after she and Kevin had finally slept together. It left Kevin in something of a mess, but she was in Diego so she couldn’t see the effect. Vury was trying to resist swimming through her mind as she relived the exit from Mirage.

“I left for my own reasons Vury, now kindly stop asking me about it.”

“I’m just trying to get a handle on you Syd. I mean-” but she whipped her head around to interrupt him.

“Well stop! I left because I wanted to and I needed to because I just can’t lo…” Vury could see the word on the tip of her mind. Love. She can’t love him?
She set back up her wall of armor, shielding her thoughts and giving him a steely look.
“I just can’t look after your little ‘Mirage’ anymore. That tomb of a place is just not where I want to spend my time. And I don’t apologize for leaving.”


“What? Ask me again why I left. I can tell you all the reasons I le-” this time he interrupted her.

“Syd, shut up. Look at your screen.”

There on the screen were two little dots coming down Racoon Street. They both went to the window to see who it was since the screen wouldn’t tell them.
They were still far enough away to not be able to see their faces too well, but Vury concentrated on the lingering brain waves.

“It’s…Jace. And, some other vampire. A young one.”

“Jace? Is she herself or is she what Axsym made her?” Syd seemed almost desperate to know, but she collected her voice towards the end of the sentence to cover herself.

“It’s hard to tell. But the minute they walk downstairs and see Chia and Nicola…I think she might be Axsym’s creation either way.”

They both looked at each other in a desperate look.

“Fuck,” Syd sighed.


Pix and the others were on the roof of the Police station. It wasn’t very high, two stories. But with four people, one at each wall, it was almost impossible to get past them. Of course, having two werewolves might help their chances as well.

Pix looked over her shoulder, giving up watching the empty road, and looked over to Garrick. He looked kind of odd with a gun under his arm. But his eyes scanning the little amount of city that stopped and gave way to more forest.

Pix looked again over the buildings around her, she was facing the middle of the city, and it was so empty. She bit her lip, thought about it, and thought about what Lindsay said.
She didn’t want to waste time.
She gave up her post and brought herself and her gun over to Garrick. He looked surprised to see her over at his side, but his surprised melted into a smile. His warm smile made her blush, but she covered it with hair quickly by looking to her feet as she crouched down to his level.

“Nothing going on over there. What about over here?” She tried to say as casual as possible.

His eyes scanned the quiet rooftops and the still forest. He beamed a golden smile in her direction, “Enough for two people to watch over if you care to join me.”

She opened her mouth to talk.
Say something clever. Something flirty. What would Ren say?
Pix realized she had never really needed to flirt before. It was so alien to someone who avoided even a conversation at all.

“Because honestly I don’t think I would know what to look for anyway,” Garrick said, saving her having to come up with anything. She just smiled a little and nodded.



Jace was walking ahead of Kevin. Falling in step with him was exceedingly annoying.

“Hey, slow down. Do you want to get caught?”

“Maybe,” she muttered under her breath. He didn’t hear her, so he kept going.

“If we walk slowly we can get a bearing on the area, see if anyone is here or not.”

Jace rolled her eyes and held out her flame-thrower in front of her.
“There. Happy?”

Kevin clucked his tongue and was about to say something else until a faint scream was heard over the silence that enveloped them.
Jace’s human ears couldn’t pick up where it came from, so she looked back to Kevin. He nodded to the clock tower. Jace listened again, taking slow and careful steps.
There it was again, only this time it was followed by a higher scream right after. Same person. Three screams? What the hell was going on? Torture?

Jace raced over to the door. Kevin hissed from behind her to stop, slow down, something else. But Jace had her back to the wall, scooting quietly towards the door.
She could hear heavy breathing. And then something slamming against the wall. A heavy grunt let her know it was a human. Jesus Christ. Was this a fist fight or…

Then she heard it. He moaned once and then a grunt as a woman’s voice let out a sigh. Her eyes narrowed.
“I know that moan,” she spat. Her pupils dilated and she stormed through the door to see what she knew she would. Chia on top of another woman.

As the door fell to the ground the two looked up to see a very angry looking Jace with a flame-thrower aimed at them.
The one with blonde curls below Chia was muttering something. ‘Who is that?’ ‘What’s going on?’ Something like that. All Jace could see was Chia’s sweaty muscles, his chest rising and falling as he tried to catch his breath, and his bright eyes looking her up and down.

She smirked and as Kevin walked in behind her she dropped her weapon. Chia grinned like a big bad wolf and Jace walked towards him with determined footsteps. Chia rose from the blonde laying on the ground and Jace kicked him into the wall and he crumpled to the ground.
The blonde rose to attack Jace but she sent a round kick into the blonde’s gut and she winced in pain.
Mine,” Jace hissed.

And with that she walked over to where Chia was rising from the ground with a bloody lip. She slapped him across the face and when he turned back to her she had removed her top and was now lapping the blood from the cut on his mouth.
Oh the taste of Chia’s blood. Like no other drug on the earth.
She felt Chia’s grip on her hips bring her to the ground and she wrapped her legs around him.
Ah. Good pet.


“So, tell me about home,” Garrick said to Pix as they sat on the roof. Just being this close to him was keeping her warmer. She looked up to him and thought about the question.

“I…guess my home was Mirage. But,” she thought about the little apartment she shared with the Spades, “I guess the place that I felt most comfortable was with the team we made before we left Mirage.”

“A team, huh? Kind of like a band,” he said with a hint of sadness in his voice. Pix looked at him and he waved away a thought.
“Go on, tell me about your team.”

She wanted to hear about his band, but she didn’t know how to say it in a clever way without seeming like she was prying. So she cleared her throat and went on, his eyes watching her, listening intently, wanting to hear everything she said.
“In Mirage we all excelled at something. Jace at combat. Kevin at technology. We even had a hacker, a spy and infilltrator, and a great leader. We came up with a code name. The Spades.”
She looked at him and he nodded with a smile.

“And you were the weapons person I guess?” he asked.

“I guess you could put it that way. I have just always liked being a sniper. It’s just so…I can do it and not get too close, ya know?”

Garrick’s smile melted into a short good-natured laugh. Pix felt self conscious. What did she say? Did he think she was stupid or cold-hearted or something? Why was he laughing? She bristled up.

“What?” she said with a hint of defensiveness in her voice.

“I didn’t mean to laugh, it’s just that we are so different. I was the lead singer of a band, I adored being in front of the stage around everyone. People are so inviting, welcoming. It’s a great pull, a magnetism I guess you could call it. I would hate to be so distant from everyone.”
His dark eyes watched her and she felt a cold question rising in her stomach.
Does this mean you don’t like me? Are we too different?

She moved her mouth to say something but her throat hurt. She mumbled something until she felt a warm hand on her cheek. Her eyes widened and something stirred in her chest as she looked up at him.
“I’m not judging you Pix. I find you fascinating. Don’t think for a second that I would think poorly of you. I won’t allow it,” he said as his thumb caught a stray hair at the side of her face.

Something blossomed just behind her ribcage, a strange cold feeling with warm electric pinpricks that softened into smooth waves of calmness. It was an odd feeling. But she didn’t mind it. She smiled back at him and they stayed like that for a moment. She was about to boldly reach up to touch his hand when they heard Lindsay say something.

“I see people,” she breathed out quietly. Then she looked back in Pix and Garrick’s direction as Ciro sauntered up to her side.

What? People? Garrick and Pix were over to the side of the building in a flash. Quiet and still they saw two teams of two meet up on the street.
The sudden cold feeling came back. This was the game. Pix hardened and gripped the cold metal of the gun on her arm.


Kevin had been following Azreal for a while, the collar in hand. He had just figured out the little catching mechanism that triggered the bomb. If he could follow the cable throughout the collar and disconnect it then he would be free. Well, free to hide anyway. That way he couldn’t be tracked by the creators and more importantly his head wouldn’t explode.

Kevin was trying to lift some panels and find the source of the catching mechanism when he ran into something hard as marble. Like a stone wall. He looked up and saw long blonde hair.

“What’s the hold up for?” he whispered. Looking around for someone or something. She smirked and looked down the street.
Two figures emerged. One with long brown hair and one with shorter black hair, this one had the figure that resembled that of a man. The other was more petite, probably a woman. He squinted and saw two pale faces. But they were too far for his human eyes to see them clearly.

“A friend,” Azreal said and lead him towards the middle of the road where the two groups would meet.


As Alec got closer to Azreal he took a giant breath in. He could smell the fear of the human behind her and the smile on her face let him know that she was just as glad to see him as he was to see her. Where their feet met over the yellow line in the road they gave each other a genuine hug. He held onto her marble stature and felt more at ease with his killing partner at his side.

“Good to see you Jerkface,” she smirked.

“Glad to see you made it this far alive Butthead,” he laughed a little.


“Let’s kill him,” Ciro said so low that everybody on the roof almost didn’t even hear him. But Garrick glared at him.

“Why?” Garrick’s dark eyes flashed something dangerous as he grabbed Ciro’s arm. They were straining to remain quiet so the collection of vampires below them didn’t hear them and attack.

“He fucking deserves it, that’s reason enough,” he hissed softly.

“We don’t know who he is connected to,” Garrick said firmly.

“Kevin,” Pix sighed softly. Garrick caught it and looked in her direction, then he looked down to them. The younger looking guy holding the collar in his hand must have been Kevin. Garrick replayed his conversation with Pix in his head. He was one of her Spades. One of the people she counted as her family.
He turned back to Ciro with a snarl in his ear,
“We don’t want to kill Kevin. What if they are connected?”

“Oh come on Garrick, it’s always and guy and a girl connected. The two pairs over the announcements. Me and Lindsay. You and Pix. He isn’t connected to Kevin. He is connected to one of the leeches. Not much of a loss.”

“Ciro -” Garrick was trying to be firm and his grip was getting tighter on Ciro’s arm.

“No. He is dying,” Ciro shoved him off of his arm and took the gun to aim. As he steadied the gun on Alec’s head, the dumb fuck actually turned around to look at the roof. Ciro smiled. He must have heard Garrick fall and Pix try to call out not to shoot.

Ciro’s grin broadened as Alec saw Ciro with the gun aimed at him. For a split second Ciro thought he saw the fear run through Alec’s face. Yes. Be afraid.
“This is for Terra,” he spat and the bullet sailed through Alec’s head.


Kevin watched as Azreal and her friend shared a smile. Then, seemingly the next second, there was blood all over the ground. Some of it splattered on Kevin’s shirt and he did a double take and looked up at the roof. There were four people. Two he knew. Pix. Lindsay. The one behind the trigger was now aiming for Azreal. But she was too fast, already at the door of the police department trying to shake it loose. She pounded on it and tried to kick it down.

But a male cried out at the top of the roof. He motioned to the one that was behind the trigger.
“Ciro!” he called out. So the one jumping off the roof now was called Ciro. Ciro had killed Azreal’s friend. A murderer. And he was running. But Azreal heard the call and she ran with lightning speed over to the building that Ciro jumped onto. She jumped up the wall and turned and pushed her foot off of that wall. She did a zig-zag until she was on top of the roof that Ciro was on.

As he tried to get away she pulled him down and he fell hard. She glared at him and Kevin lost track of their bodies as they fought at lightning speed.

He looked over to Kail, who was touching her collar in disbelief. She looked down to the corpse at their feet. Kevin realized that somehow, someway, she was still around. Maybe her collar was messed up. Maybe the creators forgot to hit some kind of button. Maybe there was a lag-time. Or maybe. Maybe they were disconnected.

“But five teams haven’t died yet,” Kevin found his voice and realized he had said this out loud. Kail looked over to him. She raised a brow. She didn’t seem to have a problem with this.


Ciro looked up at the very angry Azreal. He was smirking as she sent punches into his gut. Then he felt her heel at his head, crunching his skull. He cried out in pain. Fuck. He tried to get a grasp on her leg but her arms swooped down and caught them, then she dislocated them with a deafening cracking sound.

“Ahhhhh!!” he screamed out in anguish. Where the fuck was Garrick? Why wasn’t he helping him? He spat out a bloody tooth as Azreal’s heel dug into his jaw.

“For Terra you stupid son of a bitch?! Huh?” Azreal was hysterical and she lifted her foot only to kick him in the face and send him rolling to the side of the building. She sat on his back and his arms lay at his sides like dead fish. His legs tried to push them back, but her feet were firm on the roof, keeping him where he was.

Her grip was on his hair now, pulling his head back to an impossible angle. He could hear Lindsay wimpering over on the other roof. Scared to die. He could hear Garrick helping Pix unlock the doors of the police station. Probably to go see her ‘Kevin’. He could hear Azreal growling in his ear.

His head was sent smashing into the concrete edge of the roof.

Again, his face met the cold grey stone.

Crunch onto the now bloody edge.
“You pathetic!”



“Poor excuse for a dog!”

Azreal kept going until she was smashing a weathered head into the hard stone. In one final fit of rage she grabbed the collar around the lifeless neck and hit it against the stone. It exploded what was left into little meat chunks that caught in her hair and along her arms. She finally sat there. Still. For a moment.
Then she stood and looked down at everyone below her. Watching them like a blood-covered demon. A wraith. A vengeful gargoyle on the roof.
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"Okay, so not good."

Adelaide stood erect at the edge of the forest; her partner a bloody lump at her feet. He had decided to regain consciousness mid-flight towards the city. The only way Adelaide could get him to stop freaking flailing about and slowing them down was a face-to-face meeting with a rather large oak. The human had come off worse than the tree. A broken nose, fractured wrist maybe; nothing permanent. Much.

"Who are they?" She whispered to herself, reliving in her mind what she had just witnessed.

Well, not so much witnessed as heard and sensed. A meeting; two groups joining together, perhaps? Never mind the reason, the point to all this was that there were some very angry vampires, humans and werewolves only about 400 meters from where she was currently standing. They were too wrapped up in their own mini-bloodshed to notice a pair of onlookers.

As far as Adelaide could tell, she didn't know any of them. Out of three humans, three vamps and two wolves, those statistics weren't bad. It wasn't until a little breath escaped her that Adelaide realised she hadn't been breathing out of anticipation of the outcome of the fight.

Her mind raced. If they ran backwards, retreated, they would come across Alexa without fail. That wouldn't be good. Alexa just didn't seem like the type to ask questions before killing a threat. Right now, everybody was a threat.

If they went forward, they would run into a very hostile situation.

If they stayed where they were, eventually somebody would find them. Alexa or the group ahead, one or the other, and neither were a good prospect.

A confusing thought suddenly struck Adelaide's mind, like a harsh wind slapping on her face. Why didn't the partner's die? She couldn't see anything, but reason and logic made it quite clear what had happened.

It started with eight. One died. More than ten minutes later another died. That time frame did not make sense. At all. If they were connected, it would have been instant. Or at most a five second lag time. Then again, what made more sense? A ten minute lag time or a collar malfunction?

Unless... Adelaide's mind swarmed with ideas, as busy as a bee's hive. Each idea was just as confusing and unlikely as the other. Maybe this was another sick ploy of the creators. Turn off the connections temporarily, get everybody killing their partners, then turn it back on when they least expect it. Boom boom boom.

Adelaide blanched. No. Nobody could be that cruel. Then again, this was a sick, twisted game. Back home, would she have done this to another creature? Suddenly she felt pity and sorrow for the form lying battered and bruised beneath her.

A sick jolt of icy panic rushed through her. Below her was grass and roots. Where the hell did her partner go? How did she not hear him get you--


Adelaide fell to the floor, the impact of her marble body against the roots crushing them to dust. Cursing, she stood up as quickly as her reflexes would let her, looking around cautiously. What a backstabbing fuck.

She felt more than heard another rock being thrown towards her from behind. Faking not seeing it, she waited until the absolute last minute before she quickly spun and punched her fist through the rock. Her arm went all the way through, sending sparks of stone flying in all directions, the bigger pieces falling with loud thuds to the floor.

"Wrong move," she whispered harshly.

With all the speed she could muster, Adelaide raced to the point behind a rather large tree where her partner was hiding behind a boulder. He had barely been able to look up in the short amount of time it had taken her to get there.

Before he had a chance to gather himself, she grabbed him harshly by the throat, her strong hands holding him in a leech-like grip. He started spluttering as she squeezed harder, less than a mere tenth of her actual strength. Slowly, she raised her hand, bringing him up off the ground and slamming him hard against the tree.

Blood starting dribbling out of his lips as his face turned a strange reddish purple colour.

"Don't," Adelaide hissed, her grip getting tighter. "Try to beat me. You will lose."

Her glare was harsh and icy, frightening enough to scare the grim reaper himself. Blood was beginning to drip from his throat, where Adelaide's nails were ripping his skin. He spluttered and tried to breathe with all his might. Adelaide could feel the life leaving him.

His arms and legs were working overtime, futilely trying to dislodge Adelaide's impossibly strong vampire grip. He was scratching at her hand desperately, his fingernails turning to bleeding stumps whilst her hands stayed pebble stone smooth.

All Adelaide could feel was the power of the kill. It was drawing her in. How easy it was to eliminate some weakling of his rather meaningless life. Her eyes were like fire, staring into his head and soul, taking everything from him. It was too late, she couldn't stop now, even if she wanted to.

She was aware of nothing but him, the backstabber, just like her creator. Her mind basically spat like a poisonous snake at the thought of that thing that had taken her as his own.

She could feel the cool metal collar beneath her wrist, his veins trying desperately to flow blood from the heart to the head, the muscles twitching involuntary as they felt the life leave them, blood running quite thickly now down his chin, throat and over her hands.

She had the burn for the kill, just like she was made to do.

Adelaide couldn't be stopped now.

Ammy wrote:
It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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It was official: he had walked straight into a porno -- or maybe a Gossip Girl episode…

It’d happened fast -- Jace attacking the…erm…couple, then drinking in the blood from the guy’s mouth, as if she were a vampire; grinding against him and --

Kevin jerked around, back out the door and away from the sight, but -- unfortunately -- not the sounds. Did this “game” make people horny as well as killery? He fingered the collar on his neck, unsure of what to do. He felt too uncomfortable to stay, but if he left, Jace could get killed, and that would mean he’d get killed.

Did he care?

He didn’t have time to mull it over, for the blond Jace had kicked away draped an arm around him and whispered, “Want to make your girlfriend jealous?”

Kevin shoved her off and thrust his ax out in warning.

She laughed. “Oh, don’t worry. I don’t bite…much.”

"And I'm not going to bite -- figuratively or literally." He threw his ax at her; she caught it effortlessly, confusedly. "Kill me."

"Kill you?"

"Uh-huh. That's the point of this game, isn't it? And once you do that, Jace will explode, or whatever, mucking up your boyfriend. Perfect revenge."

"He's not my boyfriend," she said, her smirk dissolving into a frown as she threw the ax back at him. "And you're no fun." She strode determinedly back inside.

Kevin couldn't tell if he was relieved or irked by her response; either way, it induced a grumbly "Whatever" from him. He stomped away, not caring what that blond did to Jace. Maybe she'd kill her and inadvertently grant his own demise. It wasn't like the life he had to return to if he somehow survived this sadistic game was worth fighting for, anyway.

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The game gets so much more entertaining when the toys kill each other, doesn't it? With three more dead, who can really complain?
Laryx, Alec, and Ciro have all joined your other dead opponents.
Just a matter of time lovelies. Make us proud.


(is it bad that I love putting this warnings? XD)

Jace stopped what she was doing and furrowed her brow.

"Come on slut, keep going," came Chia's impatient voice.
Jace held him by the throat and pushed his head back into the wall. She was straddling him and by this time was still, catching her breath and trying to figure out what the announcement said.

"Three...three people doesn't make any fucking sense."
Jace felt Chia's nails in her sides and she screamed in pain. He took her moment of concentration and slammed her down onto the ground. It felt like her back was on fire and she coughed trying to regain normal breathing. His hand snaked around her throat.

"Who cares about three dead guys. Just shut up and do what I tell you."

That's right. They were guys. But all the pairings so far were boy and girl. Jace gargled against Chia's grip and his hand found her chest. He pinched so hard that she made muffled screaming noises with the air that her throat could muster out given that his hand was still wrapped around her throat.

"Will you do what I say now?" Chia said, sweat glistening on his eyebrow.

Jace looked him square in the eye and nodded. Chia let his hand from her neck and chest, straightening his back so that he was looking down at her. Ready to strike if she disobeyed. Jace grinned darkly. She would do what he said. Then she would kill that pretty blonde he was fucking when she came in. Given the given's it's not like she would lose Chia.

And even if she did. Well. That would just be too bad wouldn't it.

"Whatever you say," she hissed.


Vury was holding his head in his hands.
Laryx. Mirage's main enemy. His captor, Zara's father, the one that tortured Lindsay, kept Ammy in a tank, used Kail for his own purposes...he was dead.
A monster was gone, and for some reason this gave Vury no comfort. It only meant that there were darker monsters in this game.
He was scared. Not for himself. For Lindsay.

He stood and Syd looked up from her screen. She was watching Nicola and whoever it was that was attatched to Jace, walking around the area that the two dots she could only assume were Jace and Chia in the bottom of the clock-tower.

"Where are you going?" she asked as Vury went to the other door that exited out into another room that Jace and Chia weren't in.

"I need to find Lindsay," he said pushing the door violently and racing down the stairs. Syd tried to keep up with him.

"What about Nicola? Are you taking her with you?"

"No. I don't need her. The announcement proved that."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Vury stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked up as Syd came down to meet him.

"Three people. Not four. That means that even if two of them were connected, somehow, someway, there was a disconnection and only one person died. Maybe we only need to be far enough away from the other person."

"Vury that's so fucking stupid. It was probably just a fluke. Or they are lying to us for this very reason. To have us forget about the person we are connected to, that way we are seperated, killing people at random. More deaths for them."

"It was three guys Syd. The match-ups are always boy and girl."

"You don't know that."

"I'm willing to risk it."

Syd just stood there facing him. Vury's eyes were determined. Her eyes were shifting between fear, confusion, and their normal walled-up position where they usually kept. Keeping people at a distance. But even she couldn't hide her internal battle she was having.

"...For Lindsay," she said as a statement more than a question.

Vury just nodded. He didn't have to read her mind to know she was thinking about Kevin and the weird situation that this game put them in. Sure they were seperated, but did that mean they could just let each other be killed off and have to hear their name over the announcements and death count?
Part of Vury didn't want to believe her "Survial trumps love" speech.
But the other part of Vury, the combat teacher in him, knew that it might have been true indeed.

He turned his heel and went out the door. He would find Lindsay. But he had no idea where to look. He would start by going to the middle of the city, hiding on a roof, and maybe reaching his mind out to see if he could find her voice among the others.
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[ Warning: this is a tad sexually graphic because the Vury/Nicola thing got a little more out of hand than I intended x.x ]

As Vury walked down the main street he could see, the dingy sign labeled it "Central", he held his given weapon at his side. An axe. Though he was fast enough to snap the neck of any enemy that might approach him, he still liked the weight of the blade on the long wooden handle of the axe. He closed his eyes as he walked, trying to search out the mind of Lindsay.

Right now all he could hear was the fading mind of Syd watching her screen, keeping an eye on anyone and everyone that was on the move within the game. Jace and Chia had minds like the annoying note in a stream of music, the one chord that didn't fit but you couldn't ignore. It made his ears ring when they were together and he was around him, but even they were fading. He felt his mind clearing.

And as he picked up a couple of people to his left and was about to go see who it might be, he felt a familiar annoyance in his mind racing towards him from behind. Before he could turn to tell her to leave she was on top of him.

She was pinning him down to the rough ground and then swiftly turned him around with her vampire speed. Now she was straddling him and holding his fist to the ground. Her weapon was completely forgotten and the fact that she was older left Vury weak under the pressure of her strength.

"Going somewhere sweetheart?" she cooed.

"We aren't connected anymore. Go find another fuck-buddy," Vury spat.

"Bullshit we aren't connected. We separate and the minute you get yourself killed my brain goes splat. And I simply am too pretty to die," she smirked.

"Didn't you listen to the count? Three people. Three guys to be more specific."

"That isn't proof."

"Any hint of a reason to get away from you is proof enough for me," Vury tried to use all of his strength and push her off. It made her wobble for a moment but she growled and threw him back down underneath her. The impact with the ground left cracks beneath him and he felt slightly lightheaded, but he quickly regained his concentration.

"Just because you wan't to commit suicide doesn't mean that I am going with you? Got it?" her fangs were barred and her grip was wringing around his wrists.

He just stared at her, feeling his axe at his leg, useless. She softened slightly after a moment, grinding her crotch into his. He let his eyes drift to her large chest, blond curls framing her doll-like face. Her eyes were completely soft now and Vury felt her mind racing with all kinds of raunchy thoughts.

"See something you like?" she purred as her face got closer to his. Her crotch moved with her and Nicola knew exactly what she was doing, exactly what kind of effect it would have on Vury.

"I..." he couldn't speak. Her hair was tickling his face and he was getting lost in her thoughts. Just as her minds was thinking of running her hands down his arms all the way down his torso until she could remove his shirt, her hands were doing it all only seconds after she finished her thoughts. He was getting tangled in the thoughts as her lips found his.

Thoughts of blood and skin and blond hair were surging through his mind. Their kiss broke for only a moment as his shirt was behind him. The cool air was letting his mind think. Lindsay. Connections. The game.
But Nicola's bare chest was soon crushed against his own and her lips were attacking his face. If the impact on the ground was horrible the first time it certainly wasn't this time. As her strength was growing and her hands were going for his pants, he growled into her mouth and used his strength to flip her over.

Now he was on top and at first she took the defensive, thinking he was trying to leave, but his hands were quickly clutching her head and mashing her face into a deep kiss. His other hand sliding up her short skirt. And as his tongue ran along her fangs his other hand found it's goal.
She sighed into his mouth and let herself relax, realizing that he wasn't leaving. Getting herself ready for the feeling that his other hand was promising.

Vury's eyes snapped open and with his super human speed he reached where he dropped the axe on the right side of the road and got a firm grip on it. As she was opening her eyes, trying to understand why the sensation that she had only a second ago was gone, she got the view of a very manic looking Vury swinging an axe into her neck.

As her head rolled off of the road Vury was suprised to see the necklace that she had activate and explode. Her shoulders were only little chunks of red glossy meat on the road. The initial explosion of the necklace only inches away from him left splatters of her blood on his face and chest.

He caught a breath and felt his fingers reaching to his own collar. He was still alive. Only now did he realize that he could have been wrong the whole time, but now he was grateful that he wasn't. He stood and got a tighter grasp on his axe. Pretty nifty.

He grabbed his shirt and wiped the blood from his skin as best he could. And he kept walking down the street. Lindsay was all he cared about in this damned game. He would kill anyone he needed to in order to find her.


Jace was stretching from the complex move that Chia just had her pinned into. He was about to command her to do something else when she, completely nude, grabbed his flame thrower and aimed it at him.

"Don't you have some other form of foreplay darling?" he said, unamused.

As Jace unclicked the nozel that would let out the ignition to mix with the air, Chia glared at her and felt himself wondering what the hell she was about to do next. When he saw her hand go for the nozzle release he knew.
As the steady stream of fire was released across the room and Jace cackled thinking she hit him, she felt her feet lift from underneath her. Chia had rolled out of the way and gotten under the projected line and tackled her, going straight for her stomach.

Jace lost her footing and Chia slammed her into the wall. As her hands lost the nozzle and the other side of the tiny room was glowing in steadily growing flames, she felt his hands wrap around her neck.

"Bitch you could have killed me!"

She only smiled as best she could. He pulled her head back and slammed it into the wall harder. She rolled her eyes from the pain but her knee found his crotch. As he screamed she scrambled for the flamethrower again. Chia's bright blue eyes opened in time to see her get the tanks of the flame thrower on her back. He gathered his barrings and made his way shakily around the corner to the stairs. Right where his hand had been a spot of fire encased the wall.

A now half naked Jace grinned whole heartedly as she held the nozzle out, ready to aim for Chia wherever he was running from her.

"Come out come out wherever you are lover," she yelled over the now roaring fire behind her.

She heard him scramble up the stairs and she ran just to see him going up to the second level. Racing after him was a challenge since she had the pack weighing her down. But with a weapon like a flame thrower and a chance to finally kill the bastard that had kept her trapped for far too long - well she couldn't pass up that kind of opportunity.

"Marco...." she playfully called out standing on the second floor. She heard two sets of hurried footsteps scrambling down the staircase on the other side of the tower. Two steps that sounded far too different from Chia. One was light, like a girl. Syd most likely. And the other was just a wrong weight. Shorter than Chia, the sound was more concentrated.

"Olly olly oxen free" she laughed as the stairs behind her burned little by little. She heard a rustle on the third floor and raced up to meet it. As she jumped two steps at a time to meet the noise she kept the nozzle aimed ahead of her. She saw Chia's form rushing into focus and as she was about to release the flames across the room she noticed something different. Chia had his flame-thrower on as well.

"Well well..." she whispered, her hair sticking to her neck and her thin undershirt clinging to her mostly naked body. The heat and smoke was making it hard to breathe.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Jace? I die, you die remember?"
Chia spat, his eyes flickering to the fire crawling up the stairs and smoke rising from the set that Syd and the other pale kid left down. Kevin or something he thought.

"I don't give a shit," Jace snarled.

"Well, as sexy as I find this whole desire to kill me with fire, it really does make a mess of my hair," Chia said walking nearer to the window opening in the tower that would allow him to breath fresh air not saturated with black smoke.

Jace let a projectile of fire spit towards Chia just as he released his own nozzle towards her and anyone onlooking could hear Jace's scream as she was hit with the fire and attempted to back away from it only to fall right into the mouth of the fire that was steadily crumbling the steps on the staircase she was now sailing through all the way into the heart of the fire.

Chia was luckier as he ducked so that the flames only got his side and allowed him to roll down the steep roof, keeping the flames on his shirt at bay while he fell down to the ground three stories down.

As he hit the ground the mechanics to the clock were burning to a cinder and the result was the audible chimes to ring through the surrounding area in an eerie symphony far longer than they should have until fading into silence completely.


Two bodies to add to the count kiddos. Honestly we couldn't be more impressed at the rapidness of these two deaths. But you really do need to pick up the pace if you want to win. Say your goodbye's to Nicola and Jace, they will be sorely missed...except of course by the people that killed them.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kail stood in shock only for a moment as the realization that her partner just took a bullet to the head and she was still standing.

The next moments happened faster than she had the mental speed to absorb. Alec’s body was still fresh from the kill and Kevin’s partner dashed off in a frothing rage leaving Kail and Kevin standing on the road.

She took a moment to see where the bullet came from but the sniper was nowhere in sight, one thing that caught her eye however, was the shiny blond hair at the top of a building a over from where the bullet came from. Kail grinned as she found her first mark, Lindsay.

As she devised a plan in her head images of what her machine gun would do to a vampire made Kail laugh to herself. In a normal situation “normal” bullets wouldn’t do anything but looking at what happened to her partner, it seems that this world has made all of what normally happens change.

There was one last thing Kail decided to do on the fly before going after that blond bitch.

“Hey! Kevo!” Kail held her gun and steadied her aim.

Kevin turned around and looked at her.

“Hasta la vista, baby“
The feeling that this weapon gave her was something of power. In an odd why the gun reminded her of herself: a fast killing machine that did as it was told for so many years she was Nikolas’s assassin. Those were the times that Kail tried to forget, tried to no remember how she was in survival mode and just killed her targets. The situation that these fuckers the “creators” have put her in has given her the chance to remember how she was in the old days. Mirage thought she was a ruthless killer before just wait.

With her rusty movie quote Kail squeezed her trigger finger. To her surprise the gun jammed after one bullet. She looked up at Kevin with eyes as big as a deer stuck in the headlights of a rusty car.

"Oh Fuck"

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another death to add to the tally lovelies. You may now add the recently deceased Spade named Kevin to the list of the dead. At least your competition is thinning out, right?


Vury froze as he walked down the street. Someone had killed one of Mirage, Kevin, and he went through various emotions at once. The recent kill, the scent of vampire blood still on his skin, it made him angry right away. But then as that anger passed a deep sadness swept over him. Then came a panic as he realized that the announcements for recently deceased people were becoming more and more recurring and he gripped his axe and sped through the city to search out the mind of Lindsay. He needed her to be okay. He could deal with the pain of losing people that he knew and cared about after he knew that she was alright.


Pix, Garrick, and Lindsay had moved from the roof and locked themselves inside the armory that they had thought was safe enough. The way that Garrick speedily locked them inside the concrete walls away from windows and any other doors was unbelievable. After seeing that blonde vampire kill Ciro the way she did, it left them all a little rattled. They had no idea who was outside still, most likely Kail and Kevin, the dead Alec and Ciro, and then that blonde. The girl atop the other roof.

Lindsay was pacing the room, glad to be inside but still scared and freaking out. Her slender fingers kept touching her collar and she was mumbling about how Ciro died and she hadn't. Waiting any minute for her collar to detonate, but it never happened.

Garrick was going in and out of wolf form, trying to get any other wolves in the game to tell him the positions of the other players. Nobody was responding, it was leaving him a little concerned.

Pix was just steaming, feeling like a sitting duck awaiting death as names kept falling through their ears on the intercom. And then something caught her attention.

...You may now add the recently deceased Spade named Kevin to the list of the dead...

Pix stood, Lindsay stopped her pacing, and Garrick turned in time to see Pix scream out loud. Her vision blurred and she turned around to the wall and punched it with all her strength. She knew someone like Garrick or Lindsay could make a much larger dent in the wall, but she was human and she felt entirely weak at this moment. She couldn't save Jace and she couldn't save Kevin. She felt alone and now she was the only Spade left alive at all. It left her surging with hate at whoever pulled either trigger to kill her friends.

"Pix..." came Garrick's calm voice.

"Fuck you!" she yelled, turned her heel, and grabbed her gun.
"I have to go find him."

Garrick stopped her from opening the barricaded door, his grip firm but not hurtful.
"Pix," his calming voice was just making her more mad.

"I need to know who fucking did this to him! Let me the hell go Garrick!"

He swung her around and got right in her face,
"Pix. He's gone. I'm sorry. But I'm not letting you leave this room. It's too dangerous out there and-"

"Garrick I barely know you, and trust me this whole flirting song and dance is a nice break from my usual mode, but you have to back off and let me out or so help me I will try my hardest to break your nose. Okay?"

They just stood and looked at each other for a long moment. Pix's eyes got teary and Garrick sighed. He let her go and Pix gathered her guns and ammo and she left. It was dark in the room with all of the bulletproof glass display windows, and she could see nobody outside.

Everyone had gone. The only person that lay on the ground was the vampire that Ciro shot from the rooftop. Alec. Nobody else and Pix looked in the other direction. She saw a soft orange light in the sky. Like a large city or a fire. From the orange softness of the light that hit the sky she would bet fire, but couldn't be sure.

"Pix I don't like this idea, as humans we are a much weaker target," Lindsay finally spoke up.

"Fine. Stay if you want. But I don't want to end up like Jace or Kevin."

"If you leave then Garrick leaves," Pix could hear fear in Lindsay's voice - like she was scared thinking something would happen the minute that Pix left because that meant their supernatural guardian would leave.

Pix turned to look at Garrick, "Not necessarily."

Garrick glared at her, almost angry.
"You're asking me to allow you to commit suicide and walk out into this game alone? Are you insane?"

Pix layed a hand on his cheek. His brown eyes softened.
"Garrick just let me go. I'll be fine. Protect Lindsay. Please."

Garrick was just looking at her. Realizing that this was what she wanted even if he didn't think it wise in the least. That added with his newly developed feelings made him have to quickly cope with a few things.
One: they were never going to be anything with this game in the way.
Two: she didn't want to settle for anything because those she already knew were being taken from her.
and Three: the minute that all of these things became clear the only face that came to his mind was Alison

"...Fine," he said softly "I let you go."

Pix smiled, nodding her head slightly in a thanks. She moved in and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.
"We would have been nice Garrick," she whispered, feeling a pain in her chest. His eyes reflected this pain.

"I know. We could have."

All was silent for a moment and then Pix willed herself to turn and go out the door. Garrick locked it behind her. And then he and Lindsay went back to the safe room within the armory.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lane could hear snippits of conversation and didn't bother to wonder if Nikolas was paying attention. All she understood was that they were disconnected - she was free. Lane had never really been a vicious person - she enjoyed the kill because she enjoyed eating. It would be an entirely different experience to kill for the fun of it.

But who would she want to kill?


He was bound to be here somewhere, she could feel him.

"Well Mr. Prissy-pants, I'm out." She gave him a little salute and started walking away.

"I think not dear, you go, we die." He smiled at her and she felt slimy inside.

"Haven't you been listening? I'm free to go - nothing will happen to me." She crossed her arms, trying not to whine. "I don't want to be with you, and I want to kill Drew."

"How do you know they are right? How do you know it wasn't just a one time thing?"

He had a point, and she didn't like that. "I guess I'm willing to risk it, just to get the hell away from you."

"Ah child, you are so young."

Lane practically vibrated with anger. She was so tired of that "young" bullshit the older vampires were constantly pulling. So what? The younger the stronger, and there was no one who could work a cocktail dress and seduce a stupid human as well as she could. Lane thought about Elliot...sweet oblivious Elliot. She had to win the game, kill them all, and get back to where she could protect him and seduce him and ruffle his messy hair and smell his delicious neck...

"Screw you, I'm leaving."

Lane started to run - Nikolas could probably catch up to her easily, but she couldn't hear him behind her - until she almost ran smack into him. With a sound like thunder she smashed into him and landed on her butt, cracking the asphalt.

"What the hell!?"

"I'm not going to die because of you."

"Then you're coming with me." Lane was up and zig zagging past him, and he followed. Drew drew drew drew...she just kept thinking it, smelling him and sensing him. He was moving towards the clock tower, the center of the city, where apparently everyone was. The mingling smells of vampire, human, and werewolf, were almost overwhelming. So many people, so few beating hearts. Rip tear...thirsty...

Then Lane caught his scent directly, just outside the city. Nikolas came to a halt behind her.

Drew had spotted her. "Lane!? Are you alright?" He took a few steps towards her, then paused when he saw the smile on her face. "Lane..."

"I never asked. I never wanted this." Her smile was a feral sneer, she could already taste his icy skin.

"Lane, whatever you're thinking don't. You have no idea -"

"BECAUSE I'M SO FUCKING YOUNG?!?! DAMN IT DREW THAT'S IT!" She lunged and he pushed her away, but she was more determined. Drew had never had the heart to fight. She thrust her fist through his chest and felt it shatter. She bit into his neck with her teeth and pulled. His eyes looked up at her and then went dull. She ate them.

Nikolas came up behind her. "It's sweet, what a vicious little thing you are. It's really too bad."

"Too ba-" but Nikolas had put his hands on either side of her head, twisted and pulled. Lane's body fell to the ground, her head hit it with a dull thunk, her eyes staring at Drew's dead empty sockets.

"And I didn't even get dirty," Nikolas grinned to himself. He stared down at the collar, waiting to see if anything would happen.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The hot pain had spread through his chest like a swell of blood blooms when it soaks fabric. Slowly, with that icy cold tingling of panic following right after. Like ice melting and his fingers numbly found their place to where the single bullet hit. He heard only Kail's quick supernatural footprints leaving into the brush.

Once he knew she was gone, keeping his breaths short, he found enough footing to scramble into the woods himself. But not before taking Alec's sword from the puddle of blood at his side.

Another death to add to the tally lovelies. You may now add the recently deceased Spade named Kevin to the list of the dead. At least your competition is thinning out, right?

Kevin stopped and looked around in the dense darkness of the woods. He was pretty sure he was alive - but now everyone would think he was dead. He paused and thought about this, puffs of his own breath visible in the darkness from the streetlights not too far off. This would keep him at a definite advantage, making it easier to sneak around.
And as long as he was stealthy nobody, not even the bosses of this insane game could hurt him. Not a bit as long as his collar was off.

He had figured out the way to remove the damned thing after fiddling with Zara's. The little piece that he had to remove had been in his inside pocket of his jacket the whole time. It was now dented from the bullet that it helped block in a weird ironic stroke of luck.

He unlocked his own, let it fall to the ground. Before unlocking it, the thing had made a soft almost inaudible ringing. People that didn't know about technology wouldn't have been able to hear it unless they knew what to listen for. But he knew. He knew it was a signal so that whoever needed to could keep track of him could. Like a tracking device.

But now it was disabled. And he was a dead man.
He tightened his grip on the hilt of the sword and wondered if he should get the hell out of this game, try to find a way out. Or if he should find anyone else he knew and help them out of their collars.

It was a tough call.


Double deaths are always fun aren't they? Which is why this pair of killings is just so lovely. Drew and Lane are no longer with us. However, they are on the steadily crowded death list. Keep those deaths coming darlings!
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Syd thought she was dying.

"Vury..." she turned to him, eyes melting. "I heard that, right?"

"Yea. But I thought you wanted him dead."

"I did, I mean - I wanted to do it!" She stared out from the clock tower, trying to figure out where Kevin was, trying to go to his body and find him.

"That makes no sense Syd. You should have tried to keep both of you alive."

"No! I'm not like you - I'm not sentimental Vury. They won't let this game end until we are all dead." She sniffled, "I just thought that if I killed him - if it was by someone he loved, he could go without pain - without horror and fear because I would be there. I would make it okay!" She lost it.

Vury patted her back awkwardly. "That still doesn't make sense."

"Fuck you! Whatever!" she snapped away from him. "Now there's no reason to be patient, no reason to wait and find." She levelled her gaze at him. "Because you're already here I'll let you go, I'll let you find Lindsay. But I'm going to win this game," her voice was pure venom. "I will kill all of you."

Syd turned and ran down the stairs - she didn't care about vantage point, about being in a good location. She was going to find a spot and pick them off one by one. If she found Lindsay along the way, maybe she would give Vury a taste of what this felt like - of what it really meant to lost someone. Especially when you were like her - someone who never cared about anyone at all.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vury stood there watching the delusional Syd walk further into the game. She had an advantage of seeing where people were, normally to avoid them. But he had a feeling she was going to use the little dots that showed on her screen to hunt people down instead. It sent a shiver down his spine because he saw the lethal look in her eye. It reminded him of when he was first training her in Mirage, when she got into the fighting mindset then she would hit harder, not caring who it was - just seeing them as an opponent and nothing more. It was one of many reasons she broke apart and went into the city to do her own missions.

Its what made her getting together with Kevin such a shock to everyone. She was such a lone wolf, but somehow he slipped in. Nobody saw it coming, especially her, Vury was almost certain. He took a deep breath in and kept his focus. Right now finding Lindsay and keeping her safe was his only mission. He closed his eyes and listened for minds. Syd's was particularly sharp at the moment, like the sharp taste of poision. He avoided her mind and took careful steps around her vantage point.

He passed someone in the woods, a couple werewolves sniffing out competition. He kept a firm grip on his weapon, but he used his vampire speed to race past them. He heard another mind frequency in the woods, and smelled two dead bodies. The mind he heard was old, and it had the same feeling as Kail - but it was a male. He seemed older - and he sensed Vury for sure. But Vury stood still for a long moment to see if this person would do anything about it.

Syd was far behind him so he would afford to back up if needed, if this older vampire would do anything about Vury. But the stranger was biding his time, he was taking careful steps forward like a lion hunting his prey.
Damn. So this man did intend to kill Vury. But before Vury could defend himself and do forward, another mind entered his range. A quiet one yes, but another mind nonetheless. This mind was focused on something too. Stalking prey as well. Shit. Was everyone after him at the same time?

But as the careful old vampire took steps in Vury's direction, Vury reached further into this other mind - and he realized that this mind was watching something down the scope of a gun. And it wasn't Vury's face that was being aimed at.

"Him..." Vury realized. This stranger was going to shoot this Kail-like old vampire that was set on ending Vury. And this strangers mind felt somewhat familiar until Vury finally realized who it was.
And as Vury turned to face this vampire coming for him, Vury dared her to take the shot. Watching the trees and waiting for the shot was excruciating. Vury stood there like the bait that he was, but part of him wondered why the vampire coming for him didn't just race and get him while he was frozen in place. And just as Vury thought about how fast an ancient vampire like this one might be he saw the faint shadow of a handsome face from just behind the leaves. And that's when he heard the shot fired from Pix to his far left.

The shot hit the vampire in his neck and Vury heard a very distinct hiss with his Asset-enhanced ears. But something was wrong. The vampire should have been threatened enough to back away, or Pix should have kept firing. But the shot only enraged him more and Pix only got one more shot in the man's shoulder before the old vampire dashed straight for Pix's position with his inhuman speed.

Shit shit shit - Vury tried to match the inhuman speed towards Pix as well but was far slower and got there just in time to watch the bleeding vampire scale the building that Pix was perched on. Vury followed suit and got on the top of the building just as the vampire tossed Pix across the roof like a ragdoll, she was sliding down the side of the angled roof and the vampire that was after her was hissing violently.

"You got me bloody you little bitch," the thing spat.
Pix was clutching onto the edge of the roof but looking down at the ground, no doubt trying to figure out if she could get down without breaking anything. Just as the old vampire was ready to turn tail and get Vury, Vury was one step ahead of him and as the guy was turning and posing to attack, Vury sent a punch straight into his jaw. The impact made the vampire stumble - but Vury knew it wasn't the hit that made him take a few steps back. It was the fact that Vury saw it coming that had this guy rattled.

"Your gift, seeing the future?" the guy said with a smirk. Vury and he both stayed there and faced each other as Pix had been running away. She had fallen somewhere around the punch and rolled when she landed to cushion the fall. She was smart, but obviously didn't know what to do if she shot another vampire. This guy was letting her go only so that he could deal with Vury.

"Something like that," Vury responded, not wanting his power to be known at all, and maybe if this guy thought the wrong thing then he might have an advantage. Maybe.

"Cute. So do you see how this little episode is going to turn out?" the guy was totally comfortable, he didn't think for a second that Vury was going to kill him. And honestly, now what Vury was this close to the guy and felt the years and experience that this guy had under his belt, Vury wasn't so sure he was going to be killing him either.

"Not yet," Vury tried to mask his fear with anger. He eyed the pistol at this guys hip. Probably his given weapon. But as the bulletholes that Pix inflicted to this guy's neck and shoulder were doing nothing whatsoever, they both knew that it wouldn't do much in their fight.

"Well that's a pity that you can't see how you die. I bet it's lovely," the guy grinned so sadistically that Vury for a moment really did see Kail in front of him. Great. Vury sighed and mentally bid his goodbye to Lindsay.

I'm sorry I didn't get to see you. See this guy kind of ripped my head off and shipped it to Kail with a nice red bow - it couldn't be helped. My bad.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chia swore as he rolled down the steep roof, half of him covered in flames. The sound of cracking bones filled the air as he crumpled to the ground 3 stories below. Pain filled his body everywhere. He hated to admit it, but that little fucking bitch had got Chia good. A smile started to form on his still fabulously good looking face. He got her even better. Dead better.

Suddenly, a pain welled up inside Chia that had nothing to do with the flames or broken bones. A sense of loss. Of...pain. In that fluttery emotional region that he tried so hard to kill and bury every single day of his damned life. Jace. Was gone. His pet. His... everything? No. NO. He refused. She was nothing to him. Nothing. A fleeting moment in his grand, amazing life. The pet was mere entertainment for him. With her good looks and slamming body and fiery attitude. Hah. Fiery attitude. She looked so damn hot with that flamethrower. Just thinking about her sent a whole new rush of heat through Chia's body. Followed by an equally as strong rush of pain. This time it was the fire.

Chia rolled around on the grass, putting out the last remains of the flames that were licking over his body. Damn. That was a nice shirt. It now hung from one of his shoulders, a thin strip of material with seared edges. Oh well. He looked better topless anyway. Trying to sit up was more painful that Chia expected. He was on all fours, his head touching the ground and his whole body shaking. The physical exertion was too much. This whole fucking day was too much. He collapsed to the ground.


Nobody could stop her now. Nobody. No human, vampire, werewolf, creator. Nothing. Adelaide freed herself from her moral convictions and values. They were for humans. Weak. Meaningless. She was stronger than them. Smarter than them. It was nature. She couldn't help the way she was made. Why had she be fighting it for so long?

Adelaide ran through the forest with as much speed as she could muster. The sound of her roaring past the leaves and trees was enough to waken gods. It felt so good to let loose again. When was the last time she had ran this fast? Enjoyed herself so much? Adelaide sniffed and shook her head. What had become of her? Taking a deep breath of the fresh, delicious blood-scented air, Adelaide soaked in all the new names. Jace. Kevin. Drew. Lane.

... Drew? Lane? Adelaide halted in her tracks, causing dirt and sticks to fly up in the air around and past her, still set on the path gravity had set for them. Wrinkling her brow, Adelaide tasted those names on her lips. "Drew. Lane." She knew them. She knew those ones. Did she care? No. More fool them. She was stronger. Older. Wiser.

Still.. She had known them. Should that make a difference? Knowing a person who died? Did that make killing not alright? No, she couldn't think like that. Adelaide liked the way she felt now. Strong. Alive, in a weird way. Having the power over someone's life... She had almost forgotten how strong that feeling was. How pleasurable. Yet... Yet the doubts kept gnawing at her brain. It was wrong. It was wrong to take life. But the lion kills the lamb (HAH, sorry guys, had to) and that isn't seen as wrong. The fox eats the rabbit and thats all fine. Why can't the vampire kill the human? What makes the human so important? And if one vampire is stronger than the other, why can't she take his life? Isn't it natural?

The decades of confusion and frustration all came pouring back into Adelaide, like a huge dam cracking and breaking until suddenly a flood of water comes gushing out, erasing everything she thought she knew. A feeling of deep animalistic despair raged out of Adelaide in the form of a high-pitched scream. She screamed for a whole minute, pouring all of her doubts and feelings into a giant ball and letting it explode out in her scream.

Then there was silence. Adelaide took three big, deep breaths and calmed herself. Her head stopped spinning and reality came back. Stupid human blood. It always made her so damn emotional. And there goes her track record of not killing humans. A stick broke somewhere in the trees to her left. Shit.

She had definitely given away her location.


A scream sounded off in the distance. A scream that could so not be human. It send shivers down Chia's spine knowing he was so near a monster that viscious. Okay. Time to act. No matter how battered he was, he was not going to die. That was a certain. Pffft. Chia rolled his eyes. As if anybody could actually kill him. Mustering all his strength, which really wasn't very much, Chia got to his knees once more. A sharp pain shot through his chest and down his right arm. Now that his mind was a bit more focused, he could start feeling the places where the pain was radiating from. Right wrist. Chest. Left side. Right knee. This wasn't going to be fun.

Still, Chia was determined to live. To prove to everyone just how awesome he really is. And to do that, he needed cover. Desperately. He looked longingly into the building only 4 metres away from him. Small. Safe. And not on fire. Chia gritted his teeth and stood up very slowly, trying to not put any pressure on his right leg. Pain coursed through his body as his entire left side burnt as though he was still on fire. Sweat came pouring down his face as Chia tried desperately not to scream. In a manly way, of course. In his left hand he gripped a giant stick that he leant most of his weight on.

In a slow, halting fashion, Chia finally made his way to the door of the building. He opened the door and collapsed onto the floor, gasping out painful yet necessary breaths. Crawling, he made his way into the room, managing to kick the door shut behind him. Finally. Safe.

Ammy wrote:
It's alright, though, because I have bigger things to worry about than a middle aged man calling himself "Lil" ...Like TMNBs.
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